Chapter 111: Reversal (1)

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Chapter 111: Reversal (1)




Something no one could have imagined happened.


The murder of the head of the Ministry of the Murim, occurring right in front of their eyes…


And in the building of the State Council.


The secretaries, who were stabbed, pulled out their guns and aimed them at Chun Yeowun.


“Raise your hands!”


“You are under the arrest of the head of the Ministry of Murim!”


They surrounded Chun Yeowun.


Yet, not a single person moved close to him to arrest him.


Because they worked for the Murim, they knew well how terrifying warriors were and that they could dodge the bullets.


A secretary yelled.


“Y-You can’t escape from here even if you are a warrior! Raise your hands right now…”


“How Annoying.”


Before the speech was done, Chun Yeowun gestured lightly, and the gun shattered.








When the gun broke, the secretaries who were frightened backed away.


The executives of the association were at a loss for words at Chun Yeowun’s overwhelming strength.


‘He broke the gun with energy alone?’


That would be difficult for even Supreme Masters.


They knew that Chun Yeowun was strong, but this was too much.


‘No. if we don’t deal with this one, we might all get killed.’


One of the executives behind Chun Yeowun, Sung Gu-hwan, tried to attack him.




The moment he tried to stab him in the back with his dagger…






Chun Yeowun turned around and grabbed his face. Sung Gu-hwan raised his internal energy and tried to get rid of the hand, but Chun Yeowun didn’t budge.


“You don’t seem to realise how weak you are.”


“Uhm! Uhm!”


Sung Gu-hwan struggled.




Chun Yeowun’s fingers dug into his head.




Sung Gu-hwang’s head exploded like a smashed watermelon.


“S-Mr. Sung!”


The sight of the corpse on the floor with a smashed head, left everyone speechless.


It was such a cruel way to kill someone.


‘… this was a trap.’


Dan Moon-su’s eyes went wide.


He understood what this was about the moment Oh Tae-chung was murdered by the martial arts of Blade Six.


‘It was somehow strange.’


The corpses of the bailiffs must have left traces of the Demonic cult.


The one thing he didn’t understand was just how Chun Yeowun managed to learn the martial arts of the Blade God Six Martial clan.


‘Even within Blade Six, I’ve heard that there were only a few who mastered their techniques properly.’


Since it is called the best swordsmanship, every clan tried to analyse it and learn it, but the conclusion they all came to was that it was impossible to learn.


‘Wait… the fact that he left trails of martial arts of Blade God Six Martial clan which is only that one cla…’


It meant that the clan would be accused of being criminals.


In that case, it was safe to say that the association was being used to reverse the situation.


‘Then, it wasn’t that they came here to prevent being framed, but to kill all of us and frame the Blade Six as real culprits.’


Tang Moon-su felt a chill run down his spine.


It was surprising that this man appeared alone here and performed such a daring thing, knowing that he was within the State Council site and under the eyes of the media.


“I think you are on his side.”


Tang Moon-su stared at Ahn Woo-hong.


Despite the murder of Oh Tae-chung, he was just watching the scene with his arms crossed.


Along with the other people of the Defense.


“… is it alright for the Minister of National Defense to be like this?”


In response to Tang Moon-su’s question, Ahn Woo-hong expressed his opinion.


“Huhuhu, I made a promise to never interfere in the affairs of the Murim people.”






The head of the Ministry of Murim was killed right before his eyes, and he’s calling it interfering with a matter between Murim?


Tang Moon-su bit his lip.


It was foolish to ask for Ahn Woo-hong’s help.


From the time the agreement was signed, the National Defense has become the Demonic cult’s ally.


“If you get it, then I can’t let you leave.”


Chun Yeowun took a step towards Tang Moon-su and the executives.


The secretaries of the Murim ministry tried to escape thinking that it was their last hope.








They were unable to take even a single step.


Chun Yeowun snapped the secretary’s neck by just wiggling his fingers.


And as he was about to move to another one, someone blocked him.


With drops of blood dripping on the floor, Jang Pyeong-gak stood there.




Despite having a severed arm, Jang Pyeong-gak drew his sword with the other hand and raised his energy.


Despite his injury, the energy roared around like a haze.


“Elder Jang!”


“I… I will risk my life to stop this person. Please inform the media about this.”


Jang Pyeong-gak was risking his life to stop Chun Yeowun.


‘If I could stop him, then they might hae a chance.’


The two men, including Tang Moon-su, were Superior Masters.


All they had to do was get upstairs.


“Please go!”




As he shouted, Jang Pyeong-gak tried to use his sword.


He used the 7th formation of the clan’s sword.


It was one of the three swordsmanship styles that only the strongest of the Wudang clan could learn, and it was the kind of swordsmanship that could overturn the results.




Jang Pyeong-gak’s sword quickly filled the space.


He used the technique to buy time.


“Kuak. Mr. Jang!”


The executives immediately turned around, and they ran for the stairway.


At that moment, a scream came from behind them with a sharp sound.




Tang Moon-su spread his distance, and glanced without realising.


However, Chun Yeowun was running behind them.




And in Chun Yeowun’s right hand, was someone’s hair.


The head of Jang Pyeong-gak.


As soon as he unfolded the technique, his head was cut off.


‘Crazy bastard!’


Although he was injured, it was the desperate sacrifice of a Superior Master.


Pondering for a moment, Tang Moon-so thought if he should run away? Or use himself as a shield for the others.


And his choice.


“Do not stop!”


He hurriedly pressed a button on his sleeve with his finger. Then, something appeared on the upper and lower body of the suit he was wearing.


‘If I can use this, everything within a 20-meter radius will explode.’


That was the only way to stop the monster. W


Without hesitation, he opened his arms.


“Ah! You Demonic cult warrior! Receive the technology of DANG!”




Tiny needles lodged in the body were fired.


At the same time, something like smoke began to ooze out.


They would explode once fired, but what was even serious was that the poison would definitely kill the target.




It was a chemical weapon called the Devil’s Gas.


It was made by combining the poison arts and modern chemical technology. When it comes in contact with the smoke, the body starts to corrode and dies within 1 minute.


It is the worst method, but there was no other option now.




No person would be able to withstand it.


However, this happened.




He was puzzled because the needles he released should have spread out, but instead, they gathered at one place.




It was where Chun Yeowun reached out his hand.


Even the poison gas which was being released was sucked into the air and then disappeared.


It was as if the air around Chun Yeowun turned into a vacuum cleaner.


“W-what the hell…”


He never thought that the most dangerous technology made by his family would be countered this way.


In the midst of his bewilderment, Chun Yeowun moved to him.


“W-wait up!”


“You don’t seem that good.”






The 5th formation, Extreme Art of Blade God, which was unfolded by Chun Yeowun, cut off Tang Moon-su’s head.


“It is worth it.”


Chun Yeowun smiled.


The new thing he learnt was used quickly and effectively.


Chun Yeowun himself was invincible, so the gas wouldn’t have affected him anyway, but Ahn Woo-hong and his officers who have been in danger.


Ahn Woo-hong, who was silent till then, spoke.


“Master Chun! Those people are heading up.”


If they were missed, everything they did till now would be a waste.


At that, Chun Yeowun spoke as if it wasn’t a big deal.


“No need to worry.”


“Everyone is coming!”


The four executives of the association who went up to the first floor brightened as they saw the entrance to the hallway.


If they could just leave, they would be able to speak about what happened to the reporters.


“We cannot let their sacrifices be in vain!”


If they didn’t hurry, the monster would arrive soon.


Since their strength wouldn’t even harm him, they had to go out and tell the truth.


It was the moment they were about to open the door and get out.




Someone had come up to the hallway.


That person had purple hair, Shakena.


And with a broad smile, she asked.


“Where are you going?”


She had been there waiting for them for so long that she was getting bored.


Seeing her, the association members went stiff.


‘Ha! Now people with superpowers are making fun of us.’


The executives considered themselves to be talented.


However, they knew that they weren’t a match for the monster in the basement.


Seo Dae-bong drew his sword and shouted at Shakena.


“Young lady! If you don’t get out of the way, you’ll die…!”






Her body suddenly went to the left side of Seo Dae-bong.


Confused, he swung his sword to the left, but Shakena used her leg to block it.


‘Stupid bitch! To try and block sword energy with bare legs.’




‘What was that!?’


The sword, which had blue-coloured sword energy on it, was cut in half.


Without stopping there, her foot still kept coming in and hit Seo Dae-bong on his left shoulder.


Puck! Crack!




His body, unable to handle the force, crashed into the wall.




The panicked executives stopped running and tried to move away from the woman.


They couldn’t hide their shock as they saw the most capable person among them being taken down.


“To take down Mr. Seo with just one kick?”


‘What is that woman?’


If she had this kind of power and such looks, then surely people would have talked about the woman.


However, they haven’t heard about her till now.


Not knowing what to do, Shakena pointed her finger at one person and said.


“Count. How long are you going to pretend that you don’t know me?”


The person Shakena pointed to was the Jong-seong clan’s Doun.


The other two executives wondered what she was talking about.






“Elder Doun! What are you doing?”


Elder Doun grabbed both people from behind.


The two panicked and tried to get away from the grasp as they raised their internal energy, but the grip was too strong for them to move.






“S-stop… kuak!”


Just by grabbing the neck, he was able to break off the bones.


Elder Doun, holding the two heads, exuded a gloomy aura and spoke as if he was annoyed by the situation.


“I hid my energy as much as possible, how did you know?”


“I was almost confused. Hiding energy means hiding everything.”


Shakena barely felt any energy from the person.


If she hadn’t gotten this close to him, she wouldn’t have even realised it.


“I wasn’t sure if you were alive. I didn’t hear any news, so I thought that the traitor was dead.”


Doun didn’t answer Shakena’s words.


Rather, he ran at her.


“I guess you don’t like talking about it?”


Shakena clenched her fists as elder Doun ran towards her.


However, he moved back right away and threw a dagger at her neck.




Due to her phasing ability, it just passed through her.


At that moment, Doun tried to run ahead and get out of the place.




Shakena tried to catch up to him, but he was already way ahead of her. He was running at the speed of light.


In a couple of seconds, he would be out.


Around 8 meters ahead of the entrance.




The floor shattered, and someone blocked the way for Elder Doun.


It was Chun Yeowun.


“Who said you could leave?”


Chun Yeowun asked, making Elder Doun smirk as he said.


“You are arrogant, human. Don’t think I am the same as them.”




Tremendous energy began to explode from Doun’s body.


It was gloomy and evil.


He, who gathered enough energy to deal with Chun Yeowun, immediately moved like a beast going for its prey.




“If a high ranking warrior like me combines my power with martial arts, your neck, made of human flesh, wou…”






As he came in, Chun Yeowun grabbed Doun’s neck in an instant and lifted him up.


Doun, who was in an unexpected situation, couldn’t hide his shock.


‘W-what the hell?’


Chun Yeowun smiled and said.


“What is so different? Demon.”


Upon hearing that word, Doun’s expression was distorted.

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