Chapter 2 The Man who fell from the Sky (2)

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Chapter 2 The Man who fell from the Sky (2)


A young man with long hair, staring at his surroundings with eyes sharp like a sword.


It seemed like he was walking through a different era.


He was the twenty-fourth Lord of the Sky Demon Order, Chun Yeowun, who was called the Demon God in Jianghu.


Chun Yeowun had a calm personality, but he was quite sensitive.


‘This is… future?’


From the words of Nano, the Nano Machine in him, this place was definitely the future.


Everything was flustering.


The tall buildings built with concrete, and the asphalt roads below his feet, all of that didn’t exist in Chun Yeowun’s time.


‘And why are their clothes like that?’


Their clothes were much tighter than the ones he was wearing.




Few people wore the same kind of clothes but in different colors.


Even the skirts the women were wearing were short enough to expose their thighs!


In words, it felt weird.




There was one thing that made Chun Yeowun feel even stranger.




Starting from the air around, the energy was very turbid.


Like everything was full of impurities.


As Chun Yeowun was able to reach the Heavenly Master Level, he could grasp the energy of Nature.


‘It would be difficult to gather qi if the people of this era lived in such a place.’


Impure energy is rather detrimental to the body.


If the martial artists or the monks were here, they might have been terrified of this place.


But not Chun Yeowun.


For him, who had the five cores of the Spirit Beasts, circulating the energy inside his body and purifying it was possible, and he could cultivate energy inside his own body.


“Ouch! My hand!”


Chun Yeowun looked at the police officer suffering in pain.


He was the one who tried to subdue Chun Yeowun, so he had to act as such.


‘Are the ones wearing these clothes, the officials of this world?’


[That’s right.]


Nano spoke about the rules of this new era.


Nano said that the man groaning in pain was equivalent to a soldier, but Chun Yeowun, who wasn’t afraid of the emperor in his time, wouldn’t be scared of a mere soldier who tried to cuff his hands.


‘Tch, this is troublesome.’


Not that he fell, but because he landed in a place that brought a lot of attention.


There were more than a hundred people gathered around him.


Would it be right to say that the people were watching him as if they were watching a play?


At that moment, a cry entered Chun Yeowun’s ears.


“It’s against the law to attack a police officer. Now, raise your hands and get down on your knees. Otherwise, I will have to fire!”


A newly emerged man in his mid-thirties was aiming his gun.


He was Lee Myeong, the 3rd team leader of the Public Security Bureau.


Asking him to raise his hands and get down on his knees was the same as asking for him to surrender.


Chun Yeowun asked Nano in a displeased tone.


‘Nano. Still unable to gather information?’


[Couldn’t connect because of the jammers blocking the network.]




Chun Yeowun shook his head.


Nano’s attempts to access the web were stopped after officers approached him.


Chun Yeowun knew nothing of this era.


But he thought that Nano, a machine from the future, would know something.


So, he asked Nano to extract information from the era and transfer it into his brain, but he never expected it to be interrupted along the way.


‘What should I do?’


He was worried.


It wasn’t difficult to get out and hide.


As Nano said, it would be possible to reconnect with the web once the area with the jammer was left.


‘There’s that annoying one.’


There was an existence that Chun Yeowun could feel.


A person was watching him from a window of the building across from him.


Thanks to that person, Chun Yeowun convinced himself that this era wasn’t entirely unknown to him.


‘It would be better to get out of here now.’


He was getting too much attention.


It would be even more troublesome if something happened there, in an era he knew nothing about.


It was the moment when Chun Yeowun was about to take a step forward.


“This is the last warning! Raise your hands and get down on your knees.”


Lee Myeong shouted.


Since there were many people, he would refrain from firing unless something else happened, but Lee Myeong’s instincts were telling him,


‘He’s very dangerous.’


He was even thinking of shooting him in the thigh or ankle.


However, if this man really had something to do with the unidentified object which fell from the sky, he had to follow protocol.


‘Is the Mobile Strike Team here?’


Catching this unknown man with bare hands seemed like a dangerous thing to do.


Those who could take down a trained officer with light gestures were either Gate Keepers or,






At that time, Chun Yeowun tried to move.


Without thinking, Lee Myeong aimed at his thigh and pulled the trigger.




All he had to do was take this unknown man alive.


But then it happened.


Swosh! Tuk!


Even the people watching were confused.


“No… way!”


“He cu-cut the bullet?”


What fell on the asphalt floor was none other than the bullet which was shot from the gun.


They didn’t know because the man was wearing a robe, but before they knew it, Chun Yeowun was holding a white blade.


The White Dragon Blade.


It was one of the two swords that always stayed on Chun Yeowun along with the Sky Demon Sword.


That was when Lee Myeong knew the person’s identity.


“Murim warrior!”


He didn’t get that from the weird clothes. Instead, he got it from the fact that no one in the world could cut down a flying bullet with a sword besides a Murim warrior.


‘Why would a Murim warrior be in the middle of the road wearing the old fashioned…’


It was then.






In the blink of an eye, Chun Yeowun was in front of him.


Bewildered, Lee Myeong tried to aim his gun, but he was out of time.






Lee Myeong, who was grabbed by the throat, dropped his gun.


He couldn’t help it. It felt like his neck would break right away if he tried to struggle.


The officers on the other side were too startled to aim their guns at Chun Yeowun, who spoke.


“You will have to pay the price for using those firearms on me.”


He spoke like an old man, but that didn’t matter.


Lee Myeong tried to shake off Chun Yeowun’s hand with the jujutsu he learned as a public security cadet.




‘Wh-What power!’


He couldn’t do anything.


At this rate, it wouldn’t be shocking if he broke the neck with sheer strength.


“Let the inspector go!”


The moment the officers were about to open fire to help Lee Myeong.




“Ugh, my g-gun!”


The guns were split in two.




Shocked, the officers took a step back.


They understood that it wasn’t just the guns, but if the man wanted, he could cut the two officers down too.


There was nothing else they could do.


“Do you know about Murim people?”


“Cough! Cough!”


Chun Yeowun was listening carefully.


The moment he cut the bullet, this man had called him a Murim warrior.


For some man who didn’t know martial arts, to know about Murim meant that he was either related or knew about it.


Chun Yeowun eased his grip to let the man speak.


“Cough! Cough!”


When the grip eased, the man coughed.


He asked again.


“Do you know about Murim people?”


In response to Chun Yeowun’s question, Lee Myeong asked an unexpected question.


“Cough… cough… are you… an unregistered… Murim warrior?”


Chun Yeowun frowned.




Unless he misunderstood something, registration meant that one had to report and fill out a form.


It was surprising that a public official, a police officer of the future, would say such a thing.


‘What is this? Does the government and the Murim not have a non-aggression pact in this era?’


Something was off.


The word ‘registration’ seemed to have something to do with this era’s inner workings.


And it was worth finding out more.


However, Chun Yeowun, who clenched the neck, noticed a singularity.


‘Huh? This guy isn’t some normal person, a dantian…’




At the same time, Chun Yeowun noticed a red dot shining on the back of his hand, which was holding Lee Myeong’s neck.




It wasn’t just one.


Nano’s voice told him.


[The lasers of thirty sniper rifles are being aimed at the user.]


Before anything could be said, Chun Yeowun’s eyes caught some movements.




Dozens of men in black uniforms, wearing headgears, bulletproof vests, appeared among the civilians and formed a siege.


They were the Public Security Bureau’s Mobile Strike Team, with the Public Security mark engraved on the right side of their chests.


‘They came quickly.’


Lee Myeong, the leader of the 3rd team, was pale-faced when he looked at Chun Yeowun and spoke with a smile.


“Things have turned around. Unregistered Murim warrior.”

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