Chapter 15 Scout Offer (4)

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Chapter 15 Scout Offer (4)


Blade Six.


One of the five largest conglomerates in the current Chinese government.


Although the world’s population plummeted due to the Gates, the Blade Six still boasts overwhelming power and is the number one in the world.


Last year, it formed a pro-social corporate image and was so well-recognized that it was selected as the number one company people wanted to join.




The information which passed through Chun Yeowun’s mind was basic information about the Blade Six.


‘… Blade God Six Martial Clan.’


All the information was ordinary.


However, the Blade Six he knew was the name of a company from a distant future.


‘This guy is proof.’


Jo Yu-seong in front of him was proof.


Seeing that the head of an affiliated company knows martial arts, that must mean he knows about Murim.


‘… Nano. If the time axis is different, is there any chance that the Blade God is still alive.’


Chun Yeowun asked with a stiff face.


The Blade God of the Blade God Six Martial Clan, the head of the Blade Six.


Nano’s voice echoed.


[It’s possible if the user failed to kill the Blade God before entering the time axis.]


Chun Yeowun wasn’t happy about that information.


Another possibility.


‘I killed him just yesterday…’


Chun Yeowun had killed the Blade God in the Time Jet before falling into this era.


If it was his own time, Chun Yeowun would have erased all traces of that clan in a single day.


‘This is one funny situation.’


Chun Yeowun bit his lip.


He couldn’t find the Sky Corporation, but he managed to find the Blade God Six Martial Clan.


Moreover, he was being scouted.




Jo Yu-seong couldn’t hide his curiosity at the sudden change in atmosphere.


His reaction was completely different from the one Jo Yu-seong expected from a person about to get hired by a big company.


“Is there anything that’s making you uncomfortable?”


Jo Yu-seong asked.


Since Chun Yeowun is an unpredictable character, he was cautious.


‘Did he have a bad experience with the head office?’


Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a reaction.


Chun Yeowun, who had a still expression, spoke.


“What’s the name of the company’s head?”




A low voice filled with energy.


There was no way Jo Yu-seong couldn’t feel it.


‘Civilians won’t be able to breathe in the lobby…’


It was shocking.


If this man lived his life like this, everyone would have noticed him.


He decided to calm down.


“Ugh, if you can tell me why you’re…”


“Tell me the head’s name.”


The voice, which was making him weak.


Jo Yu-seong, who was so nervous that cold sweat broke out, said the name.


“It’s Geum Seong-ryong!”


“… Geum Seong-ryong?”


Chun Yeowun frowned.


He thought that the name Blade God would come out.


The energy disappeared right away.




Jo Yu-seong’s legs, which would have given out if it continued, relaxed.


‘What kind of life… did he live?’


He forgot that they were still in the lobby.


After barely calming his breath, Lee Hyun spoke.


“I heard that the President of the head office is famous among Murim warriors, didn’t you know?”




Jo Yu-seong looked at the lawyer with shocked eyes.


He spoke with a carefree expression as if nothing happened.


‘No way… am I the only one who felt that just now?’


To live like that, to be able to force enough energy on a person to kill them.


Qi is a kind of energy, but when used in high amounts, others can feel it.


But Lee Hyun didn’t feel anything.


‘… I must have misunderstood. This man isn’t at the beginning of the Superior Master Level. He seems to have reached the end of it.’


Considering Chun Yeowun’s age, Jo Yu-seong thought that he must be an entry Superior Master.


But it seemed like he was wrong.


At that time, Chun Yeowun asked Lee Hyun.


“What do you mean by famous?”


“You know that the President of the head office is the vice president of the Murim Association.”


“Vice president?”


Chun Yeowun’s expression stiffened more at the words vice president.


The basic information of the Murim Association, which Nano transferred, naturally popped into his mind.


The association consisted of 12 executives, with the vice president and president above them.


‘The members of orthodox clans?’


It was said that the officers of the Murim Association were members of orthodox clans.


Although the names of the executives weren’t disclosed on the website, officials in the Murim Department and other similar fields seemed to know the executives.


‘Blade God Six, no, Blade Six is working with the orthodox clans? Ha.’




They were by no means orthodox.


Rather, they walked on a path closer to violence.


If necessary, they didn’t mind taking hundreds of lives.


“You didn’t know?”




At the words of Lee Hyun, Chun Yeowun shook his head.


Since he only acquired basic information, he didn’t know this.


‘He doesn’t know the President of the head office? I guess he really was a hidden Murim warrior.’


At Chun Yeowun’s reaction, Jo Yu-seong thought to himself.


If he didn’t know the President of the head office, the most prominent figure in Murim, it was speculated that this man must have learned martial arts in a remote place like mountains.


‘Only, he’s a little out of control.’


They couldn’t handle Chun Yeowun.


And Chun Yeowun was so strong that he can control his energy exceptionally.


‘For now, try conciliating with him, and if it doesn’t work, we have no choice but to leave it to the director.’


Jo Yu-seong organized his thoughts.


“I… if there’s something that’s making you uncomfortable, I can postpone the meeting to another…”


“Didn’t you say that we’ll be meeting with the director of this company?”




Chun Yeowun still had a stiff face.


In the building, there seemed to be more than a hundred warriors.


Among them, two seemed to have a great amount of internal energy.


Perhaps one of them is the director.




Chun Yeowun looked up and found the CCTV cameras installed in the lobby. There were forty.


Much larger than the Bureau.


Which meant that the security was tight.


‘Let’s figure this place out first.’


If it was the past, Chun Yeowun would have overturned the entire place.


Because Chun Yeowun was the kind to torture people for information and then kill them once he got what he wanted.


However, it was tiring to do that when the Blade God’s existence was neither confirmed nor denied.


‘I can’t even find my cult. There’s no need to draw attention.’


Chun Yeowun, who knew how the current world worked, decided to lay low.


Of course, if that didn’t work, he would go back to being himself.


“Fine. I will meet him. Where should I go?”




At his response, Jo Yu-seong exhaled in relief.


The 36th floor of the Six Road Toys’ building.


The other floors were divided into departments and employees, but the 36th floor was dedicated to one person.


It was because the owner of that floor had great authority.


Of course, he wasn’t the only one on the floor.


Four beautiful female secretaries and 12 security guards were stationed there.


The glamorous office had a private bar.




There was a man with white hair in his early forties swinging his golf club.


The person who stood politely in front of him was general manager Jo Yu-seong.


“That is all. Director.”


The man was Yun Mun-pyeong, the director of Six Road Toys.


He was listening to the report.




He opened his mouth as he kept looking at the golf club.


“He cut off your hand because you were late?”


“… yes.”


“Quite an untamed bastard.”


Yun Mun-pyeong put the golf club into his golf bag and sat down on the sofa.


He sat with his legs crossed and drank his glass of whiskey all at once.


And Jo Yu-seong spoke.


“If we can hold his reins properly, he’s worthwhile. To be honest, if he has such a high level of skill, it’s worth hiring him for the future.”


“Are you saying that he isn’t a card we play then discard?”


“… right.”


Seeing Jo Yu-seong’s face, Yun Mun-pyeong smiled.


“How can you even think that after he cut off your hand? You must think that he really is useful?”


It’s normal to feel ill will towards such a person.


Still, Jo Yu-seong was speaking objectively.


This was the reason Yun Mun-pyeong used him.


“Good. I’ll take a look and judge him. As manager Jo said, if he truly is a Superior Master, it’s a waste to use then discard him.”


“Thank you,”


Jo Yu-seong bowed to express his gratitude.


And the director gestured for him to hold a meeting.


As Jo Yu-seong left, Yun Mun-pyeong touched his hair and muttered.


“Tch Tch, manager Jo. This time your eyes were wrong. If he was a Superior Master, I would have noticed his energy the moment he entered the floor.”


Director Yun Mun-Pyeong.


One of the two Superior Masters assigned to this company.


In Yun Mun-pyeong’s mind, only a Superior Master can sense another Superior Master.


Of course, considering that this kid was someone in his early twenties and talented, he decided to let Jo Yu-seong bring him in.




Yun Mun-pyeong grabbed the jacket, which was on the hanger, and put it on.


If it was a meeting, he had to look his part.




The door opened, and someone entered along with Jo Yu-seong.




Yun Mun-pyeong was shocked.


Seeing Chun Yeowun in a historical costume was really shocking.


He has never seen anyone grow their hair like that in today’s world, except for celebrities.


“This is Yun Mun-pyong, the director.”


Jo Yu-seong introduced him.


And although he reported to him earlier, he spoke to the director.


“He’s the person I mentioned before.”


Chun Yeowun only revealed his first name and not his surname.


Originally, he thought about telling them his full name to see the Blade Six’s reaction.


But he soon changed his mind.


‘I can’t give myself away.’


This wasn’t even the main company.


And he can’t give these lowly people his name.


If the Blade God lived in this era, then there’s a chance that the Blade God would run away to be cautious.


Yun Mun-pyeong reached out for a handshake.


“Nice to meet you. I’m Yun Mun-pyeong. Since I’m older, I will speak without formalities.”


Chun Yeowun looked at his hand.


It was because he wasn’t used to the western greeting style.


But soon, information popped into his mind, and he shook his hand.


And said,






Jo Yu-seong’s face went stiff.


He was meeting the director of a company. The kid should at least use honorifics.


He looked at Yun Mun-pyeong out of curiosity to see his eyes trembling.


He was holding back.


As if it didn’t bother him, he spoke.


“Huhuhu, it seems like the young friend here only learned martial arts and not social norms. I see. For now, let’s sit and talk.”


Yun Mun-pyeong pointed to the sofa.


Yu Mun-pyeong sat on the single sofa with his legs crossed and pressed a button on his phone.


“I have guests. Bring some hot tea.”


-Yes. Director


Not long after, a female secretary in a short skirt came in.


After the cups were set down and she left, the director spoke.




He took a sip.


Chun Yeowun, who looked at him, also took a sip from his teacup.


The tea was good.


“It’s Longjing tea. I like whisky more than tea, but this is an exception.”


He put down his cup and continued.


“You may have heard this in advance. This company loves talented people. Even talented people without a background like you will be treated fairly and justly.”




Jo Yu-seong frowned.


There was supposed to be a briefing, but now the director was talking in his own flow.


“I don’t know if you’ve heard it. I don’t like formalities. And I don’t like to talk about the past either.”


Yun Mun-pyeong reached out towards his desk.


A tablet on the desk moved towards the sofa.


He was trying to show off his skills.


Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!


After Yun Mun-pyeong tapped the tablet a few times, a number was displayed.


[3,000,000,000 won +a]


A monetary unit of the Asian union.


It was his arrogant way of showing off 3 billion won (~2.6 Million USD).


“Considering the annual salary of a Murim warrior who has reached the peak of the Super Master Level by the Murim Association’s standards, 3 billion won is higher. And with that, we also give bonuses for completing missions.”


“Huh? Director. There seems to be some misunderstanding. This person is…”


When Jo Yu-seong tried to correct him the director reached out and stopped him.


And said,


“There seems to be some misunderstanding because manager Jo has lower skills than you. Even so, at that level, this salary isn’t low.”


The director leaned back, pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, and ignited it.




“Huh. If you follow orders well and complete the missions you’re given, I can become your sponsor. Right now, I’m the director here, but once the company stabilizes, I will return to the head office.”


He was saying that rather than keeping his position here, he would return to the main office.


The Blade Six had a reputation that even a kid would know.


Exhaling the smoke, he asked.


“How is it?”


To him, it was an offer that no one would refuse.


However, Chun Yeowun’s words were unexpected.


“You seem to think that money is everything. From the start, you’ve talked about missions, but if you want to hire someone, shouldn’t you disclose what you’re doing?”




The director, who was speechless, laughed out loud.


And said,


“I see that you don’t know your place. Who do you think pulled you out of the bureau? Even if I treat you this nice, you act arrogant until the very end. Ha!”




As the director slammed his palm on the table, the marble table split in half and fell.




Jo Yu-seong sighed.


As he thought he would, his director burst out.


“Well, whether you sign the contract or not, I need to shorten your reins. You did well.”




As soon as his words finished, the director tried to grab Chun Yeowun’s throat.


It was then.






Chun Yeowun grabbed the director’s wrist.


Yun Mun-pyeong, who didn’t expect that, looked at Jo Yu-seong.


‘Was he right?’


From the start, he couldn’t sense the kid’s energy.


Even now, he couldn’t feel any energy from him.


However, noticing and blocking the attack meant that he was hiding his energy.


‘… a guy in his twenties is on par with me?’


He couldn’t believe it.


He couldn’t reach the beginning stage of the Superior Master Level until he hit his forties.


Displeased, he raised his internal energy and tried to shake off Chun Yeowun’s hand.


“Let go!”






Despite his wrist being let go, he couldn’t move.


Yun Mun-pyeong’s eyes went wide.


‘He, his internal energy is…’

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