Chapter 128: Oshin Group (2)

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Chapter 128: Oshin Group (2)


[T-that is suicide! Most of the clan members were forcibly awakened, and all have Marquis level abilities. Considering the Murim people, they all must be around the Divine Master level. Beside his three henchmen, those three have different skills.]


Deo tried to dissuade Chun Yeowun.


He didn’t like it, but since he swore allegiance to the man, he didn’t want him to die.


[Everyone reached Divine Master…]


As fighting-type beings from birth, the demons were stronger than humans. Which meant no one could stand against them.


In that case, if that man was sending in demons when Chun Yeowun was away, one day he might be late and too many casualties might occur.


To prevent that, Chun Yeowun wanted to remove them.




Trajectories in black.


It was the invisible sword of Sky Demon energy. If there was an absolute way to destroy the opponent, he could always unleash the Supreme Demon Sword.


‘But this much is enough.’


The power of the invisible sword with Sky Demon energy is enough.


“H-How could a human…”


Brom, whose head was split into dozens of pieces, asked.


It wasn’t just him.


In an instant, the entire body of 12 demons was torn apart.






The only thing remaining unharmed from the demon’s bodies was the core.


The demon-like swordsmanship cut down everything apart from that one thing.




When Chun Yeowun reached out his hand, the core was sucked out from the demon’s bodies.


‘It would be bad to get rid of these.’


Mystic abilities were inside the demons’ cores. And that was the reason why he didn’t use the Supreme Sky Demon Sword.


Since the Supreme Sky Demon Sword would cut off everything, Chun Yeowun tried not to use it.


“No way!”


Mun Il-hyang, who was watching from the sidelines, wasn’t shocked.


Even he, who was at the peak of the current Murim, could barely deal with one demon.


Besides, two of the three main demons were here.


‘To take down two of the three strong demons like this…’


It was truly overwhelming.


With that, Mun Il-hyang knew for sure.


‘This man is Heavenly Master level…’


At that time, Chun Yeowun swung the sword.


And the invisible sword which emerged in the air, flew through one of the pillars in the lobby.






The same sound cracks could be heard from other sides too. And suddenly, the space below the lobby shook, and someone appeared.


It was Alcado.




Alcado grabbed his stomach, and black smoke was coming out.


It was a wound made by the invisible sword.


In addition, the face and body were full of cuts.


“How did you avoid it?”


Chun Yeowun asked curiously.


The invisible sword with Sky Demon energy on it definitely aimed for them all.


But in that brief moment, one escaped.


Alcado stared at Chun Yeowun.


‘That one is a monster!’


One of his abilities was teleportation. He could use it within a distance of 15 meters.


‘I thought I managed to avoid…’


He used it the moment Chun Yeowun appeared in front of Brom.


If he hadn’t instinctively felt the crisis and did that, he would have been cut into pieces of meat like them.


He always thought that his teleportation wasn’t that good since it was short-range, but now it saved his life.


‘He isn’t someone I can deal with by myself.’


“What the hell are you doing? Attack him!”


Alcado hurriedly shouted at Mun Il-hyang and the other warriors.


The elders and the others, who were watching it in admiration, came to their senses, but they didn’t act on it.


It was strange for them to act after seeing what they did.


‘What should I do?’


‘How can that monster be stopped?’


Seeing their attitude, Alcado bit his lip. Maybe the humans were too scared to move.


His clan members felt fear as well, but their master or leader ordered it.


‘But the humans… huh?’




Alcado tried to hurriedly teleport because of the invisible sword flying towards him. And his body appeared at the entrance of the gate, which was 15 meters away.


‘Damned bastard!’


A little late, and the sword would’ve been pierced in him. While he was annoyed and worried, Chun Yeowun appeared ahead of him.




“You. Do you call that fast movement?”




Chun Yeowun tried to touch him again with the sword.


Confused, Alcado teleported again.




This time, it was outside the building. It would be nice to teleport in a cool way, but he had no choice.


‘I need to run away.’


This wasn’t someone he could deal with.


So he thought that if he teleported constantly, he could escape.




Alcado teleported.


And once again, his body appeared 15 meters away.


And he was about to teleport again, until he saw something.




Lightning sparks flowed right ahead of him. And not just one. Uncountable swords with Thunder qi were spread out around him.






Right ahead, stood Chun Yeowun once again.


Although he was unable to teleport, he couldn’t believe Chun Yeowun’s fast movement.


“You can only move around 5 jang?”


The distance of jang was the traditional unit, which meant 15 meters.


Alcado’s face went stiff.


‘When did he notice it?’


Unfortunately, and despite not using it a lot, Chun Yeowun understood the ability. If this man couldn’t travel too far, then the solution was simple.


It was to make a ranged attack ready in any direction he might take.


With a smile, Chun Yeowun said.


“Try it again. That ability to move.”


“… You, are you really a human?”


“I am tired of hearing the same question each time.”




When Chun Yeowun lifted his finger, the countless swords surrounding Alcado rushed for him.




‘What fucked up mess is this!’


Acaldo’s face turned pale at the lightning coming for him.


Meanwhile, in the sky, not far from Gwangju city.


There were two flying figures which were moving across the sky.


As they flew at the same high speed, the faces were disrupted.




When one stopped, the other stopped too.


And the exotic-looking man in a grey jumper asked.


“My King. Why did you st…”


“The link with the clan was cut off.”


“Huh? What is that supposed to mean?”


At the bewildered question, the man whose face was in shadow, yelled out.


“It means that all those gathered in the Ohsin Group were killed.”




The clan was their strength.


And the clan members sent there were strong ones who were awakened, and such ones were annihilated?


“There were two of the top three there. No way, are they…”


“They were hit.”




The three people had served this person since the past. They were the ones who turned strong as they ate the pursuers of the clan.


It was hard to believe that they were defeated.


“No… did a Duke come?”




Otherwise, these clan members couldn’t be defeated.


“Did the Dukes move?”


The man stroked his chin with a serious look. If the Duke’s pursuers came, then the situation was dire.


“If even one of the Dukes was sent or came here, then returning to Gwangju will only disrupt the entire thing the King established.”


At the subordinates’ words, the man fell into anguish. At that moment, the phone on his wrist rang.




He looked at the screen.


[Oshin Group chairman, Mun Il-hyang.]


His eyes gleamed in suspicion.


The entire clan was annihilated, and it was strange that this man only called now.


Hesitating, he answered it.


“Mun Il-hyang?”


-It must be you.


The man’s eyes narrowed. This wasn’t Mun Il-hyang’s voice.


“Who are you?”


-Me? I am the Chun Ma of the Great Sky Demon Order.


Chun Yeowun.


When he boldly gave out his identity, the man’s face distorted.


He thought that this was done by the pursuers of the clan, but this was done by the person they were trying to trap and kill.


It was absurd, so he said.


“You… did that? Chun Mu-seong?”


-Well… I didn’t mean to, but I did what you did to me.




-I was going to wipe out all of you, not just that one place.




The man clenched the phone, it was fortunate that the phone was made of gold and didn’t break right away.


“You are cheeky. How dare you say that to me?”


-You have been too immersed in human society for too long, but it doesn’t seem like you can fully act like a human.


At Chun Yeowun’s words, the man went silent.


According to what he had just heard, this man knew about his identity. Which meant there was no need to act.


“You know about us.”


-A traitor who preys on his own people.


At Chun Yeowun’s sarcastic words, the man spoke in a voice filled with anger.


“That isn’t something I want to hear from inferior humans.”


-You are a funny one. If you think humans are inferior, come to the Oshin group.




-Don’t make me wait for long. Don’t tell me you are trying to run away with your tail between your legs?


“You cheeky worm!”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, the man’s face turned red. Suddenly, his eyes turned black. He wanted to kill this man on the phone right away.


“My King.”


The subordinate, who was listening to the call, shook his head after pressing the silence button so the other side couldn’t hear it.


“It’s a trap. Calm down.”




The energy he was releasing subsided and the man was back to normal.


‘I am glad I have this one.’


He lost all his power and two of his best subordinates, and he was on the verge of losing his control…


‘Luther is right. Having dealt with all of them meant he came well prepared over there. So I must not fall for his trap.’


He wanted to go, but he wasn’t sure what the enemy was wanting him to do. And Luther spoke in a hushed voice.


“He is going to come to the TRA area. We can use that as our stage.”


The man nodded and released the silence button and said.


“Do you think I will do what you want me to?”


-Running away?


“Running? Ha! Do you think I will be afraid of a human who is nothing more than a bug? If you want to die so much, come to Fuyang. I will take your life over there.”




As Luther said, he brought Chun Yeowun to the place he wanted.


If Chun Yeowun came there, he could trap him.


-Such an obvious plan.


“If you don’t come, I will do the same to you. Doesn’t your presence there mean that Yongchun is empty?”


This time, he provoked Chun Yeowun and thought it would work.


-You are pretty close.




The man frowned at those words. He wondered what it meant.






A scream erupted from Luther’s mouth and a hand protruded from his chest.


And in the hand was Luther’s core.




When the man looked at the one behind Luther, he couldn’t hide his shock.


It was Chun Yeowun.


“H-How are you here?”

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