Chapter 122: Unexpected Gain (2)

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Chapter 122: Unexpected Gain (2)


Five Spirit Beasts.


They are the five sacred beasts.


The Great Bird, Flame Qilin, White Tiger, Dragon Turtle and the Immogi were known to be the guardian spirits of the Jianghu region since ancient times, but they were also known to be chaos bringers due to their terrifying power.


Chun Yeowun looked at the man whose body was covered in white scales.


‘Couldn’t withstand it.’


It was because of a side effect.


The blood of the core, which was known to be the central part and spiritual life of the beast, wasn’t an elixir that anyone could take.


Even the Superior Masters would meet their death if they dealt with it.


‘This is what happens when the pure blood of Imoogi is drunk.’


Chun Yeowun had also absorbed the Imoogi’s spiritual power. However, it wasn’t exactly Imoogi, it surely was a dragon, but its horns were cut off.


When it was trying to ascend, it turned its pure self into a beast obsessed with anger, and then its power was absorbed.


And that was the Sky Demon energy that resides in Chun Yeowun’s body.


‘I was always curious about the pure form of Imoogi.’


He must be lucky.


So what Chun Yeowun put into the shadow realm a moment ago had to be the Imoogi’s blood.


Covered in white scales, this man must have taken about a third of the blood in the bottle.


‘Should I wake him?’


Chun Yeowun approached the man whose body was still being exposed to the cold air.


For a long time, he was in this freezer-like safe, so he breathed some energy into the man who had lost his consciousness.


A warm energy penetrated the man’s body. And made the cold air flowing through the body melt away.




The man’s eyes opened. And when he did, he had unique black eyes with a unique cry which was different from a human.




Like a snake.


And his eyes looked at Chun Yeowun.




If it wasn’t for the restraints on his whole body, this man would have pounced on Chun Yeowun.


“Tch, it worked.”


Instead of controlling the Immogi’s blood, this man let himself be consumed by it. He was no different from a ferocious beast.


Clank! Clank!


And his strength grew stronger as time went on.


It seemed that the coldness in the freezer didn’t bother him anymore because of what Chun Yeowun did.






Chun Yeowun grabbed the man’s head and then induced energy.


It was to suppress the power of the Imoogi, which was taking over the man’s mind.




The man twisted his head as if in pain and tried to get out of Chun Yeowun’s grasp.


Yet, the energy from Chun Yeowun rushed into his mind.






A human-like groan erupted from his mouth. With a distressed voice, the man looked at Chun Yeowun and asked.




“Shut your mouth and try to suppress that spiritual power with my energy.”


“Suppress power… kuaak… ahhh!”


As he had been in this state for too long, the man couldn’t understand Chun Yeowun’s words.


And then he suddenly shouted like he had given up.


“No! This, this isn’t the time for this! We need to stop the Second Master now! That bastard Byun Ho-young showed his true colors. He is aiming for the Master’s position and hit… kuak!”


It was gibberish, but he spoke all that he wanted to.


This man is the Master of Black Athena, Do Hyeon-soo. Chun Yeowun knew that from the Second Master’s memories.


But he didn’t care about it.


“He needs to be caught right away! He is after blood and effort!”




The restraints were holding him. And as he kept getting better, he kept getting stronger and stronger.


“Yah. Stop talking… if you want to live, concentrate and suppress that power raging in you.”


Subduing a raging spiritual energy wasn’t something Chun Yeowun could do alone from the outside.


In fact, he had to suppress it and then the man had to embody it in himself, but Do Hyeon-soo wasn’t in a state to understand what was happening, probably due to the side effects.


He blinked his eyes and then glared at Chun Yeowun.


“Byun Ho-young, you bastard!”




The restraint tore off.


Do Hyeon-soo threw his fist at Chun Yeowun, wanting to kill him.


And as it contained the spiritual energy of the Imoogi, it was destructive.




“You keep bothering me.”






Chun Yeowun grabbed the man’s face and pressed it against the wall inside the safe.




Do Hyeon-soo’s body couldn’t hold it.


It was powerful enough to kill any warrior at once.




The sounds of bones being crushed were coming outside. However, the broken bones were regenerating rapidly.


“You are recovering quickly because of the blood of Imoogi you took.”


Chun Yeowun shook his head.


Do Hyeon-soo’s eyes lost reasoning, probably because he couldn’t suppress the power.


Do Hyeon-soo, who recovered fast, aimed for Chun Yeowun.




Although it seemed like he lost reason, he remembered the martial arts he had learned and unfolded them.


It was something that made even Chun Yeowun shocked. It was his first time seeing something like this and it was great.




Chun Yeowun, who suddenly felt interested in the man, decided to face him.


‘This much should be enough.’


Chun Yeowun put his hand in his pocket and raised his right arm as he held out his index finger.


He decided to stop the incoming attack with just his fingers.




Chun Yeowun’s fingers easily blocked the martial arts techniques that wanted to destroy everything.


The power contained in each punch was so overwhelming, that this man could destroy an entire place.


Had this man been sane, he would have shocked himself.


‘The one who made this fist technique deserves to be called a genius.’


Chun Yeowun kept evaluating the punches.


It was no exaggeration to say that Chun Yeowun knew how to block three of the formations he did.


In addition, the most distinctive feature was.




The complicated movements were showing illusions.


From a certain moment, the technique which unfolded showed illusions of numerous evil beings appearing and attacking in front of the other’s eyes.


And they all felt real. It was enough to add confusion to the enemy.


“But it is all a trick.”


However, it wasn’t enough to confuse Chun Yeowun. Using this high trick to create illusions was close to an illusion clan.


Chun Yeowun, who had a glimpse of the universe beyond the energy of nature, saw the reality.


“It would have been a pain if this was more completed.”




When Chun Yeowun snapped his finger, his energy penetrated Do Hyeon-soo’s right knee.


And as he was running towards Chun Yeowun collapsed.


Chun Yeowun aimed his index finger at Du Hyeon-soo’s forehead.


“It doesn’t seem like you have better techniques, so let’s end this.”


And the moment she snapped.




At that moment, the floor cracked and sand rose up.




As the sand was alive, it changed to the shape of a hand. This wasn’t an illusion but was actually happening.


“The power of spirit.”


Chun Yeowun could feel the spiritual energy moving in the sand.


This was Earth qi.


Since the Imoogi was known to be an earth spirit, it could control the land.


‘In this short time, he was able to use the energy?’


This was similar to how Mun Ran-yeong and Hu Bong took the spirit energy by drinking the blood of the Flame Qilin.


So Do Hyeon-soo pretended to clench his fists. His palm-shaped hand hardened and the earthen sand grabbed Chun Yeowun trying to crush him.






The sand froze before it even reached Chun Yeowun.




Do Hyeon-soo raised more Earth qi and tried to bring in sand, but everything around them had frozen.


And that was enough to make Do Hyeon-soo, who was blinded with the power ranging in him, turn shocked.


Before he realized it, Chun Yeowun stood in front of him.


“When there is a problem with the mind, there is nothing more effective than this one.”


Before Chun Yeowun was done, Do Hyeon-soo tried to run away. It was because he instinctively knew that he couldn’t face Chun Yeowun.




Chun Yeowun grabbed the man’s head as he was about to run.




Do Hyeon-soo was back to making snake-like sounds and struggled, but Chun Yeowun’s hands were bringing out Thunder qi.






Do Hyeon-soo, who was hit with lightning, screamed.


As if his brain was burned, red and yellow liquid flowed from his eyes, nose and ears, along with black smoke.




Do Hyeon-so collapsed to the ground once the Thunder qi was stopped.


It was difficult to describe the face which lost its hair because of the shock.


However, the spiritual energy of Imoogi didn’t let him die.




His wounds, which were burned, were clearing off.


And in less than 10 minutes, even the burnt hair was back to its original state.


And not long after, Do Hyeon-soo stood up like he was fine.




And when he woke up, he remembered everything that had happened to him.


He was able to recall all of the damaged parts of the brain which was destroyed by the Imoogi blood, and was amazed at Chun Yeowun’s power.


‘Did I make a mess?’


Drinking the blood of Imoogi, he destroyed himself and exploded like a child.


Was there ever a time when the Fist of the Emperor of the forces of Evil ever suffered so helplessly after that incident 600 years ago?


“W-who might you be? You…”


Chun Yeowun answered.


“The Great Sky Demon Order’s Chun Ma.”


The main hall of Black Athena. It looked like an all-out war waged out there.


Everywhere was full of dents and cracks and people in their waiter outfits lying on the floor.


“Eh, is this the last one?”




Hu Bong pulled the sword from the waist of a middle-aged man.


Bi Mak-heon looked at Hu Bong in respect. His Sword of Illusion technique was perfect.


Every time he used the Sword of Illusion technique, the flames would rage, fitting his nickname, Flame Emperor.


“As expected from my teacher!”


Hu Bong shrugged at Bi Mak-heon’s praise.




He was infinitely weak to praise.


“Hmm, if you study swordsmanship a couple of times, your skills will improve by a lot.”


“Ah really?”


In fact, Bi Mak-heon’s skills had improved when compared to before.


However, Yu So-hwa didn’t like the way these two were complimenting each other, and shook her head while saying.


“This place seems to have been cleaned, let’s head inside.”


If they went ahead, an alarm would go off and people would come rushing out.


There was no difficulty in disposing of these men, but there was one thing.


“Hehe, Miss Yu, there is no need for that.”




Hu Bong directed her towards the reception room entrance, and Chun Yeowun walked out from there.


Behind him were two people, the SS-class Keeper Im So-hye and a gray-haired man, Master of Black Athena, who seemed to be in his early thirties.


“Lord, did it go well?”




“But those two?”


At Hu Bong’s shock, Chun Yeowun responded.


“This is Do Hyeon-woo, the head of Black Athena, who was newly brought into our Cult.”


Do Hyeon-soo bowed and greeted them.


“I was shown great grace which I would never be able to repay, so I have joined the Sky Demon Order. Please take care of me.”




Bi Mak-heon couldn’t hide his shock.


He thought the deal went sour, but now Chun Yeowun ate up the entire Black Athena. One of the two largest organizations!


‘… why is that bitch?’


Yu So-hwa was puzzled when she saw Im So-hye, who couldn’t look into her eyes and kept her eyes down.


Until a while ago, she was acting arrogant in front of her, but now she seemed to be acting like a criminal.


At that time, Chun Yeowun said.


“New secretary. As the first one, you will educate her yourself. Greet her.”


At those words, Im So-hye’s face turned red. Her self-esteem was seriously damaged.


As an SS-class Keeper, to be turned into a mere secretary! In addition, to be placed under Yu So-hwa!!


“Don’t make me say it twice.”


At Chun Yeowun’s cold words, Im So-hye flinched and bowed her head.


“P-Please treat me well. Senior.”


At that, Im So-hye’s eyes caught the corners of Yu So-hwa’s lips turning up into a smile.

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