Chapter 126: Tempting Night (4)

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Chapter 126: Tempting Night (4)


“Tch tch, what a worthless ability.”


Chun Yeowun recalled the ability. He thought that Anas had the ability to brainwash seeing how the members of the Cult were in her grasp and absorbed it, but it was useless.


There was no way that Chun Yeowun would be seduced by someone. Well, Anas’ body disappeared, and the Cult members who were under her grasp were back to normal.


‘What? Why… is my arm?’


Chun Yu-jang, who was back to normal, looked at the broken arm, unable to understand anything.


It was the same for others. Those who were buried into the ground till their chests had no idea what happened.




“Why are we here?”


In fact, the last thing they remembered was.


A silver-haired woman trying to seduce them. But since then, all their memories were blank, and they couldn’t try to remember them either.




Chun Yu-jang found Chun Yeowun and approached him by holding the cracked arm. At that, Chun Yeowun said.


“Ancestor how…”




Before he could ask, a roar of blasts could be heard.


And when he looked at it, it was the Yongchun Group building which was demolished.


Fortunately, there were no people in that place as it was a training hall, but it was too sudden.


“What the hell…”


“Guard the members of the Cult who were here.”




Leaving him, Chun Yeowun moved towards the building which was destroyed.


Meanwhile, a fierce battle is raging over there.




A huge mass of flames exploded.


Through the gap, the muscular demon, Hale, with black veins bulging on his body, walked out.




An annoyed sound from Hale.


‘To do this!’


Until he was fighting alone with Shakena, he had the upper hand. However, once Mun Ran-yeong entered, the situation changed.




Mun Ran-yeong went towards him.


Hale’s body turned dark red and hardened. One of the two abilities he had, Hardening.




Even if this wasn’t changed, he could take on the flame woman who was coming for him.


However, there was someone else who kept aiming at him.




‘This bitch!’


It was Shakena.


She, who used her phasing ability, was constantly aiming for the core, so he used hardening.


In that case, he had no choice but to use electric shock once again.






She avoided it. Not missing that chance, Mun Ran-yeong aimed for the chest.






Black smoke erupted from Hale’s mouth. This was the problem.


The working of the two women together didn’t go well with him.


Unfortunately, he couldn’t use both abilities at the same time, so he had to constantly change each time depending on the woman.


“These damned wenches!”


Enduring the pain, he kicked Mun Ran-yeong.




It was to prevent her from making any more attacks, and Mun Ran-yeong was thrown into the air 10 meters away.


Mun Ran-yeong used the internal energy and stopped herself from flying further away and giving him time to recover.


‘A little more and we can subdue him.’


She felt like this was a good time.


The hardening ability was definitely annoying, but Shakena was decent when it came to hitting him.


And she wasn’t the only one who was thinking.


‘No. this can’t keep going on.’


Hale thought that he might die if this fight went on.


And from the moment he thought that, his fighting spirit disappeared.


Running away seemed the best chance to survive, but.


[You must understand why I kept you guys alive instead of eating you.]


He remembered what that person said.


If he went back without results, there would be a price to pay.


Whatever it was, he was bound to be punished.


‘Damn it! Fine. Then I’d go down with two blasted wenches!’


As if he decided something, his eyes changed.




Hale bit his teeth. And his eyes which had been dyed in black till then were now red.


Shakena, who noticed that, went stiff.




She knew what that meant, so she hurriedly moved back and shouted at Mun Ran-yeong who was going towards him.


“Unnie! Run away! He is trying to self-destruct!”




The veins bulging out were turning red. It was a phenomenon where the core would reverse the flow.


Normal demons wouldn’t be able to do it, but these ones had awakened themselves so they could do it.


“Then he needs to be stopped!”


Despite Shakena’s plea, Mun Ran-yeong went towards Hale.


Although self-destruction was possible, there were too many Cult members right outside.


And she couldn’t let them die.


‘Invisible Palm!’


She tried to suppress the force of the explosion by creating an invisible field of energy around Hale.


Hale, who felt the invisible field around him, smiled and mumbled.


“You are late., human bitch!”


At the same time, the runaway was already done, and Hale caused the explosion.




Tremendous energy exploded from his body, and he moved towards Mun Ran-yeong. Shakena caught Mun Ran-yeong before he could and flew away.


“I told you to run away!”




As she held Mun Ran-yeong, she used her phasing to make sure no one hit them.


The explosion was a kind of physical energy phenomenon that could be transmitted through her phasing too.




Everything around Hale would be destroyed.




It was right then.




The space around Hale distorted and rotated. And as if a black hole opened, a strong force was generated and the energy of explosion was sucked into it.




And that prevented the explosion from happening around.


Hale’s eyes widened at that.


‘How is that possible?’


As he was confused, someone appeared.


‘H-he is?’


It was Chun Yeowun.


Due to the destructive energy, the aftermath of the explosion seemed severe around him, but Chun Yeowun was able to block any of it from happening.


“You seem to be doing everything you can think of.”


Chun Yeowun approached him by shaking his head.


The explosion kept flowing back and was sucked into space.


‘How is he?’


As he was shocked, Chun Yeowun went closer and put his hand on his head. And at that moment, tremendous coldness seeped into Hale’s body.






His entire body went white and the explosion stopped. The explosion didn’t go past 10 meters.


Chun Yeowun’s hand then pierced the chest of Hale, who was frozen and shocked.




And grabbed the swollen core.






Probably because of the sudden runaway power, the core was hot.


Despite Chun Yeowun protecting his palm with internal energy, the heat could be felt.


“Can it be absorbed in this state too?”


Chun Yeowun, who pulled it out, brought it close to the wrist guard.




The Sky Demon Sword resonated.


The swollen core little by little began to seep into the guard and the information flooded into Chun Yeowun’s mind.




Shakena and Mun Ran-yeong, who watched that, were shocked.


“Unnie… is master really human?”


It was her first time seeing someone stop a self-destructing demon this way.


But there was one more thing.


‘What is that wrist guard? It absorbed the core once again!’


She knew that it was weird as she saw Kyle’s core being absorbed the last time.


And it did that again, which meant that the wrist guard wasn’t normal.




A gorgeous office with a night view in Gwangju.


The face of the man in the shadow who was looking outside while drinking wine went stiff.


His heart connected to three demons was cut off.




Just in case, he even sent two awakened ones that have preyed on their own kind.


And he thought those three would be able to handle the strongest humans, but this was unexpected.


‘Did a human get rid of two Marquis-level demons?’


It was impossible. If it was a Marquis level, then only the Divine Master level Murim could get rid of them.


Besides, if the two demons worked together, then any human would fall.


He assumed this human to be on the same level as the Five Great Warriors, but it seemed like he was stronger than that.


-My King. Did something happen?


A small voice echoed in the air. The man standing in the shadows drinking the wine said.


“All the clan members sent to kill him are dead.”


-Huh? No way? We sent two Awakened ones.




A moment of silence and then the voice came from the air.


-My King. I understand how you feel but wouldn’t it be a problem if we lose more of our clan at such an important time? Why not try a different method?


“Different method?”


-Moving to the 3rd Restricted Area.


3rd Restricted Area, commonly called TRA, the area which was completely quarantined and closed.


Even the government called it a forbidden place.


The man in the shadows said,


“It isn’t a card to be used yet.”


-The image of the Murim association isn’t good. Wouldn’t it be better for us to crash it rather than wait and be more concerned?




-That is a difficult thing for us too. It wouldn’t be something a human could handle. He is sure to die, but even if the human lives, the injuries would be hard to overlook and by that time, we can think of a plan and transfer the achievements to ourselves. The image of the Murim Association will also be recovered.




At that, the man fiddled with the wine glass and walked towards the phone on his table, and touched it.


After a couple of ringing tones, someone answered and the man spoke with a friendly voice.


“Yes. Commissioner Wang. It is me.”


Vice-chairman’s office


In the reception room was a cocoon the size of a king-size bed.


The demon Deo was recovering inside the white cocoon resembling a caterpillar.


In front of it, someone was walking. It was Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun asked Shakena who was following him.


“How long is left for him to recover?”


At that, Shakena put her hand on the cocoon and felt the flow of energy as she answered,


“Hmm… I think a day or two is left to fully recover.”


“And how much did he recover?”


“The chest area holding the core has recovered and the problem now is stabilizing the demonic powe…”


Before the words were done, Chun Yeowun moved closer.


Slash! Tear!


As the cocoon was torn, the demon Deo curled in a fetal position.


Naked, he rolled down on the floor with a sticky liquid.


Deo didn’t wake up as if he was dead.


In shock, Shakena yelled.


“Master! He isn’t fully recovered…”


“No need.”


Chun Yeowun breathed his energy into the center of the demon’s chest.


Deo, who didn’t seem like he would wake up, opened his eyes and screamed.






Chun Yeowun grabbed the neck.


As everything was happening too fast, Deo didn’t understand what had happened.


“W-what? All of a sudden?”


“Your former boss. Where is he now?”




“The traitor who preyed on his own.”


“… why?”


Chun Yeowun answered with a cold voice.


“I need to get rid of him right now.”

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