Chapter 147: Great Yokai (3)

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Chapter 147: Great Yokai (3)

A very long time ago.


There were three great yokai which had existed since the beginning of Earth. The three yokai were born from the amalgamation of evil and grew stronger with wickedness and fear of living beings.


One of them was the Golden Gumiho. She appeared in the form of a human.


Compared to the other two, who focused on destruction, she was interested in the existence of humans, and she melted into the society as she enjoyed the chaos within.


She would wander into one nation, destroy it, then head to another and do the same.


In that process, she made several enemies. Outstanding swordsman, shamans, and samurais.


Everyone hated her.


However, she was different from normal monsters.


As long as she existed, she annihilated all those who challenged her without fear. But one day, the strongest enemy appeared in front of her. For the first time since her birth, she faced a crisis that could’ve killed her.


-Why… Why aren’t you killing me? I am an evil being who wants you humans to die.


[Not interested.]


Funny human. He turned her into a corpse and said he was no longer interested in her. Then why bother fighting her and turn her life this way?


-You’ll regret it. I will definitely kill you.


[If you can, do it.]


It was an opportunity for her to change, who only thought of humans as entertainment or food.


The Golden Gumiho, who recovered her power, visited the human several times and lost many times. But each time she visited him, he would never ignore her and kept dealing with her, and soon she became interested in him.


From his enemy, she turned into the protector of that person. It was so much better to hang out with him than fight him.


She wanted to be with him forever until the day he said he was leaving.


-Why? Don’t you know it is not impossible for you to live forever in this world?


She tried to say anything to make him not leave.


-Don’t go. Please… let’s live together, you and me. A world without you means nothing to me.


[Forever is…]


Despite her earnest plea, he disappeared. There were rumours about him leaving or dying, but what was certain was that he didn’t exist in her world anymore.


After ten decades, Gumiho realised that he was no longer in the world.


-I don’t need this world…


She thought that the world was meaningless without him.


Deciding to annihilate everything and return to nothingness, she reconciled to herself and killed everything she could see.


Until that man appeared and imprisoned her in Kunlun Mountains.


For many years she vowed.


If she could go out, she would kill everything!


But something surprising happened.


‘This darkness.’


Her heart was pounding. The ferocious yet darkness felt from this man was the same as the man in the past.


Although the appearance had changed, she would never forget it.


“Lord Chun Ma!!!”


The Golden Gumiho with her broken heart tried to embrace Chun Yeowun.


Unable to understand her intentions, Chun Yeowun held out his hand and a huge invisible sword blocked her like a wall.


“Chun Ma! Me! It is me!”


“What are you saying?”


“Don’t know me?”


Gumiho kept asking by pointing to herself, but Chun Yeowun couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.


But the word Chun Ma which came out of her mouth made him stay alert. Who could have thought that the name Chun Ma would come out from the yokai which was imprisoned in this place?


“Golden Gumiho. Have you ever met my ancestor?”




She, who was acting all ferocious till a second back was looking at him with her eyes wide open.


Chun Yeowun, who realised she knew nothing, said,


“I am the 2nd Chun Ma. Chun Yeowun.”


“2nd Chun Ma?”


“The person you are talking about seems to be the 1st Chun Ma, my ancestor right?”


The woman spoke as if she couldn’t understand.


“What are you saying? This energy is unmistakably Chun Ma! You are him!”


“Are you talking about Sky Demon Energy?”


“Sky Demon Energy?”


“This is the energy I received from my ancestor.”


Chun Yeowun obtained the energy from the Sky Demon Sword which was in the Demonic Cult’s library. And now the energy was united in him.


Elder Gyeong who heard that conversation frowned.


“Chun Ma?”


So was Elder Seong.


Unlike Elder Gyeong, who only cared for the Lord, he knew other stuff.


‘2nd Chun Ma? Chun Yeowun?’


He doubted his ears for a moment.


The man was the vice-chairman of Yongchun Group, and a Demonic Cult member.


What was this 2nd Chun Ma stuff now?


‘Demon God Chun Yeowun!’


There was no way someone who tries to be a great martial artist wouldn’t know that name.


The name of one of the few warriors who were called as the strongest in the history of Murim.


Elder Seong looked at Chun Yeowun with trembling eyes, who was still talking with the woman.


‘No. how can anyone other than Chun Ma withstand that energy?’


She didn’t admit it. The Sky Demon Energy from Chun Yeowun was more dangerous than her energy.




“… sigh.”


Chun Yeowun sighed.


Both men were different looking, so he couldn’t understand why this fox wouldn’t believe him.


The woman had a grasp on the energy as she too was someone who has lived for a long time.


“You think I won’t notice your energy?”


“Please stop now. It was my ancestor you had met.”


He didn’t want to deal with her anymore, but it wasn’t the same for Gumiho.


So in a cold voice, she spoke to Chun Yeowun.


“You really want to act like you don’t know me?”


“I said it was my ancestor.”


“Really, are you going to keep saying that?”




As soon as she said that, her body shone in golden light again with nine huge tails.


-If you aren’t Chun Ma, you can’t stop me!


Gumiho said.


At that moment, tremendous energy was concentrated around her and soon created a golden sphere which was shot like a beam to the sky.


Chak! Kwakwakwang!


As it was released, it erupted causing storms of wind in all the directions.


Like a laser canon.


Chun Yeowun grabbed the sword, and once again, the invisible sword with the five qi was formed.




Chun Yeowun swung his sword towards the beam.


The beam of light which was flying to destroy everything was split in half and hit the peak of Heavenly Mountain Peak.




As a part of the peak was damaged, it shook.


Elder Gyeong, who watched that, was at a loss for words.


The attack of that woman and the man who managed to cut it.


‘I made a mistake.’


Chun Yeowun frowned as he looked at the swaying peak. In that peak were Ark Young, Hu Bong and the Lord.


At that moment, huge tails came from both sides of Chun Yeowun as if clapping with both hands.




Chun Yeowun held the sword with his left hand. Then, another huge sword was born with an amalgamation of five qi.




Chun Yeowun blocked both the tails with two swords of five qi. There was a tremendous amount of pressure from the fox.




The pressure was so strong that this peak, which had its top blown off, was still shaking.






“W-what the hell!”


Both Elders were pushed to the ground. Despite trying to resist it, they couldn’t do much in front of the monstrous energy.


‘A confrontation between a yokai and a Heavenly Master? Both which were thought to be legends?’


A battle of transcendental beings. They could see the damage these two beings could do.




The Golden Gumiho opened its mouth as it caught Chun Yeowun between its two tails.


An energy sphere was being made ready to fire at him.


“It is dangerous!”


Elder Gyeong shouted.


Having pulled out two swords made of 5 qi meant that he was doing his best, which meant Chun Yeowun could no longer do anything.






A beam of light pierced through the air.


At that, Chun Yeowun held out the hand which was holding the sword.




The space in front of Chun Yeowun immediately twisted like a whirlwind.


And a huge black hole was created into which that beam was sucked.






The fox’s eyes fluttered. The Chun Ma she knew was only able to block things with the one sword he had, she never knew that her attack could be stopped this way.


‘Then how about this?’


The fox jumped.


Thud! Kwang!






As she jumped, the peak shook and the Elders moved away to avoid being hit by the rocks which bounced up at the fox’s movements.




Thousands of golden hairs on the fox stood up and moved for Chun Yeowun.




A single hair couldn’t be blocked by the Elders, but now, a thousand of them were coming for one man.


“I-is that the Golden Gumiho?”


As the fight was too destructive, Ark Young, who came out of the residence, asked.


He saw Chun Yeowun in the air, and numerous golden thorns-like things going for him.


‘That is?’


He wondered if his teacher could stop it, but Chun Yeowun moved his invisible sword of five qi into the air.




At that moment, the sword which was mid air and flying slowly, crumpled and vanished.


At that, Chun Yeowun smiled,


‘It is the first time I am using it since I looked into the universe.’




Something unbelievable happened.


In the twisted space, a tremendous amount of energy came out and formed into a tornado, which swept away the golden needles aiming for Chun Yeowun.


‘Is this the power of a Heavenly Master?’


Elder Gyeong was at a loss for words. He learned of the power a warrior in Heavenly Master level has, but this was too much.


‘Is this Chun Ma?’


Even the fox frowned. The power this man was using was nothing like the power her Chun Ma used.


Chun Ma used demonic power, but this man, the power he was using was difficult to understand despite knowing it was close to chaos.


Chun Yeowun spoke to the Golden Gumiho.


“If you dealt with ancestor, you would understand this too”


He raised a sword. And the sword was dyed with black.




A weird energy. A force which could cut through anything.


‘Supreme Sky Demon Sword?’


The fox’s eyes trembled. That sword, an absolute secret weapon which could cut down anything in the world, a sword technique that Chun Ma made before he disappeared.


She had seen the power with her own eyes.




Chun Yeowun drew a vertical line towards her.


The black line split the air.


‘I need to avoid it!’




In that brief moment, the Golden Gumiho turned to the side by emitting out golden light. The size of her body shrunk. However, she couldn’t completely avoid the speed at which the black line cut the air.


Two of her tails were cut.






A shriek from her mouth.


Two tails, which had never been cut since the immemorial times, were cut.


The pain was indescribable.




She turned into her human form. But unlike before, she was looking young and short too.


From a mid-20s woman, she now looked like an 18-year-old girl.


‘Yokai energy….’


Her two tails were cut off. Her yokai energy in her nine tails was reduced and the core, called fox orb, had lost its energy too.




The touch of something sharp pressing her. Chun Yeowun’s invisible sword was on her neck.




Actually, Chun Yeowun was planning on killing the fox. But since he found out that she had a relationship with his ancestor, he was hesitating if he should or not.


Ignoring the sword, the woman asked.


“Really not Chun Ma?”


Both eyes were trembling. Chun Yeowun sighed.


“… I am Chun Ma, but it is a title I inherited from my ancestor.”


When she heard Chun Yeowun’s words, her eyes reddened. And his voice, the man she liked, his voice rang in her head.


[I won’t disappear. The one who will succeed me will become another Chun Ma. I don’t know when that will be though.]


[That means they are just your descendants.]


He smiled at her words and said,


[This is how humans live forever,]


The strong nostalgia. A single tear fell down the pure white cheek of the 18-year-old Golden Gumiho.


With a red face, she said to Chun Yeowun.


“No. You are undoubtedly Chun Ma.”


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