Chapter 139: Oddities (3)

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Chapter 139: Oddities (3)


The horde of countless black people moving fast.


Three of them were at the forefront.


An old man with long grey hair was walking across the valley’s bushes. His eyes were closed.


On the other side was a bald old man wearing a tank top showing off his muscles and unsuitable for his age.


The other old man with the sunglasses and the fluttering coat was trodding on the branch at a similar speed as the other two.


The old man with sunglasses was Yang Hon-cheong.


He was the heir to the Yang Sword Emperor clan. He was a person who boasted elegance and had the softest swordsmanship.


“Elder Cho. Seems like Elder Wang is injured. Huh.”


At those words, the muscular older man said,


“Right. Seeing how his energy suddenly dropped. Ugh, that is why I warned him not to move until we arrived.”


The loud voice matched the appearance.


He was the 13th generation descendant of Mount Ho, Ho cheol-woo, which was once called as King of Mountains for over 800 years, and had amazing power to wield the two huge axes on his back.


For the past hundred and seventy years, he devoted his whole life to learning and managed to attain enlightenment.


With a frown, Yang Hon-cheong said,


“I thought that since he is old, he wouldn’t last long in front of them, but he seems to be fine.”


“Maybe that Sayogi is a young one. Haha, no matter what anyone says, he’s a Heavenly Killing Star.”


For them, a hundred-year-old person was still young. Yang Hon-cheong clicked his tongue.


“Tch tch. Let’s say goodbye. Two of them, two Heavenly Killing Stars being killed as soon as we arrive. Hhhh.”


The old man with long white hair, who didn’t speak much, opened his mouth,


“Be quiet now. Everyone is coming.”


“Hmm. I see. Elder Ko.”




It showed that this old man held the highest position of the three. The white-haired man was Ko Ju-ryeong.


They were the three Elders, the ones in the highest level. And Ko Ju-ryeong was the strongest.




However, one thing made him curious. With his senses, he could certainly feel one person’s energy in addition to the two familiar energies.


‘It can’t be just one person on the other side.’


Thus, he made two assumptions.


Maybe that old man who had been in that house had become so strong that he couldn’t even feel his energy.


‘If it is that monstrous old man, everyone will have a hard time. There will be no one who can defeat him.’


Now, they brought in such a huge force assuming the old man had turned stronger.


Two of the four Elders on either side. He himself, a top-three Elder, and another three elders moving in different directions.


Other than that, there were also elite warriors trained in martial arts under guidance. It was an effort to fight the great monster who had once defeated hundred and eight warriors.


‘At this level, that old man can be subdued. And then…’


Jo Ju-ryeong touched his closed eye. And then heard the voice from someone behind.


“Master Go. They came, but I promise you. Please give me a chance to compete with Sayogi first.”


A confident voice. Ko Ju-ryeong turned his head to see a handsome man with curly hair and grey uniform, who seemed to be in his mid-forties.


“Hehehe, you. You seem fully committed.”


Ho cheol-woo praised the man.


The curly-haired man was called Baek Hyang.


He was the next candidate for the head of the Green Forest clan and chosen by the Three Elders. Yang Ho-cheong smiled and answered,


“Actually, I am more curious about the battle between the Heavenly Body and the Heavenly Killing Star.”


Surprisingly, Baek Hyang had a Heavenly Body which came once in a thousand years.


Unlike the high-risk bodies, he had the optimal one to learn martial arts.


“I will not disappoint the masters!”


‘He grew up well.’


Ko Ju-ryeong smiled while looking at the confident man.


He was the one who found this man. Originally, he wanted to make him his own disciple, but then the man was taught by everyone thinking that he would be the best candidate as the head with the Heavenly Body.


“Are you confident?”


“This a battle between two of the heavens which were sent down, I won’t be careless.”


The three of them were satisfied with it.


“Kuahaha, how is he so pretty despite saying such words?”


“I know.”


Ko Ju-ryeong nodded his head. Anyway, they brought him here to let him gain practical experience as a candidate.


“Good. Will give you the first chance…”




At that moment, all three Elders stopped moving at the same time. Baek Hyang too.


“Master. What is that gloomy energy…”


A gloomy energy which they hadn’t felt until they stepped into that place. It was growing fast and they couldn’t figure out what it was.


Yang Hon-cheong took off his sunglasses and frowned.


“Elder Ko. Isn’t that weird energy coming from the Heavenly Killing Star?”


At that, Ko Ju-ryeong shook his head.


“No. That energy is rather… evil.”


It was then.


A scream.




Hearing the scream, Ho Cheol-woo urgently said,


“Seemed like Elder Jo. Let’s go in the scream’s direction.”




As soon they thought that, a scream came from another direction.


Ko Ju-ryeong clicked his tongue and complained,


“Tch Tch, looks like Cho and Sayogi split into two. It seems like they decided that they would be in trouble if we all gathered. He is old too. Such a…”




Before he could even finish speaking. Another scream came. This time it was in the northwest direction.


Ko Ju-ryong looked at the place, unable to understand.






“W-what is this? Acuk!”


The screams kept coming from all directions. And not a single person knew what it was.


It wasn’t like they were here to kill the two men, rather it felt like they were trapped within a war.


“What is all this?”


“Do you know anything about this?”


Screams all around meant a huge problem.


Ko Ju-ryeong frowned and mumbled,


“What the hell are the other Elders doing?”


“Master! Look over there!”


At that moment, Baek Hyang, who was in front of them, pointed to a creepy opaque thing.


Beings which were coming out from within the trees and bushes.






“No. What kind of ghosts would come in broad daylight?”


All the warriors couldn’t hide their shock.


The Ghosts flew here and there with gloomy energy leaving behind a white haze on the ground.


Even the Elders who lived for so long, went stiff.


However, Ko Ju-ryeong regained his thoughts.


“Everyone, calm down! How could Ghosts even exist? It must be some weird thing that old man did! Charge!”




At those words, the warriors rushed towards the Ghosts.


Surprisingly, these Ghosts knew how to perform martial arts.


“Huh? A Ghost which knows martial arts?”


“Isn’t that the Plum Blossom Sword technique of Mount Hua?”


When the Ghosts began to unfold martial arts, people fell into chaos. They had no idea what these were.


However, it was certain that this was caused to trample on their plan.


“That old man Cho!”


Ho cheol-woo couldn’t hold back his anger. He took the giant axe he was wearing on his back and hit the Ghosts.




The axe pierced through the bodies of several Ghosts and came back to him.




The Ghosts which were hit disappeared like they didn’t exist.


“Have you all seen that? They die too! Don’t be afraid!”


“Oh! Kill them!”


“We can do it!”




Once the morale grew, the warriors went for the Ghosts. If it was something that could be killed, then they didn’t have to worry about anything.




Suddenly, a huge pillar of flame rose from the bushes in a certain direction.


Shocked, Yang Hon-cheong said,


“That is where Elder Seo and Elder Kang are.”


Elder Seo and Elder Kang were in the top-five Elders.


There was something unusual about the pillar of fire that soared. Yang Hon-cheong said to Ko Ju-ryeong,


“Looks like the old man is over there.”


“It seems like that group there has failed…”




The moment Ko Ju-ryong was speaking, Yang Hon-cheong turned his head.




He was at a loss for words. It was a Ghost in the form of a giant 30- metre-tall monster.


Everyone was shocked at the enormous size, which was nothing like a Ghost.


“What the…”


And when the giant opened the mouth. A blue light beam was shot from it.




“A-avoid it!”






The Elders and the others spread out immediately. The ground was dug in a straight line where the beam passed. What was unusual was that the ground turned white.




“B-body is…’


The bodies of the warriors, who couldn’t avoid it, fell down and turned white.


Even their eyes were white, as if life was sucked out of them.


“Where did this monster come from!”


Ho cheol-woo bounced up like a spring despite his muscular body and tried to smash the monster with the axes right in the head. The monster’s face was about to be cut down by the energy which extended out.


Right then.






Ho Cheol-woo couldn’t hold his shock. Someone grabbed the two axes he swung with all his might.


A white face, black suit and sharp-looking eyes. It was Chun Yeowun.


“Sorry, but that is a bit dangerous. You see, he is a hard-to-find thing.”


“You, how can you hold sword energy with bare hands?”


That was the reason HO Cheol-woo was shocked. This man managed to hold both the axes as if they were nothing.




And his sword energy was distorted.


‘What unbelievable energy.’


In other words, just how much internal energy did this young man have to not be bothered by the others?


Flustered, Yag Hon-cheong shouted,


“Chun Mu-seong? Demonic Cult?”


It was so loud in the news that no one could not know him.


Ko Ju-ryeong, who heard it, was puzzled.


“Then why is he here?”


On the other hand, Baek Hyang liked it.


‘Is he the most famous Demonic Cult member in the current Murim?’


Because their clan never made an outside appearance, they didn’t make a name for themselves, so seeing Chun Yeowun interested him.


Unable to move the axe, Ho chul-woo shouted in anger.


“Are you a member of the Demonic Cult?”


Despite the time changing, he was the head of the Green Forest clan. And it was no exaggeration to say there was a time when they had a connection with the Sky Demon Order.


“Fine! If you like the axes that much, take it!”




Ho Cheol-woo blew the axe into pieces. And the smashed fragments loaded with sword energy flew for Chun Yeowun’s face.




When Chun Yeowun slightly waved his hand, the fragments scattered. Ho Cheol-woo stretched back his fist, gathered energy around it and swung it at Chun Yeowun’s chest.










His fist with maximum power was caught, and Chun Yeowun didn’t even move a step back.


“Pretty rough fist.”


“This… you?”


“But you don’t seem to have much of a clue.”




“You just swing your fist.”


As soon as he said those words, Chun Yeowun clenched his fist.


Biting his lip, Ho cheol-woo began to give more strength into his body. He was confident in his body’s strength.


“No use. I have go…”






Ho Cheol-woo’s eyes widened as they were about to pop out.


“What was that?”






Chun Yeowun clenched his fist and aimed for the chest which distorted the space.


At the same time, the strength which Ho Cheol-woo was so proud of, crumbled in vain and his heart sank in.


Pak! Kwakwakwang!


Ho Cheol-woo was thrown out, broke the ground below and shook his head.


Yang Hon-cheong was at a loss for words when one of the top-three Elders fell down so easily.


“H-How can this…”


Chun Yeowun was thought to be on the level of Five Great Warriors.


However, the Green Forest clan had abandoned the Murim levelling. They lived past human years and attained pure strength.


Yet, Ho Cheol-woo wasn’t an opponent for the young man.


‘He is just a member of the Demonic Cult?’


If such a person existed, the Demonic Cult would’ve never been defeated by the Murim Association.


So as Yang Hon-cheong was wondering who the man was, someone stepped ahead.


‘Baek Hyang!’


It was Baek Hyang.




Baek Hyang’s eyes were twinkling.


Even after seeing one of his masters fall, he wanted to go and fight.


“Hyang, stop!”




But he already left and moved towards Chun Yeowun with confidence.


‘Don’t worry. Master Yang. I surpassed you all a long time ago.’


He wanted to fight against Chun Yeowun, who is the most famous in current Murim. It was a good chance for him to check his level.


“It will be different now. Handle my sword! The strongest in the world!”


Baek Hyang grabbed his sword and struck with lightning-fast movement. The moment to divide the mountains and seas.


A true level of swordsmanship for which everyone complimented him.


‘Amazing. When did that child get to that level…’


Yang Hon-cheong’s eyes widened. Baek Hyang seemed to have surpassed the three elders.








With a single hand, Chun Yeowun stopped the sword.


Everyone thought that the body would be cut with the sword, but he managed to stop it with his bare hands.


At his shock, Chun Yeowun ridiculed,


“Well. Not much of a difference.”


With that, Chun Yeowun brought his index finger close to his forehead. At the absurd pose of forehead flick, Baek Hyang yelled,


“Are you trying to pull my le…”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s finger struck him.






The pain felt as if a hammer had been used to hit him. Baek Hyang’s body bounced back, but Chun Yeowun, with his swift movements, grabbed the neck.






The neck vertebrae was broken because of the force at which the body was about to move and was caught.


If not for Chun Yeowun’s hand position, the man could have died.


However, the pain of being hit and grabbed by the throat couldn’t be endured.




Ko Ju-ryeong couldn’t help but be shocked.


‘Such a monster is a mere member, just a member of the Demonic Cult?’


Chun Yeowun was known to the outside world as the Vice-chairman of the Yongchun Group.


Therefore, they all thought of him as a high-ranking member of an Elder.


Shocked and nervous, Ko Ju-ryeong asked.


“W-what is your position?”


With his voice full of confidence and pride, Chun Yeowun said,


“Me? Chun Ma of the Great Sky Demon Order.”

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