Chapter 116: Shadow Assassin (3)

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Chapter 116: Shadow Assassin (3)


Chun Yeowun used Ghost energy.


A weird and demonic eerie energy came out of his wrist guard which was on his right wrist and entered Kyle’s core. Kyle’s body trembled at the gloomy energy which entered his body.




However, it was strange.


Naturally, Chun Yeowun thought that the skin would change and lose its vitality. But nothing like that happened to Kyle.




Unlike the human body, Kyle, a demon, had no vitality inside his body.


Without blood and vitality, the body was filled with something called demonic energy, which was different from vitality.




As the demon didn’t lose its body or erode, there was no way to turn it into a Ghost.


And then, something unexpected happened.




Once again, the Sky Demon Sword came out and resonated. Kyle’s core which he had turned into liquid was soon absorbed into the sword.


Chun Yeowun pulled out the hand.




As the Sky Demon Sword resonated, the core trembled.


Then it turned into a black liquid entirely and entered the sword.




At the same time, something entered into Chun Yeowun’s mind.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned black and his body went stiff.


The father and son, Chun Woo-jin and Chun Yu-jang, who arrived then, went closer.




“What happened?”


Chun Yu-jang asked Shakena who was guarding Chun Yeowun.


However, she shook her head as if to say she knew nothing.


“Who is this person, and what was he doing here?”


Chun Woo-jin went close to Kyle in front of Chun Yeowun, and asked with a puzzled expression.


He gently touched him with his hand.






Black smoke suddenly rose from his body and quickly collapsed down into ashes.


“T-The body is!”


Chun Woo-jin and Chun Yu-jang couldn’t hide their shock. Only after hearing from Shakena did they know that Kyle wasn’t a human but something from the Gate.


‘Huh. Special entity.’


They couldn’t help but be shocked that a special entity, which they all heard about only in rumors, had infiltrated the Yongchun group.


Not too long after that, Chun Yeowun’s eyes were back to normal.


Chun Yu-jang, who sensed the change in Chun Yeowun, asked.


“Ancestor, are you alright?”


Despite his question, Chun Yeowun looked at the Sky Demon Sword in his hand, unable to understand.


‘What are you? Sky Demon Sword.’


From what he knew, the sword was made from a meteorite that fell from the sky.


But more, he wanted to know more about the sword.


Chun Yeowun reached out to somewhere, and the black cold iron wrist guard resonated.




At that moment, shadows rose like thorns from the dark places.


“Master… that ability is?”


Shakena asked with trembling eyes.


It was the ability to control shadows.


Surprisingly, Chun Yeowun was now able to use the powers of Kyle.


At the same time.


A gorgeous office room on the top floor of a tall building in Gwangju.


There was a person biting a cigar while looking outside the window of the dark office.


The night view was clear.


A silver-haired woman appeared inside with a glass of red wine in her hands.


The woman offered the wine glass to the other person and gently hugged him from the back.


Eyes full of awe rather than affection for the supposed lover.


It was then.




The wine glass was shattered.


Surprised, the silver-haired woman asked.


“What is it? My king.”


At her question, the black form muttered in an angry voice.


“Kyle is dead.”




The silver-haired woman couldn’t understand it.


“Kyle is dead? Did the clan send someone above Marquis?”


No one could kill Kyle unless they were from the clan and with a higher title.


And among humans, she was certain that there was no one who could touch Kyle.


If there had to be one, then only the ones they raised could do this.




“Then who the hell could?”


In response to her, the black form spat out a name.


“Chun Mu-seong!”


Another name for Chun Yeowun.


Surprisingly, as soon as Kyle’s body fell, the black form noticed the death. He had no idea how this happened.


The silver-haired woman frowned, and then opened her mouth.


“I can’t believe it. How could humans touch our clan?”


“Well, the unbelievable thing happened.”


The black form seemed to have already accepted it.


But despite that, the anger didn’t subside.




A terrifying amount of huge demonic energy was rising from the body.


The silver-haired woman, gently stroking his back, said,


“My king. Then let me go. I will bring the man over here.”


“You will bring the man?”


“Yes. I will deal with it so that my King doesn’t feel like this anymore.”




As the black form seemed to think, she pushed her huge breasts onto his back and spoke in a whisper.


“You know my abilities better than anyone.”




She murmured as she gently ran her fingers across the collar bone of the black form.


“Because human beings don’t mind dying for pleasure and cannot live without it.”


A strange greed was apparent in her eyes as she said that.


The man turned around and grabbed her neck.






“Clan members died and you want to satisfy your own greed?”


A red light flickered in the eyes. As if terrified, the silver-haired woman withdrew and trembled.


Looking at that, the black form smiled and said,


“Fine. If you can deal with him, I will give you four years to handle your powers.”


Once the permission fell, the silver-haired woman who had been trembling in fear till a moment ago, looked confident now.


Three days after that.


Chun Yeowun closed his eyes, as if meditating and organized the shadow ability in his mind.


This ability he got was more useful than expected.


Starting with restraining the opponents through shadows to making them move as he desired, it could also be used as weapons.


And the most useful ability was the shadow realm.


‘It is as if it is a different space.’


Once entered, it would be like a two-dimensional space. The whole space is dark, but infinitely spacious.


The advantage of the place was that it could be used as a pocket. He could put and pull things out.


‘Interesting ability.’


Chun Yeowun spoke as if he liked it, since it was a skill that could be used in various ways.


A lot of things could be stored there.


In addition, if there is something he wants to hide, keeping them inside the shadow realm is easier.


‘What is its principle?’


Nano couldn’t figure it out either.


Probably because they were foreign powers different from the ones on earth.


Chun Yeowun can enter this shadow realm and once he entered, he could move at a higher speed.


‘Body turns a light as a feather.’


In the shadow realm, it was possible to move two to three times faster than in the original world.


There was no layer of air obstructing him.


Originally, Chun Yeowun himself was very fast, but in the shadow realm, he was even quicker.


Unfortunately, all this was possible only in darkness.


Still, this seemed enough. Moving between places could be done secretly with this power in the darkness.


And he was quite satisfied.




“Lord. It seems to have stopped.”


He heard Hu Bong’s voice.


When Chun Yeowun opened his eyes, a voice of guidance from the underground train station came out.


-This train stops in Qingdao. Passengers moving from Qingdao to another area will need to head to another station…


The train arrived in Qingdao. A port city in the southern part of Shandong province.


As it was close to the sea, there were many beautiful things to see.


Laoshan was a tourist place.


Why did Chun Yeowun come here?


It happened a few days ago.


-You mean from the information agency?


Chun Yeowun asked director Huan Myung-oh, the head of the information agency.


-Okay. So are clans like the Lower district clan still active?


Lower district clan.


A representative information-gathering organization 7of the Forces of Evil in Chun Yeowun time.


A group of thieves, storekeepers, courtesans and brothel women, any place fit to gather information was filled with them.


-Not there?


-… from what I know, there are several such groups.




-Black Athena and Club PAB. But I know that they are dangerous places.




-I heard that they don’t only sell information, but are also involved in horrible things like drug smuggling.


Gate-related stuff or drug smuggling was considered to be illegal. And it wasn’t right to be tied to them as they were such a crooked group.


-Lord Chun Ma. it would be better to find the information needed from our information…


-If possible, sure.


-What information do you need?


-MS Group.


The information Chun Yeowun wanted was the one related to MS Group.


The group disbanded over 15 years ago and was now a ghost organization.


If they were doing business with Chun Woo-kyung, then there must be a way to find them.


And there was one reason why Chun Yeowun was looking for MS Group.


It was Baekgi.


Now he turned his attention to Baekgi because the merger went smoothly and he also saved Lord Chun Woo-jin.


He also built a nice relationship with the Ministry of National Defense.


-If it is the MS Group… there may be some clues out there, but we reached a dead end.


It was a shameful story. They tried to track MS Group several times under Chun Yeowun’s instructions, but couldn’t find any traces.


-Which of the two is closer?


-Black Athena. They have a large liquor business in Qingdao.

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