Chapter 135: Heavenly Killing Star (2)

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Chapter 135: Heavenly Killing Star (2)


The time when Chun Yeowun entered the Demonic Academy, the institute for training, he had an amazing master.


It was Submeng. He was the Right Guardian of the Sky Demon Order.


Submeng, who liked Chun Yeowun, accepted him as a disciple without even concerning himself with the Cult’s rules.


[Hehe, my disciple. How is it that you have such amazingly developed muscle, and no one has even selected you?]


That was what Submeng said to Chun Yeowun.


Having his body treated with Nano to be suited for martial arts, he managed to get the best body, and Submeng had always admired it.


[It is really strange. Strange! You don’t have a special body either, so how do you have such muscles?]


[Special body? What is that?]


[Curious? Hehe. Well, there is nothing wrong with knowing it. Occasionally, there are optimal bodies that are made only for learning martial arts.]


[Optimal body?]


[Well, actually if we were to classify them in detail, there are a lot but there is no need to know such trivial things. Chuckle, you only need to remember that once in a thousand years, a person comes, who will be born with the body to learn the martial arts.]


[One in a thousand!]


[According to a legend, there is a saying that Chun Ma, our founder, was one of those with a heavenly body.]


The most excellent body to learn martial arts. Heavenly Body.


That body, which can have a superior achievement compared to the others, will come out once in a thousand years.


[Well, there are other bodies that are also second to none, but most of them have side effects and risks, so it isn’t worth knowing about them.]


[Risk, like?]


[Well, it is said that some have innate yin or yang excess, but such people don’t live past 20 years despite having such amazing energy within them. Having such a body honestly doesn’t mean much.]


[20 years… that is an unfortunate fate.]


A risk.


There is nothing more meaningless than taking risks and becoming stronger.


When Chun Yeowun thought about that, Submeng said something else.


[Ah! Come to think of it, there is a body form which is comparable to the first one, Heavenly Killing Start.]


[What is that?]


[Blood and murderous body that only those born from stars possess.]


[… sounds like a scam.]


Unlike the heavenly body, this sounded eerier.


[I don’t know if it even exists. But unlike other bodies, it is said to be the most dangerous kind.]


[Why dangerous?]


[It is said that those in this body are destined to kill others for the rest of their lives. It’s said that they are born with a killing intent which wants to annihilate everything.]


[Annihilate everything… That is a crazy word to use. And has this Heavenly Killing Star ever appeared?]


[I never heard of it. However, the record says that if he appears, he must be killed, not just for the sake of the Murim warriors but also for the sake of people.]


For that reason, Chun Yeowun had never thought this Heavenly Killing Star would make an appearance.


[Master. But how do we know if the person is that one or not?]


[It is quite easy to find out because of their uniqueness.]


[… and what if they could be controlled?]




Submeng made a strange expression in response to the question and then smiled.


[Hehe, the Heavenly Killing Star is said to be able to hide his energy because of his intent to kill. And If he is so trained in hiding it, there is a simple way to find out.]


[Simple way?]


[That is…]




Blood gushed out from Sayogi’s face. The man staggered and tried to fall down with his neck bent weirdly.


“Not yet.”


Chun Yeowun grabbed him by the collar this time and shoved his feet in his stomach.






Sayogi was turning pale with the pain of internal injuries. Despite having the power to withstand it and save his organs, Sayogi didn’t hold his breath.




Like seeing a demon, it was safe to guess that this man had gone past the humans’ normal limits.


Normally when hurt like this, people would start screaming out and asking to be spared.




Sayogi grunted his teeth.


The constant pain only brought more anger. And in order to press down the inherent rage, he always memorized something that his grandpa said.


The Heavenly Sutra created by a famous monk which governs the mind.


‘As a calm lake shining in the moonlight, clear the mind… damn it! Damn it!’


He was trying to correct his growing anger through the sutra, but the constant pain was hindering him.


Right now, all he could think about was killing the person ahead of him.




Sayogi shouted out loud. And ran for Chun yeowun.


“I will kill you!”


Much faster and more intense than before.


The eyes were glowing red.


‘Is he… really a human?’


Hu Bong bit his tongue, this wicked energy felt too odd to belong to a human.




Chun Yeowun managed to stand still, using only one hand to block Sayogi’s punches.


‘More! More! More!’


Sayogi’s evil intent grew.




The fists’ power was amazing.


‘Is it possible to increase the punches’ strength with just raising the evil intent?’


It was as if there was no limit to this body. Chun Yeowun, who was using his hand to defend himself, could clearly feel it.


Sayogi shouted enraged,


“I will kill you!”


“Isn’t that an impossible feat with your abilities?”






Chun Yeowun grabbed Sayogi’s face.




Sayogi’s head was once again hit to the floor. A crack within 5 metres occurred around him.


“Oh. Can you handle this?”


It wouldn’t bring a concussion, but it could surely turn the man immobile for a second.


However, Sayogi’s body was still wriggling.




Chun Yeowun tightened the grip, and then something happened.






A red mist began to spew out, and Chun Yeowun’s body was pushed back with the rising energy.




Chun Yeowun ended up being pushed back around 10 metres in the air. He then looked at Sayogi with narrowed eyes.


“Blood Killing Body.”


It wasn’t the muscle.


It was to awaken the stage, which can make the flow of blood filled with evil intent.


The reason why Chun Yeowun continued to hit the man and enrage him was to see the full and complete form.




The land which was touched by the red mist melted.


Sayogi, who was fully transformed, spread out his arms and the invisible evil intent of blood energy spread like wings.


His body floated up, and looking at Chun Yeowun, he said,


“I will kill you for sure.”


He spoke in a voice as if he had regained his composure.


He looked at Chun Yeowun, at the Murim people and then at Hu Bong.


“Everyone will die. All of you will die!”


As if he had been consumed by the karma of life and death.


According to the tradition, the Heavenly Killing Star, who reaches the full form, wouldn’t stop killing until everything is annihilated.


“I will kill you all!”




Sayogi flew for Chun Yeowun.


Scared at the evil intent, Hu Bong yelled.




He wouldn’t normally worry, but it seemed like this man managed to change into something which he couldn’t deal with anymore.


However, Chun Yeowun raised his lips into a smile and held out his sword.


At that moment,




Sayogi, who was approaching him, suddenly grabbed his heart and stopped.


A Heart Sword embedded into the heart.


Sting! Sting!


Sayogi trembled and coughed up blood.


He tried to push out the Heart Sword.


“It would be better if you don’t do that.”




As soon as Chun Yeowun said it, Sayogi gushed out blood again.


“The sword I prepared to kill you cannot be taken out with your power.”




Chun Yeowun raised his hand upwards, and four black invisible swords appeared.


When he reached out his hand, all four of them rushed for Sayogi with great speed.






Sayogi’s body fell to the floor as the invisible sword stuck to his arms and legs.




Unable to understand, he mumbled.


“H-How did you break through the blood po…”


Having felt the pain due to the Heart sword, it seemed like he regained some of his sanity.


The armour on the body, a perfect weapon and shield to manipulate.


And the blood points, which were sealed to stop his killing intent, were pierced.




Chun Yeowun came ahead of him and said,


“You seem to be back to yourself.”


Sayogi was shocked at those words.


“Just what did you… ack!”


The pain in his heart was too much to ignore. The Heart Sword seemed to rip through his heart.


If it wasn’t for the resilience of the Heavenly Killing Star, the man might have died.


“Does your grandfather know that you are the Heavenly Killing Star? And that you turn completely under its control?”


Sayogi nodded as it felt meaningless to hide it anymore.


‘Other than my grandfather, for such a monster to exist!’


It was shocking.


After his grandfather, this man was the first one to make him calm down.


‘Why did I come back? Was it… because of this energy invading my body?’


He looked at the black invisible swords in his arms and legs.


The ferocious chaotic dark energy flowing around and suppressing it.


Sayogi’s red eyes flickered.


‘This new energy is suppressing that intent?’


Sayogi looked at Chun Yeowun. This man was a huge barrier that he could never think of surpassing.


He was enraged that he lost to this man even after completely turning into the Heavenly Killing Star.


Sayogi, confessed


“Cough… cough… I lost.”


Sayogi looked down without another word.


Chun Yeowun didn’t understand what the man was thinking, and then he continued.


“Please take me in as a disciple!”




Chun Yeowun frowned as he never expected the word of a disciple to come out of his mouth.


Until a second ago, he was the guy who asked for a duel and wanted to kill him.


“Teach me about this sword.”


Sayogi glanced at the black invisible swords in his arms and legs. He was talking about Sky Demon Energy.


“You are seeking instructions from the enemy? You are a funny one.”


“Right now… I know well that I cannot defeat you with my current strength.”


Chun Yeowun looked at the man who still seemed to want to try and fight him.


“You have quite a filthy purpose.”


“I… I will go beyond this!”




“You know that there is no one who is a match for you. There is nothing more pitiful than a strong man with no opponent.”


Sayogi said it with serious eyes.


At that sincerity, Chun Yeowun chuckled. It was the first time that someone had said such things to him.


“I should raise someone with my hands knowing he is aiming for my neck?”


At those words, Sayogi smiled boldly, thinking his words worked.


“You will never regret this!”


Chun Yeowun looked down and smiled.


And then,






The Sky Demon Sword was thrust into his chest.


Sayogi put an expression which said he couldn’t understand this.


“T-take me… as.. a… disciple… of…”


Chun Yeowun looked down with a cold expression.


“You seem to have read too many novels.”


“Cough… cough…”


“Well, don’t be too disappointed. Since I am accepting you. As a Ghost.”




The blue-colored energy spread out of the sword and into Sayogi’s body.


Life was quickly sucked out and the body turned white. Looking at that, Chun Yeowun smiled and mumbled.


“Blood Killing body and Ghost…a good match.”

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