Chapter 121: Unexpected Gain (1)

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Chapter 121: Unexpected Gain (1)


Im So-hye grabbed her chest as if she was in pain and continued to cough up blood.


“Ack… Ack!”


‘Team leader.’


Seeing her suffering, her teammates didn’t know what to do.


If they could, they wanted to take her and run away. However, dozens of ice swords were in the sky, threatening to stab them if they moved.


‘What the hell is he doing?’


The man had dragged Second Master Byun Ho-young into the broken elevator as it was hard to see. They thought it was torture, but there was no scream from there.


‘Damn it! Just what the hell is this!’


They were all a team made of elites.


Even with just five members including their leader Im So-hye, they could take down the A-class Alpha entity, so this situation was absurd.


‘Is he really a Murim warrior?’


It was their first time hearing about a Murim warrior with such ability.


Not long after, Chun Yeowun came out alone.




The Keepers were fully dissatisfied. At the time, Chun Yeowun waved his hand, and the ice swords around shattered.




Chun Yeowun went closer to Im So-hye who was clutching her chest.


The red dress was full of dust as she was on the floor, and looked like a 10-year-old unable to hold back her pain.


It was sad to see such a beauty in pain, but Chun Yeowun looked at her with cold eyes.


‘Cruel man!’


‘Doesn’t he have any compassion!’


Her team members thought as they looked at him.


However, when Chun Yeowun considered someone as an enemy, he never discriminated between men and women.


All were nothing but enemies.


“Is it painful?”


At Chun Yeowun’s cold question, she looked up.


Eyes with no sympathy.


She realized that this man wouldn’t hesitate to kill her.


Heart pain which lasted for 20 minutes already.


The first time she experienced her pride being stamped on.




“Ha.. Ha… please! Please save… me.”


Im So-hye didn’t pay attention to her team members anymore.


Her desire to live made her throw away her pride.


“Is there any reason for me to keep you alive?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Im So-hye became paler.


Again, this man wouldn’t hesitate to kill her.


One of her team members, a young man in glasses named Lee Wonju, said,


“If you have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Defense, in some way you are like a member of the Defense agency which the Keepers belong to. Are you still planning to kill us?”


“Because I hate annoying things.”


Chun Yeowun never trusted his enemies.


Once an enemy, then it was definite that they would keep aiming for him.


In particular, the Keepers related to the government would report this in detail and complicate it even more.


“I promise. We’ll make sure to hide what happened here as a secret! Even if the director asks, we won’t answer him, so please show mercy!”


Lee Wonju fell flat on the floor and cried.


At that, the other Keepers too fell to their knees.


“Have mercy on us!”


They fell down with clenched teeth. If they could get out alive, then they could at least have a different future.


‘Leave us. I will expose you right away to the Ministry of National Defense and make sure the contract is shattered.’


Secret? Who keeps secrets on such things?


And it wasn’t like this man knew anything about them.


Chun Yeowun asked.


“You people, what are your levels?”




“Your classes as Keepers.”


Pa Jin-sang, who was injured, answered the question.


“We are all A-class Gate Keepers.”


There was a certain amount of pride in his voice. Each of them was talented enough to be recruited by a city chief.


At that, Chun Yeowun said.








When Chun Yeowun lifted his finger, Pa Jin-sang’s neck bent backwards.








The man fell to the floor right away. The other three couldn’t hold back their shock and their comrade’s death.


“Th-this, what is this?”


“It is what you heard. I don’t need you people.”


And those words made them even more confused.


Even though they asked to be spared, they didn’t remember saying they would become his subordinates.


However, it was different for Chun Yeowun, he would only spare someone if they were of use to him.


‘We are useless?’


The other three were stunned.


A-class Keepers, most cities would want them in their ranks to be less anxious during gate situations. And this guy was treating them like trash.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun raised his hand upwards.




Im So-hye, who was clutching her body in pain, suddenly thought.


As an SS-class Keeper, she was a human whose brain usage was at its maximum, and her mental power was extremely strong.


Even after being hit by the Heart Sword, she didn’t give up her will. At her level, despite being hit by the sword and not being able to hold the pain, she managed to survive.


“Want to live?”


Im So-hye pleaded with him at the question.


“Please… please spare me. I’ll do whatever it takes. No, I’ll quit being a Keeper and serve you just like So-hwa Unnie… please my life only…”


This woman had a strong obsession with her life.


And weakened by the pain in her heart, she wanted to live.


“You want to be like So-hwa?”


“Haa… Haa… yes.”


“Okay. Good.”




Im So-hye’s face brightened at those words.


And Chun Yeowun’s finger gently pierced her slender neck.






She felt something creeping into her body.


Shocked, she yelled.


“W-what is that?”


“Nano bombs.”


“Nano bombs!”


Her eyes widened as if they would pop out.


She heard about the Nano bombs.


These people investigated it, and it was difficult to get their hands on it even through the black market.


“By now, the Nano bombs must have spread from your brain to other parts of your body as well too.”




And when Chun Yeowun snapped his hand, a small explosion occurred in Im So-hye’s left palm.






She screamed at the burning pain inside her palm and looked at it.


Traces of charring could be seen.


“What do you think would happen if this exploded in the brain?”


At that, her two eyes fluttered wildly.


If it exploded in her brain, then it meant absolute death.


“I-I said that I would serve you! So why?”


“Didn’t you say you wanted to be like So-hwa?”


“Then, Unnie too?”


Chun Yeowun affirmed with silence.


She was shocked to learn the truth behind Yu So-hwa’s resignation. And that wasn’t the end.




Chun Yeowun put his hand down, and then removed the Heart Swords inside her heart.


As the excruciating pain disappeared, she looked a lot better, but Chun Yeowun’s words were still keeping her on edge.


“Your first mission as my subordinate. Kill them all.”


The ones he pointed to were the rest of her team.


“H-How… that…”


Chun Yeowun smiled and then said to her as he looked at her trembling body.


“Prove your loyalty.”


‘What… what should I do now?’


It was only at that moment she realized that she had made a deal with the Devil himself. Her team members looked at her with puzzled expressions.


Chun Yeowun had given her a tough choice.


“Team leader. You can’t do this!”


“H-Haven’t we worked together for 4 years? Please…”


The team members pleaded with her. Not knowing what to do, she looked at Chun Yeowun who was ready to snap his finger.


His gaze was directed to her head.


If she didn’t kill them, she would die.


‘Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!’


The human heart is truly deceitful. There would be no shame if she would keep her honor and choose to die with them.


But she didn’t have the guts to risk her life like that.


With teary eyes, Im So-hye opened her lips.


“I’m… sorry.”




The team members were shocked.




That meant their death sentence.


When she closed her hands and reached out, the bodies of the three kneeling people were engulfed in strong wind pressure.




Chun Yeowun came down the hidden underground passage.


It was the very passage that Byun Ho-young tried to escape from. One of the pieces of information that even the executives of Black Athena didn’t know about was the 7th basement floor.


Because there was a hidden entrance in it.




Normally, there would be a need for security awareness, but Chun Yeowun broke the hidden entrance.


Entering the cracked area, he walked down the stairs and then another hall appeared.


The dark hall lit up automatically.


“Is this the place?”


There were several safes in the hall. This was where Byun Ho-young had collected the goods he stole.


And Chun Yeowun, who turned him into a ghost, learned of all the things and contents in the safe.


Chun Yeowun approached a certain safe and put his finger on it.




And when Nano hacked the security, the door opened right away.




When the door to the safe opened, an intense energy with dazzling light spread out in all directions.


To his surprise, there were as many as 8 cores inside.


Two of them were C-class, three B-class and three A-class.


“He hid a lot.”


This wasn’t a bad thing.


Rather, it was an advantage he never thought of.




When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, the black wrist guard resonated.




And then, a shadow flicked, causing a change.


When Chun Yeowun moved, the cores inside the safe were all pulled into the shadows.




If he could put them in the shadow realm, he wouldn’t feel their weight.


Chun Yeowun, who took the cores, headed to the other safe.


When he opened that safe, there were dozens of cards inside, with which he could retrieve cash right away.


The sum was about 83 billion won.


Cash laundering, if this was used, then he could reduce the loss which occurred with the mergers.


‘Such things seem quite nice.’


An almost astronomical amount of money was found.


Chun Yeowun, who put the cards in the shadow realm, opened other safes and took the goods.


He read from the memory that if all these items were sold, he would make almost 170 billion won.


If Byun Ho-young was alive, he wouldn’t be able to contain his regret for losing all these.


‘Now only three are left.’


These were the main ones.


Two safes didn’t differ in size, but the other one was 5 feet tall.


Chun Yeowun opened the small one.




Inside was an invitation card with five blue letters written on it, ‘MS Group’.


It was an invitation to the auction hosted by the MS Group.


Black Athena had a relationship with the MS Group through this auction house.


Unusually, there was a black LED screen on the back of the invitation card and it was said that the location would appear there before the auction started.


‘Nano. Can you track this?’


‘Impossible if the other side doesn’t send anything.’


Unfortunately, he couldn’t find it out right away.


However, if the auction was held, he would know the location.




After Chun Yeowun took the invitation, he opened the second safe.


If Byun Ho-young’s memories were correct, an interesting thing had to be there.




When the safe opened, there was a glass bottle of 1L in it.


It contained a very thick red liquid. Chun Yeowun picked it up.


“This is…”


It was his first time seeing blood in such a state.


What could it be that Chun Yeowun was showing such interest in it?


‘We will check it later.’


Chun Yeowun put the bottle into the shadows and approached the largest one.


The safe opened shortly after, and unlike the others, it opened from the middle like an automatic door.




As soon as the door opened, cold air greeted him.


The inside was ice cold and someone with both arms and legs bound was there.


The man, who seemed to be looking blank with his gray hair flowing out, breathed out as if he hadn’t lost his life to the cold.




Chun Yeowun exclaimed.


The body in captivity was unique.


The body was white, like a snake with brilliant scales.


Looking at that one, Chun Yeoun mumbled.


“The one who took the blood of Imoogi…”


Surprisingly, this person had taken the blood of Imoogi, one of the Five Spirits.

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