Chapter 120: Black Athena (4)

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Chapter 120: Black Athena (4)




Second Master Byun Ho-young couldn’t hide his shock.


The mantis, a genetically engineered model, died so absurdly. He thought that it would at least earn some time, but the gap was too wide to cover.


‘How on earth can he have so much power to do that with just internal energy?’


If he hadn’t mastered Martial Arts, he would have thought that Chun Yeowun was a person with ability.


As Byun Ho-young was a member of the Forces of Evil, he wasn’t famous, but he was a Superior Master.


‘That, that one is a monster.’


And because of that, he was able to guess Chun Yeowun’s skills.


‘Damn that Yeom Hae-kyun!’


Byun Ho-young cursed the members of the Murim Association.


He fell in love with the theory the man said and believed in the poison they made, but everything was in vain now.


‘I can’t help it anymore.’


Once the opponent’s strengths were understood, the next choice was obvious.


“Release all restraints.”




At his command, all the glass doors opened.


From the 1st to the 3rd gen, 29 genetically weaponized humans walked out.


If this person had to be stopped, all of them would have to be used.


Im So-hye shouted at that.


“Look here, Second Master! Our deal isn’t done yet!”


The deal was very important for her.


This was being done after she received the orders of the Director of the National Defense, and if she failed, the ongoing plan would be back to the starting point.




At her cry, Byun Ho-young’s eyes lit up. The clever man thought of a way to take advantage of the moment.


“Member. That man is going against the rules of Black Athena. There isn’t much we can do.”




Im So-hye was irritated. It was because she understood what the man was trying to hint at.


‘This clever raccoon bastard is trying to make me move.’


Unless one was an idiot, they could have easily noticed it.


She was an SS-class Keeper. There were only three people who were as strong as her.


And this man wanted her help to stop Chun Yeowun.


“If the member can stop him, I will listen to you as much…”






Before he could even finish his words, a profound energy pulled him. His body which was floating moved to Chun Yeowun.


“Don’t use your brain.”


There was no way Chun Yeowun would let him do what he wanted.


‘This is insane!’


Byun Ho-young tried to use his own internal energy, but nothing happened. And was caught by Chun Yeowun’s hand.


It was then,




Byun Ho-young, who was up, fell to the ground.


A tremendous pressure which was created prevented him from moving further.


Chun Yeowun looked at Im So-hye right away.


“Don’t look at me with those eyes. There are rules and morality in everything and you are the one who ignored it.”


“Are you going to interfere?”


“Interfere? That is funny. I was the first to come here and deal with him. Don’t tell me you have forgotten that?”


She was right. Chun Yeowun was the one who broke the deal in the middle.


However, he couldn’t make concessions after what she did.


‘Right! Hurry up and fight.’


Byun Ho-young, who was released from the energy, liked what was going on.


Banter usually leads to fighting, and once they start to fight, he was planning to escape into the underground shelter.


‘It is a pity that I won’t get to see the fun scene of the Demonic Cult’s best being defeated by a Keeper, but I at least will get to live.’


That was the most important thing, life.


However, what Chun Yeowun said was unexpected.


“Okay. Then I will wait until your deal is done.”




Byun Ho-young’s expression grew distorted. This wasn’t what he hoped for.


If they continued their trade, Im So-hye wouldn’t have to fight,


“Such a gentleman. Thank you for understanding. After my trade is done, the vice-chairman can take care of his business.”


She immediately accepted it.


‘This bitch!’


He wanted them to fight, but now that they had reached an agreement, he was shocked.


Looking at Chun Yeowun, he knew that the guy wasn’t the friendly kind, and asking him to let her complete her trade, wouldn’t that mean she wanted to fight? But what was this?


‘Huh! Did that raccoon bastard think I would fall for his plan!’


Im So-hye had no intention of fighting Chun Yeowun. She couldn’t even fathom how capable he was, and she wasn’t the kind to enter fights for no reason.


However, her team members weren’t of the same opinion.


“Team leader! That person made Yeong-gang like that and you are letting him go?”


“This isn’t what we do right?”


They trusted Im So-hye, the SS-class Keeper, and thought that she would subdue Chun Yeowun.


‘It isn’t that I don’t care.’


Im So-hye glared back at her teammates. It meant to shut their mouths.


They were dissatisfied, but she had absolute authority, so they could no longer express their opinion.


“Okay then should we continue trading?”


Im So-hye smiled at the Second master.


At that, he bit his lip.


‘As soon as the deal is over, I am sure that he will kill me.’


He needed to plan. After thinking for a while, Byun Ho-young decided to take the risk.


“Well, nothing could be done. Then let’s go. I’ve seen you take an interest in the black market.”




Even if she didn’t say it out loud, Byun Ho-young noticed her reactions.


“I won’t make unreasonable demands. If you protect me from that person, I will give you the right to attend the black market. And I will give you five items of your choice for free, so please help me.”


Im Sho-hye’s eyes fluttered. It was because the proposal was unconventional.


Besides, the National Defense was showing great interest in genetic technology.


It was an opportunity to obtain the objects and information they desired without spending any government funds.




She couldn’t help but be worried, and the deal was different.


Moreover, Byun Ho-young didn’t ask her to take down the man, he only asked for protection. He just asked to make sure he wasn’t hurt.


‘It could be possible.’


Judging from her conversation with Chun Yeowun, it seemed like he wasn’t the reckless kind.


She wasn’t sure if she could persuade him enough and take the role of a mediator.


“Fine. Keep your promise.”


“I will.”


She then turned to Chun Yeowun and opened her mouth cautiously.


“Vice-chairman Chun. If it isn’t disrespectful, may I ask for a favor as a member of the National Defense?”




“Yes. If there is no malicious relationship with the Second Master of Black Athena, I would like the vice-chairman to ensure his safety. Wouldn’t it be better to get what we want without bloodshed?”


She came up with the right choice of words.


This way, there would be no need to argue with each other.


Chun Yeowun said.


“If the information I want is handed over, there will be no bloodshed.”


If he was given the information right away, he wouldn’t have even come to this place. Im So-hye who wasn’t sure of what he wanted was happy.


“Oh my. I see why Unnie moved to you hehehe.”


When he answered the way he wanted, she looked at Byun Ho-young.


“You heard it. Second Master.”


“… yes.”


He didn’t want this, but Byun Ho-young had no reason to hesitate if his life was being spared for information.


So he asked,


“May I ask what kind of information you want?”


“All information you have on MS Group. How to get in contact with them and their hideout location.”


At those words, Byun Ho-young’s eyes fluttered.


His expression hardened right away.


If this was asked in a normal situation, he would have said it was too tough to get that, but now the situation was different.


‘Damn it! Why did it have to be the MS group…’


The MS Group wasn’t something he could touch. If he did then Black Athena itself could come and make them disappear.


‘I need to pretend like I don’t know.’


The man here didn’t know if he had the information or not, so he could take the risk.


Hiding his expression as much as he could, Byun Ho-young said.


“Ha… the information on that is…”


But then an unexpected thing happened.


“The hall manager said that only those in charge of VIP members know of it. You aren’t going to say you don’t know, right?”




Everything seemed to have blown over. Byun Ho-young, who was planning to lie, was shocked.


‘What? That bastard!’


That bastard was currently trembling in the elevator.


Byun Ho-young bit his lip. If blown over, those people will annihilate Black Athena.


Escaping from their hands would be impossible.


‘Damn it!’


Any smooth transaction seemed unreasonable here.


So he shouted,


“Kill him!”


All the modified humans from 1st to 3rd gen who were waiting for the orders tried to attack, but Chun Yeowun clicked his tongue and lowered his palm.


“Tch tch.”


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


At that moment, all the modified ones knelt on the floor. Starting with the one who looked like a tiger, a grasshopper and many others.


All kneeling down, unable to get up.


“N-No way!”


Byun Ho-young couldn’t help but be astonished. Not one, but 29 of the modified humans were suppressed at the same time.


‘Who the hell is he?’


This wasn’t something that even a warrior of the Five Great Warriors could do.


The tremendous energy emanating from all directions was so great that he was unable to breathe.


“Do you still think that these toys would work?”


Chun Yeowun lowered his palm further.




The bodies kneeling down were on the ground and even dented the floor.






The modified humans died while howling a non-human wail.


‘No! no!’


At that, Byun Ho-young felt like he had to run away at any cost.


5 meters ahead was another exit.




Byun Ho-young flew towards it.


“Stupid man.”


Chun Yeowun reached out and pretended to pull him back.


The massive energy suppressed him. He couldn’t even lift his foot and was pulled towards Chun Yeowun again.




Im So-hye put on an annoyed expression, she tried to solve this smoothly, but all plans were in vain.


Even if she didn’t want to fight, she was being made to fight.


“I can’t help it. Vice-chairman was the one who brought this…”






At that moment, she felt a pain in her heart. As if something sharp had penetrated her. She grabbed her chest and looked at Chun Yeowun.


It was the Heart Sword.


“Y-You… coward…”


“I knew you would attack soon, why would you think I would listen to you even after seeing my skills?”


“You… you!”


Im So-hye’s beautiful face was distorted. It was the first time that she had been subjected to such treatment before showing her skills.


It was shameful because her team members were in there.


“Accck! I will kill you!”


How desperate she had to be for her to move with those bloody eyes




The Heart Sword pierced her heart again and again.




Im So-hye rolled on the floor screaming in pain.


Chun Yeowun muttered in a dry voice.


“I don’t have the time to hang out with you.”


He didn’t bother checking her abilities at all.


“T-team leader!”


Her team members were shocked and called for her.


However, not a single person dared to step at the man who did this to her.


“Want to try?”


Despite Chun Yeowun’s provocation, not a single person moved.


Seeing how easily the SS-class Keeper was taken down, who could believe themselves and do this?


“You people at least have learning ability.”


Chun Yeowun smiled. Meanwhile, he caught the neck of Byun Ho-young with his hand.






In a savage voice, Chun Yeowun said to the man trembling in fear.


“Now should we hear the things I want to know?”


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