Chapter 16 The Change of Guest and Owner (1)

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Chapter 16 The Change of Guest and Owner (1)


Even if they were both at the same level, there was a difference in internal energy.


Just like how a person who reached the beginning of any level is weaker than a person who reached the end of the same level.




No matter how much Yun Mun-pyeong, the director, tried, he couldn’t move.


‘He, is he really at the end of the level?’


If so, this opponent is different.


It made sense to give in if the gap was certain, but his position was too high for him to give in.


‘Is this little kid stronger than me?’


Yun Mun-pyeong was a man with great self-esteem.


He had pride as a Murim warrior and pride as a member of a large corporation.


However, the young man, wearing a historical costume in front of him, a person whose full name wasn’t even known, was trying to restrain him with internal energy.




A blue light flashed from Yun Mun-pyeong’s left hand.




Seeing that, Jo Yu-seong’s eyes widened.


‘Sword qi!’


Being a Super Master who reached the end stage, it was obvious to him that the man was using qi.


Sword qi at that.


Sword qi was strong enough to act as a sword.


Sword qi is made by condensing qi, and it boosts the owner’s movements. For someone like a Superior Master, it was a raging weapon.


‘Director Yun must be furious.’


Jo Yu-seong thought that Yun Mun-pyeong would continue the confrontation despite being lifted slightly in the air.


“You bastard!”


Yun Mun-pyeong stabbed at Chun Yeowun’s heart with his left hand.


The eyes of Yun Mun-pyeong, whose self-esteem was broken, could no longer see the talent in front of him.


He had to kill Chun Yeowun to feel better.




Chun Yeowun was right in front of him and at a hand’s distance too.


He moved at a speed that could kill anyone.








Yun Mun-pyeong’s eyes were about to explode.




The blue light on his left hand fluttered like sparks and then changed shape.


The reason was Chun Yeowun grabbed his hands.


But he was shocked for another reason.


“To touch sword qi with his bare hand?”


Jo Yu-seong couldn’t hide his shock.


If Sword qi is touched by bare hands, the flesh will disappear right away.


However, Chun Yeowun’s hand was fine.




Yun Mun-pyeong’s voice trembled.


He couldn’t understand.


Chun Yeowun spoke to him with the same expressionless face as ever.


“It isn’t something you can understand at your current level.”




Chun Yeowun’s hands holding Yun Mun-pyeong’s left and right hands clenched.


Scared, the director shouted.








He screamed.


It wasn’t enough that the right wrist was twisted. The fingers on the left hand were all bent.


It was so painful that all the veins on Yun Mun-pyeong’s head were bulging out.


“Kuak! You dog!”


Amid the pain, the director swore.


It was then.






Yun Mun-pyeong was swept into the air and floated upwards.


He wanted to move his body, but he couldn’t. It was as if he was being pulled towards the ceiling.


Unimaginable energy was trapping him.


‘Th-This is.’


Even Jo Yu-seong was startled and jumped away.


He never dreamed that something like this could happen.


It was the first time he has ever seen someone treat Yun Mun-pyeong like a child.




The man’s body trembled.


For the first time in his life, he was experiencing fear.


‘Is this a Superior Master? No, this is a Supreme Master!’


It was an unbelievable reality, but he was sure.


Who could pressure a Superior Master like this with only energy?


He looked at Chun Yeowun.


‘This is odd.’


He thought that Jo Yu-seong was mistaken.


Being a Superior Master in one’s twenties, he didn’t think it was possible.


‘Body metamorphosis!’


Body metamorphosis.


At a certain level, a warrior’s body undergoes reconstruction to suit the energy in their body.


If that happens, one will look younger, like 20 or 30.


Even the Chairman of the Blade Six looks like he’s in his mid-thirties.


Despite being over 80.


‘Damn it! How is such a man going around with no data on him? I should have guessed this!’


When body metamorphosis occurs, everything from the fingerprints changes.


In fact, incidents like this happened in the past too.


‘But even if he’s a Supreme Master, to do this to me, a Superior Master?’


He was skeptical as this has never happened to him.


But that wasn’t the point.


The question was how to change the current situation.


Calmly he said.


“How can a senior treat his junior like this? Start acting like a respectable elder.”


The director was certain that Yeowun was a false name.


To be honest, he could even take a guess at who he was.


Because there aren’t many organizations that are on par with the Blade Six.


“Are you going to keep your junior tied up like this?”


Saying that he glanced at the office door.


He thought that since he screamed, the president of Six Road Toys upstairs or the security guards would have noticed.


‘Why aren’t those jerks coming in?’


There was no sign of someone coming.


He was annoyed when Chun Yeowun said.


“Stop thinking that someone will help you.”




“No one can hear anything outside the office.”


“No… no way…”


The director looked around.


Now, he saw the faint glow which enveloped the office.




For the moment he entered, Chun Yeowun soundproofed the room.


No one outside could hear or sense what was happening in the room.


Chun Yeowun looked around and said,


“Since there are no CCTVs here, this is a nice place.”


At those words, Yun Mun-pyeong’s face contorted.


He had a high position, and he didn’t like people invading his privacy, so he didn’t have CCTVs in his room.


“Answer my questions now.”


Chun Yeowun walked towards him.


There was no way that Yun Mun-pyeong could escape.


But he had a trump card.


‘Kuak, fine. If no one is going to come help me, then I can do it myself.’


The director bit his lip.


“Senior. I’m not a stupid person.”


“You must be pretty stubborn. Seeing that you aren’t discouraged in this situation.”


Chun Yeowun nodded his head.


It has been a long time since he’s seen someone speak this strongly despite being in a threatening situation.


Yun Mun-pyeong shouted.


“One Time’s!”


“What does 1 hour mean?”


Yun Mun-pyeong was taken aback at Chun Yeowun’s remark.


This man didn’t even know what One Time’s was.


Jo Yu-seong, who was uselessly watching from the back, said.


“It’s a poison made by the pharmaceutical company, D.A.N.G.”






The official name is One Time’s. ⁽¹⁾


The pharmaceutical company D.A.N.G was the surviving form of the poison clans in modern times.


They were already good at making poison, and then with the introduction of modern technology, they created various types of poisons, and this was the best among them.


It was a poison that most people can’t detect, and it stays dormant in the body and activates after an hour.


‘Kuak, I’m glad I gave you that tea thinking that you might be a Superior Master.’


Although he didn’t believe the report, he wanted to be cautious in case something happened.


He informed the secretary beforehand to poison the tea.


In fact, because of the lawsuit which the Murim filed against this poison, they managed to get their hands on it.


“I don’t know if you know about it or not, but it’s a deadly poison.”


So this was why the director was so accommodating.


The One Time’s stays dormant for an hour, but there was something more terrifying about it.


“I don’t know if it can be detoxified, but I know that someone like you who’s reached such a high level wouldn’t want their internal energy to disappear.”


Usually, Super Master’s can detect the poison.


But even if it’s detoxified, the poison will consume 30% of one’s internal energy while inside the body.


‘If you are a Supreme Master, then you must value your internal energy.’


The One Time’s created ripples in the modern Murim because of its abilities.


Recognizing the danger, the Murim association filed a lawsuit against the company. It made sure that they discarded it, or if not, they threatened to destroy the Tang family, as they were still a part of Murim, if they were found making the poison again.


However, even if it was banned, the poison which was to be discarded was used to deal with matters covertly.


‘It was worth paying a lot of money to buy it.’


He bought it thinking that it would help him at some point, and it did.


With a smile, he said.


“There’s no cancellation. After I call them, you’ll be done in fifteen minutes.”




“Ahh. Maybe you’re wondering where my phone is. I don’t have one. My mind can contact them.” ⁽²⁾


Since he never knew what would happen in the world, he considered it a virtue as a Murim warrior to be prepared.


In a confident voice, he said.


“Kay. If you understand, put me down nicely. And once I’m relaxed, I think we can negotiate again.”


He thought that he won.


The opponent was a Supreme Master.


Sure, there’s no way the opponent would back down after being this reckless.


But he didn’t have another option.


Who would want to lose decades of internal energy?


“Kay. I will count to five.”


How many seconds would it take for the opponent to break?


The situation made the director happy.




It was then.


With an expressionless face, Chun Yeowun drew his sword.






Something passed through his right arm.




Something fell on the floor.




With a pale face, Jo Yu-seong had his arms tightly against his body.




Blood gushed out of the severed shoulder.


The director’s face turned red as he screamed loudly.




This pain was incomparable to when his fingers were broken.


He only counted to one, but for this to happen!


“Kuak! You… you crazy bastard, do you think this is okay to do because you’re losing your internal energy?”


“You are mistaken.”




At that moment, he held out his hand.


Something like black water rose from his palm, forming round drops of water.


“Did you really believe in something like this?”


‘N-No way!’


The director was shocked.


He really wanted to deny what he was thinking.


That was when Chun Yeowun said.


“Did you think that I wouldn’t know?”




The hair on his body stood up.


‘No way!’


It had to be impossible.


If that poison could be easily detoxified, he wouldn’t have paid a huge amount to get it.


“N-No way! That can’t be done unless you take the antidote.”


“You wouldn’t want to believe it.”


With that, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards him.


The black drops of water floated to the director.


“No! NO! NOOOO!”


The director was crying in disbelief.


However, the energy which was surrounding him fixed his head in place and opened his mouth.








It entered his mouth and went down his throat.


He could even feel it run down his esophagus.




If this really was One Time’s, it should be removed right away.


Twisting, he tried to puke it out, but Chun Yeowun pressed his blood points.




His body went stiff as his blood points were locked.


‘Kuakk! Shit!’


It was like giving him medicine but blocking his access to it by sealing the bottle cap.


With red eyes, Yun Mun-pyeong stared at Chun Yeowun, who sat on the sofa with a smile and said.


“59 minutes left.”


⁽¹⁾ Yes yes, I know, One Time’s is an awful name, but the author literally writes it out in English “정식 명칭 원 타임즈(One Time’s).”


⁽²⁾ “My mind can contact them.” He’s saying that he’s going to use telepathy, which we have seen numerous times.

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