Chapter 133: TRA (4)

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Chapter 133: TRA (4)




Literally called a monster, it appeared 7 years ago. The Alpha-class dangerous entity Kaiju, which descended from the S-class Gate, had turned three cities into cities of death.


Unlike the other cities, it was difficult to rebuild these 3 because of the heavy radiation. Therefore, it was given a Restricted Area (RA) rating, which couldn’t be resolved since the First Gate Dimension Gate opening.


And access to it was forbidden.


‘Is that him?’


Commander Yu Young-kang’s eyes didn’t leave the monitor showing Chun Yeowun floating in the air.


Other officers assumed that the attack was stopped in order for the Murim warriors and the Gate Keepers to be deployed, but the reality was different.


[Only that man can stop it.]


That man, which Ahn Woo-hong was raving about.


Ahn Woo-hong called this man to be the best and said that he possessed stronger abilities than any Keeper or Murim warrior. Whether that was true or not would soon be decided.






“W-what was that?”


The officers exclaimed constantly. It was clearly visible on the monitor.


Thousands of Air Swords.




The enormous number of Air Swords which directly pierced into the body of a 120 meter long Alpha Kaiju.


It was more than just missile bombing.


It seemed like these swords could push out the Kaiju any time.






Chun Yeowun frowned.


The Air Swords kept hitting the Kaiju, yet he couldn’t feel a single attack working on it. Rather, it gradually made the Kaiju stronger.


At that moment, Nano said.


[Radiation level is rising rapidly.]




It was then.


The green light began to condense and the Kaiju, which couldn’t be seen because of the Air Sword bombing, began to rise.






The condensed green light was radiation.


Chun Yeowun noticed the Kaiju opening its mouth as the radiation breathed out from it.


Ping! Swosssh!


A green ray crossed the air and precisely aimed at Chun Yeowun.


The speed it was emitted with was unbelievable, and even the thickness of the beam was enormous, which meant it couldn’t be avoided by teleportation.




Chun Yeowun raised his sword. In an instant, an invisible sword energy rose.




Chun Yeowun tried to cut the green ray coming at him, but the destructive power of the beam itself was the sum of energy the Sky Flash possessed.


And with such speed and power.






The invisible sword was unable to cut it and Chun Yeowun ended up bouncing back. As a result, Chun Yeowun’s figure was swept away by the green light and disappeared.




And with the beam, the wind moved around like a storm. Both the Murim warriors and the Keepers couldn’t hide their shock.


“No way!”


“Oh my… can that even be caught?”


They all believed that Kaiju, which was hit with thousands of Air Swords, would definitely take damage.


But even that looked unsuccessful since there wasn’t a single scratch on it.


‘… is it even possible for Air Swords to not work?’


Seo Jang-ryeong went stiff. He tried to confirm that Air Swords could do something. As a warrior of Supreme Master level, he wanted to know if his best technique would work or not.


‘It cannot be caught.’


When Seo Jang-ryeong realized that it didn’t work, he fell into despair. To compare it, it was like trying to break a rock with an egg.


Of course, not everyone was filled with fear and horror.


“It’s my turn.”


Sayogi saw this as an opportunity. Although he lost the chance to compete with Chun Yeowun, who was swept away, he would be able to call himself the best if this monster was taken down.


‘Grandpa told me not to go, but I will prove that I am the strongest in martial arts.’


Sayogi didn’t leave Death valley with his grandfather’s permission. The man looking after him never allowed him to go.


And it has been almost 90 years now.


So his desire to be the strongest grew.


‘I’ll prove my power here.’


While everyone was stunned, Sayogi tried to rush to the Kaiju. It was then that someone blocked him.


Hu Bong.




“What is it?”


“It isn’t over yet, so wait.”


Chun Yeowun instructed hu Bong to prevent anyone else from getting close, so he stopped Sayogi from participating in the war to fulfil those orders.


“It is done. Haven’t you seen it too?”


“Lord isn’t someone who will lose so easily. My Lord has the greatest power under him.”


“Lord, Ah… he is your Lord?”




Hu Bong answered proudly when Sayogi continued.


“It must be tragic to lose your Lord, but the title for being the strongest will be in my hands.”




It wasn’t spoken in a way to provoke the opponent.


But since the words were casually told, Hu Bong felt enraged.


“How dare you!”


Hu Bong reached out to subdue him. At that moment, Sayogi swiftly evaded Hu Bong’s hand.




Hu Bong brought out Fire qi on his hands.




Sayogi took a step back. It was a brief jump in the air and that was enough for Hu Bong to know that Sayogi wasn’t an ordinary warrior.


‘He is strong.’


Which meant this man wasn’t just casually spouting those words.




Hu Bong pulled out the sword he had on the back. He acknowledged that this enemy wasn’t someone he could easily deal with.


Seeing that, Sayogi pointed his finger backwards and said,


“I don’t think this is the time for us to argue like this. Aren’t we supposed to stop that monster?”




The ground shook. The Kaiju, which blew Chun Yeowun with a beam, moved.


Not just that one thing, but even those smaller versions of it moved ahead. Their goal seemed to be to advance towards the National Guard.




Hu Bong frowned. He wondered if Chun Yeowun was really injured. And not missing the chance, someone passed by him.




“That bastard!”


He flew with great speed while wearing that iron armour.


The fact that he was able to move in the air meant that he was stronger than most.


“He is flying!”


“No way. Doesn’t that mean he is also a Supreme Master?”


The Murims couldn’t hide their shock. The Supreme Master level is something that only five people have managed to achieve.


“Over there!”


Even Hu Bong, who followed the man, was moving in the air. At that sight, Seo Jang-ryeong frowned.


‘Just… what the hell is this?’


In a few minutes, three more warriors appeared. From his point of view, a large number of strong people had appeared.


Flustered, Bi Mak-heon spoke to Yu So-hwa.


“Secretary Yu, shouldn’t they be stopped?”


It seemed like she could stop them. At that, Yu So-hwa shook her head and answered.


“I don’t see any need to do that.”




Bi Mak-heon’s face brightened as he looked at where she looked.


Meanwhile, Sayogi’s heart pounded while he ran towards the Kaiju. Finally, he had the chance to showcase his White Sword Martial Arts to the world.




He could see that monster moving ahead. As Sayogi pretended to raise his hand lightly, the iron lid on the box behind him opened, revealing several weapons.


36 kinds of weapons.




At that moment, Sayogi hurriedly turned to the left as he felt fire behind him.


The flame sphere passed.


‘This is?’


“Didn’t I tell you to stop!”


When he saw Hu Bong closely following him, Sayogi shook his head.


“You really are a stubborn man. In that case.”


He held onto a dagger in his left hand and a sword in the right.


He then extended his hand ahead.


At that moment, four weapons escaped from the iron armour. A sword, a blade, a spear and a spiked wheel.


‘White Sword Martial Arts!’


The four weapons rushed for Hu Bong. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a simple movement.


All four of them moved differently like four different warriors were handling them.


‘Such strong technique.’


Hu Bong was startled and stopped as he unfolded the Illusion Sword technique.


The sword drew numerous shadows and created a dense net, it was to block the weapons from approaching.




Hu Bong’s eyes trembled.


‘What the hell is this…’


It was the first time he had seen something like this.


Completely different movement of weapons from a single master taking advantage of the gap as if the weapons had a mind of their own.






Hu Bong brought out the Fire qi. It was because he knew that no normal technique could go against this.


He used the fire with the Illusion Sword technique.




The sword was engulfed in flames, further developing the mesh-like form.




All four weapons were blocked, and they bounced back, making Sayogi look surprised.


“Ha. Blocking that. You must have such great skills, but it is a waste to serve under others.”


Contrary to his expectations, as this man managed to subdue his weapons, Sayogi was now drenched in winning over him.


“Then let’s see if you can stop this.”


As Sayogi raised his hand upwards, four additional weapons escaped from the iron armour, and when he reached out, they once again aimed for Hu Bong.


That was when he heard a sound from behind.


Thud! Thud! Thud!




He looked behind and saw one of the 30 metres tall Kaiju rushing ahead with great speed.


It seemed like it walked out of the group after seeing these two fight.




Its roar was terrifying. And each step it took was making the floor vibrate.


“You must have a death wish.”


Sayogi reached for the Kaiju. And the four weapons which were going for Hu Bong soon changed direction and rushed for the monster.




“For monsters which prey on humans, death is your only end.”


He saw that sword energy wouldn’t work on it, so what should he do?


He didn’t stop.




When Sayogi’s eyes gleamed with a red light, the energy roared, and the blue sword energy turned red.




‘What amazing energy.’


Even Hu Bong went stiff at it. It was the first time that he felt goosebumps in this world.


“Let’s show you what you are dealing with.”


Eight weapons with blood-stained energy flew towards the Kaiju. And they crossed together to hit it.


Kwak! Kwak!




A roar of pain erupted from the Kaiju’s mouth. Surprisingly, it managed to penetrate its body which couldn’t be dealt with by sword energy.


However, even the weapons couldn’t penetrate its body.


‘It is strong.’


As Sayogi waved his hand, the weapons moved. It was meant to pierce the body with a drill-like movement.






Green light flashed from the Kaiju’s mouth, and then the breath was fired.


Sayogi flew up.


He could avoid it because the beam was smaller than the Alpha’s.


“I just don’t want to get it!”


As Sayogi stretched out his hand, eight more weapons flew out.


“It is the first time I use 16 weapons against a monster, handle this with pride!”


Sayogi stretched out his hand, and the 8 weapons flew towards the Kaiju’s head.


The weapons were divided to attack the eyes, nose, mouth and chin.




Sweat dripped from Sayogi’s forehead. Handling 18 weapons at once wasn’t easy. Even after training for decades, just a minor loss of concentration and the technique would be lost in an instant.




Finally, the weapons that were targeting the head completely penetrated it.


Seeming to be in pain, the Kaiju ran ahead.




It ran wild in all directions and soon fell to the floor.




Seeing that, Sayogi smiled.


He wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked at Hu Bong.


“See that? That monster is no match for me. If you want to stop them, then don’t disturb me anymore. I will deal with all the monsters here.”


Hu Bong smirked at that statement.


“Look behind you.”




Sayogi turned to see what this man was talking about, the vibration from the ground had vanished. And Sayogi looked up and noticed that the Kaiju which was marching for the National Guard stopped moving.




Something was holding the Kaiju in check, black shadows came out and were holding its lower body.


‘What is that thing?’


That wasn’t the only thing.




The feet were gradually dug down. A great deal of pressure seemed to be put on the monster.


“This… Heavenly Master?”


It wasn’t a common thing.


The energy gathered around crushing the Kaiju was enormous.


But thanks to that, the movement stopped. It was none other than Chun Yeowun who did such a thing.


Hz lowered his palm, and the energy within nature moved according to it.


“What the hell are we witnessing right now?”


“Is he suppressing that thing with energy?”


The Murim people who watched it couldn’t hide their shock.


Chun Yeowun, whom they thought to have been dead, was alive and holding the monster in one place.


Seo Jang-ryeong mumbled as he couldn’t understand this anymore.


“I can’t believe it… a Heavenly Master… it actually exists…”


Seo Jang-ryeong, who felt the energy in the surroundings move, was amazed at it.






At that, whispers spread around. The world ‘Heavenly Master’ was something people considered a legend.




The 120 metres long Kaiju stepped out. Having gotten a bit used to the energy stopping it, it gradually moved and the mouth began to turn green.


“It is doing that again!”


“Man! You need to avoid it!”


The Murim warriors shouted for Chun Yeowun.


They considered Chun Yeowun lucky to have survived the first time, and were scared he would be now hit for real.


However, Chun Yeowun flew towards the monster.




“It is dangerous!”


The Alpha opened its mouth and then released the breath at Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun swung the Sky Demon Sword in his hand and the breath was slashed.


“I-It was slashed!”


The radiation breath was divided into two and spread out in other directions, and Chun Yeowun aimed for the neck.


It was then,




He drew the sword.


As a black line formed on the Alpha Kaiju’s neck, the space shook.




The moment everyone felt the creepy energy, they saw it, the neck of the Alpha Kaiju seemed to slowly fall down.


“I-it was cut!”


“The neck of the monster belonging to RA class!”


Everyone was so startled that they couldn’t take their eyes off it.




Such a huge head, finally fell to the ground.


Thud! Thud!


The small Kaijus, which looked at the rolling Alpha Kaiju’s head, began to scream.






As if they could recognize that their leader was dead.


But it didn’t last long.


Before long, Chun Yeowun’s sword went for their heads too.


Clash! Clash!


Each time the sword was swung, a head would fall off.


It was utterly devastating.


Looking at Sayogi who was biting his lip, Hu Bong grinned.


“Hehe, that is the level that can be called as the best in the world. Kid.”

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