Chapter 127: Oshin Group (1)

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Chapter 127: Oshin Group (1)


Within the Oshin Group.


A man on the terrace answered the phone with a serious face.


The middle-aged man with big ears and thick lips was Mun Il-hyang, the chairman of Oshin Group and the Murim Association.


“Yes, Yes… I understand.”


Looking at the way he answered the call, it was clear that he was talking to a difficult person.


After hanging up the phone, he took a cigar and lit it.




The smoke filled the face. And then a man with thick lips in his thirties asked the man.


“Father. Was it them again?”


The man was Mun Yi-kyung, Mun Il-hyang’s first son.


This one took the place of Mun Jeong-so, the deputy of the Association who died at the hands of Chun Yeowun.




Answering, he sucked on the cigar once again.


Mun Yi-kyung was frustrated by that.


“This is bad. They have lately been acting like our boss, aren’t they doing too much?”


Mun Il-hyang didn’t answer.


It meant he didn’t want to get into the conversation.


“Father. I think we need to move our hands now. We can’t always be swayed by them. Think about the future of the Group.”




Mun Il-hyang sighed as he let out the smoke.


His son’s proposal wasn’t an easy thing to do.


Unfortunately, he was the only one who knew their true selves. This might seem horrible for his son, but he knew that there was no escape from them.


‘Son… that one is the devil.’


Mun Il-hyang sold his soul to the devil. If he didn’t do it, the Group wouldn’t be where it was, and he wouldn’t have been so strong.


‘He and those who follow him are something that humans couldn’t tackle.’


No one knew how many times he wanted to say it. However, if he said that to the public, things would head differently for him, so he kept silent.


“… father, you speak of nothing to me!”


Mun Yi-kyung kept looking at his father and sighed.


“At least what was it in the middle of the night?”


“They asked me to hire people to enter the TRA right now.”


At that, Mun Yi-kyung’s face went stiff.


“Huh? That restricted area?”


The TRA was the place where even the government gave up and locked it down. Why did they want people going down to such a dangerous place?


A starless dark night filled with clouds.


A cold city where not a single light could enter.


The name of the city was Fuyang.


As one of Anhui’s cities, it was once a place with a population of over 3 million, but now the city of death has no survivors.


Most of the buildings were destroyed, and no place was left intact. More than 80% of the wall has been broken, and Restricted Area signposts have been buried in the grounds.


This was one of the reasons why the entry was prohibited.




In this place where a gloomy wind blew, green smoke rose like haze.


It was a radioactive contamination phenomenon.


At first glance, it could have been mistaken to be the outcome of a nuke, but mankind cannot use a nuke at present.


This was created by that ‘being’.




A black shadow moved across the city at high speed.


The black shadow flying over the dark city stopped at a certain point.


It was a ruined area.


“Must be here.”


The shadow mumbled as it started over a pit of 120 meters. There was something huge in its middle, but it was unique to see.


“He needs to be woken up again.”


The shadow mumbled in a nervous voice and reached out his hand.


A faint red energy flowed out from the shadow and entered the pit.


There was no reaction.




The eyes looking down the pit were a bit confused. It obviously had to be in this place.


‘No way, they said it died 7 years back… ah!’


At that moment, the ground shook as if an earthquake had occurred around the pit.


The hardened ground crumbled, sharp things in unique shape began to soar.


It seemed like this thing was high enough to be taller than the high-rise buildings.


‘It is up!’


The shadow’s eyes, which were looking down, smiled.


One of the worst beings that was put to sleep was now up.


At the same time, in Xian’s City State Council, an emergency meeting was held.


Because it was late at night, not all the council members were present. Even the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister weren’t there, and this meeting was being led by council member Wang Yi-cheng.


The agenda for the meeting, which was being held by the heads of four departments and important members of the state council, was truly shocking.


“What are you saying now? Are you saying that thing in the TRA has awoken?”


“It was quiet for 7 years. Why now?”


The councils were enraged. They didn’t want to believe what they were hearing about this existence within the TRA.


In particular, that being in Fuyang city was risky.


It destroyed three cities and killed over 5 million people.


“No! Wasn’t that thing dead?”


The existence which could destroy everything with a single move, it had one day stopped moving.


It was seven years since the last time they heard about it, so everyone considered it to be dead.


However, that thing was now awake from its slumber, which was an utter crisis.


When everyone was shocked, Defense Minister Ahn Woo-hong said,


“The Prime Minister and deputy aren’t here yet, so why not just give out a Code Red and issue evacuation orders for those close to the city and wait for further orders?”


The surrounding places were in danger.


Unlike other gates, this one could destroy the entire china.


And if they weren’t cautious enough, history could repeat itself.


“We will keep the army close to Fuyang city.”


The situation was critical, so Ahn Woo-hong was about to step in when Wang Yi-cheng said,


“Director Ahn.”


“What? Commissioner Wang! Since we are in tough times, say it quickly.”


“This isn’t a matter of military only.”




To the puzzled Ahn Woo-hong, Wang Y-cheng said.


“Didn’t the Ministry of National Defense sign an agreement with someone?”


Oshin Group office.


About 3 hundred employees were gathered. With swords on them, they all seemed to be skilled martial artists.


Counting the eight strong people that were leading them, this group was the best force.


They were called out in the middle of the night by an emergency call for Mun Il-hyang.


The people immediately came out with weapons, unable to take their eyes off the TV in the lobby.


-Breaking News. The state council issued a red alert. Citizens residing within the walls close to Fuyang city, which is a TRA, have been requested to follow the guidelines and head to the other cities.


“Oh my…”


“Did it move in the TRA?”


Three places were under the TRA.


And there wasn’t a single person in the Murim who didn’t know of it.


The TRA was an unsolved place, be it the military or the Murim, and clearing it was impossible for the humans.


“Wait… we aren’t heading there, right?”


“We are going to the TRA?”


Because of the news playing at the same time, the people’s faces darkened. No matter how strong the Murim people were compared to normal humans. The risks of a Gate appearing were the same.




The people looked at Mun Il-hyang who was standing cross-armed in the room.


From his response, they were trying to guess if they had anything to do with the TRA, and it seemed to be true.


Mun Il-hyang’s expression was dark.


‘Ugh, did we have to touch the TRA?’


Mun Il-hyang thought to himself.


Of course, that one said he would intervene later, but it was evident that sacrifices would be made. It would be like burning the house to catch three bugs.


He knew about the place.


The place to use the TRA to get rid of the Sky Demon Order and recover the image of the Murim Association.


Making sacrifices was essential for it.


Indeed, that one regarded human life like worms.


‘Huh, funny. Since when did I start to care about human life…’


Mun Il-hyang shook his head. He sold his soul to that one for the sake of the success of his Group.


Human lives didn’t matter to him at that time.


‘Let’s just do what we need to and not complicate stuff.’


Mun Il-hyang stopped worrying about it.


It was funny.


How could other people feel if the so-called great warrior of the Murim, which many Murim people are envious of, was just a minion wielded by the devil?


At that time, 12 handsome men and women with exotic appearance appeared in the lobby.


‘They are here.’


The demons.


The demons who will deal with the one in the TRA.


Among the 12 people, two demons stood at the forefront.


‘The three.’


Beside ‘that one’, two other demons were here.


He wasn’t scared of the others, but the three were the scariest ones apart from the one in the top.


“Is everything done? Human?”


Mun Il-yang frowned at the words of the demon called Brom.


He was one of the three, with gray-brown hair and a blue suit.


‘This one…’


This one demon was the kind who didn’t hide his distaste for humans at all.


And Mun Il-hyang was hoping not to run into this one.


[… it is done. Mr. Brom. You can leave.]


He couldn’t bow to the demons in front of his staff, so he used telepathy.


“It is annoying to do something like this to kill one human.”


The demon didn’t like this.


He was confident that he could kill the human, but he couldn’t understand why such a troublesome plan was made for that.


“Don’t complain, Brom. There is a saying among humans. Even lions need to do their best to catch rabbits.”


Alcado, one of the three, was standing next to him.


He had no hair, not even brows as if he had alopecia. And gave out a terrifying impression.


Brom mumbled at that.


“Huh! Humans are just prey. After all, what if I kill him before entering the TRA… huh?”




A man with sharp eyes, a white face, and a black suit walked into the lobby leisurely.




Mun Il-hyang unintentionally looked away and was shocked at what he saw. It was Chun Yeowun.


‘No, how did he get here?’


Because it was a trap made for this person, who should be on the way to Fuyang city, not this place!


What was even more shocking was.


‘I feel nothing.’


Even when the man was this close, he couldn’t feel anything from the man. He thought there would be no man who reached the Divine Master level.


‘So he is above me?’


At that time, Chun Yeowun smiled and said,


“Thanks. I was planning on taking care of it all, it seems like all were brought into one place.”


At Chun Yeowun’s arrogant remarks, Brom, who was already annoyed, yelled.


“Ha! What is with that cheeky bastard? I was getting annoyed so this is a good thing, I’d rather end you here…”




At that moment, Chun Yeowun appeared right in front of Brom.


Brom panicked as he was startled by the speed, which made him stretch out his nails that looked like sharp weapons.


“You. You seem fine, so I’ll start hard.”




Chun Yeowun swung this sword.




At that moment, a jet black line appeared where the demons were, and including Brom, the trajectory passed countless times.




It was shocking.


And the moment the lines were done, all body parts split at the same time for all the 12 demons without a chance to attack.


‘W-what the hell was that?’


Mun Il-hyang was shocked at that.

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