Chapter 141: Eun Jarim (1)

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Chapter 141: Eun Jarim (1)


The voice of Ark Young was filled with anger.


Bewildered, Elder Wang shook his head.


“I-it had to be done. Even Ark Young knows better than this, right?”


Normally, Ark Young would have been swayed, but he was already betrayed today.


If he hadn’t seen the video of Mr. Cho, he would have blindly believed everything.




Ark Young felt confused. It felt like all the people he trusted were betraying him one after another.


Mr. Cho, who he thought was hiding in the mountains, was associated with an unknown organization and was a murderer. It was hard to believe.


“Would the Elders spill out the truth to him in the fear of death?”


Elder Wang tried to appease Ark Young as he looked at Chun Yeowun and said,


“Your words… aren’t entirely believable.”


At that, Chun Yeowun smiled.


“There is a place where the four of you were hiding, Kunlun Mountains.”


“H-How did you know?”


Both the men were surprised at it.


‘They really said that?’


Information which couldn’t be known. Of course, Chun Yeowun got this by looking through the Ghost memories.


Either way, it was a decisive blow.


Elder Wang, who was convinced the cover was blown, decided to plead.


“I-I was going to let you go. I’ve known you for nearly a hundred years now, can’t you believe me?”


Ark Young’s eyes were filled with disappointment. Human hearts are truly deceitful.


Even though he believed in Ark Young for years, after knowing that he was involved in killing someone, he turned cold.


‘How could this be…’


Nothing more could be said. He simply turned away his head.


“Ark Young!”


Ark Young could have resented the man, but he didn’t. It was said that it was the last courtesy with the man he thought he was friends with.


Enraged, Elder Wang yelled at Chun Yeowun.


“You bastard! Trying to divide us…”






Chun Yeowun grabbed his mouth. Elder Wang couldn’t even resist it.


Chun Yeowun opened his mouth,


“I already know everything I wanted to know, which means there is no need to keep you alive.”


“Ump! Ump!”


Chun Yeowun already had all the necessary information from the other three elders. What was strange was that they believed in prophecies.


A demon, which the sky is afraid of, causes great bloodshed, and was regarded as Chun Ma.


And keeping it alive would cause troubles.




Ark Young called out.




“Please spare him. Don’t commit any pointless murders for what happened because of misunderstandings.”


It seemed like Ark Young couldn’t see this man die.


At that, Chun Yeowun shook his head.


“Do you think the orders were to kill you?”




“I have been told that they were ordered to dispose of everyone who was related to the Heavenly Killing Star in any place. Is there any reason to keep such a person alive?”


At those words, Ark Young looked at Elder Wang. The old man didn’t dare to look at Ark Young.


This old man was the one who said nothing should be hidden between them.


‘Since when did things change?’


Even just a few decades ago, it didn’t seem like this. At that time, people who turned their backs on the world had strong characters and learned martial arts. An organization that showed extreme movement under the guise of justice.


‘Was the cause Elder Mak Wei-gang?’


Elder Mak Wei-gang.


50 years ago, he made a name for himself in Murim and returned.


Although he belonged to the younger generation compared to the Elders, he quickly gained the Elder title. However, he was different from the others. Probably an ideological problem.


Ark Young spoke to Elder Wang in anger.


“Are you trying to make Blue Sky again?”


“Blue Sky?”


Hu Bong frowned upon hearing that.


“My Lord! They seem to be the remnants of that association!”


At that, Chun Yeowun stroked his chin.


“A little mixed.’




“It seems like the remnants of the Blue Sky Brotherhood are mixed with Eun Jarim.”


“Eun Jarim!”


Eun Jarim.


Like the name says, it was a hidden organization.


The ‘rim’ was used for the Murim or martial arts warriors, which means hidden group of martial arts warriors.


An organization which existed at Chun Yeowun’s time. Normally, it was a secret group made to prevent the Blade God from trying to control the Murim.


However, after the death of Blade God, they became nothing but a group of hiding people.




A sigh escaped from Ark Young’s mouth.


Of course, he knew that this man could figure out the organization but it was still shocking.


‘To be mixed with it.’


Unlike Eun Jarim, the Blue Sky was made up of extremists. It was a faction focused on creating Blue Sky.


Made up of extremists who wanted to create a world of justice and they wouldn’t hesitate to massacre.


“At that time, a man named Hoe-jue died in the hands of the Lord, didn’t he?”


Blue Sky’s Mak Wei-gang. An extremist.


It was Chun Yeowun who took care of him. Perhaps, if so, there was a chance that his bloodline had continued till now.


‘Mak Wei-gang was it?’


Reading Ko Ju-ryeong’s memories, he came to know about Mak Wei-gang’s relatives. Probably the descendant.


Hu Bong shook his head.


“Terrible people are born.”


Even at that time, those Blue Sky people always bothered Chun Yeowun with trickery.


They were really clever.


From Heavenly Killing Star to the MS Group, and now the traces of Blue Sky.


“What an impure thing.”






Chun Yeowun clenched his hand around Elder Wang’s mouth and ripped out his chin.






Elder Wang, whose chin was torn off, collapsed with a scream.


Wriggling, he died in shock after suffering. Seeing that, Ark Young turned away his head.


As a Murim warrior, he didn’t avoid killing, but it wasn’t easy to watch the death of a man he considered his friend.


‘Elder Wang…’


Ark Young clenched his fist and spoke to Chun Yeowun.


“Kill me.”


He was the one who asked for death. There was no reason for him to live anymore. After all, he had lived enough and had no attachment left to life.


His eyes were calm.


Chun Yeowun looked at him and said,


“You are similar.”


“… what do you mean?”


“East God Ark Wui.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, he frowned.


He wondered when they fought, but this man kept talking about his ancestor. Thinking about it, this man even knew how to use their family technique.


‘Someone related to our Ark family?’


As he was puzzled, Chun Yeowun said,


“He was a true warrior.”


“… what are you saying?”


It was strange, the way he spoke meant he met with Ark Wui.


At that time, Chun Yeowun took the pose of Fist of Unification. At that, Ark Young’s eyes fluttered.




It was similar to their clan’s, yet there was a difference in the length and stride.


And Chun Yeowun unfolded it.




Every time Chun Yeowun pushed his arm ahead, a strong wind pressure rose.




When he drew his hand around, the wind rotated creating dust.


Each move was their family’s. At that, Ark Young’s eyes had gone wide.


“No way…”


If the Ark family’s technique was complete, was this how it would be like?


It was a fist. A technique that has no gaps.


Perfect execution.


Chun Yeowun exhaled.




“What the hell… what did you do?”


“Void Fist Martial Arts.”


“Voice Fist?”


“It was the technique which was completed with the dedication of Ark Wui.”




Ark Young was speechless at it. He heard of this technique.


‘How… how can he…’


A technique made by the cultivation of the Ark family as fist martial arts.


However, the technique disappeared and no descendant knew about it. The ancestors made every effort to relearn it, but it was never completed.


However, seeing Chun Yeowun do it, he was shocked.


“… how did you learn that?”


“I don’t know… to meet the descendant of Ark Wui like this.”


“I don’t know what you are talking about…”


“My debt to him.”


If it was not for Ark Wui, Chun Yeowun might not have reached Heavenly Master level. He was the one who taught Chun Yeowun how to cross the wall.






A strong wind pierced through Ark Young. It was the basic form.


“I will pay that debt now.”




“I’m going to hand over the Void Fist.”


As soon as he heard those words, Ark Young felt goosebumps rise over his body. The legendary technique was lost within the family.


Who would have thought that their own family’s technique was being passed to him by another?


“Who… are you?”


At that, Chun Yeowun smiled.


“Chun Ma of the Great Sky Demon Order.”


“Chun Ma!”


At those words, he was even more shocked.


“And I share a small relationship with East God, Ark Wui.”


It was also a deep friendship shared on the battlefield of life and death.


Places where the snow-capped mountains were a sight to see. Kunlun Mountain in the west of Qinghai Province.


The whole mountain range was covered with snow.


According to the legend, it was said to be the origin of the Yellow River.


The mountain had a height of 7,167 meters.


The Kunlun Mountains were the highest in the world except for the Himalayas. Also called Mount Song, and many legends existed about it.


Some say it was the place where a Palace existed and some mentioned there was a place where once every three thousand years a ceremony is held.


It was a sacred place for many.




Three men were running fast in that place filled with snow. It was Chun Yeowun, Hu Bong and Ark Young.


They protected their bodies with energy to avoid freezing to death.




“Ark Young. How long do we have to go up the mountains?”


Ark Young, who was leading them, answered Hu Bong’s question.




The place where they were heading to was the Snow Line which was the holy land of the Eun Jarim.


“I can feel energy close by.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Ark Young was shocked. The snow line was protected by a large force of energy which meant that anything inside it couldn’t be felt by the outside people. Yet, Chun Yeowun could.


“As expected from teacher!”


Ark Young spoke in admiration. It was really fun.


In just three days, they had become close.


When he learned that Chun Yeowun was the Chun Ma from a thousand years in the past and had met with his ancestor, Ark Wui, Chun Yeowun said he was open to take Ark Young as his disciple, so he felt great.


Despite his real age, Ark Young decided to call Chun Yeowun as ‘teacher’. And Chun Yeowun let him do what he wanted.


“It is here.”


Eventually, they arrived at the entrance of the Snow Line which Ark Young spoke of. Hu Bong frowned.


“Huh? What is here?”


In front of them was a distant cliff.


In reality, it was an Ever Changing place, which made it impossible for one to understand it with the naked eye. Ark Young stood and pointed to the cliff.


“The Ever Changing place in front of the Snow Line blocks entry each time, so if it isn’t entered the right way, we will end up falling into a maze. So follow me.”


Saying that, Ark Young took a step ahead. And his feet sank.




Ark Young pulled back his feet right away and seeing that, Hu Bong said.


“And someone asked us to follow him.”


Ark Young felt embarrassed.


“… it seems like the path changed.”


Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened. It was said that the person who built the Ever Changing formation was famous. So it was known that this couldn’t be broken, which was why Ark Young was at a little loss of ideas.


Chun Yeowun interfered.


“Stand back.”




When Ark Young stepped aside, Chun Yeowun stepped ahead. As they wondered what he would do, Chun Yeowun drew out a sword.






A sharp energy with eerie feelings and a black line which appeared in the air over the cliff.

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