Chapter 113: Reversal (3)

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Chapter 113: Reversal (3)


An old fashioned and spacious office.


The news was broadcast along with the words ‘Special Program’ as a relay screen on a 100 inch no bezel wall tv.


A middle-aged anchor in the room said.


-We have informed you of the terrible incident that had occurred in the State Council’s judicial prison last night, which broke the news. We will take time to inform you of the current situation in detail. Reporter Woo Hyun-bong at the scene will now speak to us.


The screen was split in half and revealed the judicial prison in the background. It had yellow and black tape sealing it, written on it ‘No Entry’.


A young reporter spoke.


-Yes. This is Woo Hyun-bong at the scene.


-Reporter Woo. What is going on over there?


-Yes. As you can see, this is the scene of the incident.


Numerous military soldiers and the state council policemen were guarding it. The bodies found inside were being moved outside.


-Bodies are still being found inside the site. The search has been going since 20:00 last night and till noon today. That was how horrific the incident was.


-I can assume that the State Council isn’t giving us a clear answer, is that right?


-The press conference, which started at 10 am, is still going on. Let’s connect to the conference room.


The split-screen was back to one.


And then the scene changed to the press conference hall of the State Council.


The deputy prime minister of the Standing State Council was seen having a question and answer session with the reporters.


The reporters were asking questions.


-This is Ahn Je-hyeon, of Beijing TV news. Deputy prime minister, if so, then is the culprit of this bloody crime the chairman of Blade Six, Geum Song-ryong?


The deputy prime minister frowned in response and said.


-We aren’t sure yet.


The reason why the deputy prime minister was reluctant to answer was simple.


The Blade Six company boasted was in the top 5 businesses of the world. Starting with the defence industry, there was no field it left untouched, so it wasn’t possible to conclude the chairman of that company as a suspect.


-If you look at the opinions of the experts who conducted the autopsy, and the photos of the body, it is likely that chairman Geum Song-ryong is the culprit. What do you think?


Most of the reporters were already convinced of it.


Therefore, the focus of the interview was mostly on that.


-Hmm, please refrain from making hasty reports in a situation where accurate announcements haven’t been made by any department.


The deputy prime minister maintained a calm attitude.


Someone who was watching the TV changed the channel.




As the screen changed, other news channels brought breaking news.


It was one of the public broadcasts of JHBC, and it was the channel with the most viewers.


It was broadcasting an exclusive report now.


-View the video obtained by our JHBC.


After the anchor was done, the screen switched to a CCTV video.


The figure of an old man tied to a firing squad was seen on the screen. Around him were people dressed in bailiff uniforms.


And the anchor tried to narrate it.


The old man tied there is the head of the dissolved Black Sky Company, known to be the culprit for the massacre 27 years back. Let’s watch this video again.


In the video, the masked people were seen moving around the old man.


-You are going to act till the end. Huh, did you think that I wouldn’t be able to recognize just because you know the martial arts of the Cult? Your cultivation is so different from ours.


-Tch. You have been stuck here rotting, but you still have good eyes. Welll, that’s to be expected from the former Five Great Warriors.


-You people! Are you really going to do the same trick as before? Are you trying to frame the Cult by making fake traces again?


-For you to say this to us, it’ll only stimulate us. I don’t know if you are bold or just lost fear.


-Fear? Ha! Do you think I would be afraid of you?


-It will be better if you are afraid. Lord of Demonic Cult. Because your usefulness ended as of today.


The masked man took out a syringe.


-Huhuhu, Lord of the Demonic Cult. I will pay tribute to you, to the Lord of the Cult, who is being sacrificed for justice to the very end.


Finally, the video was cut off. The screen switched back to the newsroom.


-This video that we urgently obtained is from a CCTV camera in the basement of the prison. It has been analyzed that this wasn’t manipulated based on the video experts…




Before the anchor was even down, a glass flew over the screen. And the glass was lodged into the screen like a weapon.




Sparks went off on the monitor.


A man hidden in the shadows walked closer and another man knelt in front of him and asked.


“Are you sure you handled the situation well?”


At the question, the man answered in a trembling voice.


“W-we definitely dealt with it very carefully. We gave instructions in case there was an emergency too, and we requested the help of elder Doun.”


“Then how did this happen?”


The man in the shadows pretended to grab something with his hand. At that moment, the left elbow of the person who was kneeling was bent.






He was in gruesome pain, but he stopped screaming. And the man in the shadows continued.


“Ah, I forgot. The human body is always weak no matter how hard you train.”


It wasn’t a consolation.




The man on his knee let out occasional groans.


“I was going to kill you here, but consider yourself lucky.”


“Lord… Lord, thank you.”


He was really grateful. He was scared of losing his life.


“Fix this shit right now.”




The kneeling man got up.


As he got up, his face revealed his identity, the chairman of Ohshin group, Mun Il-hyang.


The power he showed in the VR meeting was nowhere to be seen, his eyes full of fear now.


As Mun Il-hyang left the office, the man sitting at the desk called someone.






Someone appeared from the other side. And as he came close, his face was full of scars.


“Yes. Lord”


“Find Deo. And kill him.”


The man pointed to the TV screen which still had sparks.


On the TV screen was Chun Yeowun’s face, and it was said that he was the hero who prevented the criminal from achieving his goals.


“As my Lord wishes.”




The figure of the one called Kyle seeped back into the shadows.


Chengdu city, deep mountain valley within the walls.


There was a hut hidden in a sparsely populated place.


It looked like an ordinary two-storey place from outside, but when entered, it was a large scale facility with up to 10 floors built underground.


The 8th basement floor of the lodge was a space equipped with various medical equipment like a hospital.


In the large hospital room, was a person with dark blue hair and wrinkled skin. He was in a wheelchair with numerous things inserted all over his body.






There was a person next to him who couldn’t contain his anger, and that was the chairman of Blade Six Geum Song-ryong.


He was stunned when he saw the news on the wall TV.


Unbeknownst to him, the news reported that he was the one who murdered the bailiffs of the judicial Prison and accused him of killing the Ministry of Murim and the other Murim Association executives.


“At a time like this!”


This wasn’t a good situation. His business trip to Chengdy was confidential. And in a way, this was the perfect timing to frame him.


‘At this point, all the images I tried to build up about me will collapse.’


How long did it take for the Blade God Six Martial clan to rise?


All that hard work was ruined by this one incident.


An old man full of wrinkles, who was staring at the TV with blank eyes like a dying person, suddenly smiled.




Geum Song-ryong who was flustered asked.




The Blade God Six Martial clan was in a crisis, so why was this old man laughing?


The old man, who continued to laugh like a mad man, suddenly stopped. And then, tremendous energy burst out from his body.




It was hard to believe that he was an old man on the verge of death, the medical tools were beginning to crack.


Crack! Crash!


The energy of the old man was amazing enough to create and destroy life.


“Elderly stop! Stop it!”


Geum Song-ryong hurriedly stopped him, wondering something bad would happen.


And the energy sweeping through the room stopped.


The old man, with his dark blue eyes, mumbled as he looked at Chun Yeowun who was on the TV screen.


“It has been long… this long time has been worthwhile.”




The old man kept saying that as he looked at the TV, and Geum Song-ryong was puzzled.


“A revenge opportunity has arisen!”


The conference room of Yongchun Group in Jinan city.


A sea of tears and joy.


All the executives were weeping because of the old man who was in front of them.


The old man, Chun Woo-jin, chairman of Black Sky company.


The radiant energy he had in the past had disappeared in the face of storms he had faced in the past years of hardships, but it was unchanging that he was the true leader of the Sky Demon Order.


“Thank you so much for not forgetting me.”


Chun Woo-jin expressed his gratitude to the kneeling executives.


He was the one who had given up everything and accepted death too. Never had he ever dreamt that such a moment would come.


“How can you say that?”


“You should punish us for not finding our Lord earlier than now.”


The executives fell on the floor and pleaded.


Chun Woo-jin smiled at them. He, who had already given up everything, was just content to have come back here.


“Father! Please punish me too! I made my father suffer as I couldn’t fix the problem within our Cult!”


His son, Chun Yu-jang, also pleaded.


Chun Yu-jang had realized his shortcomings during his time with Chun Yeowun, and realized that it was his fault for not solving the internal division of the Cult sooner.


He was ready to be yelled at too.


But Chun Woo-jing didn’t do that.


“No. The absence of your father beside you is what made you suffer, how can I blame you?”


Chun Woo-jin had been thinking for the past 27 years.


The only regret was that if he had been a little smarter and stronger, what happened wouldn’t have happened.


‘Ahh… father.’


In the past, his father would always shout at him, but seeing his father just back down made Chun Yu-jang’s heart tremble.


He wanted to see his father act proud and strong.


At that moment, Chun Yu-jang looked at him and said.


“Since you have come back, please father, lead the Cult again!”


At Chun Yu-jang’s words, all the executives fell onto the floor and shouted.


“Please lead the Cult!”


At that, Chun Woo-jin shook his head and spoke with a serious face.


“No. This old man knows when to step down. My time has passed. No, it is pointless to call it my time. I am an example of failure. Now you will lead this Cult.”




On the way back there, Chun Woo-jin had heard everything which had happened from BI Mak-heon.


From the rebellion of his own brother, Chun Woo-kyung, to his eldest son who wanted to control Chun Ma.


Having heard all that, he felt how immoral they were.


Judging that he hadn’t accomplished anything when he was the Lord, he considered that it was futile to assume that position any longer.


“How can you say that? No one will have any objection to father leading the Cult again!”


“Yes. Lord!”


The executives nodded their heads at Chun Yu-jang’s words.


“Huh, I have made up my heart. I’ve already been weakened 27 years ago when my Dantian was broken. How can I even lead the Cult again?”


With those words, Chun Woo-jin knelt down and spoke to Chun Yeowun who was sitting at the top of the table watching them all.


“If my ancestor allows it, I would like to pass down the position of Lord to my son, who is a younger Lord.”


After all, he had no more right to be a Lord.


How could an old man come back and hope to perform martial arts like the past?


He thought that Chun Yeowun, the Chun Ma, would understand and allow it.


“I can’t allow it.”


Flat out refusal.




To those who were shocked, Chun Yeowun shook his head and spoke.


“You are thinking about taking a break without paying the price for making the Cult in such a state.”


“N-no that isn’t it! I put the Cult in a crisis, and have no qualification or power to lead the Cult…”


Chun Yeowun cut off Chun Woo-jin’s words.


“If that is the excuse you want to use, then I will restore the martial arts you lost.”


“Huh? Wha-what do you mean?”


Chun Yeowun spoke casually to Chun Woo-jin who was surprised.


“I said I will restore your martial arts.”

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