Chapter 153: Hayden Hotel (3)

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Chapter 153: Hayden Hotel (3)

‘Indeed, as expected from Chun Ma!’

Bi Mak-heon exclaimed inwards. Mersen was so absurdly put down and killed like he was weak. He along with many other sects had gone after the Sky Demon Order’s clans that were scattered and tried to kill them, but he had now been defeated without a fight. The curly-haired woman, who seemed to be Russian, spoke in shock.

“W-wait. I really didn’t mean…”



Chun Yeowun grabbed her by the back of her neck, threw her into the room, and then closed the door.


She rolled on the floor and looked at Chun Yeowun in fear.

‘He is more dangerous than I expected.’

The information she had said that he was one of the Five Great Warriors of China, so she thought that Mersen, rated one of the top three in Russia, would be able to handle him.

Chun Yeowun walked into the room and sat on the sofa as he said.

“Tell me.”


“Why did you come here?”

At Chun Yeowun’s words, she became restless. The pressure that she could die any moment made her unable to open her mouth.

“If you don’t open your mouth…”

When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, the woman spoke in a hurry.

“I-I am here to negotiate.”



Hu Bong clicked his tongue at her words.

“These days, negotiation seems to start with force. So bloody.”

There was nothing to be said. At first, she should have exerted more control over Mersen, but chose to allow the man to alone try and corner the other party into accepting her terms.

“Did MS send you?”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, she waved her hand and said,

“Ah- No!”


He thought that she was sent by the MS Group, but Chun Yeowun didn’t show off any expression. If not, then who was this woman?

She answered him promptly.

“I am Tuan from the East Asia Union.”

East Asia Union?

He looked at Bi Mak-heon, who shook his head, meaning that he knew nothing about this.

“Doesn’t seem like an official organization.”

The name was the East Asia Union, but there was a high probability of it being a private organization. She even said her name, but it wasn’t like her name was ever mentioned in China.

[As a result of analyzing her way of pronunciation, she is presumed to be Mongolian.]

Nano spoke in his head. As expected, she wasn’t from China. As she had brought in Russian warriors, it was plausible to believe that she was actually from the East Asia Union.

“And what does that group want?”

“… that…”

Because there was no one to save her, she couldn’t just speak out confidently, which made Chun Yeowun believe that turning her into a ghost would be more effective.

It was then.


The 100-inch TV screen turned on, but no one in the room had pressed anything. The screen whirred to life, and the speakers too, as a video began playing.


A person wearing a black mask, showing only his eyes, appeared on the white screen. The masked man bowed his head.

-It is an honor to meet the vice-chairman of the Yongchun Group, the most famous group in recent times. My name is I, the head of Sector 9 of MS Group.

The voice identified himself as I, using an altered voice. Measures were taken to make sure they couldn’t be identified.

Since it wasn’t known when the video was recorded and being played, Bi Mak-heon approached the TV dubiously.

-We apologize in advance for greeting you with a recorded video.

Showing a recorded video meant they were trying to avoid being tracked, at which Chun Yeowun snorted.


It seemed like the MS Group learned new tricks to avoid being figured out. As if they were afraid of being pursued.

-The fact that this video is being played means, as expected, the vice-chairman has received this invitation from one of our Guests.

“They noticed that.”

Bi Mak-heon said it to Chun Yeowun. This was something they were already guessing about. They didn’t think that they’d allow just anyone with an invitation to come in.

-I’ve heard from some sector heads that we’ve had a bad mix-up lately, and I apologize again.

The masked man bowed again and got up.

-We are trying to rectify what happened. Please accept our small token of sincerity.

A bell sounded from outside the room. Shortly after, a knock on the door. As Bi Mak-heon flinched because he was attacked the last time the door was answered, Hu Bong decided to go now.


It was a hotel staff. Hu Bong tried reading his energy, and the man turned out to be an ordinary human.


“A guest has asked me to bring this to room 1504 in the morning.”

The staff handed it over and left. Hu Bong, who was holding this bag, brought it to Chun Yeowun with a puzzled look.

-The password is 492390,

The masked man said, and when the number was put in, the bag opened. But the moment it was opened, Bi Mak-heon was shocked.


In the bag were dozens of diamonds. With this number of diamonds, the monetary value was astronomical.


Bi Mak-heon was speechless. He didn’t know what was happening. The masked man continued to speak.

-I understand that you are in need of money because of the recent merger. We hope this helps.

Bi Mak-heon frowned at it. The merger was being done as silently as possible. Of course, he knew the experts on the financial side would have noticed it, but these people seemed to be paying close attention to the Sky Demon Order.

-Of course, I don’t think that the vice-chairman’s anger can be solved with just this, but I hope that it at least helps in restoring our relationship.

“You seemed to have used a lot of your brain.”

Chun Yeowun clicked his tongue. These people didn’t know why he was looking for them.

-It is an honor to know you will be attending the auction hosted by us. We hope you have a great time.

The masked man kept continuing to speak, as if he was trying his best to improve their relationship. At that, a CG photo was displayed on the top right corner. The photo was,

“Lord, that’s…”

It was a bottle with the blood of the Flame Qilin.

-I’ll give you the gist of our offer. I am sure that you would be aware and would like to know if you would like to do business with us.

There was something this man still wanted, as he kept showing the bottle that looked identical to the one at Hu Bong’s site.

-We are willing to buy this for a thousand gold. Or, we are open to exchanging it with anything physical you want. Now that you have this bottle in your hand, I am sure you know what it is and its side effects as well.

Spirit beast blood was difficult to absorb. And its side effect was death if the person couldn’t handle it.

-We have succeeded in eliminating the side effects with our technology, so if you would like to do business with us, we can refine it and hand it back to you. Please consider it.

‘Without side effects?’

Did they figure out a way to take in the blood? Still, it meant nothing to Chun Yeowun.

Even without their skills, he could help others also absorb the blood.

-If you want to make a deal, please present the VIP invitation to the driver at 7 pm. I hope we have a nice meeting.

With that, the video ended.

“VIP invitation? Driver?”

He wasn’t sure what it was, when Bi Mak-heon found something in the bag.

“This was inside.”

It was a card along with diamonds. Unlike the normal card, this one was in diamond. And the VIP was engraved in the center.


The eyes of Tuan of East Asia Union shone at the card, as the task she was given was to get that invitation.

After receiving information that Chun Yeowun might get the VIP invitation, she came to negotiate.

“You seem interested in this.”

“… yes.”

“Can you guess what my answer will be?”

At his question, Tuan bit her lip. It was dangerous to say anything without her men.

“What does the East Asian Union want?”

“… we…”

-Sorry, Tuan

It was a subtle sound, but Chun Yeowun heard it. When he looked into her ear, he noticed a tiny wireless earphone.

Tuan was shocked at the message.


At that moment, something pierced into the hotel room’s window.


There was a sound of something moving. Tuan turned to see a very long bullet suspended in mid-air.

“W-what is this?”


The spinning bullet was sucked into someone’s hand. It was Chun Yeowun. He looked at the direction of the bullet. Where the hole was from, it was from a high rise building 400 meters away.

“So they’re there?”

Chun Yeowun flicked the bullet with his finger.


The ponytail sniper watching the hotel room couldn’t believe his eyes.

‘Is he looking at me? From 400 meters away?’

It was then.



Something pierced his shoulder.

His eyes trembled at it.

‘A sniper bullet?’

He didn’t see any sniper rifles around. The only thing he saw was someone snap the finger.


It was absurd. That man controlled a bullet and shot it with a snap?

“Kuak… damn it!”

Either way, the mission failed. He hurriedly put the sniper into his bag and was ready to get away.

“He is running away. Hu Bong, catch him.”

“Yes Lord!”


Hu Bong broke through the window and flew out. In less than three minutes, the sniper was dangling in his hand.


Tuan recognized him. She didn’t think that a sniper that far away could be caught and retrieved, but the condition of the man, Cycoon, was just as strange.

“Uh? Lord. This man seems weird… uh? Poison?”

Being caught, the man was ready to die.


Tuan shook her head. This measure was to prevent leaking information to them. Chun Yeowun placed his hand on Cycoon’s head.

‘What is he doing?’

Tuan was puzzled when a gloomy blue light flashed from his palm. And then soon, the skin of her ally changed to white.



And something creeped up.


Tuan screamed in fright. A Ghost with Cycoon’s form appeared in front of her, and Chun Yeowun then touched the ghost.


The head trembled and everything he thought before he died moved into Chun Yeowun. The man, Cycoon, was talking in English.

[Will the negotiation go through?]

[I wish for our success this time. If you miss the timing, we will miss their tracks once again. We need to reclaim the stolen goods.]

[Sigh. But wouldn’t it be better to send Amuchai instead of Mersen? Mersen loses his mind when it comes to Demonic Cult.]

[Amuchai is a secret power.]


[Stop. I know Tuan is your friend but this job is important. In the event that the negotiation fails, Mersen’s experience as a great warrior of Sambo is perfect for killing the opponent. Things will turn into a mess if the God of Killing, Amuchai, steps ahead.]

At the word of Amuchai, fear and awe could be felt in Cycoon’s emotional state.


Not long after, he noticed the problem, and reported.

[Mersen seems to have been hit!]

[… Kill Tuan.]


[If the Yongchun has any relations with MS, we will be revealed. We need to stop that.]

He could feel the Cycoon’s agony. Like Tuan, he was also Mongolian.

It seemed painful for him to kill someone of the same ethnicity, but he had no choice.

[Sorry. Tuan.]

His memories after that were of the shooting and being captured. It was unfortunate that the earphone was broken in the process of escaping.

‘This much only?’

Chun Yeowun put his hand away and then held out the wristguard, which sucked in the Ghost.

“W-what did you do?”

Tuan stepped back with trembling hands. She felt terrified by this man who could handle Ghosts. In response, Chun Yeowun said.

“We have the same goal.”


From what he understood, these people hated MS too, and were trying to reclaim stolen goods.

“Is your goal to retake what the MS Group has stolen?”

“H-How did you know about that?”

She couldn’t figure it out, Chun Yeowun said.

“I also have something to take back from them.”


At those words, Tuan’s eyes fluttered. She remembered the video talking about a not-so-good relationship between the Yongchun and MS Groups.

Moreover, this man here seemed to share the same purpose as EAU.

Cautiously, she tried to persuade him.

“Enemy of an enemy is an ally. If you, the vice chairman, have the same purpose as us, how about joining hands for both of our benefits…”



Before she could finish her words, Chun Yeowun grabbed her neck and spoke in a cold voice.

“Would an ally kill you if necessary?”

“Kuak… kua… p… please…”

“Want to live?”

At his question, Tuan nodded her head.

“Then tell me who is involved in the EAU and where they are hiding.”

She was terrified of revealing the information. She wasn’t sure, but it looked like this man could kill them all.

Normally, she would have sacrificed herself to keep it a secret, but now, for the first time, she was actually scared of death.

“I-I will tell you everything.”

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