Chapter 134: Heavenly Killing Star (1)

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Chapter 134: Heavenly Killing Star (1)


There was a man who couldn’t hear the sound.


‘What is that sword?’


His eyes fluttered as he had seen the dawn of heaven and earth.


Everything in the path of the sword split. Even space.




An absolute state of a sword that couldn’t be understood.


‘What my grandpa said must be true.’


His grandfather had repeated the story over and over again during the 90 years that they lived together.


The words were always repeated that he was anxious to get out of Death Valley.


One time he was about to go out.


[Best person? What nonsense is that? If that was so easy, then this old man would have taken over Murim a long time ago.]


[Wouldn’t that be possible if grandpa makes up his mind?]


[Nothing is easy like that. And do you think that you can defeat all the warriors with your inexperienced skills?]


[Huh. I don’t believe in that anymore. That man who came to me at that time said that no one other than my grandfather and myself could be my opponent. And since you have stepped back, am I not the strongest?]


[Tch tch, that damned man whom I accepted, he caused such a mess.]


[What now? But he is right.]


[Don’t spew nonsense. You don’t know the scary things about the Murim. It is a place where new things keep happening. And you will end up getting hurt because of the stupid things you are doing.]


[I know that you are doing this to scare me. Huh!]


[Yah. It isn’t a lie. Walls are everywhere. Not just for me but for you too.]


[Ehh. Even then, I will overcome it. What kind of wall was it for grandpa.]


The man didn’t respond.


[Grandpa… is there really a wall?]


With a stiff face, he admitted,


[There was. Two of them.]


Quite a surprising statement. An old man who could never be defeated said such a thing.


[What exaggeration.]


[You bastard. That is no exaggeration.]


[Then who are they? Let me listen to those names.]


[How would knowing the names of the dead help you?]




Dead. The two people his grandfather couldn’t overcome have died.


[It is fine. I want to fight them again, but time has taken them away. In the end, life turns into history. Don’t fall for delusions and focus on what you need to do.]


He kept asking for their names, but the old man never told him.


After trying endless times to no avail, he thought that the grandfather was using that as an excuse to keep him from leaving.


However, after seeing that person’s sword technique, he knew for sure.


‘His words are right. There are strong people in Murim. That red-haired man too.’


It was quite strange. He was confronted with a monster with such overwhelming ability, but rather than feeling fear, his determination soared.


Despite knowing that he couldn’t compete, he wanted to bump into the man.


‘Uncle Ark said it too. Only by bumping into those higher than us can we get stronger.’


The battle between the grandfather and that man was so familiar. At this point, he wondered if he could also get stronger while competing with this monster.


Sayogi flew to the place where the Kaiju were buried.




“Uh? Yah!”


Hu Bong, who came to his senses, was shocked.


‘He still wants to compete with my Lord? Ha!’


Hu Bong rushed after him thinking he should stop the man.


Meanwhile, Chun Yeowun managed to deal with the small Kaiju.




At that moment, a strange thought appeared in his mind. It was dangerous, so he dealt with the small Kaijus, but since there was one thing left, curiosity arose.


‘Can this be made into a ghost?’


There was nothing wrong with checking. He knew demons couldn’t be turned into ghosts, so this monster shouldn’t too.


But Chun Yeowun decided to check nonetheless.




After cutting through the thick skin, Chun Yeowun used the Sky Demon Sword and Ghost qi.




A blue light flowed in along with the resonating sword. The life inside the body began to drain at once.




And then the body turned white.


‘It worked!’


Absorbing life meant that it could be turned into a ghost. It took a while as the body was huge.


And about 50 seconds later, the entire 30 meters tall Kaiju’s body paled.


Something opaque was about to appear. Not missing the chance, he absorbed the Ghost into the sword.




It took longer than human-sized ghosts. And fortunately, no one seemed to notice that.


‘So this can be turned into a ghost.’


An unexpected benefit. The disappointing thing was that if he had known from the beginning, he would have tried it right away.


However, considering the time it took, this was fine enough.


‘Even this little monster can be handled only by a Supreme Master.’


All that was left was to retrieve the core inside the Alpha’s body. And since he could absorb the abilities of an S-class ghost, maybe he could absorb the core of the Kaiju with the ability.


And when he was approaching it.


Kwang! Kwang!




The sound of an explosion. When he looked at it, he could see a sphere of flame coming.


Someone was flying while avoiding those spheres.


It was Sayogi in his armour.


‘What is it?’


Perhaps because of how skilled he was, the man didn’t even turn back to check which direction the spheres were coming from.


‘Seems pretty good.’


Hu Bong, who was shooting out flame spheres, suddenly stopped as the man arrived in front of Chun Yeowun.


“Lord! No need to worry. I can…”




Chun Yeowun raised his hand and said it was fine.


He then asked.


“What is it? What business do you have with me?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Sayogi took the chance and answered in a confident voice.


“I am Sayogi, the second hair to the White Blade Martial clan from Death Valley. I formally ask for a duel with you.”




Chun Yeowun’s brows went up.


It was the first time anyone had appeared out of the blue and asked for a duel. That too after witnessing everything he just did.


“This bastard is trying out his luck!”


Hu Bong couldn’t contain his anger, if Chun Yeowun hadn’t given an order to not act out, he would have attacked Sayogi.


Suddenly, Chun Yeowun remembered something.


‘Death Valley?’


It was his second time hearing it after coming here.


Narrowing his eyes, Chun Yeowun asked.


“You. Are you from the Death Valley which is in Mount Bigol?”


“Oh! You know of Death Valley? It is the first time since coming here that someone knew about it.”


When Sayogi met someone who knew the place he came from, he couldn’t hide his excitement.




Chun Yeowun looked at the man, and noticed that the energy from him wasn’t normal.


‘But… not so strong either.’


This man didn’t seem strong enough to overwhelm the demon Hagar. At least, from the energy oozing out, this was the conclusion he could come up with.




Chun Yeowun naturally looked at the armour Sayogi had. And the 36 weapons.


Looking back, Hagar’s skin had traces of numerous weapon wounds on it.




The weapon wounds on Hagar exceeded 36. Just on the face and neck were scars from 50 different types of weapons.


Staring inside the box, Chun Yeowun asked.


“Apart from these weapons, are there any more?”


Sayogi seemed visibly shocked at Chun Yeowun’s question.


“How did you know?”


“You must have had a mentor.”


And that reaction itself told Chun Yeowun that this guy had a mentor.


Perhaps, the mentor could handle more.


‘Who is he?’


With a strange vigilance, the man approached Chun Yeowun who seemed to keep getting things right.


“Who are you?”


Sayogi raised the energy and asked.


Chun Yeowun didn’t care and asked, “What is your mentor’s name?”


“I don’t know.”


Chun Yeowun frowned at those words. Sayogi didn’t even know the name of his own grandfather, all that he knew was that he was made to live in the mountains and the old man was the leader and Lord of White Blade Martial clan.


“Are you hiding it?”


“I mean it. I learned martial arts from my grandfather.”




Looking at his eyes, it didn’t seem to be a lie, when Chun Yeowun opened his mouth to ask again…




Sayogi brought out a blade with his left and a sword with his right hand.


And then all the weapons inside came out.


Chun Yeowun asked in a low voice.


“What are you up to?”


“I didn’t ask for a duel in this way. All we are doing is talking. A man talks with weapons like this!”


Sayogi reached for Chun Yeowun and all 36 weapons made their way to him. Each in a different way.




‘This man wasn’t doing his all against me?’


Hu Bong was shocked at it. All 36 weapons with different trajectories and techniques.




‘Everything is different.’


Chun Yeowun was surprised too. This seemed a lot more fresh than the battle he had with Hagar.


No matter how good a warrior is, handling more than 12 different weapons would take a toll.


‘4th technique of White Blade Marital clan!’


The 4th technique involved 36 techniques unfolded with each weapon.


Among them, the 1st technique would aim for the target. Chun Yeowun, who felt interested in it, picked up the Sky Demon Sword.




“It’s been a long time since I had a showdown with techniques.”


Having seen such a raging one, it was natural that he wanted to fight.


And like the name, it seemed like a flooding sea.


Chun Yeowun stood still with his left arm behind his back and swung the sword lightly.


‘Should I try it with the Supreme Sky Demon Sword?’


Supreme Sky Demon Sword.


The best swordsmanship of the Sky Demon Order created by the Chun Ma.


In the past, Chun Yeowun couldn’t, but now, he was able to perform it without having to tackle anything.




24 exquisite sword techniques in harmony.


‘Is he making fun of me? To stand so carelessly and spread his sword technique?’


As Sayogi felt like he was being ignored, his intent to win raged.


And finally the two men collided.




As the Sky Demon Sword and the 36 weapons collided, sparks flew.


And despite all that happening, Chun Yeowun’s eyes didn’t even close for a second and kept looking at the techniques that each of the 36 weapons were unfolding.


‘They aren’t entirely different.’


If the weapon was being controlled one by one, then the movement of them should be more fluid, but each time a weapon bounced back, it didn’t move right away.


Despite that, with bloody training, the man was able to handle 36 weapons.


‘The one who managed to make this technique has to be a great master.’


It was the first time that Chun Yeowun felt like this after witnessing Ark Wei’s unification of energy.


‘He is blocking without moving a single step?’


Unlike Chun Yeowun who analysed the techniques, Sayogi was shocked at this.


He had no idea that his opponent would respond so easily.


‘Then, 2nd technique.’


Sayogi went straight to another technique. The technique which was like flowing water till then suddenly changed into numerous soldiers rushing at the enemy.




However, Chun Yeowun blocked that too without taking a single step away.


Sayogi, who was unfolding new things, was pushed back.


‘Such incredible force.’


Each time their weapons clashed, his heart would beat wildly.


Thinking that he couldn’t keep moving back, Sayogi decided to unfold another technique as a desperate attempt.




The 36 weapons encircled Chun Yeowun. At the same time, the weapons began to unfold.


Even if one of them was blocked, the other weapons would surely aim for other parts making the opponent immobile.




Chun Yeowun stopped the sword which came for him with his right arm.


And it was the moment the other 35 were coming…


‘I see it.’


Sayogi stretched out the sword. At that moment, the sword moved through the gap created.


His sword was moving at an angle that couldn’t be noticed.






Chun Yeowun grabbed the sword with his two fingers, and Sayogi, who didn’t think that it could be stopped, couldn’t hide his shock.


“It is a pretty nice technique. Aiming for the blindspot when other techniques unfold.”


Energy formed around Chun Yeowun’s fingers.






The blade between the pinched fingers broke.


“My Sword!”


Sayogi’s face distorted when the age-old sword broke. He was angry that his dear old friend was broken.


“You broke my sword!”


Intense rage emanated from Sayogi’s body.




The energy he was giving out now was different. The energy moved like a raging storm and seemed terrifying.


‘That energy again.’


Hu Bong frowned as he felt it. That energy which seemed more evil than just trying to kill someone.


And when Sayogi’s eyes turned red, the weapons were dyed in blood red.


‘This is?’


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes at Sayogi’s aura, which had become a lot stronger than before.


It’s hard to believe that this is coming from the same person.




Sayogi held a spear and threw it at Chun Yeowun.


He, who had narrowed the distance in an instant, wanted to devour Chun Yeowun.






It was like madness itself. It seemed like Sayogi had turned anxious at the fact that he was unable to kill Chun Yeowun.




Chun Yeowun didn’t move a single step and lightly moved his sword to counter it.


As the attacks didn’t keep working, Sayogi’s face turned more and more distorted. T


Chun Yeowun spoke,


“It’s the first time seeing this. Heavenly Killing Star”




At Chun Yeowun’s words, Sayogi’s face went stiff.


His eyes which were filled with madness now regained their focus.


‘This. I lost my mind for a second.’


Sayogi bit his lip. There were two things his grandfather made him promise.


He was told to not reveal the fact that he had been alive for a long time, and to never let anyone find out that he is the Heavenly Killing Star.


Heavenly Killing Star is a spirit born from the stars that govern death.


Born with a cursed fate to randomly kill all living things through his lifespan.


“This is no fund.”


And according to the sacred records, it was said that the existence of Heavenly Killing Star needs to be killed as soon as spotted. But Chun Yeowun was interested in him.


‘Damn it!’


Sayogi felt like he had to run away. For the past 90 years, he trained himself to control the urge and he thought he had it under control, but that didn’t seem to be the case.


Someone had realised that he was the Heavenly Killing Star.


It was the.




While he decided to retreat, Chun Yeowun appeared in front of him.




“The Heavenly Killing Star is quite strong.”






At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s fist pierced his chest. The fist seemed like it shook the space.






Sayogi’s body was thrown back and his chest sank in because of the strong blow.


In that brief moment, he managed to gather internal energy around the chest to minimise the damage.


“Cough… Cough…”


This man was truly astonishing. His chest was sunken in, but it was able to recover.




The sunken chest began to protrude out little by little. But the pain didn’t go away.




As he was in pain, Chun Yeowun went behind him.


“The recovery is pretty fast.”




Chun Yeowun slammed Sayogi’s head with his palm.








Blood gushed out of Sayogi’s face, and his neck broke.

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