Chapter 146: Great Yokai (2)

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Chapter 146: Great Yokai (2)

The moment the stone door closed, the great ordeal came for Elder Gyeong and Elder Seong.




Each time the golden tail swung, it shattered everything. And the two Elders constantly worked hard to just avoid it.


It was the golden-haired Gumiho sitting on the pedestal and biting down the heart of Elder Hyang.




It was a terrifying sight to see, but the Gumiho savored the heart with a noble face.


“So good.”


The corners of her mouth rose with satisfaction. The heart of Elder Hyang, who was very strong, had a greater effect on restoring her body.


“So nice.”


The golden-haired Gumiho ate the heart slowly and stood up. The black whip, which was still clasping around the naked woman’s lower body, shone with a red light.


“How long can this hold me? Huh!”


She tapped the whip with her finger and the red letters engraved on it disappeared.




As the red letters lost their light, a smile fell on her face.


As if relieved, she stood up.


“Release the whip.”


Mak Wei-gang, who was standing in a dazed manner to the side, pulled the handle, and the whip opened up from the lower body as it was now the length of a normal whip.






The golden-haired Gumiho’s face was dyed with emotions. After being imprisoned for so many years, when she was finally released, she felt like she had the whole world.


She smiled broadly.




She smiled until she stopped and looked at the whip in Mak Wei-gang’s hands.


‘Abominable thing!’


If it wasn’t for the whip, the divine thing, she wouldn’t have been imprisoned here.


When she reached out her hand, Mak Wei-gang politely handed the whip to her.


Gumiho took its handle with her right hand and the tip in her left.


‘Let’s break this.’


She pulled on the whip with both her hands. A whip which was pulled so much that it felt like it would break.


But the whip was still fine.




Gumiho’s eyebrows rose up at it. Although she had her powers suppressed for long, she was still the great yokai.


‘Because it is a divine thing? Then let’s break it with my own body.’


There was a limit to the power she could draw from her human form. Now that she was freed, she can return to her original form and destroy that divine artifact.


It was the moment she was about to turn into her original body.


‘You monster! Take my sword!’




Avoiding the tail, Elder Gyeong raised two invisible swords to block and tried to stab her in the back with another.


“You are pretty good. It must have been quite a while. Someone who can block my tail.”






Elder Gyeong hurriedly tried to move but the tail was faster, it appeared from behind and tried to strike him.


A little late, he would have taken serious damage.






Another tail struck him from above. Two more tails slammed into his body at the same time.




Elder Gyeong’s body slammed to the ground. A pit of 5 meters was formed.




Even though he was protecting his body with internal energy, his insides were shaken.


He wanted to stand up and move, but his legs gave out.


As he trembled, he heard the voice of the Gumiho.


“A human heart with that strength must be delicious.”


She clicked her tongue.


“Should I eat you?”


Within the pit where Elder Gyeong was slammed into.


He lifted his head and looked at the woman who smiled with her tails moving around her.




A clear sound of whirring, and a huge tail coming down to cut him up.


“Elder Gyeong move!”


Elder Seong called out, but it was too late.




All the martial arts he learned were of no use in front of this monster. Truly a great yokai. It was then.


Slash! Pang!




The scream of the woman.


Elder Gyeong opened his eyes to see her tail curled to the side. It was shocking that the tail wasn’t cut, and he heard.


“I tried cutting it, quite hard.”




It was Chun Yeowun, and he had a huge invisible sword in his hand.




As if angry, Gumiho groaned.


She began to emit evil energy which was filling the entire cave.


‘What kind of energy!’


Elder Seong, who was trying to avoid the tail, turned pale. He, who was a Superior Master, never thought he’d feel fear from this evil energy.


“I’ll kill you. Human!”


Three tails went for Chun Yeowun at the same time.




All rushing for Chun Yeowun, each hair on the tail was like a needle.


Chun Yeowun raised the sword.






Twelve invisible swords about 10 meters tall arose in an X shape and crushed the tails.


‘Oh god!’


Elder Gyeong was shocked at it.


The invisible sword was literally a sword with amazing energy. It would take great energy to grow the size of a sword, but he couldn’t imagine a person freely making not one, but twelve!


‘This human… is strong.’


Gumiho’s expression changed.


She looked down on Chun Yeowun because she couldn’t feel anything from him.


She could never be afraid of a powerless man.


But this man was different.


“I’ll deal with you in my true body! Human!”




Her body was dyed in a dazzling gold color. The already explosive energy around her rose again.




“Give me a break.”


Chun Yeowun stretched out the sword towards the woman.


Flame and Ice Qi surged from the invisible swords.


A red and pure white beam of light went for her.


Cha! Cha!


It was a unification of attributes.




However, it was blocked by the golden energy. Even the unification of energies didn’t pass through her barrier.


‘This was stopped?’


What worked against an S-class Alpha entity didn’t work on this fox.


‘This is a great yokai which has existed since ancient times.’


Chun Yeowun heard about this from Ark Young.


Reading the ancient records in his time, Chun Yeowun knew about the Spirit Beasts and the Yokai.


The Spirits Beasts are constantly reborn because they come from the energy of nature and then they ascend to heaven.


On the other hand, these 3 yokai are born from evil feelings and have been a single being since the beginning.


These catastrophes never died and only grew stronger.


‘This is interesting.’


Chun Yeowun smiled.


Ever since he fell into the future, he couldn’t even remember a time where he had a good fight.


He couldn’t even use half of his power ever since he came here, but with this Golden Gumiho, it seemed like he could go all out.




The woman was now into her fox form.


A giant fox of nearly 20 meters and majestic enough to be called a monster.


It was so huge that it filled the entire cave.


“H-How did something like this exist in…”


Elder Seong was terrified.


The energy from the fox made him feel helpless. Even in a human form, the monster looked horrible, but in its true form, it instilled fear in everyone.


Elder Gyeong mumbled with a pale face.


“The Demon that the skies fear has been awakened like this.”


The prophecy the Lord said had come true. But what could they, mere humans, do to stop this terrifying being?


They were in utter disbelief.






There was dark and ferocious energy creeping in from somewhere. It was completely different from the evil energy of the Gumiho.


It was closer to the abyss.


“Demonic energy?”


Elder Gyeong looked at Chun Yeowun in shock. A black haze was rising from his body. The eyes of the Gumiho were looking at him strangely.


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand and said,


“This place is too small for a fight.”




At that moment, a sword with five lights appeared in the air. It was no ordinary invisible sword.


‘What is that?’


Five colors.


Several different energies at the same time.


A single sword which had the energy of all five qi at the same time.


What made it possible was the Sky Demon Energy which united it.




Chun Yeowun pierced the ceiling. And something amazing happened.




The entire peak shook. Due to the strong vibrations which spread around, both the Elders lost their balance and held onto the walls.




Eventually the vibration stopped and shocked them again.


The cavity, which was dark, was lit up with sunlight now.


Elder Seong mumbled at that absurd thing he witnessed.


“Oh God… the peak is gone.”


The peak had completely disappeared. It was shocking to see the force which seemed like it could even pierce the heavens above.


‘H-he can stop it!’


Elder Seong’s face brightened with hope.


He thought it was the end, but then realized that if it was Chun Yeowun, then that fox could be dealt with.




Chun Yeowun floated up and spoke to Gumiho.


“Let’s do it right now.”


The place was too cramped for a proper fight. But something more unexpected happened.






Suddenly, the Golden Gumiho’s huge body was dyed in golden light once again and the body shrank as it returned to human form.


No one could understand why she was doing it, and her human form had golden tears in her eyes.


‘What is this?’


Chun Yeowun frowned at her and asked.


“What are you doing?”


She burst into tears and flew towards Chun Yeowun while wailing.


“Lord Chun Ma!!”





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