Chapter 18 The Change of Guest and Owner (3)

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Chapter 18 The Change of Guest and Owner (3)


The inside of the safe was divided into an upper and lower section.


There was something like a carrying case in the lower part and a single sheet of paper on the upper part.


It didn’t seem like there was anything amazing inside.


‘Is the USB in this bag?’


Chun Yeowun, who was about to open the bag, was concerned with the single piece of paper, so he took it.




At that moment, Nano’s voice said.


[Wireless receiving printer and incinerator are detected on the upper part of the safe.]




[When the safe is forcibly opened, fire is emitted, and the contents are automatically incinerated.]


The safe didn’t just have an emergency alarm.


If forcefully opened, everything inside will be destroyed.


The safe has level 1 traps.


‘… what is a receiving printer?’


[A device that receives a signal from outside and prints it.] ⁽¹⁾


‘Is it getting a signal from outside? Can you track it down?’


[It uses YTD short-range wireless technology, so it can only be tracked when the printer is operating as it is a method that sends and receives a signal within 2 km.]


So it wasn’t a long distance.


It meant that someone who came close to the company or within it could send a signal.


Chun Yeowun bit his tongue.


‘… in this era, try to avoid being tracked. This isn’t easy at all.’


In the end, in order to trace the one signaling the printer, he had to use the printer.


He thought he would have to wait until Nano came up with a solution.


[I will print the data from the wireless signaling device registered in the printer, and its radio signal can be detected if the person is within a 2km vicinity.]




Then there was no need to be there.


In terms of technology, the 7th generation Nano Machine overwhelms the current era.


Printing the data didn’t take long.




Chun Yeowun pulled out the paper and looked at it.


He wondered what important information would be on it, but there were four things that looked like instructions on the paper.

  1. As a result of the requested investigation, the probability of a spy is 80%. Team 7 should be removed.
  2. Secure the 3rd team leader of the violent crimes squad, Moyong Lee Myeong.
  3. From February 23rd to 24th, Gate 26 warning is scheduled. Be sure to destroy the confidential internal data.
  4. Reviewing the report on the operation to assassinate the executive director of the Yeon Company, which was taken to the upper level. Payment is due before Gate Warning 26.


At the bottom were the words Blade Six and its logo seal.


Now, pretty secret stuff was revealed.


The shadow of a pro-social conglomerate was exposed.


From assassination to kidnapping and spying.


‘So this is what you guys are.’


Chun Yeowun smiled.


The Blade Six was the same as their past version.


They were wearing the mask of a good guy, who didn’t act out of character.


‘I got something nice.’


If this was released to the world, the Blade Six, including the Six Road Toys, will be severely damaged.


Chun Yeowun folded the paper and put it into his sleeve.




He checked the safe, but there was no direct information about the Blade Six.


Chun Yeowun’s hand naturally went to the lower section.


There was a lock on the case.


[Fingerprint recognition needed.]


‘Is that so?’


Chun Yeowun extended his hand.


The severed right arm of Yun Mun-pyeong, which was on the ground, was brought in.


He put the thumb of the severed arm on the scanner.




The case opened.


Chun Yeowun frowned.


He was hoping for a USB, but unexpected things were in it.


‘What is this?’


Chun Yeowun picked up one of the items.


A syringe, the size of a palm, made of silver metal and thick glass.


The liquid inside was blue.


‘Nano. Do you know what this is?’


There was one more syringe.


Originally, there were a total of 10, but there were eight empty slots.


[Let’s scan.]


A red light emanated from his right palm which was holding the syringe.


When the scan was done, Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled a little as augmented reality opened.


There were a thousand things inside the liquid.


[These are nano bombs. They have been enlarged so that the user can see.]


‘Nano… bombs?’


The tiny invisible balls inside the liquid were called nano bombs.


Chun Yeowun questioned it.


‘Nano. So, have Nano Machines like yours been developed at this time?’


[Although medical nanotechnology is common, it takes another 200 years of technological development to properly secure nanotechnology equipped with AI.]


In this era, Nano Machines weren’t developed.


Nanotech was started in 2015, and it slowly reached the level of making simple devices.


Of course, even if they’re lacking compared to Nano, the nano bombs are still great.




Chun Yeowun turned off augmented reality and looked at the syringe.


Near the metal of the syringe, a red ring and a small engraving of the English letters MS were there.


‘That is the name of the nano bombs.’


The English letters MS were engraved on the side of the terminal inside the case too.


It must have been the logo of the company which made it.


‘What is this?’


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Nano scanned it.


[The signal code that triggers the nano bombs is registered.]


The purpose of the terminal was revealed.


A button that detonates the bombs.


Half of the terminal was a monitor, and ten little colored buttons were sticking out.


Chun Yeowun pressed the red button.




A red circle appeared on the monitor.


[Would you like to launch the nano bombs? Y/N]


The touch screen indicator appeared.


It was showing ‘Y’ to explode the bombs.


Chun Yeowun looked at the syringe he was holding and the other one in the case.




The metal part on the syringe had a different color.


The terminal could detonate the nano bombs in the ten syringes.




Chun Yeowun understood it.


It was then.


“Eup! Eup! Eup! Eup!”


At that time, the bloody cry of Yun Mun-pyeong was heard.


When Chun Yeowun turned his head, the man’s face was wet with cold sweat, and he blinked at the watch.


Chun Yeowun looked at the time and understood why he was acting like this.


“Ah. One minute left?”


After one minute, there would be 15 minutes before the ‘One Time’s’ poison starts spreading.


Yun Mun-pyeong was losing it.


If the antidote isn’t brought within 15 minutes, he will die.


“Eup eup eup eup! Eup eup eup!”


‘Pl-Please save me! I don’t want to die!’


His wails and eyes were conveying what he was trying to say.


Chun Yeowun stared at him and then approached.


Yun Mun-pyeong was shocked.


This was the moment where Chun Yeowun would decide if the man lives or dies.


‘Please! Please!’


It was then.




His blood points were released, and he could move again.




“Ugh! M-My voice…”


He even began to lose blood.


Chun Yeowun gave him something with a puzzled expression.


The smartphone he had taken away.


“Call them. And tell them to bring the antidote.”




‘Even if the safe wasn’t opened, negotiations weren’t made.’


Yun Mun-pyeong was confused then Chun Yeowun asked.


“Do you want to die?”


“Ah, no!”


Shocked, the man immediately tapped something and dialed a number.


If he didn’t hurry, he could be in danger.




The dial tone.


Yun Mun-pyeong bit his lip.


‘Answer the call! Answer!’


The dial tone was going on for too long.


Around ten beeps.




-Yes, director. This is Ho Jeong.


The face of Yun Mun-pyeong brightened up at the voice.


A convenience store about 800 meters away from the Six Road Toys’ building.




In front of the checkout counter, someone put a basket of drinks, sweets, and cup noodles.


The female employee started scanning the items.


It seemed like it would take a while since there was only one employee.


“Please do it quickly.”


The female employee grunted.


He was a handsome man in his early thirties with short shaggy hair and a spot under his right eye.


Handsome or not, the employee spoke in a dissatisfied voice.


“Listen here, sir. Because every product is different, it takes time to scan the barcodes.”


“Please, there are a lot of shady people who want to hurry.”


The man pointed to the back where a middle-aged man wearing a grey coat and sunglasses stood.




Maybe the man felt the gaze of the woman, he shook his head and went to the shelf where the books are kept and looked at the magazines.


“If-If you don’t mind, I can put the items in the bags myself.”


“Yes, yes, yes.”


The female employee handed him five paper bags.


The young man took the paper bags.




He put in the items as the woman scanned the items.


A piece of paper the size of his palm was received by the young man.


Small letters were written on it.


[An application to cancel the mission isn’t allowed. The technical support team is doing their best.]


The young man frowned at the message.


Out of frustration, he crumpled the paper and rolled it over the counter.


When one bag was done, the young man took out another paper bag to put the drinks in.


[Added a new mission. Investigate the following profile.]


‘What the fuck.’


The young man groaned.


It was the third time he requested for the mission to be canceled, but ignoring that, they kept giving him new orders.


‘How did I end like this?’


The young man crumpled the paper and glanced behind him.


The man who was looking through the magazines was constantly looking at him.


He was being watched.


‘Haa… I’m going crazy.’


He was getting irritated.


At first, his smartphone and belongings were inspected.


But suddenly two days ago, a team leader stayed with him for almost 24 hours.


‘Damn. Are they saying that it’s okay if I die? Damn the public security.’


He was being watched, so he acted like everything was fine, but he couldn’t take it any longer.


The situation was difficult enough.


And now, he was more concerned about how things would go.


If it wasn’t for ‘it.’


‘Fuck. Shit. Cunt!’


All he could do was curse.


After throwing away the paper, he put the cookies into the next bag.


And then pulled out the photo inside it.


‘What? A historical drama?’


A photo of a man with long hair and old-fashioned clothes.


In the middle of the photo, the person’s name was written.


‘What should be investigated about this guy? Ha…’


The young man looked at the photo, memorized it, and rolled it down the counter.


Within 3 minutes of scanning, all the information was relayed.


“It’s 43,520 won.”




He bought a lot to pass the time, but it seemed like he bought too much.


The man used his fingerprint to unlock his smartphone and used electronic pay to complete the checkout at the employee’s words.


“Team leader. It’s done.”


The young man came out of the store with four bags in his arms.


After that, the harsh-looking man called the team leader came out and put his hand in one of the bags, and took out a drink.


“Why was it so slow?”


“I bought a lot.”


The young man answered with a smile.


At that, the team leader tapped the young man’s forehead and warned.


“Geum Jong-so. I have warned you to not do anything suspicious. Don’t forget that I’m watching your every move.”


The young man, Geum Jong-so’s face, went stiff.


He was annoyed with the warning but decided not to show it.


“… understood.”


“If I find anything a little suspicious, you know what will happen, right? That thing in your body will go boom! Bang!”


The team leader gestured as if something was exploding.


Geum Jong-so’s face darkened.


‘Damn it! I should have never entered this job.’


The regret was overwhelming.


At that moment, something caught his eyes.


“Team leader? A call?”


Light flashed on the smartphone.


Seeing that, the team leader said.


“This. I forgot to turn off silent mode. Ugh?”


The call seemed important.


“Yes. Director. This is Ho Jeong.”


His name was Ho Jeong.


Listening, his expression turned stiff.


“Understood. I will bring it right away.”




He hung up the call.


“This is strange…”


“Did something happen?”


“No. Newcomers are coming in, but why did he say it like that?”


Normally, the director would speak calmly.


But now, it seemed like he was rushing.


“… is it because the new ones are strong?”


Geum Jong-so knew the joining process.


The dirty things that the director does.


Despite Geum Jong-so’s words, the team leader still felt like something was off.


“Since we don’t know, follow me.”


“Yes? Me too?”


It was a surprise as he never asked for Geum Jong-so to come along.




If new ones came, that means the director must have opened that case.


Hopefully, he will be able to see the safe this time.


“Follow me.”




They both ran to the car.


At the same time.


The room on the 36th floor of the Six Road Toys.


“Right! Hurry!”




After calling the man and asking for the antidote, the director sighed.


If it had been a little later, his life would have been in danger, or he would lose internal energy.


‘What is he planning?’


It was concerning how Chun Yeowun decided to let him take the antidote without any negotiations.


Chun Yeowun must want something.


Otherwise, this sly man wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily.


‘I’d give anything away.’


Looking at him, he asked.


“… I’m grateful that you let me have the antidote. Senior. If there is anything you wan…”


It was then,




Something was sucked into Chun Yeowun’s hand.


That was when something happened.






Chun Yeowun injected something into his neck.




Seeing that, Yun Mun-pyeong’s eyes widened.


The blue liquid had nano bombs inside it.






Despite the scream, the liquid entered his body.


This was a more desperate time than when the One Time’s poison was in his body.


Chun Yeowun smiled.


“Thank you. From now on, you are mine.”


‘This… this… this color is…’


He couldn’t speak.


He saw the terminal controlling the bomb in Chun Yeowun’s hand.


Smiling, Chun Yeowun reached out into the case.




The remaining syringe was sucked into his right hand.


Chun Yeowun looked at the ceiling and asked.


“The one above you is up there?”


⁽¹⁾Signal meaning data/information that gets printed after it’s sent.

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