Chapter 108: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (2)

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Chapter 108: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (2)


Conference room of Yongchun Group, Jinan city.


When the executives found out that the prison was fake, they couldn’t contain their anger.


Who would have imagined that the bailiff was giving them wrong information?


“We can’t let the Lord be executed!”


“We need to rescue him now!”


Huan Myung-oh spoke with a look of resentment.


“… I understand the sentiment, but this is a clear trap.”


It was clearly a trap laid for the Sky Demon Order.


And most importantly, the execution was decided by the State Council.


The place where the government stood.


If they tried to rescue their Lord out from such a place, the bad relationship with the government would be obvious.


“But you’re saying we are going to stand by the execution as they want to? He is the Lord! He is the head of the Sky Demon Order.”


Seohyun, the head of internal inspection, who had a rather aggressive tendency, raised his voice.


And the answer was given by Hang Yu-rin.


“Calm down. You know that director Huan didn’t mean that.”




“If we rescue our Lord, everyone will believe that what happened in the past was our doing. If that happens, the agreement with the Ministry of National Defense will be broken.”


What the enemies were aiming for is clear.


It was to force the government to cancel the agreement.


They could ask the Ministry of National Defense to push hard, but if the Cult decided to go in and rescue their Lord, the ministry would receive condemnation from the State Council.


“How dare they do such tricks!”


Chun Yu-jang was the one who was upset the most.


He felt that it was a great disgrace to his father, and the Lord of the Cult, to be executed by the enemies in such a cowardly way.


“Is that all?”


Chun Yeowun, who was listening to the conversation, spoke for the first time.


All eyes were focused on him.


“What about you?”


Chun Yeowun asked Bi Mak-heon who was next to him.


The man opened his mouth holding back his anger.


“… this isn’t simply a matter of whether we can rescue or not.”


“What is that now?”


Huan Myung-oh asked.


“Their true intentions may lie elsewhere.”


“True intentions?”


“Their purpose is to make our Cult shown to the government and public. And it isn’t difficult to sway the public opinion and make it look like we invaded the state council. But it isn’t easy either.”




At Bi Mak-heon’s words, the executives sighed.


In the past, the president’s spilled blood was blamed on their Lord, and that happened because of their foolishness. Even if they don’t rescue their Lord, the result would be the same.


“Indeed, that was what they aimed for?”


A dilemma.


No matter what choice they made, the Cult would look bad.


“Is there no other way out?”


Bi Mak-heon shook his head at Chun Yu-jang’s question.


“… I think we will have to choose the less evil looking option.”




It means to knowingly head into a trap.


If there was no choice but to enter the trap of the enemy, then it would be better to rescue the Lord at all costs.


“I apologize.”


With that, Bi Mak-heon had a hard time finding a solution.


After the Murim Association managed to report the news of execution through news, they will now keep an eye on the Yongchun Group and the Sky Demon Order.


Whether the cult will come to the State Council or not.


While everyone was shocked, Chun Yeowun spoke.


“Are you going to move according to the choices the enemy gave us?”




All the executives were puzzled. The number of enemies they were dealing with was huge. And they had no choice but to move in the way the enemies had shown them.


“But ancestor. There is no other way to take. To save the Lord without it affecting the Cult in any wa….”


“If you are trying to find an answer in the framework they made, there will be no answer.”




With narrowed eyes, Chun Yeowun spoke to Chun Yu-jang and the other executives.


“Remember, when you are attacked by an enemy, it is common sense to attack back. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”


The execution day of Chun Woo-jin, the former chairman of the Black Sky Company.


The execution was blindfold firing, the orthodox Chinese method.


Thanks to the title of mass murderer, all the public attention was focused here.


2 hours before the execution, inside the Judicial prison in the Judicial building.


On the prison’s rooftop, someone was smoking and speaking on the phone.


“Yes yes. I have placed it as you said.”


The man was dressed as the bailiff of the prison while he spoke in a hoarse voice. The name on the badge was ‘Pan Jun-young’.


Looking at the rank, he seemed to be the deputy of the prison.


-There was no problem, right?


A modulated voice through the speaker.


It was quite a suspicious voice, but Pan Jun-young answered normally.


“Most of them were badged as people from the western side, so it doesn’t matter what is planned.”


Being able to handle prisoners in the prison meant that it didn’t matter if anyone was killed.


“Then, when will I have to start it?”


-The plan will be put to motion in 10 minutes before execution.






With that said, the phone was hung up.


Pan Jun-young mumbled as he wrapped his smartphone onto his wrist.


“The second blood after the president. The only surviving person in the prison is the deputy.”


The best care scenario for him. When that is done, he will be able to get a promotion.


30 minutes before the execution.


Numerous military people stood guard around the judicial prison.


Reporters from various media organizations gathered around to cover the news.


This was flashy enough to attract the foreign media too.


The topic of the execution of the culprit who murdered of the President of China and the Prime Minister of Russia and other senior officials of the nations.


The execution room on the first basement floor of the prison.


An old man with a prison uniform and a number in red was walking.


The old man was Chun Woo-jin.


He is the current Lord of the Sky Demon Order and the former chairman of the Black Sky company.


Step! Step!


Powerless steps.


His eyes, which had been imprisoned for 27 years, were in a state of despair and hopelessness.






“Walk straight! Prisoner 205!”


One of the prison guards kicked the man.


He used to be a confident man, but being subjected to the same treatment for 27 years, he gave in.


‘Just a bit more.’


Chun Woo-jin was also longing for his death.


In a life full of disgrace, he thought that it would be better for him to die than hold onto his life.


Chun Woo-jin stood in front of the firing squad.


The bailiffs tied him up with ropes to keep him from moving.


“Eyes… you won’t cover the eyes?”


Chun Woo-jin asked in a hoarse voice.


Even if he was on death row, people had their eyes covered in respect to human rights.


The bailiff kicked the man and said.


“Criminals like you can’t have wishes. You deserve to die while savoring the pain of death.”


He had now to be in pain.




Chun Woo-jin sighed inside.


He wasn’t afraid of death, but he wasn’t interested in arguing in the last moments.


Chun Woo-jin looked at the electric clock in the room.




In 15 minutes, his damn life would end.


He felt sad, but he had no way out.


So he quietly closed his eyes and began to memorize the sutras of the Sky Demon Order.


‘I have no regrets in life or death as this one body is set on fire. Let the light shine on the way I want to do, and joy and sorrow will be all but dust. Pitiful living beings who are troubled.’


Although he brought disgrace to the Sky Demon Order in his time, he only wanted to make sure the new Lord of the Cult would bring light again onto the Cult.


There were people watching him through the glass door.


Although they were wearing the clothes of a bailiff, they were unusual for some reason.


And one of them said.


“You made a surprisingly cold decision. Demonic Cult.”


“I know right. I thought they would do unreasonable things to save their Lord, but they aren’t idiots I guess.”


“Well. It wasn’t like we didn’t predict this case.”


They were all prepared in case the Cult had appeared here.


It was their order to annihilate every single member of the Cult in the judicial prison.


“I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it, but turns out there was an opportunity right here.”


They even learned martial arts from the Demonic Cult.


From here, it was their job to leave traces of the Demonic Cult in the place.


And the time was 17:50.


“Should we start now?”




They took masks out of their pockets and put them on.


One of the masked men touched an earpiece and spoke.


“It’s time.”


-Click! Roger!




As soon as the answer came, all the CCTVs in the room turned on the red light and went off.


Not just the CCTVs in the prison, but everywhere around the prison.


It was to leave no evidence.


“Let’s start, shall we?”


They opened the glass door and entered the firing range.




The bailiffs, who were inside, couldn’t hide their shock when masked men came in.


“W-what! Why are you all wearing masks?”


“For this reason.”






One of the bailiffs was shot in the chest by the masked man and pushed away.


The bailiff was killed right away.


“W-why! You bastards!”


In a panic, the bailiffs in the range pulled out their guns and aimed theirs at the masked people.


But they couldn’t do much since the masked people were warriors.


“It isn’t even a machine gun, what can you even do! Heheh!”




They opened fire towards the bailiffs.


The bailiffs panicked and fired back, but the masked men dodged the bullets and shot them back.






In an instant, four bailiffs were killed.


“Wh-what are you doing?”


The bailiff , who was standing in front of Chun Woo-jin, couldn’t hide his shock at what happened.


It was the same with Chun Woo-jin, but he was shocked for another reason.


‘It is my Cult’s martial arts!’


The martial arts used by the masked people belonged to the Sky Demon Order.


He knew the martial arts thoroughly, so he recognized them at a glance.


Eight masked men approached Chun Woo-jin who was tied.


“Y-You men! You are here to rescue this one!”


The only surviving bailiff put his gun at Chun Woo-jin.


At that time, Chun Woo-jin bit the man’s hand.




“Kuak! you bastard…”


He bit so hard that the flesh ripped off from his hand and the gun fell down.


The moment he was about to pick it.






A sword flew for the bailiff’s head.


Chun Woo-jin spit the flesh out.




This was the one thing Chun Woo-jin wanted to do before his death.


He had been harassed quite a lot by his bailiff.


The masked man went to him and said.




“We greet the Lord.”


There was a weird sense of playfulness in the eyes of those who greeted him.


As they instilled hope, the feelings inside Chun Woo-jin turned more miserable.


However, Chun Woo-jing couldn’t be happy.


“Masked men. Who might you be?”


He inquired about their identity.


He wanted to know which clan they were from, so that he would recognize the martial arts of the clan they belonged to.


They answered, but Chun Woo-jin said.


“How dare you try to deceive the eyes of the Lord!”


“Lord! What are you saying?”


“I see that you are going to act like this till the end. Huh, did you think that I won’t be able to recognize the clumsy martial arts that don’t go with the cultivation method you use?”


To their surprise, Chun Woo-jin didn’t buy the fact that they were members of the Cult.


Although they were using the martial arts of the cult, they weren’t using their cultivation method.


With his deep knowledge in martial arts, he was able to tell right away that the people only learned the techniques.




The masked people looked at each other. If they were caught, there was no need to continue with the act.


‘The CCTV is off anyway.’


The masked man, who seemed like the leader, smiled.


“I was told that he would be rotting, but he still possesses the eyes of the Five Great Warriors.”


“You men. Are you trying to do the same trick as before?”


Chun Woo-jin hadn’t forgotten what happened 27 years ago.


The scene of bloodshed which took place while he was away.


By the time he arrived, government officials were executed and the Murim Association accused him for being the culprit.


“Are you going to frame the Cult by making fake traces this time too?”


At Chun Woo-jin’s words, the masked men laughed.


And with a snort, the leader spoke.


“You are a man who knows that and still is trying to taunt us, I don’t know if you are bold or just lost fear.”


“Fear? Ha.”


Chun Woo-jin, who realized that he was turning angry, sighed.


He wasn’t afraid of death.


“Do you think I will be afraid?”


“It is right to be afraid now, Lord of Demonic Cult. Because your usefulness will end as of today.”


The masked man approached him with a smile.


The man pulled something out of his pocket, a syringe.


And at that moment, Chun Woo-jin knew that it wasn’t a good thing.


“Huhuh, the Lord of Demonic Cult. I will pay tribute to you, the Lord o f the Demonic Cult, for sacrificing yourself for the sake of justice.”


With those words, the man slowly opened the syringe lid and approached Chun Woo-jin.


To watch him get afraid.


At that time, Chun Woo-jin said something unusual.


“I don’t know who you are, but I did what you told me to do!”




It was then.






Someone fell from the ceiling of the firing range, and crushed the masked man’s body in a second.


It was Chun Yeowun who stood on the corpse of the crushed masked man.

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