Chapter 125: Tempting Night (3)

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Chapter 125: Tempting Night (3)


Among the demons, those of the Marquis rank were known to have a Demonic Power Awakening.


However, this Forced Awakening would only happen through predation of one’s own kind.


Which meant that the power inside them was impure.


“How strong will I be if I eat the Heart Hunter?”


Hale licked his lips with a sinister smile.


At that, Shakena shouted.


“To think someone like you will beat me!”


With her phased body, she tried to put her hand inside Hale’s chest.


But Hale smiled with strong sparks rising from his body.






The sparks prevented the molecules from breaking down, and the phasing didn’t work.


Shakena couldn’t hide her dismay.


“Is this your ability?”


“Kuak, don’t tell me that only the demonic powers would increase if we eat our own kind?”


Hale slammed his fist into Shakena’s face.


Puck! Crack!


With a cracking sound, Shakena, who was hit, fell to the ground. It was just one blow, but the tremendous power it held made her body dig deep into the ground.




Mun Ran-yeong shouted, and the demon named Martin standing in front of her, grinned.


“Worry about the one who is ahead of you. Human bitch!”


With that, Martin’s form disappeared from her sight.


Strictly speaking, he didn’t disappear. He was just moving at a speed that was invisible to naked eyes.




Mun Ran’yeongs eyes couldn’t look at the opponent’s movements.


She normally was the kind to rely on sight and hearing, but now she couldn’t feel anything from martin.




Mun Ran-yeong engulfed her entire body with Fire qi.


Covered in flames, she struck the floor with her palms, and huge pillars of flame soared high.




“Ah! Hot!”


Martin, who was moving around making fun of her, widened the distance as he was burned by flames.


When Mun Ran-yeong spread out her hands to him as he widened the distance, an invisible field rose and an opaque hand spread out with the technique of her clans.


“You are pretty good for a human.”




Martin’s body scattered in the air, and the distance increased further.


He reached out towards Mun Ran-yeong.


At that moment, a yellow smoke flowed from his hand and wrapped itself around the pillars of flames.


‘What is this now?’


The moment the yellow smoke touched the flame, a strong explosion occurred.


Kwang! Bang!


The only reason Mun Ran-yeong could survive the explosion was that she was used to dealing with fire, but as it continued, her vision began to be obscured and her body began to fall.




In the end, she had no choice but to call back the pillars of flame. As soon as the flames subsided, the entire area was covered with yellow smoke.


She tried to push the smoke away with wind.




Weirdly, her entire body ached and hurt.


A Strange feeling.


At that, she looked at her hand and saw the skin was rotting away.




She wasn’t sure if it was poison, but it was definitely strong enough to rot her skin.


However, she was someone who drank the blood of Flame Qilin, so she had excellent regenerative abilities, and her skin began healing.




“Are you human? Corrosion doesn’t work. Then, how about this?”


Martin’s voice, who has been watching her, could be heard from the smoke.


Soon, the yellow smoke turned blue.




Mun Ran-yeong felt something off about this smoke and tried to protect herself by unfolding a defense technique.


It was then.






In the smoke, there was a sound of someone being hit, and the one in the smoke was Martin.


“W-what? How are you here….”


Goooo! Pang!




With a strong blue, the smoke around was swept away in all directions.


In an instant, her obscured vision was back to normal.




In Mun Ran-yeong’s eyes, she saw the man in glasses, who was supposed to be close to her, 20 meters away with his arms crossed and in shock.


And far from him was someone in a black suit.


“Lord Chun Ma!”


It was Chun Yeowun.


“Ah! Is he the one?”


Anas’ eyes were dazzling. She knew that this man was elsewhere, but he was here now.


“I was right.”


Chun Yeowun said while looking around.


Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any casualties.


‘Ah! He really heard me!’


Mun Ran-yeong was surprised. A modified Nano Bomb was planted in her head.


Through that, he was informed that demons had appeared in the Yongchun group, and Chun Yewun arrived 15 minutes after that.


Martin lowered his arms and then straightened his posture.


“You must be that one.”


He pretended to be as relaxed as he could, but he was extremely alert.


The blow he received from Chun Yeowun was quite shocking.


‘I didn’t block with full strength, but that one is no ordinary human!’




Black beings began to bulge on the face of Martin too.


The body muscles began to develop one after another, and ominous energy began to spread.


Matin, who looked at Chun Yeowun, said.


“It is an honor for a human to fall victim to Awakening. I’ll chop you and eat you up right away! For the trouble you caused!”




Martin’s form disappeared in the air. Due to the Awakening, the movements had turned a lot faster than before


“Lord! He is no ordinary enemy!”


At Mun Ran-yeong’s worries, Chun Yeowun said.


“Don’t worry about it and help Shakena.”




On the other side, a fierce battle was making a building collapse. Shakena was struggling with the demon who had Awakened too.






And so, Mun Ran-yeong immediately moved there.


When he saw that, Martin smiled.


‘He must be foolish to think he can deal with me on his own. Kukukuk! In front of my high-speed movement, he won’t be able to do anything.’


Martin was so fast that everything around seemed standing still as if time had stopped.


Chun Yeowun also seemed still. Which meant he couldn’t see Martin.


‘Let’s kill him!’


Martin, who kept spinning around, ran for Chun Yeowun from the side. And then tried to kick his neck.


But then, something happened.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned, and he looked at where he was standing.




He thought it had to be a coincidence that this man knew where he was. It was flustering, but he already was ready to use the power on the kick and couldn’t stop it.


‘Doesn’t matter. Even if he can see, he can’t stop it.’


Even if he could guess the place, stopping a kick loaded with demonic power would be a different thing.


Pang! Pang! Pang!


The moment his kick was about to land on Chun Yeowun’s neck, breaking through the air.




Chun Yeowun grabbed the ankle.




Chun Yeowun clenched his fist and aimed at the chest of the demon.


The space around the fist began to tremble.


‘No! It is dangerous!’


In order to prevent it, Martin crossed his arms and covered his chest.




His wrist, which was right above the chest, was slowly tearing apart.




And then, through the torn part, Chun Yeowun’s fist hit the chest right where the core was located.


Puck! Crack!


Martin’s face contorted as he felt the breast bones breaking inside of him.




Both eyes widened at what happened. The moment the pain hit him, the time which slowed for him started to move again.




Chun Yeowun’s fist which pierced the chest made Martin open his mouth.


“Kuak… auk…”


He muttered something at Chun Yeowun.


“This… I was going to leave that behind.”


Due to the destructive power of the fist, which was unified with the internal energy and the energy of nature, the core was completely destroyed.


“You… are… you really… human…”




Before he could ask, Martin’s body cracked and black smoke erupted from it as it crumbled into ashes.


Seeing that, Anas couldn’t help but be shocked.


‘No way….’


Among them, Martin had the power of a Marquis. But such a person was turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.


Anas’ body trembled.


But it wasn’t out of fear. The corners of her lips raised into a smile at the excitement of seeing this man.


This was a reaction different from feeling bad about the death of a colleague.


‘Strong! Strong! Amazingly strong!’


She was so fascinated with Chun Yeowun’s strength that her entire body shuddered. It wasn’t like she was in love.


What filled her eyes was greed.


‘If I eat him, I might be on the same level as a Duke!’


They all gain strength by eating the strong.


And seeing Chun Yeowun, she was eager to have him.




Her charms made the males want her. Even if that doesn’t work well with demons, it has a 100% success rate with humans.




Anas reached the ground and quickly approached Chun Yeowun.


‘Me! Mine!’


Once the man fell in love with her, he would be her slave.


Just the thought made her happy.


Swaying her hips, she approached him with an alluring expression and said.


“You are really strong. And a strong man is attractive. Huhu.”


Placing her index finger in her mouth, she pretended to suck on it, as if implying to take that thing into her mouth.


Silver energy began to emanate from her body and flowed towards Chun Yeowun.


To captivate all his five senses.


“What do you think? Do you want to enter me?”


“Really? Don’t complain then.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, with a smiling face, she gently widened the gap between her thighs.


“Come into me….”


It was then.






Anas lowered her head in pain.


Something was inside her.


However, it was the hand of Chun Yeowun which pierced her chest and not the place she had hoped for.


“You are a unique demon. Now that I know, I need to end this.”


“N… Not… the… there… kuak!”


Unfortunately, her ability didn’t work on this man. As the core which was connected to her body was severed, she mumbled with an absurd expression.


“It isn’t… like you… are… a crazy…. Eunuch…!”

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