Chapter 119: Black Athena (3)

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Chapter 119: Black Athena (3)




The masked man in a tux gripped his severed hand.


He looked at Chun Yeowun, who was looking down at him, with frightened eyes.


‘What the hell is he? A monster!’


Those who dealt with information knew that Chun Yeowun was related to the Sky Demon Order.


But they were overconfident in their own defense system, the gas and the poison, so they never imagined that things could turn out like this.


He remembered what happened 2 hours ago.


The Black Athena’s Second Master gathered all the people.


[The vice-chairman of the Yongchun Group might come?]


The vice-chairman made headlines in the news.


The fact that the Yongchun Group was the descendant of the Demonic Cult couldn’t be unknown.


Recently, rumors that the Demonic Cult was being resurrected have caused a stir in the Murim world.


[Isn’t that Yongchun Group the Demonic Cult one?]


[Why would they come to Black Athena?]


For the Forces of Evil, the relationship with the Demonic Cult was rather subtle.


Although they were known to be the evil kind just like the forces of Evil, they acted proud and said they were different.


Although they weren’t in direct confrontation, the Demonic Cult strongly despised others and never came in contact with the Forces of Evil.


[According to the information, they are aiming for the wealth and power of the Black Athena to help with their resurrection.]


The Second Master warned that the Demonic Cult would come in contact with them with ill intentions.


Thus, if they showed any signs of making a fuss in the pretext of a deal, the workers were ordered to expunge them.


[However, wouldn’t that make us enemies of the Demonic Cult?]


[They have the power to even take down the main office of the Association, shouldn’t we be more careful?]


Naturally, some people were concerned.


But the Second Master said,


[Don’t worry. If we do it, the Murim Association will come to our side.]


{The Murim Association? They will interfere?}


[Yes. The Demonic Cult and the Murim Association are currently at war. It wouldn’t be hard for them to interfere. Besides, the one called Chun Mu-seong is the biggest enemy of the Association, so they will make sure to use this chance to repay the disgrace they faced.]


As people heard it, no one felt concerned anymore.


In addition, in the absence of the Master, the Second Master held all powers in Black Athena, so everyone would have to obey his orders.


‘Kuak… If only the Master was here, this wouldn’t have happened.’


It was too late to regret.


Things happened and this monster was now right in front of him.


“Guide me to the VIP room. You don’t want to lose your other arm, do you?”


Chun Yeowun gave a daunting command. At that, the masked man endured the pain and reminded,


“Yah, if you don’t take the antidote, you will die. Are you sure you can threaten me?”


The gas was stopped, but what about the poison?


No matter how strong the man was, in order to clear the poison with only cultivation, it would take a long time. At least, that was what he thought.


“Are you talking about this?”


When Chun Yeowun raised his hand, something like black gas rose from his skin.


The black liquid floated in the air. And Chun Yeowun snapped his finger.




The black liquid split into several directions and penetrated the bodies of the Black Athena staff who were struggling with anxious faces.




“W-what is this…”


Flustered, they touched the parts where the liquid entered and tried to squeeze it out.






The poison was spreading through their bodies, so they tried to start cultivating. Six people sat on the floor at the same time. The masked man couldn’t help but be shocked.


“No way…”


The poison they were proud of was now inside their bodies. They weren’t sure, but it turned out that Chun Yeowun had cleared the poison.


At their shock, Chun Yeowun said.


“Last warning. If you want your other limbs to stay intact, guide me to the VIP room.”


6th basement floor of Black Athena.


Unlike the normal hall, this was a huge circular hall.


In such a place, a door made of tempered glass and about 10 meters of space was arranged outside the circle.


However, in this place, people in tight-fitting grey tights locked up one by one were displayed like items.


What was peculiar was that the eyes of the people in that glass space were out of focus. They had blank expressions like they had lost it.




A man in a blue tux with a mustache and pomade hair touched one of the glasses.


“This is a 3rd generation improved model.”


The man inside the glass was called to be a 3rd generation improved model.


There was a woman in a red dress waving her hand at the sight of the man in the glass, it was Im So-hye, the SS-class keeper.


“Is he unconscious?”


“Without the owner’s command, thinking and cognition are still not possible. The risk can be regarded as zero. Hahaha.”


The man who was smiling and explaining was Byun Ho-young, the Second Master of Black Athena.


He was the second in command and exclusive to the VIP members.


From Gold members with high loyalty and high purchase rates, the managers come down themselves and don’t just appear as holograms.


VIP members have many privileges, including their ability to bring in up to 5 companions.


So Im So-hye’s team members came along.


“His chin is unique.”


Im So-hye said while looking at the one in the glass.


Byun Ho-young answered with a smile.


“The 3rd gen has improved structure and genes, so the body changes are more unique and colorful. As the jaw moves, it turns into a larger mouth.”




The man with glasses frowned when he heard the thing about the jaw, it just felt pretty creepy.


“Although the mutant does look pretty ugly, it has amazing abilities. I can guarantee that. It is far superior to the 2nd gen models with carnivorous mammalian genes.”


The people in the glass space that Byun Ho-young pointed to were unusual.


Some had long ears and others had leopard patterns.


According to him, these were genetically engineered humans.


“The price is obviously higher than the 2nd gen. one B-class core per object.”




At Byun Ho-young’s words, Im So-hye’s team members were shocked.


Unlike other transactions, this floor would only accept cores as a form of payment.


Even a B-class core was known to be very expensive.


“Ah, it isn’t that expensive. This 3rd Gen model can easily deal with Super Master level Murims and A-class keepers.”


“Dealing with an A-class keeper? Isn’t it unreasonable to think that engineered humans could exhibit such crazy things?”


One of Im So-hye’s team members, a 2-meter tall man, said while clicking his tongue.


As an A-class keeper, it felt like Byun Ho-young’s words were targeted at him.


Super Masters and A-class Keepers were those in charge of people’s safety.


“You don’t seem to believe it.”


“I won’t believe it unless I see it with my own eyes.”


“Huhuhu, then shall we take time to check out the product? No.27 glass restraint released.”




At Byun Ho-young’s words, the glass went up and opened.


As the door opened, the muscular man inside stepped forward.


“If the A-class Keeper Pa Jin-sang checks it, he might be able to trust us more.”


At Byun Ho-young’s words, Pa Jin-sang’s eyes turned sharp.


Although they had come here several times before, no one knew their names, but since this place dealt with information, they knew who the guests were.


Pa Jin-sang looked at Im So-hye asking for permission.




Pa Jin-sang took off his tux and walked to the middle.


“I believe that you won’t ask me to compensate you if the product is defiled?”


“Of course not. However, be careful not to get hurt.”


“Huh. Doesn’t apply to me.”


Pa Jin-sang spoke in a confident voice.


His ability was super strength. He could exert force up to 100 tons.


With that strength, he could easily crush steel. He was a Keeper who defeated dangerous Gate entities with just his fists.


“You can order the product right now too. And if it doesn’t work, you can ask for a change too. No. 23, defeat him.”


As soon as Byun Ho-young’s words fell, the man in grey tights ran towards him.


The movement was incredibly fast. Like bouncing off the floor and reaching the middle of the room at once.




The man in tights who was hit by Pa Jin-sang bounced back.


The Keepers who watched it cheered.




They assumed that the genetically made model was of no match to them.


However, Pa Jin-sang’s expressions changed.


He clenched his fist, but it didn’t exactly feel like he hit something.


‘What is this? This weird feeling?’


It felt more foreign than dealing with Gate objects.


A very bad feeling.




The guy in grey tights, who bounced back, flew towards the man as soon as his foot touched the ground.


He raised his fists upwards and tried to smash Pa Jin-sang.


Pa Jin-sang, who stopped it, tried to land a hit, but something completely different happened.






From the elbow, the arms were split open.


And then long arms which seemed made of saw blades came out.


The same with legs as well.




He opened his mouth, and the chin cracked.


The ugly appearance didn’t look human at all.


It literally seemed like an insect.




Im So-hye mumbled.


The Second Master Byun Hi-young smiled and answered.


“Right answer.”


This man was a human with a mantis gene.


Honestly, calling him human was ridiculous.


‘Th-this is a monster!’


Pa Jin-sang had outstanding durability and strength, but he didn’t want to block those long arms, so he tried to avoid being hit.




Just by spreading the long arms, he managed to grab the opponent at once.


“This bastard!”




Pa Jin-sang tried to grab the arm and break it. However, despite his ability, he couldn’t break off the mantis man’s arms.


‘What power does this one have?’


Rather, the area around the hand changed.






Pa Jin-sang’s palm tore.


The moment he released his hand in shock, the mantis opened the forked jaw and bit Pa Jin-sang’s shoulder.




The ferocious teeth hurt the man. They dug in so easily that it was as if the mantis tried to rip it off.




As Pa Jin-sang screamed, Second Master Byun Ho-young snapped his fingers and shouted.






As soon as the command fell, the mantis opened its mouth.


Blood kept dripping down the pierced shoulder and the teeth marks were visible.


“Kuak… kuak…”


Pa Jin-sang’s eyes tinged with fear as he groaned. It was the first time he had experienced this kind of fear since the Gate battles.


“Strong Pa Jin-sang like this?”




His colleagues were shocked and so was Im so-hye.


Byun Ho-young smiled and said to her,


“How was it? Enough?”


This was a super amount of power, so admiringly she said,


“Is there anything stronger than this?”


“There is a 4th gen improved version.”


Shockingly, there was a stronger one.


If the 3rd gen made with insect genes were this strong how strong could the next gen be?


“The 4th gen is really expensive and we have a limited number.”


“How many?”


“I was only asked to sell 2 of them and the two aren’t up for brokering.”




“Up to the 3rd gen, they are possible to produce when the genes are available, but when it comes to the 4th gen, it is tough.”


Hearing that, Im So-hye was curious.


“How much?”


“3 A-class cores.”




The outrageous payment shocked her.


It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that getting a single A-class core was almost impossible, but three?


“How can the price go up like that?”


“Because it is worthy. You did see this one right? A 3rd gen can easily overwhelm an A-class Keeper. And that one can easily surpass it.”


“Nevertheless. The payment is so…”


“The Japanese, Russians and Americans have bought 14 of them at a higher price in the auction markers. Comparatively, this is a lower price.”


At those words, Im So-hye’s eyes lit up.


It was said that the price paid for it was extremely high, but it was something else that drew her attention.


“Oh my. Are you going to auction them on the market?”


At that, Byun Ho-young realized he had said something he shouldn’t have and went silent.


The auction wasn’t something he had the liberty to speak about.


“Ahh, I made a mistake. There is so much competition in the black market rather than auctions…”




The earpiece which was plugged in his ear beforehand suddenly began to give static.


-Second Master, we have a problem.


It was a call from the Control Room. In response, Byun Ho-young looked at Im So-hye and said,


“Could you give me a moment?”


And then, he moved slightly away from them.


“What is it?”


-He is on the way to the 6th-floor basement.




-The vice-chairman of the Yongchun group.




Byun Ho-young couldn’t hide his shock. To get here means to pass through several defense systems.


If he wanted to get here, he would have been blocked by the other rooms. So how?


“What about the poison?”


-I don’t know sir. We didn’t know until he even got into the elevator.


“What are you spouting now? How did he?”


-Seeing that Cooper is accompanying him, it seems like he is taking the manager’s aisle.


The paths for guests and managers were different.


Despite the tight surveillance, the cameras in the manager path were few.


And there was an elevator there.


“Stop the elevator!”


The elevator was made of superalloy just in case. It had the strength to even withstand an explosion.


-Already shut it and send fighters to the elevator…


It was then.




The entrance of the elevator at the entrance of the hall split and then,






Someone appeared from the smoke.


It was Chun Yeowun in his usual attire.


‘Vice-chairman Chun Mu-seong?’


Im So-hye couldn’t hide her curiosity.


The man who appeared after breaking an elevator definitely didn’t have good intentions.


Chun Yeowun said as he walked in.


“Are you the representative of Black Athena?”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes went to Byun Ho-young, and the man’s face contorted.


‘In the middle of the most important deal!’


Everything was disturbed.


At that time, a man with curly hair, one of Im So-hye’s team members, stepped ahead and said.


“Our deal isn’t done yet, what is this now? Go back and…”




Chun Yeowun ignored him and passed by.


Angry at that, the curly-haired man tried to show off his abilities.


“Cheeky bastard…”


“Don’t bother me.”




Chun Yeowun lightly waved his hand and the man’s body bowed to the side.








His upper body went into the tempered glass and stuck into it.


The entire team couldn’t hide their shock at the sight of an A-class Keeper being taken down in an instant.


“No. 23, get rid of him!”


Second Master shouted in panic.


The mantis man in the middle flew for Chun Yeowun with the jaws wide open.




“What kind of joke is this?”


Chun Yeowun stretched out his right hand.


The mantis man who was aiming to attack him stopped mid-air and the legs shuddered.


In that state, Chun Yeowun clenched his fist.






The mantis man’s body folded like a ball and rolled on the ground.


‘W-what is that…’


At that scene, Pa Jin-sang fell into despair. It was absurd to see the mantis which caused him pain and anguish die at a single gesture.

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