Chapter 149: Demonic Sealing Whip (2)

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Chapter 149: Demonic Sealing Whip (2)


Mak Wei-gang tried to push out the Heart Sword with his internal energy, but it was to no avail. From the get-go, the gap between him and Chun Yeowun was simply too big.‘Kuak… a Heart Sword?’


Mak Wei-gang didn’t expect to be able to stop the Heart Sword – even if he did manage to stop it, it felt like he would die before completely stopping it. Chun Yeowun walked towards him.


“Forces of Great Heaven.”




“You guys managed to survive like little rats in hiding. Are there others who share the same baseless ideology as you?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Mak Wei-gang spoke with red eyes.


“Th…. Th… the Forces of Great Heaven… is forever! We will rebuild the… Blue Sky Brotherhood…”


“Well, I already killed all of your men that were here.”




Mak Wei-gang’s eyes trembled. He had no idea that outside the peak, all the extremists he brought in and the foundation he had built for over 50 years were no more.


“Are any of your family members out there?”


Chun Yeowun asked. He wanted to get rid of all of them for sure this time.


“Where are they?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Mak Wei-gang cried out in pain.


“Kuak… foolish man… Come on now… You think…. I’ll answer?”


Even if he died, he wasn’t going to reveal where they were. In response, Chun Yeowun smiled.






At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s hand pierced Mak Wei-gang’s chest.






A blue light spread from Chun Yeowun’s wristguard into Mak Wei-gang’s body through his chest.




His face had its life drained from it and turned white. After acquiring the ability of Ghost Entity, Chun Yeowun didn’t bother with torture anymore.


‘Two birds, one stone.’


Mak Wei-gang was a Supreme Master level warrior, and it was difficult to obtain a Ghost at such a high level.


Chun Yeowun then read the memories to find out where the rest of Mak Wei-gang’s family were.




Upon Mak Wei-gang’s death, the whip around the Golden Gumiho was freed and she tried to destroy it once more.


“Damned item! I will destroy you!”




Chun Yeowun ordered her to stop.


“Why? With your strength, there shouldn’t be any need for it.”


For her, a Yokai, this whip was a dangerous weapon. If it weren’t for the whip, she would have never been trapped there.


‘This seems familiar.’


Chun Yeowun thought that the whip looked familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before. He recognized the engraving on the handle to the work on it, and even the shape of the whip as well.




When Chun Yeowun reached out his hand, the whip on the floor was sucked into his hand. As he held its handle and grabbed the whip part, he could make out the numerous sentences engraved on it.


‘Taoist scriptures?’


The symbols that were engraved were common engravings in Taoist paraphernalia. In other words, these were the symbols that Taoists used to make talismans and other spiritual objects.


Cheowun knew that the ancestors of the Forest Lord had used this whip to seal the Golden Gumiho, so it had to be a relic from the past.




[The material of the whip is the same as that of the wrist guard of the user.]




Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes at Nano’s information and then he realized why the whip felt so familiar.


‘Is it that?’


It was from the blueprint presumed to belong to the Demon realm that Chun Yeowun obtained by killing the Demon realm’s traitor, Hagar. That was where Chun Yeowun saw the whip!


He remembered that the whip was a weapon that had transformed into a right leg shield.




Just like how his wrist guard which turned into the Sky Demon Sword, Chun Yeowun tried to infuse Sky Demon Energy into the handle of the whip.




The whip trembled strongly.


Something was blocking the Sky Demon Energy from entering. As the Taoist engraving radiated a red glow, it seemed like it was the source of the blockage.


‘That’s blocking it?’


Chun Yeowun touched the writing on the whip with two fingers. And in the parts where the engraving was done, Chun Yeowun focused the channeling of the Sky Demon Energy.




The engraving seemed to have little defense despite its ability to repulse the energy, but it soon gave in and the Sky Demon Energy found its way into the whip.




As each of the letters engraved were being overtaken and consumed, the whip began trembling. The Gumiho’s energy that was trapped within the whip for over a millenia was finally escaping from its prison.




“My strength! My strength!”


The Golden Gumiho was surprised as she watched this unfold. The Demonic Sealing Whip had sealed her for so long and kept absorbing her energy to suppress her.


Now that all the energy was escaping from the whip once the Sky Demon Energy overtook the engravings, she could feel the yokai energy that had been absorbed for nearly 1,800 years return back to her.


Chun Yeowun grabbed the handle again and infused Sky Demon Energy into it once more. Unlike before, there was some resilience, but something strange occurred…




The whip resonated and the yokai energy inside reacted to the Sky Demon Energy. Then, the yokai energy started to enter his body.




Chun Yeowun couldn’t hide his shock as a new foreign energy was entering his body –the Golden Gumiho’s yokai energy. It was an unmistakingly evil energy.




The veins on his hand began turning blue, as if the yokai energy was infecting his body.


“What are you doing?! Chun Ma! Get your hands off of the damn whip!”


Realizing that something unusual was happening, she tried to help Chun Yeowun.






However, an unknown force pushed her away. It was the yokai energy that was stored for 1,800 years that was strong enough to push her.




An energy sphere formed around Chun Yeowun, and everything within 10 meters was pushed out. Both of the elders were shocked at this.


“W-what just happened?”


“I don’t know, but…”


They knew approaching this new energy would be dangerous, and that Chun Yeowun’s condition was not looking too good.




Now his face gained a certain repulsiveness when blue veins began to form within his facial features.




Even Chun Yeowun, who was accustomed to pain, couldn’t hold back a groan. There was a problem when the yokai energy collided with the spiritual energy and the energy of the five cores that were residing within Chun Yeowun.


All the energies within him were now fighting against the yokai energy. As these opposing energies fought, Chun Yeowun’s body became a battlefield with him having to take the burden.




[Warning! Body is unstable.]


Nano was restoring the internal injuries. Normally the recovery would be done by the spiritual energy from the Spirit cores, but because they were battling the yokai energy at the moment, it was up to Nano.


‘I need them to calm down.’


Chun Yeowun sat down right away and concentrated. He had no choice but to contain this new energy within him and balance its flow.


And the perfect energy to do so was:


‘Sky Demon Energy!’


It was the only energy that could absorb all the other energies, so he tried to balance the clashing energies using the Sky Demon Energy as the center, but a strange thing happened.


The spiritual energy from the Spirit Beast cores and the yokai energy, which had been rampaging against one another just moments before, were now in perfect harmony like yin and yang. The two energies aligned and circulated smoothly in Chun Yeowun’s body as if they were always like this.




This new golden energy along with the five-colored spiritual energy arose in Chun Yeowun’s body.


Elder Gyeong, who looked at it, bit his lip.


“… what an unbelievable energy.”


It was a lot greater than the energy of the Golden Gumiho that he faced.


In fact, it wasn’t an evil or natural energy, but one of true chaos.




And Chun Yeowun was stabilizing it.




At one point, Chun Yeowun’s consciousness was fading out as if he was returning to nothingness. However, this was something he had experienced several times.


He entered the unconscious world from when he first obtained the Sky Demon Sword.


-Strange. So strange.


Someone’s voice was heard. Chun Yeowun, without a body, naturally turned his head to where the sound was coming from.


There was an old man in white robes. From just the white beard alone, Chun Yeowun could tell this man had to be either a famous swordsman or a sage.


-How did something like this fall from the sky?


The old man looked up. He was standing inside a very deep pit that was a crater of sorts.


-I thought a star had fallen. Hehe, this can’t be that.


The old man picked something up. It was the Demonic Sealing Whip.


The old man who was paying close attention to the Demonic Sealing Whip then shook his head as white mist rose from his feet and his body began to float.




Chun Yeowun looked at the floating man and realized that the location changed to a thatched house. In the house, the old man was engraving characters on it one after another, but not with ink but rather a substance resembling melted gold.




Someone appeared. Another person wearing the same robes entered the room with his back to Chun Yeowun. What was unnatural was that his eyebrows and beard were red.


-Sage Cheok Mino, you are here?


-Are you saying that these things fell all over Yunnan?


The old man in the red beard named Cheok Mino asked as he put something on the sword that was made of black iron radiating a brilliant light.


-Huh. Another one?


The old man who was engraving sighed.


-Isn’t this strange? Weapons made of this unknown material are falling from the sky. Doesn’t it seem like a bad omen?


-Right. Did you recover all of said weapons?


-Unfortunately, the other three have fallen into the hands of people.




-Should I tell you something interesting? The sword shaped thing fell into the hands of the man you spoke of before, the one who didn’t seem like a human. He noticed me even though I was 40 kilometers away. He’s truly extraordinary.


-And you backed out?


-There was nothing I could do about it cause I didn’t want to show my face.


‘Five things?’


Chun Yeowun was puzzled. According to the conversation, besides the two weapons, three more fell.


And according to the drawings in Hagar’s safe, there were a total of seven in the set.


‘What the hell are these weapons?’


There was no meteorite that fell, but rather the weapons themselves fell. Cheok Mino asked.


-So? Do you have to seal them?


-Don’t you think so? These weapons pull in the energy around them. Let it be good or bad energy. I don’t think they will bring goodness to the world.


-Then, this thing will have to be sealed and kept somewhere.


-Mount Oji?


-Wouldn’t it be too dangerous to place them together in Kunlun Mountains?


The old man agreed. It seemed like there was something else. But the vision ended there and the two people disappeared like smoke.




And Chun Yeowun’s eyes shone.


As he looked around, he could see Elder Gyeong and Elder Seong and even the Gumiho holding their breaths.


They were keeping an eye on the changes that were happening, but something was missing on his body.




Chun Yeowun then realized that his clothes were gone.




His body felt stronger than before. Looking at his energies that were now in harmony, he realized his newfound strength.


“I congratulate you on your achievement, Senior.”


Elder Seong who looked at him said it with a shocked face, knowing that Chun Yeowun knew for sure what had happened.


‘Have I undergone body reconstruction again?’


This would be his fifth time, and it wasn’t by some realization.




His body had gone through another transformation to handle the new energy. It was truly amazing.


‘Where did it go? Ah!’


He couldn’t find the whip he was holding so as he looked for it, he saw it as an iron guard on his right ankle.


Chun Yeowun, who saw it, thought it was weird.


‘Just what exactly are these weapons?’

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