Chapter 14 Scout Offer (3)

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Chapter 14 Scout Offer (3)


‘And he noticed that?’


Jo Yu-seong couldn’t hide his shock.


Of course, he couldn’t focus on what was happening around him, thanks to his severed wrist.


However, the fact that Chun Yeowun, who was always looking ahead, managed to notice that meant that he was very attentive.


‘Is a Superior Master this great?’


Among Murim people who are strong, only a handful of people managed to reach the Superior realm.


To reach that level, one would have to pass many levels.


Jo Yu-seong has constantly been learning martial arts since his childhood, but he was only able to reach the Super Master Level in his mid-twenties.


People around him said that it was a great achievement, but this young man in a historical costume made him feel like nothing.


‘He only looks 20 years old…’


Chun Yeowun looked to be only in his early twenties.


The world is so unfair.


It was hard to reach the Super Master Level in the mid-thirties, even while working for a company.


‘Because everyone has a role to play.’


Before going insane, he decided to organize these thoughts.


Right now, if he learned the real level of Chun Yeowun, he might die of shock.


‘So the Public Security is keeping an eye on us?’


The director had come and even signed and stamped the request, which was pretty unexpected.


He thought it was because of the accident which happened inside the bureau.




Jo Yu-seong glanced at Chun Yeowun, who had his eyes closed.


He didn’t think that Chun Yeowun had anything to do with the Fire Head gang of the Forces of Evil escaping.


It was because they were people who made a living selling drugs.


‘There was pressure from above, but they ignored it.’


The director of Public Security, Jo Yu-seong, ended up thinking too lightly of him.


The Public Security Bureau was an institution under the State Council.


‘We’ll have to cut the string before it gets more tangled.’


While Jo Yu-seong was deep in thought, Chun Yeowun still had his eyes closed.


On the surface, it looked like he was meditating.


But his eyelids trembled faintly.


[The material has been organized into the brain, it is 100% complete.]


Nano’s voice echoed in his head.


Once they were out of the Public Security Bureau, he was able to connect to the WiFi.


From the moment they left the Bureau, Chun Yeowun had Nano organize all the information about the present era.


It was missing some things, but the basics were all there.


And after that, Nano completed the task of distinguishing the knowledge of the present and future, which was built-in, and transferred it to Chun Yeowun.


‘I have a headache.’


[Because of the large amount of information that has been transferred at once.]


Since the development of the Internet, this era is called the information age, so the amount of information present was enormous.


It was so vast that it couldn’t be compared with the number of techniques and books transferred to his brain in his era.


It was natural to have a headache.


‘My head is all messed up.’


The transfer was successfully completed, but he got dizzy when a lot of information was placed into his brain.


Even for him, who reached the Heavenly Master Level, it was too much to handle.


‘Hmm, complex social structure.’


That was the opinion of Chun Yeowun, who had all the information transferred into his brain.


This era was more complex than his time.


It was more restrictive in a way.


‘This society has great resistance to murder or injury.’


Chun Yeowun, who lived in savagery, couldn’t understand it.


This era was a world where there were too many restrictions caused by laws, social notions, and morals.


‘Was the non-aggression treaty broken down into this structure?’


Looking at the transferred information, the Murim warriors also seemed to live their lives by following the laws and the ideal social structure.


The main reason behind that was the fact that Murim warriors were affiliated with the government.


‘The registration of Murim…’


Such a cumbersome system.


All Murim warriors had to register with the Murim Department within the government’s State Council.


Only then, with a few restrictions, were they allowed to carry a weapon.


‘… it doesn’t matter.’


The Murim Department seemed like it graded Murim warriors.


In the past, the Murim people decided on the Five Strongest Warriors, and each clan in the Nine Great Clans had to earn the title.


But now, the government which was controlling the Murim would give the grading.


Interestingly, from a certain point on, the Murim warriors seemed to be obsessed with that too.


‘Aren’t they just being distracted? Is that why?’


Perhaps the root cause of it was something called the First Dimension Gate.


A natural disaster of unknown origin which suddenly occurred 28 years ago.


Humanity was threatened as unknown dangerous entities jumped out of the gates, which opened suddenly.


At that time, the Murim warriors appeared.


The Murim, which was considered to be the dark side of society, was revealed through that opportunity, and now everyone was aware of it.


‘The press, phones with cameras, internet… there are problems.’


From the moment they were exposed to the public, the existence of Murim was no longer a legend.


In addition, the Murim warriors couldn’t disappear in the current state of the world, with Gates being opened in succession, starting with the First Dimension Gate.


Chun Yeowun, who was thinking about it all, asked Nano.


‘Nano. Where are the State Council, the Murim Department, and the Murim Association?’


[Right. In the case of the Murim Association, public institutions, and certain organizations, there is a limit to the data which can be collected through the wireless internet because they have their own operating system.]


Chun Yeowun frowned.


Much of the material he wanted to know was missing.


The Murim Association is registered as a Murim office and allowed grading, so ordinary people’s information about Murim was only of the association.


‘The same with the Dimension Gates.’


Again, it was controlled by the State Council to prevent civilians from accessing the information.


In some ways, Dimension Gates were more strictly controlled than the Murim Association, and if any material was uploaded on the internet, it was immediately deleted.


‘So bothersome.’


In the end, it meant that he had no chance but to move on from that topic.


The simplest way to get information would be to infiltrate those places.


No matter how different the system was, its data could be extracted if Nano was directly connected to the main computer.


‘But everything is vague. We need a more direct clue.’


That way, he could decide how to approach it.


Even though it was a different time axis that Nano had no idea about, there were some commonalities.


That being said, not much has changed.


For example,


‘The energy I felt in the hospital.’


Chun Yeowun sensed certain energies while Jo Yu-seong was being treated.


The internal energy from a very familiar harvesting technique.


‘I felt it from someone before.’


Chun Yeowun, who reached the Heavenly Master Level, was able to distinguish the characteristics of energy.


Something flashed through Chun Yeowun’s mind, who for a moment recalled the energies.


‘… Moyong clan, the Peng clan of Hebei!’


If he wasn’t mistaken, then the energies he felt had to be of those two clans.


Chun Yeowun was upset.


It would have been better to get out of the car and talk to them.




But now, he was so far away that he couldn’t even sense their energies.


‘Still, I got something. The fact that their descendants, the Five Great Clans, are present in this age too, so my cult should exist too.’


The information that Chun Yeowun wanted to find out the most was anything about the Sky Demon Order.


In order to return to his original era after arriving at an unfamiliar place, rather than struggling alone, he wanted to meet the people of the Sky Demon Order, which were like family to him.


‘Was it Sky Corporation?’


In the future, where Nano was created by his descendant Chun Mu-seong, the Sky Demon Order is called the Sky Corporation.


‘Ah, right. Nano. Go on that wireless thing and search for the Sky Corporation.’




At Chun Yeowun’s command, Nano started searching.


The search didn’t take long.


[A total of 7 groups were found.]




Not one, but seven?


But, Nano’s next words were puzzling.


[There are a total of 0 Sky Corporations in the Chinese government’s territory.]




A world map in the form of a globe unfolded as augmented reality opened up.






Although the information about it was transferred, it was still strange to see the entire world.


At that time, the locations of the Sky Corporations were marked with red dots.


However, none of them existed in the Chinese government’s territory.


‘… no way.’


Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled.


He thought that the Sky Demon Order existed under the name Sky Corporation.


However, it was strange that it didn’t exist in this place.


‘Is there anything which was originally in Chinese territory but moved to another place?’


[No. They are all foreign companies, and the heads are all foreigners.]


Photos of people appeared above the marked-up areas.


Not a single one looked the same as his people. They were all foreigners.


Chun Yeowun was frustrated.




In this era, traces of two of the Five Great Clans, the Moyong clan, and the Peng clan, were discovered.


But it didn’t make sense that the Sky Demon Order was nowhere to be found.


The Sky Demon Order, which he led, had the power to engulf the entire Jianghu region. It was greater than the Five Great clans combined.


‘Is it possible that the cult was destroyed in this time axis?’


There was no way of knowing.


But if that was what happened, it would be a huge shock to Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Sky Demon Order.


Chun Yeowun, who was at a loss for words, suddenly thought.


‘Maybe it’s under a different name?’


The time axis is different.


And the level of Murim warriors here isn’t as low as his descendant described.


That being said, there was no guarantee that the Sky Demon Order would be the Sky Corporation.


If that was the case, it made sense for the previous search to not have favorable results.


‘Nano. Search for a company where a person with the name Moyong is the head or owner of it.’




The results were out immediately.


[A total of 1 company was found with the name Moyong in it.


A company that has a total of 13 affiliates.]




As expected.


Maybe if things went this way, perhaps he could find traces of the Sky Demon Order.


‘Nano. Find a company where the owner has the name Chun.’




This, too, didn’t take long.


[A total of 108 companies with the name Chun were found.]




Chun Yeowun was speechless.


When he searched for Moyong, only one company came up, but when he searched for his own surname, so many companies came up.


‘What the hell is… sigh…’


Too many, just way too many.


He was shocked for a moment but stayed calm.


Although there were more companies than expected, it could be because they had potential.


‘If we want to shorten the list… how do we do it?’


The companies weren’t disclosing their information either.


The company he searched for a while back was an automobile manufacturer, and it wasn’t related to the Murim clan.


The sedan suddenly stopped.


“We are here.”


Chun Yeowun opened his eyes at Jo Yu-seong’s words.


The black sedan stopped in front of a building 40 stories tall.


When he got out, Jo Yu-seong led him to the entrance of the building.


“This is our headquarters.”


Entering the building, a spacious lobby lined with indigo-colored marble was revealed.


In the lobby, a 5-meter tall toy stood up in the center.


There was an information desk behind it, with the company name written on it.


Six Road Toys.


At Chun Yeowun, who was looking around, Jo Yu-seong said.


“Six Road Toys. This is our company name. We launched around September of last year, so you may not know us, but as you can see, we started a toy manufacturing business.”




Right, the robot in the middle did seem like a toy.


Jo Yu-seong smiled and pointed at the elevator to the right of the lobby.


“Our director is waiting. Let’s go this way. Ah!”


Jo Yu-seong, who was about to lead him to the elevator, patted his palm as if he had forgotten something and searched for it.


“Come to think of it, I didn’t get your full name. I need to introduce you to them directly.”


With that, Jo Yu-seong politely handed Chun Yeowun his business card.


“First, I will introduce myself. Jo Yu-seong, the chief of Six Road Toys.”


A red and yellow paper business card.


On the front was written Six Road Toys, along with the name Jo Yu-seong, a phone number, and another number.


“You have an analog tick? If you give me your number, I will send you an electronic business card too.”


Some things didn’t change over time.


The business card.


Chun Yeowun knew about it because of all the information which was transferred into his mind.




His expression stiffened.


Seeing that, Jo Yu-seong smiled and said.


“You must have been shocked. Were you surprised that we are a new company? Although the Six Road Toys is a new launch, our performance is high thanks to the support of the head office. This is a place you can trust and rely on.”


“… is this the head office’s name?”


Chun Yeowun looked at the card with narrow eyes.


On the back of the business card was the name of the head office.


[Blade Six]


The name of a company in English, a name he would never forget.


It was another name of the Blade God Six Martial Clan, who fought for power with the Sky Demon Order and the Yulin.

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