Chapter 105: Chakra (3)

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Chapter 105: Chakra (3)


“What are they doing?”




At Ahn Woo-hong’s question, Mak Wu-cheong titled his head.


It seemed like the confrontation had ended, but Sura Rao was suddenly acting furiously, and then the two people talked.


Ahn Woo-hong mumbled.


“It seems like one side doesn’t understand.”


He thought that he should intervene.


It was the moment when he was about to ask a soldier to go.


Sura suddenly went for Chun Yeowun.


The moment he raised his fist.


A bright light formed into the shape of a giant fist and stretched forward.


The ground which was below him tore apart.






The aftermath hit the soldiers and even Ahn Woo-hong, who was far away.


Due to the sudden wave of energy, their bodies almost flew away.


“Ch-chief! Everyone should back off.”


Even though they were pretty far, because of the aftermath that hit them, the assistant of Ahn Woo-hong gave the orders to move away.


Meanwhile, Sura, who released the fist, looked at the place, hoping for the dust to die down.


‘I felt like I hit him.’


But it wasn’t a good hit.


And then the gust of wind stopped and the dust fell.


In the middle of the place was Chun Yeowun.


“That was good.”


Said Chun Yeowun as he was brushing off the dust.


He truly admired Sura’s blow.


‘Almost as good as East Challenger God.’


A blow that had reached the highest level of unification.


East challenger God.


One of the Five Great Warriors in Chun Yeowun’s era. He was known to be the strongest of the Five, and he was one of the few warriors who could stand against Chun Yeowun.


However, the abilities of the current Chun Yeowun weren’t comparable to back then.


‘After completing the 7th Chakra, I wondered if there was anyone else other than the great warrior of the Amir clan who could receive my attack.’


Sura’s eyes turned alert at the sight of Chun Yeowun being unscarred.


After that, he unfolded a unique movement.


Sure moved his arms in a circular motion, like a qi gathering movement, and then suddenly, countless hands stretched out.


They were like images, but not illusions.


‘Shiva form Chakra.’


The several hands, which increased to a dozen, were glowing.


And all the hands stretched out, aiming to hit Chun Yeowun.


In a confident voice, Sura declared.


“I will show you the power of Shiva.”


“If it is you, then I guess you can stop this.”




Chun Yeowun raised his hand.


A sudden chill on the skin, and then Ice Swords appeared all around.




Sura’s eyes widened as he looked at the hundred Ice Swords.


Even Ahn Woo-hong was shocked.


‘W-what the…’


He couldn’t put it into words.


This was completely different from what he knew about the Murims.


“Stop this.”


Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand towards the shocked Sura.


The hundred swords soon rushed towards him at once.




The power of Sky Flash being concentrated on one person for the first time.


If Sura couldn’t think of something, then it was definite that he would die miserably.




At that moment, Sura crossed his arms.


And the space around distorted as the energy around was sucked in like an abyss again.


Phat! Phat!


And then it happened.


The Ice Swords, which were rushing for Sura, didn’t reach him.


They began to bend, and then were absorbed into the distorted space.


‘He sucked in sword energy too.’


It wasn’t Sura who absorbed it.


It was the distorted space that sucked it.


Sura exhaled and took a deep breath, it was as if he wasn’t sure whether he could stop the attack.


“The Vishnu form can stop any attack.”




One of the three major gods of Hindu.


It had the meaning that ‘permeate everything’ and it was a power suited to defend against such attacks..


This filled Sura with a bit of confidence.


“Now it is my turn!”


Sura’s form bounced and reached for Chun Yeowun.


When he drew a circle with his hands, the Vishnu form Chakra appeared, and numerous huge hands shone trying to suppress Chun Yeowun.


The sight was frightening, but.


“This is fun.”


Chun Yeowun raised his hand with a curious expression.




And the energy of nature around condensed to create an invisible film.


It was because he knew that this attack couldn’t be blocked by internal energy.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The hands were blocked.


They kept coming as if they wanted to break the film down, but since it was made by the energy of nature, it wasn’t an easy thing.


‘Kumar form!’




Not wanting to lose the lead on attack, Sura reached for Chun Yeowun with a kick.


The Kumar form is a close combat technique.




Chun Yeowun pretended to grab something in the air.


Suddenly, a vague hazy form similar to a sword appeared.


Chun Yeowun blocked the kick with an invisible sword.




The hit bounced off, giving sparks all over the area.




The floor on either side of Chun Yeowun tore down and cracked.


All because of the force at which the Chakra kick came in.




Sura turned and kicked Chun Yeowun in succession.


The kicks, which kept flying in, were quite hard to unfold.


Chun Yeowun avoided it by moving back.






The ground touched by Sura’s kick would always get dug into holes.


It was a deadly skill.


Chun Yeowun continued to dodge, which made Sura yell.


“How long do you plan on running away! Do it right!”


Sura changed his stance from kicking, and tried to catch up with Chun Yeowun.


“I told you not to run!”


Sura used the blow he showed Chun Yeowun previously again.


The fist of light, which moved with two circles.


‘Ah, Indra form!’


He intended to increase the destructive power by activating another form, a way to use two Chakras at the same time.


Indra meant strength.


“Fine. You want to fight, right?”


Chun yeowun stopped moving back and then took a solid step.




The floor below cracked.


In that state, Chun Yeowun clenched his fists strongly.




The moment he made that motion, the space around Chun Yeowun shook.


‘The space is shaking?’


Sura’s eyes frowned.


Great energy was condensing into one point enough to shake the space.


This was unification, a skill of East Challenger God.


And then he pushed his fist forward.




The two fists of Sura and Chun yeowun collided at the same time.


The force was so huge at the collision, that it seemed like a destructive force.




In an instant, a strong wave spread out like a storm.


The waves were so strong that an abandoned gas station and a shabby restaurant on the other side weren’t able to withstand it and collapsed.








The soldiers, who were using the military vehicles as shields, couldn’t hide their shock.


They were all watching this from 20 meters away.


However, the impact was so strong that the vehicles were being pushed away. If their vehicles were any closer, they would have tumbled away.


‘Is this a fight between humans?’


Ahn Woo-hong was shocked as he looked at the scene from behind a vehicle.


He had seen a lot of warriors and people with super powers too, but this fight wasn’t something supposed to happen between humans.


Both of them were monsters.


Whoever would win, Ahn Woo-hong would acknowledge them.


‘Huh. I guess the world is indeed big. With this we can flatten the noses of the Murim department’s bastards.’


Thinking about that in the midst of the terrifying fight, he didn’t seem like a normal person himself.


The aftermath of the collision ceased.


Where the two were standing was a huge pit of over 50 meters.




Blood was dripping from Sura’s lip.


He looked at his right hand.




His hand couldn’t stop trembling.


‘It is broken.’


Since fist was protected by the Chakra, it shouldn’t have gotten broken.


He could still feel the pain in his wrist and shoulder.


‘Such a huge cost to pay.’


If he was like this, then his opponent had to be in the same situation.


With that thought, Sura looked up.


Only to be shocked.


Chun Yeowun was casually walking towards him.


Phat! Phat!


So leisurely that even the sound of footsteps couldn’t even be heard.


Not a single wound.


‘He endured my fist which can break the mountains?’


Not just that.


He injured Sura too.


‘Then, I, the best warrior of the Rao clan, who mastered the Chakra of Timur, was pushed back by a Murim in China?’


It was unbelievable.


His mentor had called the Timur Chakras the greatest ever.


He was told that no one could handle the seven Chakras.


But that was wrong.




Sura clenched his teeth in anger.


Chun Yeowun asked him.


“Do you see the difference in skills now?”




“If you don’t want to get more hurt, admit defeat.”


Chun Yeowun had already thought about taking Sura as his subordinate and didn’t want to inflict more injuries to him.


However, that only angered Sura.


“Are… you insulting me?”


“What insult?”


“Our confrontation is a battle in which the revival of our nation and honor of our clan is at stake. In such a battle, you look so relaxed and say such stuff!”




Sura stepped ahead in anger.


He was the kind to accept defeat when the battle was fair.


However, Chun Yeowun wasn’t even doing his best, it was nothing but a disgrace to him as warrior.


Sura crossed his arms and said.


“Do your best. I am not broken yet!”


He had Vishnu Chakra, the absolute defense.


“Best huh…”


“If you want to defeat me, then convince me.”


Sura said out loud.


Chun Yeowun looked at him coldly.


“If I do my best, you will die for sure. You won’t regret it then?”


Sura laughed out arrogantly at those remarks.




And then he smiled.


“Huh! Say something like that after you break down the Vishnu form.”


The Vishnu form was something where the Timur Chakra were concentrated.


And this was the Chakra which brought invincible reputation to Timur, the absolute defense which no one could break.




As Sura raised his energy, a tornado swirled around him and once again the energy began to get absorbed.


An abyss that could suck in endless energy.


Chun Yeowun shook his head and said.


“Don’t complain once you are dead.”


“Huh! That kind of talk about Vishnu…”


That moment, a black energy surged from Chun Yeowun’s body.


Dark like an abyss.


The darkness was present till the tip of the sword.


‘What the hell?’


As Sura looked puzzled, an unbelievable thing happened.




The sound of something being cut.


At the same time, the strong rise in energy around.




A black line drawn in the air.


Sura’s eyes widened as if they were about to explode.


He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.




A sound which made him feel like his eardrums would tear.


As a space appeared in the black line, the space around Sura cracked and the Vishnu Chakra which had to be strong like an iron wall, was cut.


‘H… he cut it?’




It didn’t end there.


The black line was about to reach him.


In that brief moment, in Sura’s mind, he saw himself be split in two.




In fear, he screamed.




And then something hit the back of his head.


When Sura opened his eyes, he was lying on the floor.


The pain at the back of his head was still there.


‘What… just what happened?’


He looked at his lower body in shock.


Fortunately, he was still in one piece.


Getting up, he looked at Chun Yeowun in confusion.


Chun Yeowun was pretending to hold something in his left hand, like sheathing a sword.


‘Did he knock me down?’




Chun Yeowun knocked him down.


Had it been a little late, his body would have been cut in two.


Sura was at a loss for words.


‘What did he deal…?’


Cutting through space meant that there was nothing that the sword couldn’t cut.


The first time for him to be so close to death.


“W-what the hell was that sword?”


It was definitely a sword.


He clearly felt the presence of the sword.


“Supreme Sky Demon Sword.”


“Supreme Sky Demon Sword?”


“That is my power.”


A sword that had the power to destroy everything.


The Supreme Sky Demon Sword.


Something that no one other than the first Chun Ma and the second Chun Ma knew about.


‘This… this one isn’t a human. He is the second coming of a god!’


Sura felt a thrill run down his body.




Sura felt his body tremble in awe, and immediately knelt on the floor and said.


“Sura Rao, the Great Warrior of the Rao clan, serves the Lord!”


He admitted defeat.

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