Chapter 20 Unexpected News (1)

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Chapter 20 Unexpected News (1)


Yeon Company which was located in the eastern part of Shenyang city.


In the executive director’s office on the 42nd floor of the office building, a man in his late thirties in a navy blue suit was working at his desk, concentrating on something.


The man was Moyong Yi-sun, the successor and executive director of the company.




As he flipped through the touchscreen on the desk, he saw portraits.


The pictures files on the screen had two things in common.


The first thing they had in common was the distance from which the photos were taken.


And the second was Jo Yu-seong.


Most of the photos had Jo Yu-seong, the general manager and head of the Human Resources department at Six Road Toys, in them.


Of course, besides Jo Yu-seong, there was also a man in a jacket and sunglasses, but it was difficult to find that person’s identity.


Basic information was obtained, but they couldn’t find another connection with the one called Ho Jeong.


He must be someone related to Murim, but he didn’t seem to be registered as a Murim warrior in the State Council.


‘Eight people like this.’


A total of eight people.


Those who Jo Yu-seong came in contact with recently, 8 unregistered Murim warriors.


For three months, Jo Yu-seong had been gathering that kind of person.


‘It would be nice if we could plant someone from our side in them.’


Moyong Yi-sun made contact with those who manipulated their identities.


But all attempted contacts failed.


One wasn’t skilled enough, and the other committed suicide in danger of being found out as a spy.




As he flipped through the pictures, the last picture had come up.


A black sedan, exiting the Public Security, the vehicle of Jo Yu-seong.


And the photo was snapped in the morning.




Moyong Yi-sun tapped the photo with his finger.


‘The missing 9th guy.’


They hadn’t missed a single one.


The reason was that he had been monitoring the actions of Jo Yu-seong for 4 months.


Except when entering the company’s building or his home, every other place has been marked.


‘At that time, public security was involved. Sigh…’


The reason the last one was missed was because of the public security’s jamming system.


Thanks to the waves that format the files on recording devices, all the photos of the 9th man taken by his men were deleted.


There was only one piece of information.


‘Long hair and clothes seen in historical dramas…’


That wasn’t enough information.


They at least had to have a description of the face.


The matter was becoming complicated.




A female secretary’s voice came from the phone.


-Director. You have a guest.




Although his schedule was empty until the late afternoon, this should be his only free time.


He was puzzled when he heard,


-That… ah! Wait… if you go…




Then someone opened the door and entered his office.


“… Lee Myeong?”


He was the 3rd team leader of the Public Security’s violent crimes squad, Lee Myeong.


At the unexpected appearance of the person, Moyong Yi-sun abruptly closed the screen and got up.


“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in the hospital?”


Lee Myeong frowned at Yi-sun’s words.


He hadn’t even informed his own mother that he was hurt, but this man seemed to know that he was hospitalized.


In a displeased voice, he said,


“Are you keeping an eye on me?”


“Ha! Is this how you talk to your older brother? Do you think I go and dig up information on you in my spare time?”


He just found out by chance.


Moyong Yi-sun had been informed that Lee Myeong was shot while his men took pictures of the 9th man.


“Don’t speak rubbish. Since when were you my older brother? If you thought of us as brothers, you wouldn’t have left me.”




He was about to reach out to Lee Myeong in anger, but then at the words he heard, Yi-sung lowered his hand.


With a cold face, which regained his reasoning, he said,


“It’s a waste to use my hand against trash that can’t even perform martial arts.”


This time, Lee Myeong’s eyes were cold.


To say that he can’t perform martial arts when it’s a trauma for him.


Sarcastically, Moyong Yi-sun asked.


“Fine. What is the leader of the Public Security Bureau doing here?”


“Jo Yu-seong. Yun Mun-pyeong.”


Moyong Yi-sun frowned at those names.


These names weren’t something that a violent crimes detective should mention.


This wasn’t a special unit.


“This morning, Jo Yu-seong borrowed power from director Yun Mun-pyeong of the Six Road Toys and took a suspect who was under investigation.”


“… and what?”


“Don’t act cheeky. I saw you at University hospital, where the man stopped. What the hell were you up to?”




At Lee Myeong’s words, Moyong Yi-sun was flustered.


It seemed like Lee Myeong thought Moyong Yi-sun was related to them.


Rather, it seemed like he wanted Moyong Yi-sun to be involved with them.


‘The RV that was in that accident belonged to the Public Security. They too seem to be tracking Jo Yu-seong.’


But thanks to this, he learned something he didn’t know.


And Lee Myeong continued to talk.


“The recent business partnership between the Yeon Company and the Six Road Toys has been in the news for quite a long time. If there is something you are hiding, reveal it now.”


With a look of displeasure, Moyong Yi-sun opened his mouth and spoke to Lee Myeong, who was acting like he was conducting an interrogation.


“Don’t cross the line. Trust the information, but don’t overdo it.”


“Are you threatening me?”


“What good will a businessman like me get from threatening a government official? Huh. If you want to know stuff, get a warrant first.”


Lee Myeong frowned at the word warrant.


As he was suspended, he wasn’t even a detective right now.


And if he acted out right now, things would become messy for him.




In the end, he was at a disadvantage.


This guy right in front of him is anxious, and he won’t stand back from biting Lee Myeong if he has the chance because of the competition of successors. After all, they share the same bloodline.


Giving up, Lee Myeong turned around.


That was when Moyong Yi-sun said.


“Seeing that you don’t have a warrant, it seems like you are doing things your own way, but I’m warning you.”




Moyong Yi-sun warned Lee Myeong, who turned back.


“Jo Yu-seong, no, the director, Yun Mun-pyeong, is a very dangerous man. If you don’t want to lose your life, stop digging for information and get away from this investigation.”


At the same time.


The room on the 36th floor of the Six Road Toys’ building.


Someone politely handed Chun Yeowun, who was on the sofa, something.


The dangerous man, Yun Mun-pyeong.


“You aren’t fooling around, right?”


“No, never, senior!”


With only his left arm, he handed over a few sheets of warm A4 papers that had just been printed. They were from the Blade Six.


‘Damn it.’


Even though he wasn’t saying it out loud, Yun Mun-pyeong was miserable inside.


The situation was reversed.


These were the people who tried to use Chun Yeowun as a consumable. They ended up being in a situation where they knelt and bowed to him.




Yun Mun-pyeong turned his gaze to the right armrest of the sofa, which Chun Yeowun was sitting on.


On it was the control terminal of the nano bombs.


If Chun Yeowun pressed the button, he and the people inside the room would die as he would explode.


It was then, someone kneeling on the side of the sofa carefully opened his mouth.


“I don’t know if you saw any material you like. There are also quite a lot of things on my personal PC in my office…”


“Be quiet.”


“… yes.”


At Chun Yeowun’s sharp words, the president of the Six Road Toys went silent right away.


He, who tried to act out at the beginning of the situation, began to try and please Chun Yeowun.


However, it wasn’t an easy task for him, who always stood at the top, to act this way.


Looking at that, director Yun Mun-pyeong shook his head.


‘This… this… sly bastard!’


Yeom Ki-seop was so annoyed that the veins on his forehead bulged.


‘Who caused all of this!’


If such a thing were happening, any man with common sense would try to relay that a problem had arisen, even if it meant losing his life.


However, as if what happened to him wasn’t enough, he dragged the president into the same situation.


Maybe, the director felt the anger of the president. He turned his head away and coughed.




Whether he saw it or not, Chun Yeowun was looking through the material.


The materials handed to him by Yun Mun-pyeong were related to the Blade Six’s Murim clan.


The Blade Six managed the clan by dividing it into direct and merged groups.


‘Of the 87 affiliates, 13 of them are merged. And there are 74 recognized executives in the Blade Six?’


On the back of the documents were the names of the affiliates and the presidents.


Yun Mun-pyeong, a man who desired to reach the top, had a close relationship with them.


His purpose was to become the 75th executive.


If it wasn’t for this accident, he might have become the youngest executive in the Blade Six.


“Do you have any information about the head office?”


According to the document, six main executives were leading the head office, and the Chairman was the center of the Blade Six.


However, the information about anything except the affiliates was missing.


There was a picture of the Chairman’s face attached to the very back of the document, but that was something Chun Yeowun already knew.


‘He isn’t the Blade God.’


It was a different face.


Even in his era, the Blade God had once made a person named the Blade Lord the head of the Blade God Six Martial Clan and pulled the strings from behind, which meant that the data now couldn’t be trusted.


“What about those executives?”


“T-Those six executives at the head office are among the other executives. Only the 7 presidents who belong to the major business divisions can be seen at the shareholders’ meetings.”


At Yun Mun-pyeong’s words, Chun Yeowun looked at Yeom Ki-seop.


“It has been only a few months since we merged. Ours is a new affiliate.”


At the word merged, he lowered his head with a bitter expression.


In reality, other than what Yun Mun-pyeong could give, there was nothing that the president could offer.


‘The information about the clan is different.’


Still, it was better than not knowing anything.


And now was the time to ask real questions.


If these were the Blade God Six Martial Clan’s descendants, they would have fought with the Sky Demon Order.


The more enemies the Blade Six had, the more information their enemies would have on them.


“Do you know about the Sky Demon Order?”




Yun Mun-pyeong seemed confused and puzzled by that question.


It was as if he was listening to that name for the first time.


“You aren’t pretending to not know?”


At the irritated voice, Yun Mun-pyeong waved his hands and denied it.


“No, why would I? This is my first time hearing it.”


“First time hearing it?”


Chun Yeowun’s face darkened.


He was concerned that the Sky Demon Order didn’t exist in this time axis.


At that time, Yun Mun-pyeong, who was constantly mumbling Sky Demon Order, seemed to remember something and asked.


“… ah senior. By any chance, are you talking about the Black Sky Company, which was dissolved 26 years ago, the organization which was once called the Demonic cult?”




Chun Yeowun jumped at those words.


If the word dissolve wasn’t much different from what he understood, it meant that the Sky Demon Order was disbanded.


Chun Yeowun looked at Yun Mun-pyeong and said,


“Say that once again, clearly…”


It was then.


A small vibration.




The terminal, which was on the armrest, fell into someone’s hand.


The man in a jacket, Ho Jeong.




He couldn’t hide his joy as he recaptured the terminal capable of detonating the nano bombs.


He was waiting for the moment when Chun Yeowun would divert his attention.


Reaching the Super Master Level, he wasn’t as good as the two Superior Masters, but he could still control objects in the air.




Both the director and the president couldn’t hide their surprise.


They didn’t know that he could do such things.


‘This is great!’


If the terminal was in their hands, they could just run away.


The president shouted.


“You did well. Ho Jeong! Quickly…”




At that moment, an unexpected thing happened.


The terminal, which was in Ho Jeong’s hands, shattered into pieces.


The president couldn’t hide his shock.


“You… what the hell did you do?”


Without that, it would be impossible to detonate or even disarm the nano bombs.


But now, it was broken.


Ho Jeong smiled at them.


“Hahaha, how long did you think that I would obey your orders because of the nano bombs inside my body?”




“In the end, there’s nothing that a guy like me can do against people like you. When else would such a great opportunity arise for me? Now both of you will be aware of the pain of carrying nano bombs inside of your body. Hahaha.”


Everyone was shocked at those words.


They thought that he was the most loyal person, that was why he was given the title of team leader, but now, they saw a side of him that they didn’t even know existed.


Even Geum Jong-so was the same.


‘Th-This crazy bastard!’


It was something he heard about before being injected with a nano bomb.


The only device which could control the signal code of the detonators in their bodies was the terminal.


And now, the terminal was shattered.


‘Without that, the nano bombs in the body can’t be disarmed!’


Even if there was no way the bombs would explode, the risk of carrying bombs inside their bodies was still present.


However, Ho Jeong was satisfied as he shouted.


“Heh heh, if even one person wants to survive in the hands of that monster, then I suggest you all run away! Spread out!”




With those words, he tried to run towards the window.


Even if it was dangerous, he decided to break the window and jump.


Running out of the office would get him caught by the monster once again.


It was then.




The sound of a snap echoed through the office.


And then,




A red light rose from Ho Jeong’s body as if he was burning up, along with the sound of an explosion.


“This, how can this…”




When Geum Jong-so opened his mouth in shock, Ho Jeong’s charred body turned to ashes and collapsed.


‘Th-The nano bombs exploded!’


Yun Mun-pyeong had seen it in the demonstration video before receiving the nano bombs.


The best thing about the nano bombs was that the explosion didn’t cause damage to the surroundings and killed the host from the inside.


‘He doesn’t have the detonator, so how?’


Everyone looked at Chun Yeowun, who snapped his fingers.


Nano’s voice echoed in his head.


[Transmission of the copied detonator’s black code has been completed.]


Nano had copied the ten detonation codes.


There was no need for a terminal anymore.


Chun Yeowun turned his head to Yeom Ki-seop, who halfway stood up to run.




Director Yun Mun-pyeong, who was next to him, shouted.


“I-I didn’t even move, senior!”

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