Chapter 17 The Change of Guest and Owner (2)

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Chapter 17 The Change of Guest and Owner (2)


-Senior seems to be leaving.


-Let’s leave too. Send the blue car behind us first, and then slowly catch up.




By turning the handle, the view of the video slowly moved.


It was then.




The video rumbled loudly with the sound of something popping.




-Wh-What! Euk!


The camera in the video shook violently, and the screen suddenly shifted.


The screen of the video, which couldn’t be balanced even after the immediate braking, showed that the car hit the electric pole at the entrance of the hospital.






As soon as the electric pole was hit, the car’s airbags popped out.


-Damn it!


-What the hell!




With the sound of the car door opening, two men moved ahead.


In the video, the two looked at the car’s front wheels and then at the black sedan which was leaving, unable to hold their anger.


And this video was playing in real-time.


The Public Security Director, who looked at the screen, put his hand on his forehead, which was throbbing.




He didn’t think they would be found out as it hadn’t been long since they started pursuing them.


Just by looking at the video on the screen, it was clear that the front tires had exploded.


‘I went down there on purpose and even stamped it to show a favorable attitude.’


He tried to make them believe.


But this only made one thing clear.


‘He’s very important to them.’


And he thought that they had maybe already placed a sniper at the hospital for such things.


Which meant that the man they took away needed to be brought back.




However, Lee Myeong, the 3rd team leader of the violent crimes squad, couldn’t take his eyes off the monitor.


He was staring at something.


“Did you find something?”


At the Director’s question, Lee Myeong looked away from the monitor.


“Ah, no.”


“What were you looking at? Huh?”


Lee Myeong was staring at the man in his late thirties standing at the hospital’s entrance in the video. He was in a navy blue suit, and an old man with a colorful sword was next to him.


‘He is…’


Director Sang Yu-geun frowned and looked at Lee Myeong.


He, too, has lived in Shenyang for over 30 years.


Naturally, he could recognize the face of Moyong Yi-sun, the executive of a large corporation.


‘Moyong Yi-sun, a director of the Yeon Company, is at the scene of the incident…’


The Director knew that Yeon Company was run by a Murim family.


Now things seem to be more complicated.




He could guess why Lee Myeong couldn’t take his eyes off the video.


However, it wasn’t right for a detective who had done the investigation to get caught up in their personal feelings.


Director Sang Yu-geun, who tried to give him another chance, decided to change his mind.


“The 3rd team leader is on sick leave, so you should focus on recovery.”




Lee Myeong was flustered.


He was shown the video and asked if he could handle it a second ago, but now the Director changed his mind.


Biting his lip, the Director stroked his chin and pressed the play button for the video when Lee Myeong said.


“If it’s because of that person of the Yeon Company, which we had established a rela…”


“I told you to stop.


“Director! This job is no longer for just those special forces!”


There was no way Lee Myeong would back down.


Shaking his head, the Director picked up his phone and dialed a number.


“Lee Myeong will be dismissed from his position for a while and suspended for three weeks. Tell the front door security to control his access into the bureau.”


Shocked, Lee Myeong tried to approach him.


He never expected this to happen.






The Director hung up the phone and said in a cold voice.


“Did you not hear me? As of now, team leader Myeong has been suspended. Go back to the hospital.”


“Director! No!”


“I have nothing more to say to you. Secretary Lim! Secretary Lim! Call security!”




A force wanted him to be expelled.


Lee Myeong frowned and said.


“You can’t act like this.”


“Secretary Lim!”


The Director didn’t speak to him after that.


The Director of Public Security had suspended him.


Unable to do anything, Lee Myeong left the office.


After he left, the Director sat in his chair and took a deep breath.




Frustrated, he picked up a pack of cigarettes which was on the desk.


There was something like a small safe under his desk.


“Nothing can be done.”


He mumbled as he reached for the safe.


Tutu! Beep beep beep!


When the fingerprint and password were pressed, the door to the safe opened.


There were five small radio-like things in the safe, and the Director took the one on the far right and pressed the button.


“This is Alpha. This is Alpha. Can you hear me?”


Shortly after, a beep was heard from it.


-Click! Beta here. I’m listening.


The voice of the man on the other side was hoarse.


The Director asked.


“Possibility of wiretapping?”


-There is none. Just arrived in town.


“Good job. Team leader Oh. Is the agent you sent ‘there’ still safe?”


-Click! No problems yet. However, they seem to be psychologically unstable.




-Is there still no support from the technical team?




The Director, who was stroking his chin, pressed the button and spoke.


“… the technical team is doing their best.”


-Sigh, Alpha… no, Director. It’s not about them doing their best. As I said earlier, their condition doesn’t seem to be good.


Team leader Oh said in a serious voice.


To that, the Director said.


“The Beijing side said that they found the whereabouts of a former MS researcher. I’ll let you know when something progresses.”


-Click. Understood. But why was I contacted?


“I’m sending you a file through the secure net, so have an agent investigate that person. It should be there now.”


With that, the Director looked at the monitor.


On the screen was a picture of Chun Yeowun sitting leisurely in the interrogation room.


‘This is insane.’


Jo Yu-seong was losing it.


Director Yun Mun-pyeong, who was on the sofa with his blood points suppressed, kept trying to say something with his eyes.


He could guess what it meant.




He wanted to help too.


But even if he wanted to help, he couldn’t move.


It wasn’t that he was being suppressed, but it felt like he would end up like the Director if he moved.


Jo Yu-seong glanced at the clock hanging in the office.


30 minutes have passed.


‘… we are running out of time.’


If he was this nervous, then the Director must be losing it.


According to him, if the time it would take to get the antidote is included, the Director has 15 minutes until it’s guaranteed that the poison will spread.


‘Evil bastard!


Jo Yu-seong looked at Chun Yeowun, who was sitting at the desk.


Naturally, he wanted to suppress the poison, so he thought Chun Yeowun would get something out of the situation and then leave. ⁽¹⁾


However, he didn’t move and kept them from moving.


Thanks to that, time passed, and the Director was becoming more and more impatient.


‘Damn it.’


And he even used the poison to threaten them.


This was torture.


‘What is he up to?’


Chun Yeowun was at the desk looking at Yun Mun-pyeong’s computer.


The company’s computers were protected, so no one else could figure out how to access them, which meant Chun Yeowun was wasting his time.


Of course, even hackers would have a hard time cracking this account of the Blade Six.


But Chun Yeowun had Nano.


[The search for all files in the storage device has been completed.]


Multiple PDF files appeared on the screen of the monitor.


If those two saw this, they would faint right away.


Almost everything was business data, and a few things were related to the Six Road Toys.


‘No. This material can be excluded.’


This wasn’t the material Chun Yeowun wanted.


He wanted the Blade Six’s Murim related documents or anything like that.


Nano, connected to the computer, quickly sorted the data and searched for it, but unexpectedly, no materials on Murim were there.


‘Maybe they have a strict protocol?’


He expected to see some when he searched, but this was unexpected.


It was as if the Murim material was being kept hidden.


If they had kept it in a secure file, Nano would have figured it right away.


‘… hmm, did Nano say that files are kept in USBs?’




‘Then we will have to look for that.’


Chun Yeowun got up from the desk and went near Yun Mun-pyeong.


‘Is-Is it finally starting?’


Jo Yu-seong, who thought that the conversation would come, turned his gaze away.


Since Chun Yeowun couldn’t get anything from the computer, now he might talk or use torture on them.


It was then.




“Hmph! Hmm!”


Yun Mun-pyeong, on the sofa, was screaming.


‘Wh-What is he trying to do?’


Yun Mun-pyeong, who was on the verge of going crazy, panicked as Chun Yeowun came closer.


Not caring, Chun Yeowun reached out.




Something amazing happened.


Things that were in Yun Mun-pyeong’s pants and jacket pockets came out into Chun Yeowun’s palm.


From business cards to all the small things.




Even the flexible smartphone on his wrist came off too, so did his ring.


Only then did he realize Chun Yeowun’s purpose.


‘He’s looking for the USB!’


Since he couldn’t get the data from the computer, he was looking for other ways.




Yun Mun-pyeong was shocked.


It wasn’t because his phone was taken away.


It didn’t matter, the security application was installed on his phone too, and the important files would be deleted if someone tried to enter.


‘Please don’t notice it.’


He kept praying.


He tried to act like he didn’t care, so no more problems would crop up for him.


That was when Chun Yeowun threw away almost everything in his hand and kept the smartphone and another thing.




The small robot figure.


It was the size of a little finger, but Yun Mun-pyeong’s eyes shook.




He never thought that Chun Yeowun could find it.


[The figure contains a security card chip. As a result of analyzing the chip’s code, it is used to unlock a device with a specific password.]


It was a cute way to trick people.


Who would think that a toy would be so important?


‘So this toy is the key to unlocking something?’




Chun Yeowun looked around.


Unlocking something?


‘How am I supposed to find it?’


[Place your palm in front of you and slowly turn to the right. I will scan.]


At Nano’s words, Chun Yeowun did what it asked.


Something like a red laser flashed from his palm.




Both victims were shocked.


‘Wh-What is this now?’


It was a light different from qi.


It seemed more like the laser which is used to scan barcodes.


At that moment, a strong sound entered Chun Yeowun’s mind.


Beep! Beep!


Augmented reality opened up right away, and a place was marked.


At the place was a picture frame which was hanging.


In it was a picture of Yun Mun-pyeong wearing a suit, and Chun Yeowun walked towards it.




The Director was shocked.


He didn’t realize that this man had special equipment.


When Chun Yeowun placed the toy in front of the frame.


Beep! Wheeing!


The glass frame opened sideways like an automatic door with a sound.


Inside was a hidden safe.


‘H-How is that bastard doing all of this?’


Even an international spy would have a hard time figuring their security methods out.


But this man didn’t even doubt anything.


The last line of defense was fingerprint recognition and a password.


Of course, if the man is this skilled, he can open the safe by breaking through, but then security will be notified.


He wished Chun Yeowun would do that, but obviously, he wasn’t stupid enough to do that. This man was too smart for them to understand.


‘Damn it!’


For the fingerprint, he could cut off a finger, but the password was something that was in his head, so he couldn’t get that.


Yun Mun-pyeong’s gaze turned to his watch.


Eight minutes left.


In the end, there were two choices.


Either live by giving up the password or keep the secrets and die.


‘Shit shit!’


He kept swearing.


His heart was troubled.


He always said that he would give his life for the sake of company, but when the moment came, he wanted to hold onto his life.


‘Director, please don’t do it!’


Jo Yu-seong shook his head.


If he decided to hold onto his life and give up the password, something important would be revealed.


However, Yun Mun-pyeong was determined to live.


‘Fuck! I have accomplished too much to die here!’


In the end, he decided to negotiate with Chun Yeowun.


He tried to speak.


“Eup! Eup eup eup! Eup eup eup!”


‘Me! Look at me! Look at me!’


It was then.


Wheing! Click!




The door opened without the fingerprint and password.


Even more shocking was the security alert, which didn’t ring.


‘… this can’t be…’




It was then that Yun Mun-pyeong decided it wasn’t worth trying to think of any answers.


⁽¹⁾It’s basically just saying he hopes that Chun Yeowun will get something out of the situation (money, information, etc.) and leave, so they can suppress the poison.

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