Chapter 106: Chakra (4)

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Chapter 106: Chakra (4)




Ahn Woo-hong stamped the document.


Unlike in the past, web PDF docs were used in this era. However, the government still depended on paper documents.


It was to accurately record the documents.


Pyeon Seorim, Ahn Woo-hong’s assistant, had two documents with a special seal on them.


“Here it is.”


He handed the file to Chun Yeowun.


Chun Yeowun, who won the match, was able to smoothly conclude the agreement with the Ministry of National Defense.


And it took only a little time to get everything done.


“I think we are in the same boat now.”


Ahn Woo-hong asked for a handshake.


Chun Yeowun, who was unable to adapt to those western greetings, was a bit puzzled before he reached out his hand.


And now, Sky Demon Order officially was in an alliance with the National Defense.


“It would be nice to have a meaningful and open conversation with a partner.”




At those words, the assistant shook her head.




“We don’t have time for that, it seems, I’ll make sure to have an opening in the schedule next time.”


Ahn Woo-hong stood up.


As the Minister of National Defense, he didn’t have any breaks.


So he walked away while looking at Sura Rao, who had a bitter face.


Because he understood this situation.


He knew very well that words were no consolation for warriors, and that sympathy was the last thing they’d want.


‘This is unfortunate. I would like to help if I could.’


It was hard to handle two risks at the moment.


In a sense, it was more difficult to help the Rao clan in rebuilding their nation.


‘I hope you can stand tall again.’


Still, he felt connected with the man, so he prayed for him.


When Ahn Woo-hong left, Sura Rao explained the vision of Timur to Chun Yeowun and then made sure to get Ashri’s condition back to normal.


“The Chakras originate from mental training. It is the hakra which receives the energy from the vast universe and interacts with the mind and body.”


“Receiving energy from the universe?”


Chun Yeowun narrowed his eyes.


He knew what the universe was with the help of Nano.


It was also known that this planet earth was nothing but a speck of dust in the universe.


‘It is different from martial arts.’


The basis of martial arts was breathing.


Receive the energy in the earth through breathing and build the energy inside the body.


That’s cultivation.


“How do you receive the energy of the universe?”


“Our human body can be called a microcosm of the universe.”




“Like the stars which are around the universe. There are around 88,000 Chakras in the human body. The basis of Chakra comes from feeling the 88,000 Chakras.”


“What kind of feeling?”


“The teacher makes the successor feel them.”


Chun yeowun nodded his head.


It was similar to how a master teaches martial arts to his disciple by infusing energy into the Dantian.


However, 88,000 Chakras were too many.


“Are there people who have learned all of them?”


“Only one in a hundred passes through the 1st stage and feels it. It takes 3 to 5 years for even the most talented.”


That was why Chakras were taught from a young age.


The process of memorizing all the 88,000 is complex.




When it comes to techniques in martial arts, one only learns what their clan teaches.


Ultimately, this was because their techniques go well with their cultivation techniques.


“And those who pass the first stage would be able to unlock the Root-Chakra.”


It was said that once the Root-Chakra was opened, nothing could be blocked.


And when all the impurities in the body would be discharged, the second Chakra, the Sacral-Chakra, would open, and then power would be used in earnest.




The second for martial arts was Dantian.


It was similar to developing a Dantian and earnestly utilizing it.


“Up to this point, all the warriors of the Rao clan have learned the basics. However, the third stage, the Solar Plexus-Chakra, could only be mastered by the elected.”


Those who mastered the Solar Plexus were said to be apple to release the Chakra outside the body.




Sura showed it.


With just the third Chakra, he was able to shine a yellow light.


It was like a freely flying flag.


“The fourth is the Heart-chakra, it amplifies the energy.”


When the fifth, the Throat-Chakra, is opened, they reach a stage where they can utilize the Chakras of the whole body as one, and only then would they be called Chakra users.


The sixth is the Third Eye-chakra, one will gain an excellent intuition other than eyes and ears and be able to read the truth in others.


“You would then be called a Chakra expert. And when you open the last Crown chakra…”


It is possible to draw power from the universe through spiritual communication.


And then one would be called Chakra Master, one who openly communicates with the universe.


Timur the Great was able to become a king because he was a Chakra master.




Upon hearing that, Chun Yeowun had a strange feeling that the Chakras were the same as internal energy.


The start and end were different, but the process was the same.


‘To communicate with the universe…’


According to Sura’s words, the Chakras aim for realization and communication with the energy of the universe.


However, in the process, beyond depending on the surrounding nature, they boldly were connected with the universe.


“I want to know how to operate the Chakras.”


“Operation is…’


“I cannot improve Ashri’s condition without knowing it.”


Sura, who heard those words, put his hands together and prayed.


Although he wasn’t saying anything, it felt like a prayer of self-reflection for letting someone other than the clan members know about the vision.


But a promise is a promise.


“Are you going to master Chakras?”




Just by looking at Ashri’s condition, it was impossible to know how Chakras would handle internal energy.


“For now, start using Chakra.”




“I will check it through your body.”


Sura’s face showed he couldn’t understand it.


If he couldn’t infuse the Chakras into the 88,000 points, then mastering them would be impossible for Chun Yeowun.


‘This has to be a waste of time.’


Sura looked at Ashri.


The man was sweating and the blood vessels were still bulging, he didn’t look good.


“Will this help?”


“If you do it.”




In the end, Sura opened up the Chakras in order.


To unlock the first, he had to go through the process of connecting all 88,000 Chakras in the body.


And then, Chun Yeowun reached for his body.


A red light shining on his palm.


“What do you plan on doing?”


“Don’t mind me and continue. Slower than normal.”


He didn’t know the reason, but Sura decided to continue.


As an accomplished Chakra master, he was able to control them right away, but did it slowly since he was asked to.




He didn’t know, but Chun Yeowun’s eyes were trembling.


Nano was scanning his body, each change in the body and each point of Chakra.


And this was possible because Chakra is also some kind of energy.


‘Is this what it is?’


Chun Yeowun who looked at the scans was shocked.


The circulation of energy without leaving a single blood point, now he understood why this took time to learn.


‘… with cultivation it might be possible.’


Although the energies were different, it wouldn’t hurt to try.


Chun Yeowun, who was now a Heavenly Master, already learnt all kinds of cultivations.




He controlled his breathing and operated his internal energy.


It wasn’t difficult to follow the order which Sura showed.




And when he operated the 88,000 points called Chakras, surprisingly, energy was forming.




What was even more shocking was that the energy had changed.


It was completely different from the internal energy he had generated so far, it has become similar to Chakra energy.


Sura’s whole body flowed orange, and his energy slowly died.


‘Bottom level.’


The Dantian of Chun Yeowun, which had adapted to the Heavenly Master, was divided into three parts.


It was focused on the top, middle and Dantian, he followed the order in which Sura opened the points.




And at some point in the opening, Chun Yeowun’s body began to shine.


It went straight from red to orange, yellow and then green.




Sura’s eyes, which were checking the man, went wide.


If his eyes weren’t wrong, then Chun Yeowun just managed to open the 4th stage.


“H-How did you?”


“Keep going.”


It was called Going Against the Flow of the Energy.


Chun Yeowun had already been through this once, and was far higher than Sura.


Confused, Sura opened the 5th stage.


‘I see.’


Chun Yeowun was immediately able to grasp how it was done.


A blue light shone from Chun Yeowun’s body.


The same indication of opening the fifth Chakra.


‘… No way.’


Sura couldn’t hide his shock.


He couldn’t quite understand what was happening right in front of his eyes.


‘Chakras can’t be learnt this easily.’


He had no idea how this man was doing it.


And then something went wrong.


‘From the 6th Chakra, it won’t open unless one acquires the 7th sense intuition.’


Sura thought that Chun Yeowun wouldn’t be able to do that.


Sura opened the 7th sense and then opened the 6th Chakra. And his body glowed purple.




Chun Yeowun moved the new energy which came from opening the Chakras into the blood.


When the energy was placed there, Chun Yeowun felt as if he was liberated like a bird.


‘What? This is…’


An unknown energy.


This was different from the energy of nature.


‘What is this?’


This energy seemed infinite and endless.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes were dyed black.


Lights twinkled as if countless stars were being drawn on his eyes.




At some point, Chun Yeowun went into the world of unconsciousness.


Sura, who was seeing the man open the Chakras one after another, couldn’t shut his mouth.


‘How can this even…’


Sura hadn’t even opened the 7th Chakra yet.


However, the light slowly flowing from Chun Yeowun was consuming the surrounding energy and encroaching it.


‘He is trying to open the 7th Chakra by himself!’


Sura was stunned.


He never heard of such a thing.


It was impossible to reproduce the Chakras by listening or feeling them in someone else’s body.


Because they wouldn’t know how to operate them.




The incandescent light shining from Chun Yeowun turned black.


He couldn’t tell if it was black light or pure darkness.


“Now what is this…”


It was something that never happened to him.


Chun Yeowun’s body suddenly was covered in darkness and countless small lights twinkled like stars.




It was like looking at the huge universe.


‘… did he just attain a higher enlightenment than me?’


Seeing such radiant light, Sura was in awe.


It was impossible for him to understand this phenomenon, but he was certain that Chun Yeowun had attained enlightenment.




Before long, the lights disappeared.


And Chun Yeowun, who was staring into the dark with black eyes, was back to normal.




At Sura’s call, he sighed.




And then he put on a sad expression.


He wanted to see the infinite world a little more, but all he got was a mere peek.


Now he was just vaguely aware of this new world, and he wanted to grasp it.


But even that mere peek felt amazing.




Chun Yeowun looked at his hand.


‘It seems to be there, but not, and it doesn’t seem to be there but can be felt. Even though it is the same, it is infinite too.’


This vivid feeling was still in his body.


If the energy of nature is the flow around, then this new energy is the truth behind everything.


‘It was there…’


Chun Yeowun was sure.


A bigger world beyond the Heavenly Master Level was present.


“… what did you see?”


Sura asked in a trembling voice.


At that, Chun Yeowun went close to Ashri without answering.


And placed his hand over his head.




A mix of darkness and starlight came from Chun Yeoun’s hand.


At that moment, Ashri’s body trembled and the veins began to shrink.




Ashri coughed up black blood.


And then fell down with a more relaxed face than before.




Sura ran to him to check his condition.


He was shocked to see that he is now better.


And Ashri’s Chakra was higher than before.


“How is this possible?”


“I let the energy of nature enter the Chakra.”


“H-how is that possible?”


Sura thought that Ashri couldn’t control this new energy as it was different from theirs.


Chun Yeowun smiled and said.


“It is possible. The energy of nature is also part of the universe.”




“If I am right, this can be done.”


With that Chun Yeowun held out his hand in a certain direction.


The place where the restaurant had collapsed.




Strong energy condensed into the air around the restaurant and the space distorted.


A tornado occurred and the debris was sucked in.




A black hole.


It happened in an instant.


“It works.”


Chun Yeowun spoke as if it was nothing.


When Sura saw it, he went stiff in shock.


What this man just unfolded was the Vishnu form, the 7th Chakra.


Yet different.

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