Chapter 115: Shadow Assassin (2)

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Chapter 115: Shadow Assassin (2)




Kyle was dragged up as he bumped into some ceiling fragments.


He looked at the young man with a fair face and sharp eyes who grabbed his head.


‘This one?’


It was Chun Yeowun that he saw on the TV screen.


Kyle didn’t expect this man to be found so quickly, this wasn’t how things were supposed to go.


The headquarters area of the Yongchun group was huge and had spacious buildings, so he didn’t think that anyone would be able to notice a battle.


Chun Yeowun’s energy was so great that it covered the whole Yongchun group area.


“You sneaked in like a rat.”


He did say that, but Chun Yeowun’s intentions were different.


‘The response was faster than I thought.’


He knew that the enemies would try to deal with him, but he didn’t expect them to do so right away.


Holding Kyle’s head, he asked.


“You are a demon too?”


A scarred face, but an exotic appearance.


A unique energy utterly different from internal energy.


‘Does he know how to hide his energy?’


If he wasn’t right next to him, feeling the energy would’ve been hard.


Meanwhile, Kyle said.


“You seem to be aware of our existence, Chun Mu-seong.”


He knew Chun Yeowun by his pseudonym. And no matter how much he heard it, Chun Yeowun couldn’t get used to it.


“I came to look for you, but you came by yourself!”




Kyle, who was being held by his head, kicked Chun Yeowun’s neck.


Chun Yeowun raised his hand to block it.




It was a light kick, but the power it held was beyond normal.




It was so strong that the force from the kick extended to the other side, and the wall of the building was ripped open.


It was evening, so it was dark outside.


‘He stopped the kick?’


Kyle’s eyes shuddered.


His goal was to kill Chun Yeowun, so he kicked him with all his might.


“You are a little stronger than Shakena.”


That was Chun Yeowun’s evaluation, he was better than Shakena, who ate the hearts of Murims.


The fact that his kick was this strong meant he ate a lot more than Shakena.


“And that’s about it.”




Feeling enraged at being compared with Shakena, Kyle stretched out his left hand.


“How long are you planning on holding my head! Cheeky humans!”


His hands were now dyed in black and had the shape of a sharp weapon.


They aimed at Chun Yeowun’s chest.




Chun Yeowun caught the hand. But Kyle’s lips twitched.


“Caught you!”




At that moment, the shadow hand trembled like a liquid and then covered Chun Yeowun’s left arm till the elbow.


“No matter how strong you are, you are still a human.”


The shadow moved around trying to constrain Chun Yeowun’s movements. This was different from physical restraint.


Since the hand was already touched by the shadow, it was now in the shadow realm.






Chun Yeowun moved his hand, but it felt like something was sucking it back.


He tried to use his full energy, but the part covered in shadow didn’t move.


In the meantime, the shadow kept creeping a little further.


“Useless. Unless you are in the shadow realm, It is impossible to get out of the shadows! Get this shitty hand away from me!”


Kyle pretended to grab something.


At his gesture, the shadows from the walls changed into thorns and rushed for Chun Yeowun.




Chun Yeowun brought out a curtain of energy to block it, but the shadow passed through the barrier.




“Did you think you could stop the shadows like that! Die now!”


Kyle seemed elated.


“Really? Then I guess there is nothing to do.”




Chun Yeowun gave strength into the hand holding Kyle’s head.




His fingers dug into Kyle’s head.




Kyle, who was suffering from tremendous pain, groaned out loud, yet the shadow thorns didn’t stop.


‘Going ahead even if it means sacrificing yourself?’


As the opponent seemed to be stronger than expected, Chun Yeowun’s punishment turned more gruesome.




Kyle’s head was smashed.


Black smoke flowed from the head, bloodless. He tried to keep him alive to get information, but since things took an unexpected route, he had to kill the demon.




Kyle’s body fell to the ground. In the gap, something purple and opaque was grabbed by Chun Yeowun.


It was a round core.


“Master, Count Deo’s core is safe!”


Thud! Thud! Thud!


To her surprise, the core in his hand was beating.




“Our clan can survive as long as the core isn’t destroyed.”


Shakena explained to Chun Yeowun who was puzzled.


He thought that he lost all means to get information, but thanks to her, it seemed like Deo could be saved.


However, something was weird.


‘If the core isn’t destroyed, then they live?’


That feeling was right.




The shadows on his hand hadn’t disappeared yet. Rather, they were still climbing up his body.




Chun Yeowun looked at Kyle, who had fallen on the floor. But the body was nowhere to be seen. It had already seeped into the shadows.


‘He was still alive?’


Chun Yeowun frowned. He smashed the head, but he was still alive?


At that moment, Shakena shouted.


“Master! He is running away!”


Fortunately, as the head was shattered, he couldn’t hide the energy, so Shakena could sense his location.


Breaking through the wall, she moved. And Chun Yeowun followed her.




When they went out, there seemed to be quite a lot of cultists.


They had come to see what the commotion was about.




“Ah! We greet Chun Ma!”


The cultists who looked at Chun Yeowun, bowed to him.




The timing was right. So Shakena threw an energy sphere at the members.


Shh! Bang!




She kept firing spheres in succession at the members.


The people who were startled by her acts, moved away.


However, the black shadow which protruded from the floor like tentacles, immediately attacked around 30 cultists.




“W-what is this?”






The bewildered cultists pulled out their weapons and raised sword energy to cut it off. But it was like cutting a shadow.


However, the shadow tentacles soon gathered and aimed for the gaps in the weapons.






The body of a person touched by the shadow was engulfed fully this time. As if the entire body was eaten by shadow.


“Avoid! Everyone move!”


Surprised by it, they immediately moved to different places.


However, the fact that it was evening made the shadows the worst ability to fight against.


Demon Kyle’s powers were at their peak.




The tentacles from the wide floor rose dozens of meters in length, and tried to swallow up all the people around in an instant.


“Oh my!”


“M-My body!”


Some cultists couldn’t avoid being eaten by the shadow. But that wasn’t the problem.




Those who were eaten by the shadows turned black and rushed for Chun Yeowun and Shakena.




Their physical abilities were beyond human limits. Chun Yeowun and Shakena were now in the air, about three stories high, yet the human shadows jumped up at once and attacked them.


Since they were cultists, Chun Yeowun avoided them, but Shakena hit them without hesitation.




A shadow man hit by Shakena’s kick was thrown away.


However, as if not hurt, the shadow got up and jumped up again.




Shakena created an energy sphere ready to kill.


“Don’t kill them!”


At Chun Yeowun’s shout, she didn’t fire it. Meanwhile, a black shadow fell over her.




Of course, with her phasing, it passed through her. But in that brief moment, Shakena discovered something.


Drop! Drop!


Drops of blood were dripping down the black shadow’s face.


As they were suddenly engulfed in the shadows and were being manipulated, they seemed to be shocked.


“Master! The members seem to be in pain.”


“I see that.”


Their concern was right.


The one called Kyle was using the cultists as hostages. A mouth appeared on the face of the shadow man and said.


“Kuku! Attack me all you want. That is if you want to kill your subordinates.”


At those words, Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned cold. Without noticing that, Kyle continued.


“At night I am invincible. I am not someone you bastard can handle!”


“Shakena, where is he?”


Chun Yeowun ignored his words and asked Shakena.


And she pointed to a direction in the west.


“Over there!”


At that, Chun Yeowun swung a sword on his right hand.


At that, five invisible swords appeared in the air, and with great speed they went to the place where she pointed.




Chun Yeowun frowned as he couldn’t feel like he had hit something. At that moment, 6 shadow men jumped up and rushed for him. The six of them spoke at once.


“Are you trying to kill us?”


“You are being so annoying.”




Chun Yeowun held onto a sword he created and then lowered his palm. And the shadow humans which were floating up went flat to the ground.


Thud! Thud!


The shadow humans were stuck to the floor, unable to move like before.


They were still humans, so internal energy worked on them.


“These low level tricks don’t work on me. Demon.”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, a mouth formed in the shadows and smiled.


“I see. But there seem to be three hundred more humans in this place. Can you protect all of them?”


Kyle spoke as if he held all the people in the Yongchun group under his control. Since he couldn’t deal with Chun Yeowun, he took this method. And it didn’t sit well with Chun Yeowun.


“You… there is no need to keep you alive.”


“Ah. It seems like you are misunderstanding something about who has the upper hand here. Rather, you should be concerned about your human body.”


At some point, the shadow had engulfed Chun Yeowun entire left arm. Since Chun Yeowun was strong, the shadow couldn’t move like usual.




“At the moment I completely have control of you, I’ll kill all your people right in front of you.”


The shadow was slowly moving to Chun Yeowun’s shoulder when it suddenly began to crack.






Kyle, who was hiding in the shadows, couldn’t hide his shock as he saw that.


The shadow was nothing more than a two-dimensional gateway.


Once sucked, there was no way out.


But this was odd.


“You are going to tie me with this?”




The shadow completely collapsed and Chun Yeowun’s arm was revealed.


Chun Yeowun’s left hand, which had a sword in it, had a dark energy rising from it.


‘No! did he destroy the shadow realm?’


The shadow realm was where he wanted to imprison Chun Yeowun. But the ferocious energy from the sword destroyed it.


‘Is he really human?’


It was the first time anyone escaped from the shadows.


Chun Yeowun smiled and said.


“There are places you cannot touch.”




The place where Chun Yeowun was looking at was Yongchun Group’s lamps.


Some of the members who escaped from the shadows had gone over to the lamps and light posts.


“Weak to light.”


Kyle’s only weakness. If the shadows were limited by light, then the power of shadows cannot be used properly.


“Huh! So what? Do you think those streetlights would protect all of them?”




At that moment, a thorn of shadows rose from the dark side of the ground and hit all the streetlights.


In the meantime, the other Cult members were rushing out of the buildings.


As the battle kept happening, more people began to come.


“If I can’t kill you, then I will kill everyone under you first!”




In a radius of ten meters, shadow tentacles jumped out reaching for the people who were coming out.


It was then.


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand.


“No us…”




An unbelievable thing happened.


Thousands of swords in flame filled the entire air around them.


“T-this is…”


“The sky!”


The Cult members were shocked at what they were seeing. The site of the Yongchun Group was as bright as day thanks to the Flame qi swords.


‘This… insane…’


Kyle, who looked up from the shadows, was at a loss of words.


Due to the blazing swords, it became difficult to use shadows.


He never imagined that this would be possible. It was then.


“That’s where you are?”




Something came in, grabbed him by the neck and pulled him out.




Kyle, who was pulled out, was wide eyed.


“H-How can a human have such… power…”




The moment his eyes met Chun Yeowun’s, his face turned pale.


A great void that seemed to destroy everything was imprisoning him.


Kyle, who lost confidence, lost his will to battle.


‘Th… this one… isn’t someone… I can… handle.’


Hurriedly, he shouted.


“I-I surrender! I, Count Kyle, will swear allegiance to you, a great warrior, so spear my lif…”




Before he could even finish, Chun Yeowun’s had dug into Kyle’s chest.




Thud! Thud! Thud!


Chun Yeowun held onto the core. Kyle’s eyes were drenched in fear as he saw that his life source was captured.


“P-Please have mercy on me…”


“Mercy? If you wanted that, you shouldn’t have provoked me. And…”




Suddenly, a gloomy energy erupted around. And a blue light appeared in Chun Yeowun’s eyes.


‘W-what is this?’


Chun Yeowun spoke to Kyle who was bewildered.


“Do I really need to save and use a guy like you?”

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