Chapter 129: Oshin Group (3)

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Chapter 129: Oshin Group (3)


The man who was always in the shadows was Hagar. The clan’s traitor.


‘Where in hell did he come from?’


Hagar’s eyes shone.


Even when he gained strength, since he was a fugitive and always on the run, he was extremely vigilant.


So since this man came from the office side, he should have known.




Chun Yeowun smiled.


‘It was worth it.’


He decided not to let Hagar notice him.


It was around 2:00 in the morning.


Moving in the shadow realm, Chun Yeowun moved closer, where the other two immediately used the teleportation ability to narrow the distance.


A useful ability he managed to get.


“Kua… you…!”


Luther, whose chest was pierced, was furious. But what could he do? His core was already in Chun Yeowun’s hand.


“Are you the last of the three?”




Without hesitation, Chun Yeowun pulled it out.




Hagar tried to reach before his friend’s core got pulled out, but he was too late.


When the core left the body, Luther fell to the ground.


Swosh! Thud!


Black smoke began to rise around the body which fell.


If the core wasn’t put in right away, he would die immediately.


“You bug!”


Hagar’s eyes got dyed in black and black veins grew all over his body.


But the appearance was unusual.


‘What is that?’


All the exposed areas were covered in scars. Most of them were sword cuts.




At first glance, it looked like sword wounds. However, these weren’t, it seemed like numerous ones.




They seemed to be wounds from several kinds of weapons.


He was puzzled, but Hagar, who was standing there enraged, yelled,


“if you don’t give me that, I will kill you!”


He pointed to the core in Chun Yeowun’s hand.


“Do you need this?”


“Careful. Human! If it takes even the slightest damage, you will die…”


Before he could even finish, Chun Yeowun opened the shadow in his palm and put the core in it.






Seeing that, Hagar’s expression hardened.


“No… that ability?”


If he wasn’t mistaken, the ability he witnessed belonged to Kyle.


As he had no reason to hide anything, Chun Yeowun said,


“Ah, thanks it was useful.”




Hagar couldn’t understand it.


If what he heard was true, then that meant Chun Yeowun took Kyle’s ability.


But that was impossible!


‘A human has the powers of demons? No way.’


He himself had done too many experiments since he came here. In addition to preying on his own kind, he tried to transfer abilities to people.


However, not a single human could possess a demon’s power. It was impossible and he was sure of it.


‘No. rather than that, I need to take that core from him.’


He didn’t have the time to fall into thinking. He should reclaim the core before it was too late.


“Don’t make me do something which will make you regret your actions.”




Hagar flew towards Chun Yeowun as he reached out a sword with flames in his hand.




Hagar, who was pushed back, took a unique pose, and then he unfolded a technique.


‘Sword technique?’


Wickedly clean! The sword of flames in Hagar’s hands aimed at Chun Yeowun’s body like a vicious beast.


“I’ll cut off your limbs with the martial arts you are so proud of!”


The trajectory drawn by the sword of flame went for Chun Yeowun. However, in an instant, he disappeared and appeared behind him.




Hagar couldn’t hide his shock.


This was Alcado’s teleportation.


‘How did this happen?’


There was no room for shock.


Chun Yeowun drew his sword.


And at that moment, the demon felt a chill run down his spine.




Not thinking, Hagar leaned back, and a black line passed through.


‘Invisible Sword? No, this is different.’


Hagar, who had mastered martial arts, was aware of the systems within it. However, this was different from the normal invisible sword.


From that black line, he could feel a ferocious yet thick darkness, and if he hadn’t moved, he would have definitely lost his life.


“I thought you wouldn’t avoid it, well, you are the leader.”


Hagar’s face contorted at Chun Yeowun’s words. He couldn’t tell if this was a joke or a compliment.


It was unbearable to hear such things coming out of a human’s mouth.


Hagar stretched out his hand.


Woong! Woong! Woong!


Hundreds of spheres with demonic power appeared all around the space.


When Hagar grabbed the sword, the spheres turned into sword shapes and surrounded Chun Yeowun within 100 meters.


“How do you plan on dodging that?”




“Surprised? Did you humans consider that using swords freely without holding them was Air Swords? Unlike you humans, the demons with higher psyche like mine can handle as many as I want at the same time.”


Hagar yelled in a happy voice. And as he said that, the demonic spheres moved as if they were alive.




Hundreds of them rushed at the same time.


‘This is fun.’


Chun Yeowun smiled.


Other than Chun Yeowun himself, Hagar was the first demon to have this idea.


“But you’re facing the wrong opponent.”




Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand and then pretended to hold it down.




Dazzling blue light rays fell from a higher sky and stopped the demonic swords.


Pang! Pang!


The swords which collided exploded. Hagar was taken aback at the swords which came in from above.


“W-what is this?”


It was one of Chun Yeowun’s favourites, Sky Flash.


All the swords were accurately stopped with the help of Nano’s panel system.


‘No way! How can a human being…?’


From what he knew, humans could never have such strength.


Even if they have attained enlightenment, they have a limit because of their narrow thoughts.


But seeing this human control so many swords, he was speechless.


‘Is he really human?’


Like all others, he had the same thoughts. But there was a difference, this demon wasn’t going to give up.




He looked at the sky. And then the black eyes turned grey.


The night sky above began to change as clouds began to come.


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.




Rumble! Rumble!


Dark clouds were coming above them as if an extreme weather phenomenon was happening.


Thunder clouds were appearing.


“I will kill you!”




As he finished speaking, blue lightning strikes could be seen on the black clouds, and they all went for Chun Yeowun.


The lightning seemed too powerful and destructive.




“Human! Die!”


The lightning devoured the Sky Flash and struck Chun Yeowun.


It was strong enough to destroy the entire area.


Among all the Count level hearts that Hagar had eaten, this was the best ability he got.


‘This is the price a human has to pay for provoking me.’


Even an S-class Alpha entity could be killed at once, which meant this couldn’t be stopped.






An unbelievable thing occurred right ahead of him.


Chun Yeowun, who had to be dead, was standing completely fine.


“H… how?”


He had no way of knowing that Chun Yeowun, who became immune to lightning after absorbing the core of the Dragon Turtle, wouldn’t be affected by this.


“How disappointing.”


At that time, Chun Yeowun raised his hand and swung it like a circle, and the lightning followed his movement.




The huge lightning started to move in his hands.


“No… way?”


“Let’s hit you this time.”


When Chun Yeowun reached out to Hagar, the lightning went there.


Hagar tried to avoid it, but since it was too huge,




“This is insane!”






Hagar, who was struck, fell to the ground as he screamed.


Unfortunately, he didn’t have any core or blood of a spirit beast inside him, so he received the shock.




“Kuak… cough…”


Black smoke came out of his stomach as he was dug in a 100-meter pit.


If he hadn’t changed into an awakened body, he might have completely disappeared.


Hagar stood up as he staggered and involuntarily clasped his hands.


“Kuak… among the trashy humans…. are monsters like this…”




He recalled what happened six years ago, and felt the wounds on his body hurt again.


Since that day, he had been avoiding direct fights and began to build his power, but he never dreamt that he would once again be in the same situation.




Chun Yeowun descended in front of him.


“Now let me take your core as well.”


Hagar’s face flushed red at the words and laughed.




“Have you gone crazy because of your own helplessness?”




After laughing, Hagar grunted his teeth.


“You asshole! Fine! I couldn’t control my power since I was in this form, and so I endured it, but I don’t need to do it anymore. I will show you my true power, you human!”




Hagar’s veins, which were bulged, sank.


His entire body swelled up and scales began to sprout out like armour.


Even horns were coming up from his head.




His power rose explosively, and the surroundings trembled.


In the midst of the change, Hagar said, revealing his sharp teeth which were black.


“Kuak! rejoice. For the first time, you will have the honor of seeing a member higher than Duke or…”






At that moment, Hagar’s vision turned downward and he fell.




All he saw was the ground where he fell.


His head was cut off.


“Kua… y, you…”


Chun Yeowun’s voice could be heard.


“Idiot. Did you think I would wait until your transformation was complete?”

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