Chapter 136: Heavenly Killing Star (3)

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Chapter 136: Heavenly Killing Star (3)


‘M-My body doesn’t feel strong…’


As his vitality was rapidly drained, Sayogi lost consciousness.


And Chun Yeowun said,


“Does anyone other than your grandfather know you are the Heavenly Killing Star?”


Why bother asking such a question to a dying person? Well, It would unconsciously make Sayogi remember people.


An old book he read said: It is said to be a sign of apocalypse because Karma is nothing but nature.


However, while the vitality was being sucked. Something unexpected happened


‘What is this?’


The blood which had turned stiff and the body which had paled out, were turning back to the original state.


‘The Ghost qi doesn’t work?’


It seemed like something similar to those demons was happening.


Except for their cores, the demons had nothing else in their bodies, so Chun Yeowun’s plan didn’t make it.


However, Sayogi was a human.


‘Should I stop?’


Strangely, in the demons, the Ghost qi didn’t move inside.


However, it was able to enter Sayogi’s body.




At that moment, Sayogi’s eyes were back to normal. However, his two eyes which were dyed in red had a blue tinge in them now.


Seeing how ridiculous it was, Chun Yeowun said,


“You can handle ghost qi? You aren’t normal.”




Sayogi looked at Chun Yeowun without answering.


He looked at him blankly, like he had no emotions and something felt rather strange about him.


The expression of a god looking at its master.


‘This one.’


Just to check, Chun Yeowun said,




And Sayogi got up the moment the words fell.


However, his movements were halted because of the black invisible swords lodged into his arms and legs, so Chun Yeowun removed them.




Sayogi looked at him and got up.


Carefully watching that, Chun Yeowun exclaimed.


“Ha… how could something like this happen?”


The eerie energy of the Ghost qi could be felt from Sayogi.


Originally, he had to make this man a ghost, but surprisingly, he was a ghost with a physical body.




At Chun Yeowun’s words, Sayogi held out both his hands.


And this time, like he gave orders to Ghosts, Chun Yeowun commanded in his mind.


‘Do some flips.’




Sayogi jumped and turned. It seemed like even when the order wasn’t given directly through the mouth, the loyal dog was listening well.


‘Can it unfold in this state? Raise the Blood Kill Body.’


The blue eyes turned purple. It was as if his actual killing intent blood mixed with Ghost qi.




And a purple mist began to rise from Sayogi’s body. An eerie and creepy killing intent rose at the same time.


‘Take it back.’


And once the command fell, the energy was back to normal.


Puzzled by this strange phenomenon, Chun Yeowun approached and looked at the pulse to check what had happened.


‘… no way.’


Chun Yeowun who sensed the condition of the body was amazed.


In fact, the Ghost qi and the Blood Kill energy were merged and coexisting inside one body.


As a result, he was moving under the control of Chun Yeowun, but there was another peculiarity.


‘Doesn’t seem to be alive.’


It was clear that the body was back to its normal state, but it didn’t seem to have any vitality left.


Vitality is said to be a subtle energy in all beings, especially in human beings.


However, Sayogi seemed lifeless.




Chun Yeowun put his finger to Sayogi’s nose, and didn’t feel any breathing.


‘This is really weird.’


It was safe to say that two different energies were in one body, making it difficult to determine whether it was alive or dead.


‘The Ghost qi takes away the body’s vitality. However, the Blood Kill energy gives life to this one body only, and those two have turned into one.’


Chun Yeowun pondered and finally came to that conclusion. Perhaps that was all.


‘Well, this is interesting.’


In the end, unintentionally, he managed to obtain a loyal and faithful slave who was better than a Ghost.


And having a body makes a lot of difference. Ghosts were something he could use normally, but using this human body wouldn’t bring any doubts towards him.


‘I am so lucky. Ah!’


An idea popped into Chun Yeowun. And as he reached out his hand, a black shadow shook, creating a passage.


‘Go in there.’


At that, Sayogi trudged into the shadows. It looked normal, but it wasn’t. Chun Yeowun took Hu Bong into the shadows once as a test, and unable to breathe within, he came out after a couple of seconds.


On the other hand, Sayogi, who was out of the shadows after a couple of minutes, seemed completely fine.


‘Doesn’t breathe, moves with my orders, and can be put into shadows.’


Which meant he could call for him whenever needed. Chun Yeowun placed his hand on Sayogi’s forehead to confirm one thing.


And everything that Sayogi thought before his death, rushed to Chun Yeowun like a video.


A thatched place full of books lit by old kind of lamps, an old man with white hair and white beard.


The old man dressed in red had a face full of wrinkles, but could stand tall.




The face in the memories looked similar to Sayogi.


‘His grandfather?’


They resembled quite enough to believe that they were related. If this man had grown old, maybe that was how he would look.


Stroking Sayogi’s head, the old man mumbled.


[Sleep well and deep.]


It seemed to be the last memory of the old man.


What the man was doing was sealing the points where the Blood Kill energy flowed and stunned the kid. And when Sayogi opened his eyes, no one was in the house.


[He seems to have pressed on those points again. It is good to get this done in advance.]


This was Sayogi speaking.


[where does grandpa go to each full moon after sealing the blood points?]


Sayogi, who was puzzled, soon laughed.


[Still, if grandpa is here I wouldn’t be able to head out.]


Sayogi hurriedly packed his belongings, and then went to the warehouse to take out the weapons hanging on the wall and an iron box. That had to be the memory of Sayogi coming out of the Death Valley.


[Why am I here?]


Suddenly, it was Sayogi’s monologue. It seemed like he regretted coming out of Death Valley.


And the memories continued.


Another face appeared. A handsome middle-aged man with square face, short hair and beard.


[Uncle Ark.]


This person called Uncle Ark had visited Sayogi’s thatched house several times, and they have competed with each other as well. However, Chun Yeowun was shocked.


‘This… the Fist of East God!’


The martial arts used by Sayogi was similar to the martial arts of East Challenger God, Ark Wei.


At the time when Chun Yeowun was in his own time, he was the best of the Five Great Warriors.


A man who was in the Changbai Mountains protecting his close friend.


Chun Yeowun assumed that he had no descendants or disciples, but that didn’t seem to be the case.




And the memory played till there.


The last thing in Sayogi’s memories was the figure of the man called Uncle Ark and the feeling of regret.




Chun Yeowun felt like he had to meet the man in person, Sayogi’s grandfather. There was a very high chance that he was the one who defeated Hagar. However, it was questionable why such a strong person raised this man in secret.




Hu Hong’s voice came from above.


Chun Yeowun was in a 20 metres hole dug into the ground. It seemed like the fight was done, and he was shocked why his Lord hadn’t come out yet.


“I am coming.”


Chun Yeowun, who put Sayogi in the shadow realm, climbed up.


“Are you fine? Lord?”


“I am fine.”


“And him?”


“Well taken care of.”




Hu Bong had no idea what was being said.


In addition, he saw that Bi Mak-heon, Yu So-hwa, Im So-hye and the other members of the Cult were coming to see their vice-chairman.


He could see the Murim warriors and the Gate Keepers walking towards them as well, judging that the situation was done.


The only person that didn’t come was Seo Jang-ryeong. The man got his pride broken and was in huge shock from what he witnessed, so he didn’t move to where Chun Yeowun stood.






All the Murim people cheered and whistled at Chun Yeowun like they were celebrating something, which made Yu So-hwa just shake her head.


“Let’s be like the vice-chairman of the Yongchun group who has the best name ever!”


“Who thought I would have the chance to greet him?”


“I am very glad to have gotten his opportunity to meet the vice-chairman!”


All the Murim people were anxious to establish contact with Chun Yeowun.


Ever since the prison case, his reputation had risen, and it strengthened a lot after he solved the TRA issue.




Chun Yeowun looked at those who were approaching and flashed the head off the dead Alpha Kaiju. Inside it, was a huge brilliantly shining core.


Unlike the other ones, this didn’t have a shell.


It was because these dangerous entities which were named as TRA had been on the earth for a long time since their own gates vanished.


‘It is amazing.’


This exuding amount of energy had to be called another rank. It was almost three times the energy of an S-class core.


If an S-class was known to be difficult to put a price on, then what would be the price for this one.


‘There is too much attention.’




Chun Yeowun put it into the shadow realm and decided to check it later when there was no one around.




“The energy is gone.”


The Murim people who sensed a vast energy from Chun Yeowun were puzzled at its disappearance.


It was the same with Bi Mak-heon who couldn’t understand what happened. So Chun Yeowun relayed it to him through telepathy.




“Ah! My Lord!”


[I’ll go first, so you take care of the rest and bring everyone back.]


Take care of the rest meant to handle the Murims and Gate Keepers.


It was so they wouldn’t develop any bad relationships with people and would make the Sky Demon Order look great.


[I understand.]


As he heard the answer, Chun Yeowun said to Hu Bong.


“Hu Bong. You and Mak-heon.”


“I refuse! Lord! I will serve you!”


Hu Bong didn’t want to let go of Chun Yeowun even for a second.


“Is that so? Then come and hug me.”




When Chun Yeowun opened his arms, Hu Bong’s face turned pale.


That posture, that posture meant that they were going to fly in the sky, and the pain of moving at Mach speed was too much for him.




Hu Bong gulped, hugged Chun Yeowun, and said very cautiously,


“Lord. Hehehe. You know… it isn’t bad to fly a little slo…”




Chun Yeowun took off.


He immediately went higher with the Nano suit wrapped around him and headed west.






Hu Bong’s bright scream echoed in the night sky. And the Murims who watched it were stunned.


“What was that…”


“People aren’t missiles to move that fas…”


Sichuan Province, Xinlong county.


A deep mountain valley about 20 km away from Xinlong County.


It had a different name now compared to the past.


In the past, it was called Bigol, a valley with very rough water flow and once entered, there would be thick forests.


“Lord. Is this the place?”


Hu Bong asked while pointing to a place covered in thick bushes.


Unlike the other places, a certain place had no grass around.


‘If the place I saw in the memory was right, this had to be it.’


Obviously, looking at the bushes around it, it had to be the place.


A thatched house had to be there, but he couldn’t find one.




Chun Yeowun crossed the grassy area and touched the ground.


Dry soil.


‘Feels different from the soils in the bushes.’


So just in case, Chun Yeowun waved his hand in the ground. Grey smoke like ashes began to appear.


Hu Bong, who saw that, said,


“Lord. It looks like it was burned.”


Chun Yeowun nodded right away, agreeing to it.


As if feeling bad, Hu Bong mumbled that it was unfortunate.


“That was why we haven’t been able to find any traces.”


“No. This is good. I have something to check.”




“get off this ground.”


“Ah, okay!”


Hu Bong was puzzled but he walked back, and Chun Yeowun stretched out his right hand towards the empty ground and held out the black wrist guard.


A green light shone out of it. And a circular line was soon formed in the air, which Chun Yeowun swiped to the left.




The green light moved around the empty field.




It looked like a stereoscopic image.


In that video that showed as if time was running backwards, a pile of dirt was seen, and people in white clothes with shovels and masks were there too.


Each time they lifted the shovel, a pile of dirt was revealed all covered in ashes.


Then, the sparks soared from the ground covered in ashes, and the thatched house which had been crumbling was restored back to its original form.

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