Chapter 22 Unexpected News (3)

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Chapter 22 Unexpected News (3)


There was a black RV and a grey sedan tracking the white RV that Chun Yeowun was in.


The people inside the two cars were pros at tracking.


It was a good opportunity to seize the person they had been tracking and monitoring for nearly three months.


“Geum Jong-so and the ninth one are moving.”


The vehicle, which normally moved on busy roads, wasn’t easy to track as it calls for a lot of attention, but then this car went to a place with fewer people.


And the place the white RV was heading didn’t have many CCTV cameras.




In addition, the vehicle just stopped.


The team leader in the grey sedan spoke as he pressed the earphone in his left ear.


“We have a nice chance. What should we do?”


And a voice answered.


-Click! Capture and bring them here.




When the order fell, the team leader spoke while pressing his earphone again.


“Hit them.”




The black RV ahead of them accelerated and rushed for the parked white RV as soon as the command was issued.


“Get ready.”




Click! Click!


Except for the driver, four men in the sedan pulled out guns with silencers.


They were guns with anesthetic bullets.


“Shoot as soon as they get out of the car.”




Even if they hit the parked car, since the ones inside were Murim warriors, they knew they could come out without injuries.


It was then.


Bang! Woong!


The black RV rushing head suddenly flipped over.


It happened before they could crash into the white RV.


“The car flipped!”


“What the hell?”


They weren’t sure what was happening, but their targets had to be brought in.


“Step on it!”


The shocked driver stepped on the gas at the order.




When the speed of the car increased, it was ready to collide with the white RV.




The sedan came to a sudden stop.


Thanks to the sudden stop, the people inside ended up banging into the front seats and the dashboard.


“Crazy bastard! What the fuck are you doing? Why did you hit the brake!”


At the man’s yelling, the driver turned his head in a bewildered expression and said,


“I-It wasn’t me!”




“My foot is on the gas!”






Smoke was rising from the rear wheels of the vehicle.


It was a situation where the rubber tires were burning up as the wheels were rotating, but the vehicle wasn’t moving ahead.




Everyone inside was shocked.


Their vehicle, which was moving so fast, was stopped by some unknown energy.


“Damn it!”


The leader knew that something strange was happening.


“Get out of the ca…”


Before he could finish speaking, the black seat door of the white RV opened, and someone got out.


The dress one would see in historical dramas and long black hair.


Their target, Chun Yeowun.


“The 9th one!”


Chun Yeowun reached out to the sedan they were in.


They wondered what was going to happen and tried to get out of the car.




Rumble! Clack!


“Wh-What is this?”


“Leader! The door isn’t opening!”


It was the same for the leader who was about to open the door.


He tried to push the door open, but it didn’t even budge.


That was when the leader shouted.


“Break the bloody windows!”


If the doors didn’t open, then they had to get out by breaking the window.


It was then.


Chun Yeowun grabbed something.




Kiiick! Wack!




“T-The car!”


The sedan started crushing.


Like a toy being crushed inside a hand.




In an instant, the sedan lost its shape.


Geum Jong-so, who got out of the driver’s seat, was shocked.


He was shocked when the car flipped over, but compressing a car was ridiculous.


‘No, how!’


It was a sight that left him speechless.


Of course, the car was made of metal, and the inside was well equipped to prevent passenger injuries. Still, it was shocking.


‘… he isn’t human.’


He’s a monster, just like the dead Ho Jeong said.


He couldn’t even fathom how profound the man’s energy had to be to do such a thing.


Chun Yeowun heard.


“Catch them.”


Two people managed to escape from the vehicle.


It was one of the people sitting in the back seat and the leader.


They managed to escape after breaking the windows, but both of their faces were pale.


‘Is he testing their skills?’


Geum Jong-so, who guessed Chun Yeowun’s intentions, looked at them.


One seemed to be at the Super Master Level, and the other was at the beginning of the Super Master Level.


It was a level that wasn’t easy to handle.


‘Still, it isn’t like he can’t suppress them.’


He turned his head and slightly looked at him.


‘It’s impossible for them to hide their skills from that monster. So attack from the start!’




Geum Jong-so rushed to them.


He moved at an excellent speed, which ended up making him a recruit for the Blade Six company.


“Damn it!”


Puck! Puck! Puck!


The leader fired his gun, which had a silencer on it.


However, Geum Jong-so, who was paying close attention to the path, avoided them at the speed of lightning.




The martial art of Geum Jong-so was boxing. The man shooting the gun immediately responded.




Likewise, he too seemed to be a close-combat warrior.


And he seemed to have more experience, as he was able to block Geum Jong-so.


‘He is pretty good.’


Despite being an enemy, he possessed commendable skills.


However, because there was a fundamental difference in close-combat martial arts, the longer the battle went on, the more advantageous the attacker would be.


‘The gap!’


Geum Jong-so, who noticed the gap in the leader’s defense, tried to hit him.


It was then, he felt something sharp pierce him.




Geum Jong-so widened the distance right away.


One more of the men, who got out, had hit him.


It was a short knife, like a dagger, which could be covered by a hand.




He thought that the situation could be handled, but it was becoming more annoying.


As Geum Jong-so widened the distance, the two of them took a formation.


Clearly, both of them used the same kind of martial art.


‘Damn it. Does that mean they want to deal with the weaker one first?’


The fact that they weren’t rushing in to attack the stronger one gave Geum Jong-so the answer.


It seemed that his plan to suppress the pursuers and impress Chun Yeowun was failing. Geum Jong-so glanced back.


‘… how!’


It was shocking.


Six men were lying on the ground, around Chun Yeowun.


It seemed like the people in the black RV had come out and tried to deal with him.


‘He’s a real monster!’


Meeting Chun Yeowun’s level would be hard.


Geum Jong-so bit his lip.


‘Sigh… I was told not to use it unless I’m in a crisis.’


It seemed like he had to resort to something.


In order to quickly subdue the two men who were trying to catch him. Geum Jong-so decided and moved.




The leader, who thought that the man could be dealt with if he responded cautiously, moved.


However, Geum Jong-so’s movements, which were close to boxing, changed.




He was pretending to use boxing when he kicked.


Since the man kept switching, the leader tried to block the attacks.






In an instant, Geum Jong-so kicked the leader’s chest and chin.


The other man tried to help his leader, but Geum Jong-so’s movements were faster.


“How dare you!”






Geum Jeong-so jumped into the air and hit the man’s head with a kick.


Since it was a kick with the strength of a late Super Master, there was no way he could endure it.


With a scream, his neck broke as he collapsed.


‘Damn it! How did his level change!’


The leader, who staggered from internal injuries, stared at Geum Jong-so.


Even when they collided for the first time, it seemed like his level was the same as Geum Jong-so’s.


But from the moment Geum Jong-so changed something about his attack pattern, everything changed.


“Kuak… you hid… your skills. Sly bastard!”


-Woah…. Do you get it? ⁽¹⁾


A voice came from the earphone.


He could tell what the message meant just by listening to the sighing voice on the other side.


Since the pursuit failed, there was only one thing they could do.




Geum Jong-so grabbed the collar of the collapsed man with his left hand and tried to lift him up.


And the leader bit his molars.




“This jerk!”


When he heard the sound of something cracking inside the mouth, Geum Jong-so was shocked and tried to seal the blood points.




However, it was too late.


The leader looked at him with bloodshot eyes.


‘I-It is too late. You won’t be able to figure anything out.’


If the liquid inside the capsule stuck on the molars is swallowed, the man would lose his life in 10 seconds.


Even the earphone connected to the ear was designed to automatically format its frequency if the body’s energy disappears or if the earphone is taken out.




It was only three to four seconds before the strong poison began to work as blood came out of his mouth.


Geum Jong-so frowned at the body’s convulsions.


“Damn it!”


If his blood points were sealed even a second earlier, he could have questioned him.


It was then.


“Hold him.”






At that moment, Chun Yeowun approached and placed his hand near the dying leader’s dantian.


A tremendous amount of internal energy rushed into his dantian.


“Kuak! Kuak!”


The eyes of the leader, who was distracted by the pure energy, opened wide as the poison was temporarily suppressed.


Three more seconds and he would have seen the underworld.


Chun Yeowun’s other hand went to the earphone in the left ear.


The leader laughed.


‘S… stupid… man… if… you take it… out my ear….’


No use.


There was no way the original source could be tracked. What could these two people do?


Besides, everything would be formatted if the device was removed from the ear.






Suddenly, the earphone in the left ear stung.


And 5 seconds later.


The words from Chun Yeowun’s mouth startled the dying man.


“Yeon Company… Moyong clan.”




The leader’s eyes widened.


It was the same with Moyong Yi-sun, who was in a dark room inside the headquarters of the Yeon Company several kilometers away.




Moyong Yi-sun, who thought the mission failed, tried to turn off the speaker while drenched in disappointment that he lost a useful tracker.


Then, he heard a voice coming through.




The voice continued to enter his bewildered ears.


“Let’s meet soon.”






With that, the sound was entirely cut off, as if the earphone was broken.


Shocked, Moyong Yi-sun was unable to move away for a while.




Geum Jung-so, who moved the dead bodies into a pit he dug, bit his lip.


He wondered if he would be surprised anymore.


This man wasn’t a cyborg like he saw in movies, but he never imagined that a person could trace a frequency by putting their hand on an earphone.


‘Who is this person?’


This man was no longer a warrior who stayed hidden.


Now, he was wondering if Chun Yeowun was a hidden agent created by the Chinese government or some top-secret group.


‘This is insane!’


He was scared.


His heart was troubled.


As he pondered, he shook his head and opened the lid of something next to him.




A foul odor wafted out.


Inside the barrel was sulfuric acid.


Although they were on the outskirts, they couldn’t abandon dead bodies.


Fortunately, Ho Jeong was the kind to carry such things with him.


Sulfuric acid was one of them.






All the acid was poured into the pit where the bodies were collected.


The reaction was so fast that the bodies immediately melted.




Frowning, he turned around.


After taking care of everything which could be traced back to them, he got into the car.


Geum Jong-so spoke to Chun Yeowun, who was sitting in the back seat.


“For now, getting away from here is best.”


They couldn’t stay there any longer, not after what they had done.


Geum Jong-so started the engine.


It was around 20 minutes after they started driving.


Chun Yeowun, who hadn’t said a single word, spoke.


“We have come quite far, now start revealing your identity.”


‘Damn it!’


Geum Jong-so frowned.


It looked like Chun Yeowun knew something about his identity.


‘Did Yun Mun-pyeong say something?’


It seemed like Yun Mun-pyeong had sent a message to him before they left.


Maybe he knew his connection with the Public Security Bureau.


As he contemplated how to explain it, an unexpected question came out of Chun Yeowun’s mouth.


“You… where did you learn that martial arts?”




Geum Jong-so stuttered at the unexpected question.


“Wh-What do you mean?”


He didn’t think that he would be asked such a question.


Even in Murim, people don’t ask about another person’s martial arts unless they are close.


To him, who was bewildered, Chun Yeowun said.


“Stop acting like that. The martial arts that you unfolded back there belong to the Sky Demon Order’s Pure Kick Clan.”




Geum Jong-so’s eyes trembled at those words.


⁽¹⁾I use this in Deadbeat Noble to denote when something has been cut out by the author. In this case, it’s what Moyong Yi-sun says after “Woah.” I’ll be using this in any series I edit from now on.

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