Chapter 155: Auction House Onboard (2)

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Chapter 155: Auction House Onboard (2)

Chun Yeowun wasn’t interested in the auction at first. However, he changed his mind after seeing the weapon that was shown, and it wasn’t the mysterious ability of the weapon he was interested in.


‘To see this thing here.’


The weapon was called Wheel. It was none other than a weapon from Hagar’s blueprint of the armor suit. If his memory was correct, this wheel would turn into a helmet.


‘This is what I want.’


He knew what an auction was and had to have the Wheel in his possession.




The people who saw him walk up the podium cheered. The vice-chairman of Yongchun Group, who recently gained a large name for himself, seemed to be interested in something.


“Isn’t he the best in Murim?”


“I heard that the Five Great Warriors are no match to him.”


Their evaluation of his strength happened after the TRA incident, the biggest crisis of China. At that time, rumors spread that one of the Five Great Warrior’s couldn’t move against him in fear.


“Is he the best?”


“Er ist der berühmteste.”


[It is said he is the best.]


The participants of other nations were interested in him too. Since most of them were participants in MS Groups, they were all related to arms, so keeping an eye out was natural.


The observation room on the top floor of the dome. There was a man in a dark suit looking at the podium, as smoke filled the room from the cigar he was biting. Suddenly, someone came in by slamming the door.




I! No, Chae Mun-tak!”


The bald man who had approached Chun Yeowun suddenly arrived. The man with the cigar turned his body around at the mention of his name.


Chae Mun-tak’s eyes were very distinct. The right eye was blue and the left was red.


“During work time, you’re supposed to use my code name, Jay.”


At Chae Mun-tak’s words, the bald man, named Jay, spoke.


“Is the code name the problem now? Why did you start with the entertainment?”


“Is that the problem?”


“The entertainment game is always supposed to be at the end, so why’d you change it suddenly?”


“Be quiet.”




When Chae Mun-tak snapped his finger, all the attendants inside the room went out. Jay walked towards him.


“What are you planning?”


“Our leader noticed it.”




Jay’s face turned hard at that.


“… Noticed it? What does that mean?”


“As I said. Our leader found out that we had been working behind the scenes.”


The truth was revealed – there wasn’t just one defector.


Among the group, there was Jay, the bald man, and Chae Mun-tak, whose code name was I.


“So, you changed the order so that the entertainment game would come first?”


If the show became overheated, an accident could occur, so it was usually placed last.


“And the leader asked us to get rid of Chun Mu-seong.”


“Chun Mu-seong? What?”


They were planning to form a relationship with Chun Mu-seong, knowing that things went wrong, Jay’s complexion darkened.


“So you pushed the entertainment game forward? But how could a person with that level of fame participate in this show…?”


Jay unintentionally looked through the window and was shocked. He saw Chun Yeowun step up.


“Wheel? Isn’t that something that would never come before the main event?”


Originally, it was a weapon priced at an S-rank core. Since it was something that any Murim would want, they never dreamed of putting it up before the main event.


“Didn’t he come up?”


“Are you thinking of using him for the entertainment game?”


“We need to use such items for the monsters in each nation to move.”


More than half of the VIP people were not just wealthy but strong as well. It was no exaggeration to say that this place was full of superhumans. In particular, there were 6 strong people here who were known to be the strongest in their nations, so he knew that everyone would be vigilant.


“But that doesn’t mean they will come…. No!”


“Come what? Ah!”


Chae Mun-tak couldn’t help but be shocked when another person climbed on the podium.


-Finally, the first contenders of the entertainment game have been decided. They are Chun Mu-seong, the vice-chairman of Yongchun Group, and Jukwad Amuchai of Thailand!


Jukwad Amuchai was nicknamed the God of Killing. Among the people there, he was thought to be the strongest. There was a moment of silence before cheers erupted among the others.




The appearance of this monster, who was known to never have come down from the top position in Thailand for 24 years.


“Crazy! He’s finally up!”


“Will we see his strength?”


“The strongest man in China vs. the strongest man in Thailand?”


Everyone was excited. It was no longer just a game of entertainment. One couldn’t watch this game even if they paid billions.


“… Unfortunate. We could have made money out of this.”


Chae Mun-tak put on a sad expression. This was an event they could have been paid enormously for if the broadcasting was sold on the black market. Jay raised his brows.


“One of them will die.”


Chae Mun-tak nodded in agreement. The best scenario would be for Chun Yeowun to die. Of course, even if Chun Yeowun won, he would have to keep dealing with other contenders who wanted the weapon, building up his exhaustion.


‘I am lucky.’


A bearded man with his arms crossed, a blue hoodie, and sunglasses one welcomed the situation. He was Kohaku of Speed from Japan.


It would be a lie to say that he didn’t want the Wheel.


‘We shook hands, Amuchai.’


Not just Kohaku, but everyone in the place was watching it. This game was increasingly difficult for those who fought for the weapon earlier.




A man with a red coat, blonde hair, and a golden scabbard adorned with a splendid British Royal Pattern was also happy about it.


‘The person considered the strongest has appeared first.’


He was Holy Sword Jack Oren of England. Although Chun Yeowun was the hottest topic these days, Amuchai had a reputation that preceded Chinese martial arts.


The audience all hoped that Chun Yeowun would die and Amuchai would be drained of strength at the end of the game.




[I’ve been waiting for this moment!]


Amuchai looked at Chun Yeowun, not believing that such a chance would come soon. Weapons were meaningless to Amuchai because he pursued martial arts using only his bare hands. All he wanted was revenge for his colleagues Mersen and Cycoon.


-Let the entertainment game begin!


As soon as the masked man finished talking, a sound was played.




A strong energy formed at the edge of the podium and a barrier of membrane surrounding the podium came up.




“Looks like a barrier.”


The people sitting were amazed at it. They realized that MS Group’s technological prowess was higher than that of others, and that this barrier was made to prevent the aftermath of the battle from reaching the others.




[This is just a toy!]


Amuchai looked at the barrier surrounding him, and felt that he could break it with a little effort.


-The barrier is designed to withstand the attacks of an A-class Alpha entity, so feel free to go all out.


‘Huh! Indeed I will.’


Amuchai kicked the barrier, and at that moment, a great wind pressure arose.


-Pang! Bang!


When the strong wind pressure that ripped even the air was sent, the entire ship shook.






“T-the ship is shaking!”


The crowd exclaimed at rumbling. However, what was more surprising was that the barrier was still intact. Because they were on a ship, the force couldn’t be absorbed entirely, but it was still greatly effective.


‘I think it’ll be fine to use my full power.’


Amuchai felt relieved at the thought. He was worried that the ship would break, but seeing the barrier work well, he could do his best.




Ark Young, who came after following the man called Jay, couldn’t help but be shocked at Amuchai’s kick.


‘Without internal energy, it’s still that strong.’


It was just a basic kick with that much power. He couldn’t imagine what level would be reached if the man showed his true power. Amuchai glared at Chun Yeowun who was relaxed.




[I’m going to kill you.]




Chun Yeowun asked Nano to transfer the language to him.


[Transfer of Thai has been completed.]




With a trembling feeling in his mind, Chun Yeowun managed to understand it. And use it too.


“Kill… funny.”


When Chun Yeowun was able to fluently speak in Thai, Amuchai was shocked.


“You speak my tongue.”


“If you knew anything, then you would have heeded to the warning of the East Asia Union.”


“Warning? Hahaha.”


At those words, Amuchai laughed.


“Who is warning whom? Today you will cross the river of Hell!”


Amuchai made a gesture of slitting the throat with thumb.


“You may think you are the most famous one here, but the world is wide, man. And you are a frog in a well who knows nothing of the sea.”




Amuchai took his pose. The posture with which he raised his knees was similar to Muay Thai, but not entirely identical.


“I’ll show you the power of Kantar.”


Common Muay Thai was strong, but not as strong compared to this new derivative. While Muay Thai crushes the bones and flesh, Kantar destroys mountains and seas.






Amuchai raised his knee, and at that moment, a great amount of energy rose from the floor.




A rippling wind pressure engulfed the entire podium and swept upwards from the bottom. When the wind pressure hit the barrier, it felt like a storm inside.


‘It has to be that.’


‘He is indeed Amuchai!’


The strong people watched as if it was natural. They knew he was strong, but it was their first time seeing this technique. Even Ark Young was shocked.


‘It’s like watching the void technique.’


Amuchai’s kicks were similar to the Ark family technique that used the unification of energy, and Amuchai was a man who was absolutely strong enough to have kicks at that level.


Kohaku clicked his tongue and shook his head.


‘I was hoping to see Amuchai exhausted, but is this already the end… !?’


Kohaku’s eyes, which thought the match was done, widened. His vision was blurred with the pressure inside, and saw an unbelievable sight.




As the wind subsided, everyone saw it.






Amuchai, who was alive, seemed to be struggling, especially with Chun Yeowun holding his face tightly.


“No way!”


“What happened inside?”


It was their first time seeing Amuchai being held like this helplessly. The monster called the God of Killing couldn’t move.


‘W-what is he?’


Amuchai was confident enough to even win over an S-class entity alone. However, the moment the kick was released, Chun Yeowun moved like lightning and cut off his leg.




The floor on the podium was filled with blood. Chun Yeowun looked at the man in his hands and said.


“I definitely warned you all.”




“If you bother me one more time, I will kill you all.”




Amuchai tried to kick Chun Yeowun with his other leg, but felt a strange sensation upon impact.






The kick hit Chun Yeowun’s head, and a fan-shaped wind pressure then formed in the direction of the kick and the podium was devastated. It was a kick that could break the mountains.




He tried to shake off the hand holding him.






Chun Yeowun’s fingers dug into his face. In the midst of the pain, Amuchai’s two eyes shook. Chun Yeowun’s head was intact despite the powerful kick, as if it hadn’t even hit him.




‘T-this man survived this attack?’


Chun Yeowun spoke to Amuchai who was shocked.


“That was nothing.”


After undergoing five body reconstructions, Chun Yeowun’s body had surpassed the realm of human beings.




For the first time, Amuchai felt fear.


“For ignoring the warning, you need to be punished. You foolish Thai.”




Amuchai was desperately trying to speak. If only he listened to the warning, things would have been fine, but–


“You are too late.”






Chun Yeowun tore off Amuchai’s face, and most people who witnessed it turned their heads away.




Amuchai’s body, once the face was torn off, went limp. Chun Yeowun threw the body on the floor.


The dome that was moments before filled with noise had turned silent. Chae Mun-tak, known as I, and Jay, were shocked.


“Amuchai…. Was killed that easily?”


One of the world’s strongest men had died in vain. Everyone watching had expected a fierce battle, so the entire fight was nothing like they had expected.


“This is too bothersome. Come at once.”

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