Chapter 165: MS Group (2)

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Chapter 165: MS Group (2)


There were dozens of humans in large capsule-like machines, and they all had the faces of Sayogi.


Not only did their faces look identical, but also their naked bodies seemed almost identical except for a few subtle differences.




Chun Yeowun was just speechless, and undoubtedly shocked at the same “thing” captured in the many capsules.


‘What the hell.’


[This appears to be clone technology.]


At that moment, Nano’s voice answered.


‘Clone technology?’


[Clone technology is a technology that produces human bodies of the same individual through gene analysis and DNA replication.]




His head trembled as the information was transferred to his brain. Clone technology was simply cloning but it was strictly prohibited ethically and legally, even in Nano’s time despite the sufficient technological prowess.


‘To clone a human…’


It was something Chun Yeowun, who lived according to his own will, couldn’t understand. He believed that human beings were born with a purpose.


The Heavenly Killing Star, Sayogi, had the physical potential of a killing machine that even the Heavenly Body couldn’t measure up to, and the fact that so many people were mass-produced raised a few doubts in Chun Yeowun.






H, who was watching from behind, responded quickly. The sector’s secret wasn’t disclosed to anyone thus far, so he could understand Chun Yeowun’s reaction as it was a study that everyone could criticize.


“You guys, did you plan on making an army made of Heavenly Killing Stars?”


H didn’t answer, making Chun Yeowun release his vicious energy.


“Yes, that was our goal.”


Flustered, H immediately answered out of the fear of losing his life. They had produced any human life they wished for their own purpose, but there was no way that they thought this was morally sound.


“Quite absurd.”


Just one Heavenly Killing Star was dangerous, and it was no exaggeration to say that the idea of mass-production of such a human would cause the end of the world.


“You guys thought you could create Heaven… ha!”


As he walked forward, Chun Yeowun exclaimed as he looked at the capsule in the back, assuming that all the capsules were of Sayogi.


However, he was wrong.


In the back row, there were dozens of clones with the same face as Mun Il-hyang, the head of Oshin Group, but they looked like they were in their mid-20s.


“Were you people…”


Chun Yeowun looked at the rest of the rows as well. As he approached the back rows, all of the clones seemed to be in their 20s, looking youthful; there was even Kwak Woon, who died at the hands of Chun Yeowun as one of the Five Great Warriors.


“Crazy bastards.”


It was obvious that he didn’t have to look back. He cloned most of the warriors of current Murim.


It seemed like they were doing this because they had different bodies, and the things they were doing were disgusting even for those working there.






“You guys are clearly misunderstanding something.”




“If you make a large number of cloned warriors in this way, do you think they’ll have the same physical capabilities as the original ones?”


Chun Yeowun considered the cloning efforts foolish. Even if their bodies were replicated, the Five Great Warriors reached their higher state after decades of training and realization, and it would be impossible to create such warriors from clones.


“You seem to be looking down on Murim warriors.”


There was no point in creating hundreds of them. Artificially created warriors wouldn’t have the training or passion, so from where would they get their strength?




It was then that a voice came from the speaker in the lab.


-You came all the way here.




It was a voice Chun Yeowun had heard before. No, to be more accurate, it was a voice he vividly remembered from reading someone’s memories. H’s face turned pale.




The voice from the speaker was the head of MS Group, AH was perplexed when he heard A’s voice.


‘Where is he?’


Chun Yeowun opened up his senses to find out where the man was, but realizing Chun Yeowun’s intentions, A said,


-You can’t find me.


As soon as the words were said, something unexpected happened.


Pang! Pang!


Suddenly, an explosion sounded within the researchers walking around the lab. As they looked, there were explosions inside their bodies, glowing red signs of head, and cracks on their skin.




Then, all of the researchers fell down like ashes fluttering. It happened to not just one person, but all of the researchers at the same time.


They didn’t even have the time to realize that they were dying before their bodies fell over. Chun Yeowun had seen this before:


‘Nano bomb!’


When a nano bomb exploded inside the body, this was the kind of death that ensued. The presences of the people were completely wiped, and the lab felt empty.


“A-All of them were killed…”


H was stunned at the sight of the researchers turning into ash. All of them were outstanding people in the field, and it was heartbreaking to see such people killed without hesitation.




Then something unexpected happened: a strong dizziness and feeling of abnormality crept throughout his body.


‘N-No! My body too?’


Since he was a member of MS Group, once he was pushed into the executive position, he had went out of his way to rid of all the bombs in the body.


“I-I removed them though?”


However, reality was harsh.


-The absence of explosives doesn’t mean that all the nano machines in the body were eliminated.


“H-How do you know?”


He could think of a couple things, but he could not think much with the pain he was going through as his internal organs were hurting and bleeding.


-Pay the price for bringing in the enemy inside.




H, who felt a sense of betrayal, shouted with a face full of despair as something rang in his ear.




With the sound of a finger snapping, the pain in his body disappeared.




H made a face displaying his inability to understand what happened when Chun Yeowun snapped his finger.


-… Interesting. Interfering with frequencies by snapping your finger.




H, who luckily saved his life, looked at Chun Yeowun in awe. Chun Yeowun was a little skeptical, but was fortunate to have succeeded.


‘There was the chance the frequency that activates the nano bomb is the same.’


The main frequency wavelengths controlling the nano bombs in the MS Group and those of Chun Yeowun were the same, causing interference with the frequency coming out.


-Even then, you won’t be able to get anything from there.


Crackle! Papang!


With A’s voice, the computers in the lab sparked up as their internal circuits were all burned. Measures were always taken to dispose of unimportant places in case something happened.


“You must be afraid of being found.”


Chun Yeowun provoked A as he was trying to destroy everything. A, with the altered voice, answered.


-This is a reasonable measure.


“Do you think cutting off your tail will keep you hidden?”


-You will not find us.


“Quite overconfident.”


-You will die there.


With those words, the capsules holding the clones all opened at once.




A gooey blue liquid spilled out from the opened capsules as numerous clones slumped. Tubes inserted in their heads, necks, and spines kept them suspended within the capsules.




A loud mechanical whirring sound came from all around.


H quickly said to Chun Yeowun in an urgent voice.


“W-we need to get out of here right now!”


H knew what was happening, and the perfected clones that were attached to the ceiling only made the situation worse.




Chun Yeowun looked down, feeling the energy right below the site.


“The core.”


The energy from the core was coming from below, but it wasn’t just the energy from the core that he was feeling. It was the energy of the core being injected into the clones.




As energy was injected to the tubes, the clones began to fall.




H, unlike Chun Yeowun, wasn’t a Murim warrior, so he couldn’t feel anything that was happening, but since he had developed the control of the place’s core, he knew what would happen.


‘He plans to stop the monster and blow this up!’


H was in panic.


“The commander is trying to wake them all up and kill us. Even if we were to beat them, if the core control unit below this explodes, a radius of 2 to 3 kms will be destroyed!”


Even a monster wouldn’t be able to stop the release of the explosive energy. A’s voice came out through the speaker.


-Even if you recognize it, it’s already too late. Soon this will be your grave…




At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s figure disappeared as if seeping into the air. A’s voice, which was speaking through the speaker, stopped.




H couldn’t help but feel flustered. He had seen people get sucked into space countless times through E’s ability. For a moment, he thought it was ridiculous, but he ended up saying his thoughts.


“Fuck! Did you just use spatial movement alone and leave me here!?”

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