Chapter 161: Kraken (2)

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Chapter 161: Kraken (2)


‘How can this be?’


Chae Mun-tak thought that he had been stabbed in the back. Chun Yeowun’s actions thus far seemed to have been very conscious of public opinion, but that was Chae Mun-tak’s fatal misunderstanding.




Chae Mun-tak, who began analyzing things because he couldn’t understand people, wasn’t able to imagine what would happen until he suddenly remembered.


“Right. This… Since you don’t know others… you are going to let your party die tonight?”




From the moment Chun Yeowun entered the hotel, Chae Mun-tak kept his eyes on him, knowing all of their identities and capabilities.


“Did you think that your friends would be fine at the general auction? Your monstrous force was definitely unexpected, but…could the rest of your party survive this predicament”


Chae Mun-tak asked with a pale face. He couldn’t die here, anything but death in vain. He had already instructed the general auction house people to secure Chun Yeowun’s party members.


“Besides, aren’t some of your people still there?”


Chae Mun-tak glanced at the auction house on board; if Chun Yeowun appeared had suddenly appeared here, then that meant he left his party members on the ship, which Chae Mun-tak planned on using as leverage.


“Let’s make a deal; I can stop the dangerous Kraken from acting out.”




Chun Yeowun’s voice didn’t change, but Chae Mun-tak continued to talk.


“If you release me and this ship, I will guarantee the safety of your men.”




One of Chun Yeowun’s eyebrows rose. Chae Mun-tak spoke more strongly,


“Otherwise… I’ll die, but your members will become corpses as well!”


Chae Mun-tak was the kind of person who believed that those who were ready to die would always survive. At the very least, he would be able to pressure his opponent this way. However, Chun Yeowun’s reaction was:






The hand holding his hair tightened. Chae Mun-tak groaned in pain, feeling as if his head was going to explode.


“Y-You mean it is fine for your subordinates to die?”


Chun Yeowun smiled in response.


“You seem to be looking down on my subordinates.”




“Look again with your eyes.”


Chun Yeowun grabbed his hair once more and lifted him up.


“Kuak! W-what… huh?”


Chae Mun-tak saw something unbelievable. Something began to rise from the cracks of the shipwreck of the auction house, which was broken in half.








The huge monster with an innumerable amount of tentacles was on the shipwreck. At this point, there were more than 20 tentacles. As if gravity had disappeared, the Kraken floated up into the air as water dripped down from the creature.


“Gravity Witch!”


Chae Mun-tak remembered the female secretary Chun Yeowun brought along: the only SS-class Keeper who could control gravity.


‘That’s the power of an SS-class Keeper?’


He always heard of the Gravity Witch’s power, but he never expected that woman to be able to pull out the huge Kraken from the water.


“No way!”


“It’s being lifted?”


The warriors who were struggling to fend off the tentacles to defend their speedboats were shocked. The woman raised her hands, causing the huge monster to float up.


“Gravity Witch!”


“It’s the Gravity Witch! Yu So-hwa!”




People seemed to recognize her. Given her reputation, those familiar with the Gate battles were bound to recognize her. Contrary to such cheers, Yu So-hwa’s expression showed signs of struggle.


‘Its repulsion force is too strong.’


If an object was just strong and heavy, it wouldn’t be difficult to lift it. However, since this was an Alpha-level Entity, the repulsion force was becoming increasingly stronger.




The energy from the Kraken’s body was constantly trying to break past Yu So-hwa’s gravitational field.


She shouted to the two people who were next to her,


“I won’t last much longer, hurry up!”


She was communicating to Baekgi and Chun Yeowun’s disciple, Ark Young.


“Yes, miss.”


“Be patient for just a little longer.”


The two men received orders from Chun Yeowun to deal with the Kraken. Their strategy was simple: if she locked the Kraken with the gravity field, the two warriors could use their strongest, ultimate techniques and bring it down.


“Aren’t you the descendant of the East God?”


“Yes, senior.”


“Then let’s test your skills.”




Baekgi flew into the air first. He was stronger than he was in the past, as he walked on air to enter the range of the Kraken in an instant. Even Ark Young managed to appear on the Kraken’s other side at the same time.


‘Thunder Kick!’




When Baekgi lifted his leg, a vein of lightning formed and struck a huge tentacle. The technique combined his Invisible Kick with Thunder Qi.


On the other side, Ark Young prepared his right fist.




The wind rose like a whirlwind rustling the air and began to concentrate on one point; this was the unification of energy.


Although he hadn’t reached the Divine Master level at which the technique would reach full completion, he still learned how to utilize it at a rudimentary level from Chun Yeowun.






The pair of subordinates hit the beast at the same time using their strongest powers. A kick with lightning came from above as the punch gathered wind pressure at the center of the Kraken.




“Was he always such a monster?”


Kohaku and Jack Oren were shocked. They were impressed with Baekgi’s, and it seemed like these two could take down the Kraken.






Something no one expected happened. The eyes on the tentacles of Kraken opened up, and even those between the thorns along its body opened.




At that moment, the kick that reigned down on the Kraken reflected back at Baekgi!




Baekgi had to move midair to counter his own attack; the same with Ark Young.The situation instantly turned around, as they were trying to defend themselves from their own attacks.


“No way…”


“Isn’t that an S-class Alpha Entity?”


Others couldn’t hide their shock. This being was able to deflect a powerful attack, which meant it couldn’t be an A-class entity. And if it was an S-class entity, all their lives were in danger.




Yu So-hwa’s face was drenched in sweat. The energy from the Kraken had increased tenfold. Just as she reached her limit,




The Kraken let out a monstrous roar, and the vicious eyes on its body turned towards her as it realized that she was the one holding it up.




Even before she could say anything, numerous thorns on its body flew towards her.




Shocked by the huge number of thorns, she closed her eyes and braced herself. But,




She heard the sound of something bouncing off, and nothing hit her. She opened her eyes to see what happened,




She could make out something that looked like golden hair around her. She couldn’t understand what had happened until she heard,


-Yah! Hold on tight!




With a puzzled expression, she lowered her head to the place where the sound came from. There it was: in front of her, she could make out a small fox’s butt.


‘Golden-haired Gumiho!’


It was the fox that always stayed on Chun Yeowun’s shoulders.


The golden hair around her was its tail, but the surprise didn’t end there.




The golden hair soon dazzled in gold and grew in size.




Yu So-hwa exclaimed at the sight of the Golden Gumiho that was steadily increasing in size. The huge fox with golden fur and seven tails was in no way inferior to the size of the disgusting Kraken.




At the appearance of the Gumiho, the Kraken let out a strange roar. All the eyes on its body turned to her, seemingly wary of the yokai energy the Gumiho was releasing.


-What is this little rat from the sewers doing here!




As the Gumiho opened her mouth, a sphere formed.


“W-what is that?”


“This absurd energy…”


People couldn’t help but feel the intense eeriness from the energy in the sphere.


They were surprised by the Kraken’s power, but this new energy flowing out was even more overwhelming.




A beam of light flew from her mouth, enough to create storms everywhere that coalesced at the Kraken.




To prevent the impact, the Kraken created an invisible barrier with the energy it absorbed from Baekgi and Ark Young, but the yokai energy of the Gumiho was different.




In an instant, the barrier made by the Kraken was pierced and the beam hit the body of the Kraken.






The Kraken let out a roar of pain. The tentacles twisted trying to move, but it was to no avail.




Because Yu So-hwa was holding onto it with all her might, the Kraken, caught in the gravitational field, couldn’t escape as a hole was drilled through its body.


“Haaa… Haa…”


Yu So-hwa let out a raspy breath. Without any further movement, the Kraken went limp.




Yu So-hwa was drained, letting the body of the Kraken collapse onto the floor. It was the first time she had ever lifted an entity that turned out to be S-class.


-Well, you are satisfactory, woman.


This outcome was only possible because of the golden-haired Gumiho, who handled the Kraken easily. Yu So-hwa just nodded at the praise.




Soon, when the work was done, the fox’s body shrunk to its regular size. Who would have imagined that such a cute fox could have caused such destruction?


-Now, let’s head to the loot!


The Golden Gumiho raised its seven tails excitedly and rushed to the fallen body of the Kraken.


“W-what is… that…”


Chae Mun-tak was at a loss of words when he watched the Kraken die. The sudden appearance of the golden fox ruined everything. Chun Yeowun just clicked his tongue.


“Tsk tsk, I told her to come out only if it was dangerous.”




At that Chae Mun-tak’s eyes trembled.


‘That monster is his subordinate?’


Even though he had conducted several experiments, he couldn’t get any gate entities under his control. Finding out that the fox was under Chun Yeowun and acted according to his orders, Chae Mun-tak’s fear only grew.


‘T-this man isn’t someone we can control!’


He was convinced that if Chun Yeowun wasn’t removed, the entire MS Group’s progress would be disrupted.

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