Chapter 140: Oddities (4)

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Chapter 140: Oddities (4)


“Ch-Chun Ma!”




Go Ju-ryeong and Yang Hon-cheong were shocked at the same time. They were the older generation of Murim who knew better than anyone else what Chun Ma meant.


Wasn’t it a title that meant that this man was the most powerful force in the Demonic Cult?


‘No way… there is a 3rd generation Chun Ma in the current Demonic Cult?’


Go Ju-ryeong looked at Chun Yeowun with trembling eyes. The elders who fought with him had suffered so much. It was their first time seeing such a monster.




Go Ju-ryeong suddenly remembered a conversation he had with his lord.


[Leader! Why aren’t we going out? With the Gate and all, the world is in a mess. Although we have turned our backs on the world, shouldn’t we do something in such situations?]


[Elder. A real disaster will come soon.]


[Real disaster?]


[That is more dangerous compared to any other.]


[Are you saying that we should continue to stock up our strength for that? What could that disaster be?]


[The prophecy mentioned is coming to an end soon.]




[Soon that calamity will appear. A demon that even the sky will fear. We need to prepare for him.]


[Demon… sky?]


[The world has enough power to deal with the current crisis. Don’t worry. The world isn’t as weak as you think.]


Contrary to his concerns, as the Leader of Green Forest, the world regained power and even Murims attained a name for themselves. Although the root cause hadn’t been solved, mankind adapted to it.


‘Fall from heaven… demon… Chun Ma. That was it. The disaster that the leader mentioned.’


He was convinced that this disaster the leader spoke about was Chun Ma.


Go Ju-ryeong’s eyes turned sharp. When they were here to catch the Heavenly Killing Star, this man appeared.


[Kill the Heavenly Killing Star. And erase anything related to it.]


The order given by the Elder. It was an order to kill the Heavenly Killing Star.


‘The mission has already failed. I’d rather run away somehow and let the leader know that Chun Ma has appeared. If Chun Ma joins hands with the Heavenly Killing Star, a greater disaster would come.’


It would turn out to be worse than the worst situation they feared. So Go Ju-ryeong sent a message to Yang Hon-cheong.


[Elder Yang. I’ll stop him. Take the surviving warriors and go back to inform our leader!]


[Elder Go! What are you…]


[He has to be the Chun Ma mentioned in the prophecy.]


At that, Yang Hon-cheong’s expression went stiff. He had forgotten about it as it happened 27 years back, but he remembered the conversation.




And Go Ju-ryeong was right. This man had an amount of power they couldn’t handle.


Moreover, seeing that he had the power to control Ghosts, it was even more of a disaster.


[Wait! Then you alone cannot hold him back.]


Yang Hon-cheong tried to help.


[You know my ability.]


Go Ju-ryeong pointed his finger at one of his closed eyes. Which made Yang Hon-cheong bite his lip. Elder Go was trying to show how determined he was to stop the man.


[I… I must tell you. I will wait for you, Elder Go. I want you to say it with your own mouth, that you stopped the prophecy.]


With a nervous face, Go Ju-ryeong smiled.








Even before the conversation was done, Chun Yeowun appeared in front of Go Ju-ryeong.


“Quite an interesting story you were telling. sky fearing something?”




Go Ju-ryeong’s eyes fluttered.


It was supposed to be an energy tone, but was the conversation heard?


‘Who is this person?’


“Can you tell me what it means?”




Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand making Go Ju-ryeong move back.






Chun Yeowun frowned. He knew this man was stronger than the one he faced before, but he didn’t think he could avoid Chun Yeowun’s movements.


However, as soon as he tried to catch the man, he managed to avoid it.


Go Ju-ryeong, who moved back, yelled.


“Everyone out! Hurry up, Elder Yang!”


Yang Hon-cheong, who was bewildered at the situation, soon took out a stick from his sleeve and lifted it to the sky.


And when pressed, a firework went off in the sky.




A signal to withdraw.


“Elder Yang, take care! Haah!”


Yang Hon-cheong pulled out the sword he was wearing on the waist and hurled it at Chun Yeowun. It was to stop him from moving.




At the same time, Yang Hon-cheong moved away.




Chun Yeowun cut down the sword with sword energy, and the split sword flew to the side, cutting down trees until it fell.


“You are doing something useless. No one can run away.”


Chun Yeowun was about to extend his sword at Yang Hon-cheong, but at that moment, Go Ju-ryeong’s sword aimed for his forehead.




Interference in perfect timing. Chun Yeowun tried to cut down this new sword. At that time, Go Ju-ryeong suddenly changed the sword’s path from head to thigh.


‘This one?’


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes. He clearly saw it.


Right before he moved his sword, the old man unfolded the sword as if he knew what Chun Yeowun was doing.




Without blocking the sword flying to the thigh, Chun Yeowun tried to aim for the throat of Go Ju-ryeong who could come close.


With that, he moved his sword.




At that, Go Ju-ryeong quickly spread light footwork and flew back.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes shone.


‘Indeed, he knows the future.’


He knew of the future before Chun Yeowun moved. He looked to see that the closed eye of the old man was open. A white light gleaming inside the pupil.


‘It works. Even against a monster.’


Go Ju-ryeong smiled.


Contrary to what he feared, he realized that his ability was working properly. It was harnessed 7 years ago.


He woke up suffering from fever for three days and nights and after having pure core elixir, the ability came into existence.


“The ability to know the future 3 seconds ahead.”


It might not seem like a huge deal, but it could be said to be the strongest ability against such monsters. Life and death was something that could happen with a single swipe of a sword.


To him, this ability was the same as knowing the future 30 minutes ahead.


‘I might even be able to kill him.’


With his ability, he could find out the gap in the monster’s movement and avoid being hit too, which meant he had a chance to end the bloody prophecy with his two hands.


Suddenly, he was dyed with confidence.


Chun Yeowun said,


“I don’t know what you did, but you seem to be pre-reading my actions.”


Go Ju-ryeong was shocked. This man guessed his ability roughly in just a few seconds. If the ability was figured out then how to deal with it could be figured out too.


“It is of no use…”


At that moment, Go Ju-ryeong’s eyes shone as he looked into the future.


He could see in his mind what would happen in 3 seconds to help him respond.




Suddenly his heart was grabbed and he fell. He didn’t even know what the attack was.


‘How is that possible?’


He had no idea on how to avoid the attack. In that brief moment, it felt like his head was going to explode. Unable to hold back the restlessness which grew in him, he moved to the air.




At that moment, something pierced his heart.






Go Ju-ryeong, who was soaring in great pain, fell to the ground.


And he held his chest as he fell to the ground, just like how he had seen in the vision.


“Heart Sword?”


“Ohoho. I guess you weren’t stupid.”


Heart Sword was embedded in the heart. The Heart Sword, the Sword of the Will couldn’t be avoided even if he knew the future.


Unless he had the ability to run a few hundred meters in an instant.


Go Ju-ryeong shook his head.


“Kua… H-heavenly Master level?”


The legendary sword which can only be used by them. When he found that the level of the monster was something that people dreamed of, he was terrified.


‘H-How can this be stopped?’


Just a moment ago, he thought he could kill Chun Yeowun, a false illusion. The monster in front of him wasn’t something he could even have a chance of standing up to.




It was a situation where he should feel glad for stopping the monster for a second. All the Elders and warriors must have fled by now.


A white light shone in his eyes and he saw something again.


“W-what is this…”


The future.




Chun Yeowun flew into the air.


As he floated up to a high place, he held out his hand and numerous Ice Swords appeared in the air.


It was astonishing to see the number of Ice Swords.


‘No way!’


It was a sight that was more shocking than the sword lodged in his heart. Each of the Ice Swords was brilliant. And he wasn’t the only one seeing it.


‘W-what is that?’


Yang Hon-cheong, who had been working hard to escape, turned his head at the energy he felt from behind.


Only to be terrified.


‘I… is this?’


He lost his senses. No matter how good the internal energy was, no warrior could handle so many swords.


Of course, a human couldn’t, but Chun Yeowun was different.


He had Nano. The best partner.


Beep beep beep beep!


Chun Yeowun’s eyes had augmented reality open within it, numerous X signs locked.


[Target Lock On. Activate the panel system.]


With Nano’s voice confirming, the Ice swords moved out at their respective targets.




Sky Flash.


Chun Yeowun’s absolute secret technique hit the fleeing warriors.


An empty thatched house.


There were people who were unable to move because of the internal energy. It was a descendant of Ark Wui, Ark Young and Elder Wang.


Unlike Ark Young, who was confused, Elder Wang was hoping to resolve this situation quickly.


‘Control Ghosts… but that ability of Elders isn’t that bad either.’


The Elders were confident enough to enter the Murim world and never lose face because of their ability.


They considered themselves to be on the same level as the Five Great Warriors.


‘Ark Young… I am sorry.’


He felt bad for the man. He trusted only to get backstabbed. Still, he tried to defend Elder Wang.


Elder Mak had asked Elder Wang to deal with Ark Young too.


‘He isn’t a danger like the Heavenly Killing Star. Ark Young.’


All the Elder Wang could hear was the screams and roars from the fight outside. At some point, everything went silent. It seemed like everything ended.


Yet, 30 minutes passed without any news.


‘Why is it this quiet?’




At that moment, he heard the sound of something walking.


‘They must be here!’


Someone appeared in the bushes, Elder Wang looked to see who it was.




Those who appeared weren’t the Elders but Chun Yeowun and Hu Bong.


And in Hu Bong’s hand were three hanging people.




They were Elder Yang, Elder Ko and Elder Ho. All died in a painful manner. What was unusual was that their faces were discolored.


‘All were hurt?’


Ark Young bit his lip. He couldn’t believe that such Elders were taken down.






Hu Bong dropped the bodies down in front of the two men. Elder Wang’s eyes turned red in anger.


“Release them.”


“Yes. Lord.”


At Chun Yeowun’s command, Hu Bong released the sealed blood points.


“You! “


Elder Wang tried to vent his anger at the death of his colleagues, whom he had known for a long time, but Chun Yeowun spoke ahead of him.


“How were these people even trying to kill the Heavenly Killing Star with their skills? Descendant of East God.”




Elder Wang went stiff at those words. He didn’t think they would tell Chun Yeowun about his plan.


‘Did the Elders tell him?’


They died and even gave information to the enemy. But that wasn’t the problem.


In a trembling voice, Ark Young asked,


“… Elder Wang. Is that… the truth…?”


Chun Yeowun, who watched that, had a subtle smile.

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