Chapter 163: Variable (2)

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Chapter 163: Variable (2)


30 seconds ago,


Chun Yeowun saw E move people in front of him, and it was then that he grasped the foreign energy.


He was able to quickly realize that this foreign energy was very similar to the ability he had.


‘Spatial movement?’


Chun Yeowun obtained the ability to move 15 meters in space, deemed teleportation, from one of the demons, which was how he recognized the situation vaguely.


In just a few seconds, E once again displayed his ability to move through space with himself and another person at the same time.






In that instant, Chun Yeowun threw Chae Mun-tak to the side and moved to the point the space distorted, giving up spatial control over his body to enter E’s teleportation. Once his surroundings changed instantly, Chun Yeowun smiled.


‘I think I’ve figured it out.’


E’s ability was a long-distance spatial movement. This allowed Chun Yeowun to understand the principle beyond teleportation.


Normally, it was absolutely impossible, but his knowledge of the principle of teleportation and his understanding of space through the realization of the universe played a big role.


‘H-How did this happen?’


On the other hand, E couldn’t understand what had happened; the ally he had to bring wasn’t here, but rather the enemy came with him.


‘Damn it!’


Embarrassed, E showed his ability by force. As their location was one that only MS Group should know.


“Go back!”




However, something unbelievable happened. The space where Chun Yeowun was standing distorted and then,




The space returned to its original state. E’s eyes fluttered.




It felt like his head was going to explode due to the overload of his brain, but he still used his ability. However, when it didn’t work at all, he couldn’t hide his agitation. Then Chun Yeowun said to him,


“I roughly understand your ability.”




At that, E made an expression of disbelief.


‘He even tried to figure out my abilities?’


His ability wasn’t something that could be understood with common sense.




Then through his ears came the voice of one of the men in the research suits behind him. It was just a call, but E understood the intention.




If there was nothing they could do to the man, they had to at least move their positions far away from him.




Just one more use of his ability would overload his brain and he might collapse, but at least the situation would be better.


E tried to quickly move the others in the room along with him.


It was then.






Before E could use the ability again, his blood points were sealed and he passed out. Even Baekgi evaded his ability only a few times. Chun Yeowun, who was overwhelmingly stronger than that, was capable of moving faster than anyone else at such a short distance.


‘If I turn him into a Ghost, he will definitely be very useful.’


Chun Yeowun understood the principle of spatial movement, but moving others was a completely different matter. If the Ghost could use the spatial movement ability, he would then be able to utilize it without space constraints.


‘Quite literally the best ability.’


It was definitely worth coveting.




The space 3 meters around Chun Yeowun was twisted, and then it was torn from the floor to the ceiling, and the whole part disappeared in a round shape.


“Hmph! How dare you run wild after coming here!”


A man in his mid-thirties with brown hair reached out his hand. This was his ability, Compress.


His ability allowed him to compress and completely destroy everything in that space. It was a monster-like ability that could reach up to 100 meters, but if that happened, even the people in the conference room would be swept away, so he only showed this much.


“Good job, K.”


The thin-eyed man praised him. It was unfortunate that Chun Yeowun’s power would be lost when killed, but killing him seemed better than keeping him alive.


“Wait! Isn’t that E?”


At that moment, a man in a research suit pointed towards the entrance of the conference hall. There was a man lying on the floor in a strange position.


From just the curly hair, it was definitely E.


“When did he–”




At that time, someone placed a hand on K‘s shoulder. K unconsciously turned his head, and Chun Yeowun was behind him.




“You’re doing funny things.”


Flustered, K turned his head without even thinking about the distance and tried to use his ability, but,


Grab! Crack!




Chun Yeowun grabbed his wrist and ripped it off his shoulder.




He proceeded to grab K by the face and threw him to the floor.






Among those wearing researcher suits, there were not only people with abilities. Among them was a short-haired woman with a pretty good appearance and a mole on her forehead who flew at Chun Yeowun’s neck from behind.






Her hand that was swinging the dagger was stopped by Chun Yeowun’s internal energy, and unable to understand what happened, she decided to change her attack.






At that moment, her hand split open and a barrel machine gun was revealed, firing bullets right away.




She couldn’t hide her surprise as the bullets that flew for just a few inches were stopped mid-air.




When Chun Yeowun lowered his hand, all of the bullets fell to the floor.


“W-what’s this?”


Chun Yeowun spoke to her, who was shocked.


“It seems you’re an avatar as well.”




She couldn’t say anything to counter his point because it was true.


Her code name was F and she was the one who established the avatar technology, a genius in the development of machines, bioimplants and humanoid androids.


“You’re lucky.”




As soon as she asked, Chun Yeowun’s hand cut through her throat.




As her neck was slashed, sparks and wires were revealed and her body crumpled to the floor promptly. Chun Yeowun smiled.


“I’d like for you to experience decapitation.”


From F’s mouth, a buffering mechanical voice was heard.


“This… this… this…”


It looked like her speaker was damaged. Chun Yeowun grabbed the head of the avatar and said to Nano,


‘Track the location.’




If the avatar was being controlled remotely, then Chun Yeowun thought he could move to the location right away. While the location was being tracked, he could feel different energies flocking nearby.


It was probably because of the loud charos happening around him.




Footsteps outside the closed door made clacking sounds that could be heard across several rooms. Hearing them, the man with thin eyes said to Chun Yeowun,


“I advise you to stop right now.”


In response, Chun Yeowun chuckled.


“You don’t seem to understand the situation.”


“No, you don’t understand it.”


“What do you mean?”


At his question, the man with thin eyes said,


“Is he in the parlor?”




A red dot appeared on the table and a voice said,


-…He is in front of the door of the conference room right now, Senior Researcher D.


The sound was from the speaker on the table, but Chun Yeowun could hear the voice of someone right outside the door. The voice seemed to be quite an important one.


D said,


“We have a little problem, Your Majesty Marquis Albat.”




Chun Yeowun frowned at the title, and the Marquis’ voice sounded once more.


-What’s the problem, human?




Chun Yeowun concentrated further on the conversation.


Who would refer to people as humans?


“Someone stole the divine item and broke into the conference room. He’s caused everything to go wrong.”


-This is different from what we agreed to in the contract.


The voice was low, and Chun Yeowun could tell it was making the person named D nervous.


“W-we didn’t know that he would want the–”


It was then.




The door turned into ashes that scattered, revealing a blonde exotic-looking man wearing a dignified blue suit in the style of European nobility.




When the newcomer arrived, D immediately knelt down along with the others and said,


“This lowly human shows respect to His Majesty, Marquis!”


Without even replying, the ostentatious man walked into the room. He was simply just walking, but everybody in the room felt an intense intimidation.


Looking at him, Chun Yeowun asked.


“Do you guys work with demons?”


At the word demonD looked shocked.


‘How did he know?’


He had never mentioned anything about the demons, and was perplexed when Chun Yeowun mentioned them. At that moment, the Marquis looked at Chun Yeowun and asked D,


“Is this the worm?”


He condescendingly called Chun Yeowun a worm, which was welcomed by D, of course.


‘Idiot. If you hadn’t come here, you wouldn’t have gone through hell.’


The being in front of him was superior to humans, and since they couldn’t control them, they made a pact with them instead.


D carefully replied,








Before he could finish speaking, something had been sliced. At the sound of the blade, D and the person next to him raised their heads while still kneeling.




Something unbelievable had occurred; Marquis Albat had a bewildered expression with eyes wide open while a black line separated his body vertically.






The body slowly ripped to each side and then collapsed. Black smoke rose from the cut portions and the body turned to ashes.


D couldn’t hide his shock at the sight. A Marquis of the Demon clan, known as a monster among monsters, had died in an instant.


“This… no…”


Behind where Marquis Albat stood, Chun Yeowun stood and said,


“Why? Were you expecting to run away after throwing him at me?”

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