Chapter 118: Black Athena (2)

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Chapter 118: Black Athena (2)


SS-class Gate Keepers.


There were only 3 of them right now.


Their abilities were so great that even A-class Alphas could be taken down by each of them, and each could be called as chaos bringers.


“SS-class Gate Keeper?”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes brightened.


This meant that the woman in front of him was as strong as Yu So-hwa.


It was a rare sight to meet an SS-class Keeper anywhere other than battlegrounds.




However, Yu So-hwa’s expression wasn’t good.


She was staring at the woman with disgust. Im So-hye made a gesture and asked.


“Same as ever. Still can’t stand looking at my face?”


Yu So-hwa tried to make her stop her gesture by using her powers when BI Mak-heon intervened.


“You were talking about using this. Can you tell us what you mean?”


Im So-hye smiled and then went back to looking at Chun Yeowun, she placed her finger on the table, and as she dragged it back, she said.


“You look more handsome than on the news. You are talented and handsome. So So-hwa Unnie gave up her work?”


Im So-hye seemed interested in Chun Yeowun.


When they first entered here, she was the one who noticed Yu So-hwa, so she was curious.


As far as she knew, Yu So-hwa couldn’t just quit like that.


However, she was wondering if this man was attractive enough for her to give up on it, and he definitely was.


“You are attractive.”


She patted the table and kept flirting.




But Chun Yeowun didn’t seem interested.


“Answer the question you were asked.”


Im So-hye frowned.


‘How can he be so indifferent when I am here?’


This was a first for her.


She was always confident with her body, from a narrow waist to voluptuous breasts.


She thought this man would definitely like her too.


In fact, a lot of men liked her.


‘Trying to act hard to get?’


Such an indifferent attitude stimulated her desire to win.


She thought there was no reason why she couldn’t have him.


Im So-hye spoke with a smile.


“If I tell you, what can you do for me?”


It was a seduction trick she used the most.


It was safe to say that if he said he would offer a drink outside, then he passed.


But the words from Chun Yeowun were.


“Your life is spared.”




Im So-hye’s face went stiff. She even doubted her ears for a moment.


“Just now… what did you say?”


“Do you have hearing problems? I said I would spare your life.”




Im So-hye exasperated.


Since she became an SS-class keeper, nobody has dared talk to her in such a way.


No, this wasn’t guts, it seemed like recklessness.




A snorting sound in the ear.


It was Yu So-hwa who laughed.


Until recently, she was upset with Im So-hye being here, but she was feeling better now.




Biting her lip which was painted red, she asked.


“Spare my life? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an arrogant man. But did that outstanding confidence come from your own strength? Or does it stem from So-hwa Unnie over there…”






She stopped talking when something touched her neck.




Hu Bong, who was next to Chun Yeowun, threatened her with his finger with sword energy embedded on it.


Although she wasn’t Murim, at the sharp sensation on her neck, she felt a chill run down her spine.


“Lady. Lord didn’t tell you to speak what you want. He told you to answer the question.”


In front of Chun Yeowun, Hu Bong was a funny, light-hearted guy, but there was no forgiveness for anyone who was rude to his Lord.


With a stiff face, the woman spoke.


“There is a place. It is definitely good money. Especially considering such strong men.”


“Lady. The warning ends…”


Hu Bong turned his head to some people approaching him from behind.


Five men and women, dressed in banquet attire, approached Hu Bong with angry faces.


Im So-hye smiled and said,


“I believe in myself the most, but there are team members on whom I can count on too. You know, right? So-hwa Unnie, SGK team members.”


A team led by Im So-hye.


Hu Bong threatened her from behind.


They approached the table with angry faces ready to fight, when a waiter appeared.


“No fighting inside Black Athena. If you want to fight, take this outside.”


That was the rule. And one of the waiters came up to Im So-hye and said,


“The VIP members’ trading room is ready.”


As if feeling bad, Im So-hye said.


“What exquisite timing. It was unfortunate. I wanted to have a little more fun.”


She turned and tried to move, but Hu Bong stopped her.


“Lady. You haven’t answered yet.”




Im So-hye’s face turned red.


Although she was suppressing her emotions as much as she could, now she felt insulted.


“I said no to fighting. Members.”


The waiter’s voice got stronger, and he warned both Hu Bong and her.


Another mess and the waiter was sure to send them out.


‘Ha. If only we didn’t meet here.’


Because she had work to do now, she tried to be reasonable.


Shaking her head, she looked at Chun Yeowun and said,


“The rule is to put a coin in a martini and drink it. If you don’t do that, you won’t get anyone here.”


The way to trade. Surprisingly, the waiter didn’t stop her. It seemed like irrelevant information to them.


“Let’s meet another time! Vice-chairman.”


Im So-hye turned her head proudly. Hu Bong cleared the path he blocked so she could move.


As she was passing, she looked at him and said,


“You. You are quite different from what you look like. Lady? Were you locked in a freezer for a thousand years or something? Those words are used in historical drama. Huh!”


This was a way for her to get rid of anger.


After she followed the waiter, Hu Bong spoke to Chun Yeowun with a serious face.


“Lord… that woman isn’t an ordinary one. Seeing me and telling me that I have been trapped in ice, she seems to have intellect.”


“… sit down.”


Hu Bong couldn’t tell the difference between a joke and the truth.


After he sat, Chun Yeowun received the coin from Bi Mak-heon.


A coin about the size that would be hard to swallow.


‘Drink this while putting it in?’


The martini left by the waitress when they entered. It was used for this. However, it was strange to drink this.


“Vice-chairman. There’s probably something vague about it. Rather, let me do it just to be sure.”


Bi Mak-heon looked at the coin and the drink suspiciously.


Chun Yeowun put his finger on them and asked.


‘Nano. Analyze if poison is on them?’


[I’ll check.]


And Nano never took long.


[Neither the coin nor the drink is toxic.]


‘No poison?’


Neither had poison in them.


‘Then why did she ask us to put the coin and drink?’


Nano gave the answer.


[If the two are mixed together, they cause strong toxicity the moment they come in contact with stomach acids.]


‘I see.’


Now it was solved.


All elements needed to be there for the poison to take effect.


The poison was a safety device used by the Black Athena.


Even if a coin was given out, no one could detect anything on it, so there was no way public security would come for them.


Smiling, he put the coin into the drink. And then took the glass.




Bi Mak-heon was startled and tried to stop, but Chun Yeowun swallowed it down in one shot.


It didn’t matter if he drank this. He had an indestructible body thanks to Nano, so it could decompose the poison.


“It is better if I…”


If Bi Mak-heon took it, he would immediately die.


“No need.”


Chun Yeowun, who didn’t want to create a mess by telling them about the poison, didn’t mention it.


[Decomposition of toxic substances in the body is done.]


The poison has already been detoxified. And before long, a waiter came.


“Copper trading room is ready. Please ask the companions to wait until the talks are over.”


Hu Bong tried to protest.


“Lord, you can’t go in alo…”


“Enough. Wait here.”


But at Chun Yeowun’s words, he sat down again.


After he instructed them to wait, he was guided by the waiter and headed to another entrance on the other side of the hall.


Upon entering that place, he saw seven doors.


Among the doors painted with Athena in black, gold, silver, copper, red, blue and white, the waiter for copper opened the door.


“Please head down the hallway.”


The hallway was straight. And as he went inside, a smaller hall appeared.


There was only one table and chair.




As soon as he entered, Chun Yeowun smiled.


The entire floor was equipped with a ventilation system, so he couldn’t use internal energy to detect the sound.


In addition, there seemed to be several other safety devices.




Something which looked like a wall went down and blocked the entrance.


It was pretty thick.


-Please take a seat.


An altered voice spoke from the speaker.


Chun Yeowun walked leisurely and sat down on the chair.




A hologram was formed opposite to the table as the light came from the ceiling. A man in a black mask and tuxedo appeared.


He politely greeted with one arm stretched outside and the other one in his stomach.


-Welcome. Welcome member.


Chun Yeowun looked at it and asked.


“You don’t seem to prefer face-to-face meetings.”


-I am sorry if you feel uncomfortable. This is for security reasons.


“Well, it doesn’t matter.”


-Thank you. We will notify you before the trade. First of all, you must never speak out about any transaction which happens here. Second, the basic interview is about 10 minutes, and you have to pay another 10 minutes if needed.




Both sides of the table were split in half, revealing a glass table.


A glass and something which looked like a rose-shaped faucet appeared.


Red liquid flowed from the faucet and filled the glass.


-Since you are here for the first time, let me explain. If you do not take this antidote in 10 minutes, the toxins in your body will spread all throughout. Please remember that.


A timer was marked on the table. The poison was a device they used for trade.


-Trading starts the moment you drink the antidote.


The masked man held out his hand and showed it. And when Chun Yeowun drank it, the timer started.


-Then let’s start trading. Do you want to sell or buy?


So they didn’t just sell, but also bought.




-Alright. I’ll let you know before we start. Please note that there are items that are subject to transaction restrictions depending on your level. So what do you want to buy?.




-Please note that the price varies depending on how specific the information is and how difficult it is to obtain. What is the information you are looking for?


At that, Chun Yeowun directly asked.


“MS Group.”




When he said MS Group, the man didn’t answer. Even though it was a hologram, Chun Yeowun noticed the man’s eyes shaking.


“I want all the information you have on MS Group. Even better if you can give me their location and how to connect to them.”


At that, the man glanced somewhere and then opened his mouth.


-Sorry. The information you asked for can’t be given at your trading level.


It means he won’t give.


“Then at which level?”


-The information you mentioned is open to VIP members. Sorry for not being of any help. If you have other stuff, I can respond to that. If not, I’ll close this inte…


“Is it possible to trade if I get to the VIP room?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question, the man gave a straight answer.


-Not possible without membership.


“If I really need this information.”


The masked man responded in a rather cold voice.


-We will expunge you according to the rules of Black Athena.


It meant to be killed.


Chun Yeowun seemed interested.


“And how do you plan to do that?”


-The trading hours end soon. I warn you. If we don’t open the door to this room, you’ll have your organs melted, and you’ll be a corpse within 5 minutes. If you keep insisting, that is what happens.


The masked man blinked, and the rose faucet was back on the table.


-Now you have 6 minutes and 35 seconds left. Please choose.


“I need to get any information related to MS Group.”


-Then the trade will end here. Please forgive me for not being able to see you off on the way to the underworld…


“The VIP room is in the basement?




For a moment, the masked man was confused. At first glance, people would think that the VIP rooms were on the same floor, but the VIP room was in the basement.


“I guess it must be right.”


It was a guess based on the strongest energy around, and it was correct.


Chun Yeowun said to him.


“I also warn you. If you don’t guide me to the VIP room right now, I won’t leave your limbs intact.”




The masked man glared at Chun Yeowun as if it was ridiculous.


It was absurd to threaten a hologram when he was the one going to die.


-Crazy bastard.


The masked man said as he looked at Chun Yeowun.


And then turned off the hologram.




In another room on the other side of the trading, full of monitors with CCTV videos.


Several people were inside, a man with a mask and tuxedo on the hologram device asked.


“Is it off?”


“Yes. Right.”


“How the hell did the idiot know where the VIP room is?”


The VIP room has an elevator. It reaches the basement when the transaction starts. So most people don’t notice it.


“Absurd guy. He was right in front of me and threatening me.”


A man in front of the monitor shook his head.


And then asked.


“What should we do? Should we wait until automatic expunge is started?”


At that, the man in the tuxedo shook his head.


“No. The expungement is confirmed, so why wait that long for him to die? Push the deals of the other copper members.”




The man in front of the monitor was about to press the button for gas release.


As soon as the poison gas was inhaled, one would die within 30 seconds.


“Uh? But what is he doing?”


Chun Yeowun, seen through the monitor, was approaching the wall.


The wall was sturdy and made of a special alloy thicker than the other sides of the room. Even a bomb couldn’t break it open.


“What is with him? What is that bastard doing now?”


The man in front of the monitor laughed at the question of the masked man.


“There is a ventilation system in that room, so he can’t use anything. It looks like he is trying to do something stupid. Should we keep an eye on him?”


“He must be stupid. I wondered what a great guy he was because he came in the news, but he hardly understood….”




At that moment, a sharp sound was heard.




Chun Yeowun on the monitor was holding an energy sword against the wall.


But why were they hearing the sound from this side?


“How is…”


At that moment, Chun Yeowun kicked the wall with his foot.




At that time, the wall they were standing close to flew off.


Flustered, those who were standing pulled out their weapons.


Srng! Srrng! Srrng!


It was unbelievable. Cutting down a special alloy thick wall with bare hands!


“Uh, how can we let the gas enter when the ventilation…”




Before the masked man could speak, Chun Yeowun reached out his hand and the weapons they were carrying moved away from their hands and landed on the floor in front of Chun Yeowun.






“My blade!”


It didn’t end there.


When Chun Yeowun pretended to clench his fist, the swords on the floor shattered like glass.




‘What nonsensical power!’


They were perplexed, but Chun Yeowun suddenly approached the masked man.


He then grabbed him by the neck.






“I warned you.”




As soon as he said that, Chun Yeowun’s energy sword cut his right arm.

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