Chapter 166: MS Group (3)

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Chapter 166: MS Group (3)


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“Damn it!”


Since their relationship had been hostile from the beginning, Chun Yeowun had no obligation to rescue him. However, H was dismayed at the thought that the person had left him.


Meanwhile, a total of 420 surveillance cameras that were installed in the lab were moving, trying to figure out the location of Chun Yeowun.


H said that it was a Spatial Movement but A didn’t seem to believe it. There were cameras everywhere in the lab. Unlike general sectors, these cameras had various functions.




The cameras searched every nook and cranny, but Chun Yeowun was nowhere to be seen. However, there was one place without cameras. That was where the core control unit linked to the main system. So it wasn’t a place where Chun Yeowun could enter either.


It was then,




The sound of sparks bursting. With that, the sound of the motor running which had made the entire laboratory deafening, gradually diminished.




H looked down. The floor where the sound of sparks was heard turned still and not long after.




Someone came up with a roar from the floor.


That person was Chun Yeowun.




H’s face, who thought Chun Yeowun had escaped earlier, contorted. He was aware of E‘s ability which could be used when he had been to the place before but what Chun Yeowun did was different.


‘How did he get down there?’


Of course, it was because of the teleportation ability that Chun Yeowun had absorbed from the demon. The teleportation ability was a short distance movement. Although it was only 15 meters, he was able to move around the place.




It was the first time that A sounded flustered. The energy of the core, which had been activated as if it would explode any moment, was gone.


Chun Yeowun spoke.


“I am thankful. Not that it is necessary, but thanks to you I got a lot of stuff.”


Of course, it was Chun Yeowun who took the cores in the control unit. He went down and took away all 3 S-class cores, 13 A-class cores and 27 B-class cores.


“I’ve picked up a lot.”


There was no reason to not loot it, so it was put in the shadows.




The LED lights in the lab began to flicker. All of the energy inside itself was returned to the core control unit and converted to reserve power.




H let out a relieved sigh. Chun Yeowun’s fast thinking allowed him to avert both the activation of clones and the explosion of the lab at the same time.


“Shall we find out where you are?”




Chun Yeowun’s figure disappeared in front of the cameras and then reappeared. The Gatelinium line came out and linked to the camera as he grabbed it with his hand.


‘Nano, track it.’




There was a location where they could control the cameras and lab.


However, the instant Nano attempted to hack.




The camera exploded.


As Chun Yeowun judged that A did it, he immediately moved to another camera 5 meters away. At that moment, that camera exploded too.


‘Look at this one.’


He was blocking any way in advance to be tracked down.


Then A said,


-My prediction turned out to be true. I’m not sure how you achieved it, but by simply touching a machine, you have a degree of hacking expertise that exceeds that of any professional hacker. That’s how you were able to find us.


At those words, Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.


‘He’s cool headed.’


Chun Yeowun’s enemies would either panic or rush ahead to strike, and they frequently exhibited gaps. This one, on the other hand, was cold-blooded. He was instead analyzing Chun Yeowun.


‘I should kill him.’


Chun Yeowun decided that A could be a nuisance to him. The criterion for judging him in this way was because of the safety of Sky Demon Order rather than for himself. A declared war to Chun Yeowun.


-As expected, you are an existence who has to be killed.


“Funny. I was thinking the same thing.”


-I really want this place to be your grave.




At the end, all the cameras in the lab had exploded along with the speakers. And the remote devices were broken. As a result, Chun Yeowun couldn’t pursue him any longer.






His eyes were irritated, as if he had lost sight of the main head that was directly in front of him. However, it was evident that this tragedy had given MS Group serious damage. It was stated that the 10 sectors overseen by the 10 people in MS were crucial.




The sound of something falling. At that, Chun Yeowun turned his head to the place. A naked man with blue liquid on him.


It was a clone of Sayogi.


“W-wasn’t he… dead?”


The energy was cut off, but then this man had his eyes open and the evil energy could be seen from the eyes.


It didn’t stop there.




The tubes moved as the clones, whose tubes were fixed, opened their eyes and struggled.


‘Damn it! They seem to have energy within.’


H couldn’t hide his shock at that appearance. They thought that since the energy stopped flowing then the clones couldn’t be activated any longer. But then all the clones were looking at Chun Yeowun and H.


“Chun, Mr. Chun. What do we do?”


H looked bewildered and scared at what happened. He knew that Chun Yeowun was the only one who could fight.




The clones moved.


However, contrary to Chun Yeowun’s expectations that they were born in capsules and couldn’t have combat powers…




Blue colored energy fluttered from the hands. Just by looking at it, he knew that they had to be Super Master level.


“Energy?… What did you people do?”


“Now isn’t the time to ask all these…”


When Chun Yeowun looked back with a cold gaze, H, answered.


“W-we developed a chip which contains information about the battles and martial arts of people of murim.”


They developed a learning system to assist the clones in adapting. A method of transmitting data via inserting chips into the brain. A lot of materials and techniques on martial arts were embedded and refined so that it could be applied naturally.


“T-the development hasn’t progressed enough to be commercialized yet. Even if the chip takes over the learning function, we can’t keep it up physically…”


“So you mean that the body was created with the DNA of strong warriors?”


H nodded at Chun Yeowun who understood it at once. It was possible to create and experiment with the body of an ordinary person, but they didn’t want to end it with that and the clones were created.


Tch tch.”


Chun Yeowun was a bit impressed with it. The end of their technology would be making someone like Chun Yeowun. To transmit all the information to the brain and analyze martial arts.


Besides, the nano machine in Chun Yeowun helps the body match the martial arts. But since these people didn’t have those chips in their possession, they utilized clones.




At that time, the clones which fell, moved at the same time. Rather than an organized movement, they all aimed for Chun Yeowun and H.




Chun Yeowun immediately looked at the techniques the clones were unfolding.


The technique wasn’t simple, in particular, the clones of Sayogi were unfolding the swordsmanship which he actually did in the past.


‘They aren’t techniques which need any kind of enlightenment. But, does it mean that they can use the techniques and its power to the maximum too?’




“Ueak! Mr. Chun!”


H bowed his head and shouted at the clones which were rushing in. He thought he was going to die for sure.


“This is the limit.”




Chun Yeowun raised his hand and then lowered it. That moment,




The clones rushing towards Chun Yeowun knelt on the floor at once. Almost three hundred clones.


Even if they were supplied with the energy of the core, or a chip in their brains, they were nothing for Chun Yeowun.


“… Oh my.”


H, who opened his tightly closed eyes, was startled. He knew Chun Yeowun was a monster, but he never dreamed that he could see this happen.


“You can’t accomplish anything on your own without realization.”


There was a limit to what a body which only had a theory could handle the technique and qi. The more complex the energy had to be manipulated, the more one had to be enlightenment, and such clones couldn’t have that done.


‘But it’s definitely a dangerous one.’


The clones were stronger than humanoid weapons. Considering that there weren’t so many people in the world who were strong in martial arts, mass-producing such stuff was a danger.


Thousands or ten thousands of warriors in Super Master level made-like clones could take down a lot of people.


‘Is that why they collected so many cores?’


Chun Yeowun now understood why MS Group was obsessed with cores. And H said,


“You must kill all of them. After all, they listen to the one who gave orders to them.”


There was no reason to spare them. Chun Yeowun rolled up his right sleeve and said,


“Throwing away such power isn’t right.”






The wrist guard on Chun Yeowun’s wrist disassembled and turned into the Sky Demon Sword. As he grabbed it, he slammed it into the ground.




A blue colored Ghost rose from the sword and permeated into the floor. It spread like ice as the floor turned white and faded like frost. And eventually, reached the kneeling clones.






The clones convulsed and soon their bodies turned white. Eventually, Ghosts were created from the clones’ bodies.


“No way!”


Watching that, H was at a loss of words.


It was because in front of his eyes were Ghosts. But the funny thing was…


“They are all like Sayogi.”


Fifty Sayogi clones were now Ghosts. The Ghost Qi and the Blood Killing Energy were giving out a creepy purple energy.


“Well… this much should be enough.”


Chun Yeowun was quite satisfied. Two hundred and fifty Ghosts and fifty Heavenly Killing Star clones were now acquired.




In front of Chun Yeowun, H fell down like a lightning and begged.


“P-Please accept me! I’ll give all the knowledge I have and the information you want, so please let me serve you!”


In addition, he gained one of the ten members of MS Group.

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