Chapter 130: TRA (1)

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Chapter 130: TRA (1)


It was only a year ago did Hagar make some progress.


There was a limit to becoming stronger by preying on his own kind, so he concentrated on controlling his demonic powers.


And when he became able to control it, he thought he moved to a new level of advancement.


However, as he progressed, he discovered a major drawback.


The power was so explosively increased that the Nation Defense Agency had managed to capture it on their radar. After that, he never used it again.


The first time he decided to use it was against a strong enemy and the result was…


Roll roll!




His neck was cut off, and his head was rolling on the ground.


Who would have imagined that the man would decide to attack him at the moment he was awakening?


‘You.. you coward!’


For Hagar, this was flustering.


The most absurd thing was that during the process of awakening, the body turns indestructible.


However, that body was cut off.


‘I need to restore the body.’


Fortunately, he had self-healing abilities that could help him out. As long as the core wasn’t lost, any damage could be repaired.


‘No? why isn’t it healing?’


Hagar couldn’t hide his shock.


Although the wound on the neck was severe, he was sure it could heal.


But it didn’t.


‘Isn’t this the same as then?’


This was the second time the wound didn’t heal.


If there was a difference, it healed in the past after some time, but there was no sign of that now.


The ferocious destructive dark energy was blocking it.


‘What the…’




Chun Yeowun pulled the demon’s head.




“Still alive? Amazing.”


Even though the head was severed, it was spinning and the demon seemed alive.


“Is this the effect of awakening?”


It sounded cold and Hagar thought it was sarcastic.


Gritting his teeth, he opened his mouth.


“You bastard! What did you do? Why is my body…”


Before even letting him finish, Chun Yeowun asked,


“What did you mean earlier when you said other monsters like me?”


Hagar’s eyes fluttered.


He didn’t think this man would take his words seriously.


“A human?”


As Chun Yeowun personally fought with the current Murims, he knew that there was no one who could win against Hagar.


It was no exaggeration to say that even the Five Great Warriors would lose against Hagar.


“Was that the one who left the scars on your body?”




At the mention of the scars, Hagar felt anxious.


Demons cannot leave scars.


However, it was strange that the wounds inflicted by that person didn’t heal.


‘Damn it!’


He still couldn’t forget that day.


It was raining that night.


The indifferent red eyes which looked down on his bleeding body.




Without answering, the monster aimed to kill him.


At that time, Kyle appeared and dragged him into the shadow realm.


If not for that, he would have been long dead.


Kyle was seriously injured and the scars on his face were also made by that person.


‘That can’t happen now.’


Because he had no more subordinates around, Hagar opened his mouth while glaring at Chun Yeowun.


“Huh! As if I would tell…. Ah!”


But suddenly, something popped into his head.


He wondered what if the monstrous humans collided? Hagar became curious about the martial arts because of that person.


‘A monster versus monster…’


It was an interesting plot.


He even wanted to see it, but might not have the chance.


It was definite that he would die.


“Do you know a place called Mount Bigol?”


“Mount Bigol?”


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes, he definitely heard of it.


‘When? Ah!’


Mount Bigol, on the Sichuan province border.


Famous for its steepness, there was a place on the cliff. The one called Death valley because it was so deep and the torrents from the upstream were so strong that no one could survive it.


The reason Chun Yeowun remembered it was…


[Unfortunately, the civil war within the Forces of Evil is likely to end with the victory of Hang-yeon. Lord.]


[Is that so?]


During that time.


Precisely before heading to the North Sea Ice Palace.


The Forces of Evil were having a civil war and he heard from Elder Huan that due to the sudden appearance of the great Forces of Evil’s Hang-yeon, one of the Five Great Warrior at that time and leader of the Forces of Evil, the situation was known to be troubling.


[Didn’t we think that the Forces of Evil were at a disadvantage?]


[We did, but information came out that the one leading the other side of the fight fell into Death Valley and died. I wondered if Hang-yeon’s era would pass, but it didn’t seem like it would happen. Huhuhu.]


At that time, he heard about this place. And this thing had happened around a thousand years ago.


Hagar continued.


“If you want to meet that monster, go there.”


He didn’t say anything else.


It was because the man could think he was deceiving him, if not, one day they would definitely cross their paths.


“Kill me. Now.”


As he was done, he wanted to self-destruct. But with the head being cut off and the sensations in his body gone, it was impossible.


Chun Yeowun spoke to Hagar who gave up.


“Just one more question. What were you guys up to?”


The reason they put themselves in the Murim Association was heard from Deo.


It was to monitor the pursuers coming to them, observe the Gates and increase their power.


Deo said that the man wanted to become the king and return back to his world. But he couldn’t figure out why he still stayed here.


So there must have been another reason.


“Huh! Did you think I would say that to someone like you? Don’t waste your time and kill me!”


Of course, he wouldn’t answer such a question. Chun Yeowun shook his head.


“Well, it doesn’t matter. I heard that you are the last.”


Whatever their intention was, Hagar was their head and the others were already dead. If he was killed, everything would be back to normal.


‘Such a pity.’


If only the Ghost qi worked, his last question would have been solved, but it didn’t work on demons.


Chun Yeowun approached Hagar’s body which was on the ground.


And then used the sword.




A sharp black sword cut the center of the chest into a circle.


After doing that, Chun Yeowun sucked the core from it.


And Hagar watched it with trembling eyes.


‘No way! Does it end like this…’


A baron with the dream to become a King. He thought of becoming the King of Demons!


Only if he could have ‘that’!!


But everything was ending like this.


‘That when I just found a clue to it.’


Sadly, it was too late.


Once the core breaks, he will be done.


At the moment when he was in despair.




Chun Yeowun, who knew how to destroy it, put it on the black wrist guard.




The guard resonated, and the core was taken in.


Confused, Hagar asked.


“You, how did you do it?”




Chun Yeowun looked at him.




As the core was absorbed, Hagar’s body cracked and with black smoke, he soon turned into ashes.




Chun Yeowun frowned.


The way Hagar asked, it was as if he was shocked by it.


“Sky Demon Sword?”


Hagar definitely looked at the sword which was in wrist guard form.


‘Why was he shocked with the sword?’


He couldn’t understand it.




Meanwhile, information about Hagar’s abilities flooded into Chun Yeowun’s head.


Xian, the capital of the government.


The West Public Security Bureau wasn’t too far from the train station.


As it was a place for the government, there were four Public Security Bureaus in Xian, and the general Public Security office was within the State Council.


One of them, the West Public Security Bureau’s special department building.


In the hallway, a sad-looking middle-aged man in the chief’s uniform was personally guiding someone.


The director of Public Security was Ahn Jung-yun.


“Secretary general, this side.”


And the man in his forties with a beard and glasses, who was being guided, was Wei Hae-sang, the secretary general of the National Defense Agency.


He was like the third head of the National Demon Agency.


“Is it running rampant?”


“Fortunately, docile.”


At that, Wei Hae-sang nodded his head and they eventually received the special task force building.




At the appearance of the director and a guest of the National Defense Agency, the members of the special task force got up and saluted them.


“Enough. Everyone back to work! Manager Kang.”


“Yes. Director?”


“Where is it?”


In response to Ahn Jung-yun’s question, the man led them to the interrogation room.


The 5th interrogation room.


It was a room for Murims and people with abilities.


“In here?”


“Yes. Meal time.”


“This time?”


“He kept saying that he was hungry, so we ordered a late-night snack.”


Director Ahn Jung-yun clicked his tongue at Manager Kang’s words, and said to the secretary general.


“Let’s head into the observational room.”


Each interrogation room had an observation room right next to it. It was a place where one could see what was happening.


As they entered, Wei Hae-sang’s eyes lit up.


“What is all this?”


Numerous weapons were placed on the table in the observation room.


It seemed like 30 at first glance.


Starting with swords, blades, spears, knuckles and more unique stuff which could only be seen in movies, but next to the table was a box.




Manager Kang explained.


“They all belonged to him.”


Through the glass, he pointed to the man in his early thirties, who was wearing shaggy clothes and eating with his hands. He ate like a possessed beggar.


“Is this the one who made a GateKeepers leader that way?”


“Not just that one. Also the Lee Cha-jun of the special department who went in to get him.”


Special task force department.


There were 7 Murim warriors of which the Public Security was proud.


One of them was Lee cha-jun, a Superior Master. He was now in the emergency room.


Chief Kang could still remember that scene.


“… such a monstrous person. With just a few snaps of his fingers, he defeated him.”


“Snaps of fingers?”


At that, the secretary general was shocked.


He knew about Lee cha-jun, the man in top 30 warriors. It was hard to believe that such a person was sent to the emergency room in a couple snaps.


“A registered person?”




“Not even the identity?”


“We were told that he had been living with his grandfather in deep mountains since he was a child, but no means to check if it was the truth or not.”


At that, Wei Hae-sang was confused.


“Does it make sense for such a skilled warrior to reach that level in the mountains? Where the hell did he come from?”


“It is a name I heard for the first time…”


“What is that place?”


“Death Valley.”


“Death valley?”


Just the name gave them creeps.


However, they had no way of knowing that name.


“Ha! Insane! No name! No identity! He just comes and spouts that… and what the hell is that place?”


Chief Kang scratched his head as Wei Hae-sang said that and added,


“Uh…it made me laugh after hearing about it, but he said that he came down to become the best in Murim.”


“What? Best in Murim?”

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