Chapter 103: Chakra (1)

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Chapter 103: Chakra (1)


The soldiers, who were on alert, didn’t even look up at the sky.


Flustered by the sudden appearance of Chun Yeowun, who fell from the sky, they quickly ran towards him and aimed their guns while surrounding him.




“Move! Right now!”


In just a couple of seconds, dozens of people surrounded him.


And one could see just how well trained these soldiers were.


‘He fell from the sky?’


Ahn Woo-hong, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, looked at Chun Yeowun.


He wasn’t the kind to be shocked by anything.


However, when he was leaving the place, and suddenly someone fell ahead of him, he ended up moving two steps back.




“This is the man, Chun Mu-seong, I was talking about.”


In that bloody atmosphere, lieutenant general Mak Wu-cheong introduced Chun Yeowun.


He didn’t know the real name as the name recorded on the id card was different.


“… he is Chun Mu-seong?”


“That is right. You must be Ahn Woo-hong, the Minister of National Defense?”


People who usually meet the ministers and directors in the government, they use respectful courtesy.


However, Chun Yeowun was different.




Ahn Woo-hong examined Chun Yeowun thoroughly.


Looking at the face, the man seemed to be young in his early 20s, but the air around him was surprisingly intimidating.


‘This person defeated the S-class Alpha entity?’


Ahn Woo-hong had heard about Chun Yeowun from Mak Wu-cheong.


And he was waiting to meet the person who had the power to deal with an S-rank Alpha entity, so he took time out of his busy schedule to meet him.




As Ahn Woo-hong raised his hand, the soldiers who surrounded the man put down their guns.


The soldiers immediately went back to their assigned positions once the gesture fell.


Faithful to orders.


‘Military man?’


They seemed to be very thoroughly trained in the military.


It seemed like the head of the Ministry was also trained in the military.


‘An interesting guy.’


That was the first impression Chun Yeowun had on Ahn Woo-hong.


The man had no martial arts or extraordinary abilities, but the inherent strength could be strongly felt.


He was once a soldier, and now, he was standing on the top with dignity just like a martial artist who had accumulated experience for years.


‘He isn’t the kind to give in to power.’


This type of person would have to be convinced with reasoning.


Ahn Woo-hong looked at his watch and then at the cloudless sky.


“I have known Murim for 27 years. I have seen a lot of strong people, but this is my first time seeing someone fly.”


“It doesn’t look like you’re that surprised.”


Ahn Woo-hong responded with a light smile.


“In today’s world, how could we live if we get shocked at every single illogical thing? This is a world where thousands of people die every day.”


A world with Gates.


Each day holds unexpected things.


Ahn Woo-hong continued.


“I heard from the lieutenant general. The Black Sky Company, no, the dissolved Sky Demon Order, is where you are from.”


Ahn Woo-hong, who decided to meet the man, had read all the available materials about the Cult.


He knew about how much influence they once had in the Murim world, and even about their current relationship with the Murim Associations.


“Certainly, making a deal with us rather than the Murim Department and the Murim Association is worthy.”


Ahn Woo-hong knew that right away.


In order to break free from the influence of the Ministry of Murim, the Ministry of National Defense was also in a position to find people completely unrelated to the Murim Department.


In that aspect, the Sky Demon Order was the best.


“However, the risk is high. If we join hands with your organization, even if we do our best, there will be many things our Defense department would have to work on.”


In the worst-case scenario, the image of the military would worsen in the eyes of the people.


Ahn Woo-hong pointed it outright at the beginning.


Hearing that, Chun Yeowun answered calmly.


“It could be the other way around too. For example, a firm position in which the Ministry of National Defense is no longer swayed by the Ministry of Murim.”


Ahn Woo-hong smiled at that.


He then pointed to a field where there were no people, just a few abandoned buildings.


“Why do you think I chose this place to meet?”


“It seems like there are quite too many people just for the sake of security.”


The place was decent, and there were quite a lot of soldiers here for the sake of guarding and escorting. It was as if they were hoping to solve an issue.


“I’ll tell you straight up. I’ve heard from the lieutenant general about your power and I’d like for you to prove it.”


“Prove my power?”


“As I said before, while working in the military, I have come across a great number of talented Murim warriors.”




With those words, Ahn Woo-hong motioned to someone.


And one of the soldiers with a communication device went into a van and said something.


A black van came and stopped right ahead of the restaurant.




Two men came out of it.


They had dark brown skin and were definitely not from China.


Although they were wearing suits, a white cloth was uniquely wrapped around their necks.


‘Who are these people?’


Chun Yeowun’s eyes shone.


Chun Yeowun discovered a unique energy radiating within his body, the same energy he felt when he arrived.


“मुझे लगता है कि लेखक हमारे साथ प्रतिस्पर्धा करेंगे।”


One of them spoke in an unknown language.


Chun Yeowun ended up asking Nano.




[It is in Hindi. Something like “This man will compete with us”.]




[A language used by those in the Hindu region. Analysis of his appearance reveals that he is an Indian. Transfer Hindi to the brain?]






As soon as that was said, Hindi was transferred into Chun Yeowun’s mind.


Nano’s strength.


To learn a language very easily.




Meanwhile, the two Indians approached them.


At the same time, they joined both their palms into a praying position and spoke to Ahn Woo-hong.


“Chief. Is this the time to make a decision?”




A little weird, but they could speak Chinese.


There were a few mistakes, but this was better than expecting others to understand their language.


Chun Yeowun asked Ahn Woo-hong.


“These people?”


“These two are warriors from the old Indian nation.”


At Ahn Woo-hong’s words, the two men again joined their palms and greeted Chun Yeowun.


“I am Ashri Rao.”


“And I am Sura Rao.”


Chun Yeowun took the initiative to greet them.


“Chun… Mu-seong.”


It felt different to use an unfamiliar name.


However, something was bothering him.


‘Old India?’


At Chun Yeowun’s confusion, Nano answered him.


[India of the present world couldn’t handle the Gate, and the government was disbanded. The surviving Indians fled to other nations.]




That was why it was being called Old India.


What was the reason for bringing such people?


Ahn Woo-hong answered his thoughts.


“I’ll be honest here. Before you made such a proposal, we were already in the middle of a negotiation with the Rao family, a warrior clan in old India.”


‘I see now.’


Chun Yeowun understood the situation.


Ahn Woo-hong had been preparing to break free from the influence of the Ministry of Murim in his own ways.


He attracted the warrior family of old India, even non-Murims, to respond to the Gate dangers.


“From the Ministry of National Defense point of view, the risk of the Rao clan is the same as yours.”


Listening to Ahn Woo-hong, it seemed like this clan was demanding an agreement with the National Defense too.


And there were some guesses as to why.


There was only one reason why people who ran from their nation would do this.


‘Revive their name.’


And if that was right, then it was undoubtedly a huge risk for the National Defense.


Blocking the Gate was too much alone. Even with the support from another nation’s people, it was too much of a gossip.


“Our department knows that things could only be achieved if risks are taken.”


Ahn Woo-hong brought up the main topic.


“So, I would gladly propose a bidding competition between the Sky Demon Order and the Rao clan.”


The conclusion was they battle it out and the side with the advantage would get the deal.


The expression of shock on the two Indians’ faces showed that it was their first time hearing about this.


But soon, confidence was back on their faces.


The bearded Indian Ashri spoke to Sura in Hindi.


“I was worried since this was a bidding with another nation, but this turned out well. It would have been easier with weapons.”


“Right. This is the time to show the power of Chakras to the Ministry of National Defense.”


They were confident in their power.


The best of the Rao clan.


Even in the old India, they always welcomed such kinds of situations.


“We, the Rao clan, accept the proposal.”


They accepted the offer.


At that, Ahn Woo-hong looked at Chun Yeowun.


At that moment, Mak Woo-cheong’s voice entered Chun Yeowun’s head.


[Benefactor. They aren’t normal people. It was said that the one called Sura had the power to destroy a small mountain with a punch.]


Chun Yeowun looked at the one called Sura.


As Mak Wu-cheong said, he knew that these people weren’t ordinary ones.


‘They are different.’


The aura emanating from him was different from qi.


And Chun Yeowun couldn’t guess what kind of energy it was, but the flowing energy was like an overflowing river.


He was interested in them.


“Sounds good. Should we change the location?”


After all, there was only one option to get the Ministry of National Defense to agree with him.


Ahn Woo-hong, who heard the approval from both sides, had them move to a wide field across the road.


And the military was looking at the field from the corner.


As they faced each other at a 10 meters distance, Ashri asked Sura.


“What should we do? Should I go first?”


As Sura was about to nod and agree, Chun Yeowun said.


“If you want to hold out even a little, both of you would have to attack at the same time.”


In Hindi.


Comparable with the fluency of a native speaker.


The two of them were shocked for a moment and then soon asked Chun Yeowun.


Sura was the one who spoke.


“I didn’t know you could speak our language. However, we are the warriors of the Rao clan, and we do not attempt such cowardly means, unless in a real war.”


“Do as you like.”


With those words, Chun Yeowun leaned back.


Ahri Rao began to think that Chun yeowun was an arrogant jerk.


Although they were being polite because this could be a turning point for their clan, they were also warriors.


“Crude and stupid. I once tried to show the power of the Chakras to the Murims, and it was good. I’ll break that arrogant nose of his.”


Ashri stepped forward.


And took a pose similar to meditation.




At that moment, the energy around him surged.


The sand on the floor was pushed away like a whirlwind.




Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.


In Chun Yeowun’s eyes, who could see the flow of energy, the energy inside Ashri’s body was concentrated in several parts.


The neck, the Dantian, blood vessels, the muscles.




‘And the energy is explosively strong.’


They surely had a reason to be confident in themselves.


His energy was surely enough to push a warrior gasping for air.




Once that was done, Ashri’s body was covered in blue light.


It was like using self-defense energy, but this was different too, it was similar to energy being condensed.


Ashri Rao spoke to Chun Yeowun.


“It’ll be better for you to start. Otherwise…. Hmph!”


He slammed his fist towards the floor.




At that moment, with a loud roar, the floor around collapsed and created a huge 10 meters low pit.


And the pit stopped right near Chun Yeowun’s feet.


“Oh oh.”


An exclamation came out of Ahn Woo-hong’s mouth who watched it.


He was surprised.


Ashri lifted his head like a happy puppy and looked at Chun Yeowun.




However, Chun Yeowun didn’t seem that shocked or even surprised.


He thought this much pressure would be enough before entering the battle, but this only brought insult to Ahsri’s feelings.


“What a cheeky man! I will punch that nose in right now.”




Ashri moved towards Chun Yeowun.


His body bounced up like a spring and reached Chun Yeowun’s face.




Ashri kicked Chun Yeowun’s head. His kick had a blue light shining.




‘You brought this on yourself.’


Rao was going to blow off Chun Yeowun’s head.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun lifted one hand up.


‘Well then.’


Of course, Ashri thought that the opponent would have to block it.


However, the place where Chun Yeowun’s hand went was the forehead.


With the index and thumb curled.


‘Forehead flick? Is this a joke now?’


It was then.


The moment Chun Yeowun’s finger hit the forehead.






Tremendous force pierced his forehead, and Ashri bounced back with a scream.




He was smashed down and bounced several times.


He only stopped after falling 20 meters away.


Blood was dripping from his forehead, and he staggered a little before losing consciousness.


“No way…”


Sura couldn’t stay silent at the unexpected results.


Chun Yeowun said.


“I told you two to come at once.”

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