Chapter 123: Tempting Night (1)

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Chapter 123: Tempting Night (1)


Around 9 in the evening.


In the training hall within the Yongchun site.


Two people were fighting in there.




The sounds of clashing in the air.


The trajectory of each attack would change in various forms when the footwork changed, but the opponent couldn’t be hit properly.


‘Need a break. By using an unexpected blow!’


Pak! Shh!




However, the lightning-like kick came through.


‘I am using it the same way, but why is there such a difference?’


Baek Jong-so, the leader of the Pure Kick clan, continued to practice a technique.


Following Chun Yeowun, he came to this site with his mother and was currently focusing on training his martial arts.


‘I need to get stronger.’


Despite his name as the leader of the highest sect, he was extremely weak.


He was honing his skills day and night to overcome that, but he would constantly blame himself for not getting the desired results.


“Too cluttered.”






The person he was fighting against was none other than Mun Ran-yeong.


As an amazing expert in her clan’s techniques, she was dealing with Baek Jong-so in a leisurely manner.


‘Certainly stricter than teacher Hu Bong.’


The one who originally trained him was Hu Bong.


After being ordered to teach Baek Jong-so and Bi Mak-heon, Hu Bong taught them in his spare time. However, he was now away, so his wife was helping.


‘I am envious!’


The other people were envious of this. There was no way they wouldn’t be jealous of the guy who was being taught martial arts by such a strong person.






With just her light gestures, Baek Jong-so was thrown all over the hall.


Just by looking at his muddy clothes, one could tell how many times he had rolled on the floor.


‘Did she really tailor her skills to my level?’


The way she dealt with him made him suspicious. It was difficult to even move his body.


‘I thought I managed to improve.’


Yesterday, he had even absorbed the energy from the refined core.


Despite all his effort and growth, the situation didn’t seem to change at all, and he couldn’t see any difference.


“You don’t seem to get it.”




Mun Ran-yeong spoke to Baek Jong-so as if she could read his thoughts.


“If you use the internal energy, you should be able to use it more efficiently, but you are too straightforward and aggressive when using the techniques.”


“What do you mean?”


“The stronger you come out, the easier it is to use gentle force to divert it. Even if I don’t have to use the full extent of my skills, I can just use your reckless power to stop you.”


Mun Ran-yeong barely used her internal energy.


There was a technique where the person used the opponent’s movement and force to deal with them without using anything of their own.


And this was something she managed to realize once she entered the Divine Master level and began to feel the energy around her.


‘If you can realize that, you will be on the verge of aiming for the Supreme Master level, but if you can’t, then this is your limit.’


She couldn’t give everything the man wanted. He would have to figure it out by himself.


And Baek Jong-so didn’t catch onto the clue.


‘It would have been better if master Baekgi taught him.’


Since this was the Pure Kick clan which dealt with close combat, if Baekgi was here, he could understand the man and tell things more easily.


‘Haa… is master Baekgi fine?’


Every time she thought of him, she was worried for his life. Despite trusting Chun Yeowun, she couldn’t help but worry for him.


“Please come at me once again.”


Baek Jong-so got up and asked.


Mun Ran-yeong relaxed her posture and then looked at the man who was gasping for air.


“Let’s stop here for today.”




Baek Jong-so put on a sad expression. However, he couldn’t ask her to continue since she had already been training him for 3 hours.


So he thanked her.


“Thank you.”


Mun Ran-yeong advised Baek Jong-so to stop for the day, but he said he would practice more.


So leaving him behind, she left.


And once she did, Baek Jong-so tried to take time to understand the flow and technique.


Since he was the only one left, it was nice and quiet.


‘The fact that the 3rd form shook indicates there is a problem with my footwork. Let’s focus on that.’


It was when Baek Jong-so was thinking about it that he saw the shadow of someone enter.




He was puzzled by the form, which looked like a woman with long hair.


‘Great Elder?’


He was too tired.


From what he saw, he realized that he couldn’t feel energy from the person, so he thought it had to be Mun Ran-yeong or Hang Yurin.


‘But the clothes are odd?’


It didn’t seem like Mun Ran-yeong. The clothes this person wore were clearly showing off the silhouette.




As he thought, the woman came further in.


“Who… ah!”


In an instant, Baek Jong-so exclaimed.


It was his first time seeing this woman.


However, she had an exotic appearance with shiny silver hair that looked like it was sprinkled with jewels.


In addition, he was captivated by the tight and sexy clothes which showed off her breasts. He wasn’t the kind to act this way towards women, but this one had a charm.


His alertness immediately softened.


“I am using this place right now. Who might you be?”


At that question, the woman closed the door of the hall.


“Well. Does it matter who I am?”


Baek Jong-so’s eyes fluttered at the alluring voice which seduced him. The silver-haired woman slowly walked towards Baek Jong-so while touching her breasts.


Around 10:15 in the Youngchun group headquarters.


There was a middle-aged man turning his tired head to relax it.


It was Chun Yu-jang, the chairman of the Yongchun Group.


He was on his way to go down after sending the staff off.




Because of the merger that was going on, he didn’t have much time for himself.


Still, more than half of the merger was done. And he did worthwhile work.


‘Should I head home, have a glass of drink and sleep?’


He was too tired to do anything else. He thought of inviting someone to have a drink, but everyone was exhausted with work.


‘When will father’s closed room training be done?’


When the training was done, he wanted to have a drink with his father like in the old days.


‘These are the times I wish for a son.’


Chun Yu-jang had one son.


However, the son betrayed his hopes and expectations as he left for France.


It was such a sad relationship between them. It only consisted of checking if the other person was alive or not and the occasional sending of money.


‘… would it have been different if Ae-ran was alive?’


Chun Yu-jang’s wife died of an incurable disease shortly after the son was born.


Even without a mother, he tried his best to raise his son, but after the incident 27 years back, everything shattered.


‘So lonely.’


He pretended to be strong on the outside, but he was always lonely.


The feeling of going into a house where he wouldn’t feel lonely.


‘Have I ever thought of getting married again?’


As a courtesy to his dead wife, he decided to stay single until the revival of the Sky Demon Order, but he was a human too.




As he sighed, the elevator stopped.




He noticed that the elevator was pushed to the 7th floor.


‘It seems there are people that haven’t left work yet.’


During these days, the employees were also overworked due to the merger. Even the chairman himself didn’t have time to relax.


And when the elevator reached the floor, he saw someone inside.




Chun Yu-jang sighed.


A silver-haired woman with an exotic appearance and the most revealing clothes that made Chun Yu-jang turn his gaze away.


Coughing, he looked away.


“Uhm! Uhm!”


The woman got in, and Chun Yu-jang slightly moved away.




Chun Yu-jang frowned. Her appearance definitely moved him, but he couldn’t figure out who this woman was.


It was impossible for their company to have foreign staff, and it was too late for them to have guests.


“Excuse me…”


Chun Yu-jang turned his head and tried to ask her who she was, when he went silent.


The silver-haired woman with a revealing top was looking at him with seductive eyes. And when he looked at her bra, Chun Yu-jang turned his head in embarrassment.


“Kum! Miss, what are you doing? Miss.”


His heart was beating strangely. It had been so long, he couldn’t even remember the last time he was with a woman. The silver-haired woman spoke something more shocking.


“Excuse me… have you ever done it in an elevator?”


A seductive voice.




And the moment he heard it, Chun Yu-jang’s reasoning flew out of the window. He grabbed her face and kissed her as if he knew her.


Their Tongues intertwined like snakes.


He lifted her right thigh up and pushed her against the elevator wall.




The elevator shook. As if waiting for this moment, the woman raised her other leg and wrapped it around Chun Yu-jang’s waist.


There was a constant sound of thumping from the elevator that went down.




The elevator stopped on the 1st floor, but the door stayed closed with the constant sound of thrusting.


Around five minutes passed.


The inside of the elevator was heated in excitement.


Looking inside the mirror, the woman adjusted her makeup and reapplied the lipstick.


“They said the chairman was delicious. And strong too.”


Behind her, Chun Yu-jang seemed to stand blankly. A silver haze inside his eyes.


“But you couldn’t do it for long? The other ones lasted at least 15 minutes. Huhu.”


Those words would’ve hurt the pride of any man, but Chun Yu-jang didn’t respond. She mumbled as she put the lipstick back in her bag.


“Should I stop with this much today? I even ate the chairman, so this should be enough.”


Humming, she pressed the open sign.


“The Vice-chairman would be delicious too. Huhuhu.”




The moment the door opened, her eyes widened. Two women were standing there.


The purple-haired Shakena and the red-haired Mun Ran-yeong.


Shakena raised her brows and asked.


“I was wondering where I was getting the smell of a slut, it was you?”


“Heart hunter?”


Perhaps unaware of her being here, the silver-haired woman seemed shocked.


“3rd place in Count ranks?”


Shakena slammed her fist with an annoyed expression.




When someone stopped it.




It was Chun Yu-jang whose hand was broken.


Although he had reached the Superior Master level, he didn’t have the power to handle Shakena.


Yet, even when his hand broke, he showed no sign of being in pain.




Shocked by his actions, Mun Ran-yeong yelled out. She didn’t think that he would protect a woman who was an enemy.


“You! What did you do?”


“Huhu, I turned him into my man, anything wrong with that? And… how long will you block her?”


The silver-haired woman kicked the wall next to the elevator.




The thick elevator opened, and she escaped through there. She slipped out of the lobby and flew outside.


‘Shakena is here!’


Due to the existence of her clan’s people, she decided to retreat.


If there was a clan member helping the Sky Demon order, then she had to be careful.


However, Shakena blocked her.


“Yah! Who sent you, you horny bitch?”


“Who are you calling a bitch?”


“Should I call you a wench then ?”


Shakena kicked her head. The silver-haired woman stopped it by lifting her wrist.




“Stopped it?”


Shakena was shocked. The silver woman had a Count title, but her fighting power wasn’t strong.


However, she was able to stop Shakena’s kick?


“Shocked? How long did you think I would remain a low-rank one?”


At the same time, the Silver-haired woman pierced her nails which were sharp like knives into Shakena’s chest.




Shakena used phasing on her upper body.


‘Annoying ability!’


The silver-haired woman wanted to avoid this battle because of this ability. No matter how strong she got, if Shakena phased, then nothing could be done.


It was when Shakena aimed for the heart of the silver-haired woman…




The silver-haired one spread the distance.


Although no damage could be done, she wanted to run away a little further.


“Yah! Stop there!”


“Huhuhu, if you can, try to catch me.”


The silver-haired woman teased her and kept moving.


Until someone stopped in front of her, Mun Ran-yeong.


“Ha! From where did this human bitch…”




In an instant, hands filled with flame pierced her abdomen.


“Damn it!”


Because of the force of the attack, the silver-haired woman bounced back 10 meters.




She barely stopped, and when she looked down at her burnt stomach, black smoke was coming out.


‘A human can hurt me?’


Mun Ran-yeong approached her with flames still fluttering in her hands.


“How could a human deal with you? Don’t care about that. Release that control you have on the vice-lord.”




Mun Ran-yeong in the front and Shakena in the back. The situation wasn’t helpful.


‘How annoying! I didn’t prepare it for this reason!’


A trap was prepared for another reason, but now she was being forced to use it. The silver-haired woman raised her hand.


And a silver light spread out in all directions.




“What is that?”


Shakena wanted to know what it was and she soon did.




At that time, a group of men of the Sky Demon Order began to come.


Some higher ones like Baek Jong-so were also there.


Step! Step!


Even Chun Yu-jang was walking out with his broken arm.


Seeing that, Shakena muttered.


“Just how many people have you eaten?”

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