Chapter 102: Surrender (3)

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Chapter 102: Surrender (3)


-Sky Demon Order… Demonic Cult!


The Forces of Justice never called the Sky Demon Order by its name.


They have always considered them the group that worshipped the demons.


‘Demonic Cult?’


The eyes of the executives of the Murim Association, who were wary of the reappearance of the Demonic Cult, were full of shock.


The Demonic Cult was in the main office.


In the head office, inside the conference room.


‘No way… did the main office fall into the hands of the Cult?’


Even though it was a hologram, their confused expressions were clear.


In order to get to sit on the chairman’s seat in the conference room, he had to go through the entire force.


‘No way!’


They wanted to be positive but it was hard to deny.


The heads of the executives were scattered on the conference table.


This was truly terrifying.


Just an hour ago, it seemed like they were talking about the Demonic Cult in Jinan city.


They were planning on punishing them.


‘Since when was the Cult…’


The Demonic Cult had always suffered.


Who would have imagined that the dissolved Demonic Cult would somehow enter the main office?


-Wait… did he say Chun Ma?


An old monk’s hologram opened his mouth.


Just looking at the yellow robes with red lines, anyone could see he was a monk.


-Amitabha. Is it the Chun Ma who is the legend?




At the words of the saint Nogak, Chun Yeowun was shocked.


There were a few people who weren’t members of the Sky Demon order and knew the meaning of the Chun Ma.


‘Actually, the Shaolin temple might be aware of this.’


Their history was longer and wider than any clan.


Even more than the Sky Demon Order.


“As expected from the saint of Shaolin, it’s very like you to have such an insight.”


Even in the past, the Shaolin temple never did any bad, so Chun Yeowun spoke with a soft voice.


At that, the other executives looked at Saint Nogak with puzzled eyes.


-For the Cult to have a Chun Ma born within. For the Forces of Justice, this is very sad news.


-Saint Nogak, what do you mean?


-Amitabha. This isn’t the time to speak about it.


Explaining it now was hard.


And the appearance of the Chun Ma wasn’t something to be discussed so lightly.


-What the he…


The executives were even more curious now, and someone with a red face shouted.


-Is that title so important now? Those damned cultists have harmed the association warriors!


The man wearing a neat white robe was Jang Pyeong-gak, a long-time scholar of the Wudag clan.


Although he was a warrior who was supposed to hide his feelings and calm himself, he spoke in anger.


He glared at Chun Yeowun and shouted.


-This is why it is said that evil people like you should never be left alone. Because of what you people have done, the Gate disaster strikes, and the damage inflicted on the people….




At that moment, Chun Yeowun snapped his fingers.


And the hologram in the middle of the table turned on and something was played.


The situation outside the office.


-Sky Demon Order! Long live! Long live!


People were cheering for the Cult.


There were too many people that not a single person’s face could be seen clearly other than the fact that they were warriors of the association.


-How? Just how?


Jang Pyeong-gak was at a loss for words.


He thought that the people outside were hurt, wounded and even dead.


-Why are they?


“Why? Did you think that I killed them all?”


-They, what are they doing?


“They swore allegiance to the Cult.”




At Chun Yeowun’s words, the faces of Murim Association executives were distorted.


If what Chun Yeowun said was true, then it wasn’t that the office was destroyed, but the entire office fell into the hands of the Cult.


‘How can warriors of justice yield to the demons?’


Justice was what they meant.


If the executives were present, they would have killed them right away.


“I will give you people a chance too.”




Chun Yeowun snapped his finger, and Bi Mak-heon dragged someone inside.


“Kuak… please… please spare me.”




At the appearance of that person, the executives frowned.


The man was the chairman’s representative, Mun Jeong-seo.


Without eyes, the face looked miserable.


“I heard that he was someone close to the chairman of the Murim Association, but it is unfortunate that he is like this. Well it doesn’t matter. Because of him, I managed to get good information.”


Chun Yeowun spoke as if he was satisfied with it, and placed his hand on Mun Jeong-seo’s shoulder.


Unlike the others who were dead, it seemed like this man decided to save his life by giving out the information.


“This one is now born as a member of our Cult. I am a fair person. So I will give you all a chance too.”


-A chance?


Chun Yeowun smiled at the executives.


“Surrender to the Cult. If you sacrifice yourselves as the heads of each clan as a token of surrender, I will accept the clan as a subject under the Cult with a compassionate heart.”




Chun Yeowun pressed Mun jeong-seo’s shoulder.


“T-thank you for the benevolence shown by the merciful Chun Ma!”


The man wasn’t shouting in fear.


When he, the chairman’s representative, acted like this, the executives saw that as a strong insult.


-You jerk! You are crossing the line!


-How dare you mock our association!


Unable to hold their anger, the executives burst out.


They were asked to surrender.


Chun Yeowun said.


“Gave up power and chose punishment…”


Normally, it should be something said with a hint of pity, but the next words were.


“Thank you. I too was thinking what to do if you accepted the chance.”




The eyes of the executives were wide


From the beginning, all Chun Yeowun did was humiliate them.


Chun Yeowun lightly placed his hand on the table and said.


“From now, let’s break you down one after another. I’ll make sure we give you a thousand times worse pain than what you put the Cult through.”


As soon as the words were done, the table cracked.




The entire table tore apart in an instant, and then.




The huge table turned into dust.


In an instant, the executives went silent.


Breaking a table was easy, but it was difficult to turn it into dust.


There was only one person who spoke after seeing that.


-Do you think you can handle us?


In that seat of the hologram was the nameplate.


[Geum Song-ryon, Vice Chairman of Murim Association]


The head of Blade Six, the current head of the Blade God Six Martial clan.


Chun Yeowun had been paying attention to this man more than anyone else.


Unlike others, he had a poker face all the time.


‘To come out at this moment…’


Chun Yeowun said to him.


“You can expect a lot. And just like the true ‘leaders’ you have, I’ll uproot you this time for sure. Blade God Six Martial clan.”




At those words, there was a change in the calm expression of Geum Song-ryong.




When he tried to ask something, Chun Yeowun made a light gesture.


All the devices of the hologram in the room crashed and the connection was cut off.


At the same time.


In the head office of Blade Six.


Geum Song-ryong who was sitting in his room got up with a stiff face.


And he hurried out of the room.




A man in a black suit and sunglasses outside the room called him.


Geum Song-ryong said.


“Book train tickets to Chengdu.”


“Huh? But there is a meeting with outsourcing…”


“Cancel it. We have urgent matters at hand.”


If the chairman said that, who could refuse it?


The man in the sunglasses tried to adjust the schedule on the tablet, but then went stiff.


‘chengdu? If it is Chengdu…’


Geum Song-ryeong mumbled in a serious voice.


“I need to see them.”


The conference room in the Murim Association.


The emergency generator was barely working, since the building was cut.


‘Is this fine?’


Bi Mak-heon looked at the hologram device which was broken.


‘I think Chun Ma pushed them too much.’


Although they took over the main office, the executives still had a lot of power.


In this case, the Cult did a surprise attack, but the next time would be a war.


No, maybe the association would fight back stronger than the Cult could expect.




As if feeling his fear, Chun Yeowun asked.


Bi Mak-heon cautiously responded.


“I am concerned about the moves of the Murim Department.”


“The Department?”


To be honest, he wasn’t worried.


And that was because of Chun Yeowun, who was strong.


“With this, the Cult has risen again. And they will likely put pressure on us again.”


Most of the warriors were registered as warriors in the Murim Department.


The only people who didn’t register were the Forces of Evil and the Demonic Cult members.


And the Murim Association would aim for that.


“If I was in the association, I would move the Murim Department to incite public opinion about the Cult.”


So far, the civilians had the worst image of the Sky Demon Order.


It was because of the bloodshed which happened in the hands of the chairman of the Black Sky Company.


“If that happens, we will have a setback in running the company too.”


The Murim Department was full of people from the Murim Association.


Their absolute allies.


In one way or another, the Sky Demon Order was sure to have an unfavourable future.


And that was also one of the reasons why the people of the Sky demon Order never came in front of the public.


“Then what will your solution be?”




“Did you think I put you beside me only to give me more problems to think about?”


The reason why Bi Mak-heon was appointed as his personal aide was because he was a strategist.


Pondering a moment, Bi Mak-heon said.


“We need news which can offset the image of the Cult, which is bad now. And we need allies who support it. Even better if it is the government department which has enough power to keep that Murim department in check.”


“Right. That is your main job.”




Only then did he understand what Chun Yeowun expected him to do.


Those who use their bodies for Chun Yeowun were already there


Bi Mak-heon was the brains.


“Tell me the specific plan within three days.”


‘T-three days!’


Just 3 days.


Short period.


Bi Mak-heon almost gasped.


However, he didn’t want to break the expectations that Chun Yeowun had, so he nodded his head.


“I will do as I am asked!”


“I will take care of the latter part you said.”




The former was difficult and the latter was more difficult. There was no other department in the State Council that could keep a check on the Murim Department except for the Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense.


The Chun Yu-jang faction tried to make allies several times, but they failed each time.


‘What does he plan on doing?’


Chun Yeowun mumbled as if he was talking to himself.


“I need to call him.”




Shiyan city.


A small town southeast of Xian, the capital of the Chinese government.


Further east from there was Nanyang city, where the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense and Defense Forces was located.


An abandoned gas station located in the suburb of Nanyang.


It was a sparsely populated place, and there were vehicles with military marks engraved everywhere.


The surrounding area was marked by soldiers.


Next to the abandoned gas station, there was a shabby restaurant.


A strong-looking bearded middle-aged man with a fine leather jacket was sitting there while looking at his watch.


“One minute left.”


The middle-aged man with a beard was sitting opposite to another person who couldn’t hide his embarrassment.


He was Mak Wu-cheong, the commander of the National Guard, in charge of Datong city.


Wearing a military uniform, with the mark of lieutenant general engraved on his shoulder.


He recently got a promotion in recognition of his efforts in blocking the S-class gate.


‘Why hasn’t he come yet?’


This was a meeting.


The person in front of him was Ahn Woo-hong, the minister of National Defense.


After receiving the medal for the achievement, Mak Wu-cheong struggled to convince the man to come to dinner.


-Chick! No vehicles approaching.


The radio of the people standing guard could be heard.


And with people checking for their safety, it was tough to extend this meeting any further.


“The current time is 13:29:30. It makes no sense anymore.”




“I hope that in the future, you will not waste the time of your boss with this kind of thing.”




Ahn Woo-hong stood up.


He was a military man, and he served as the commander-in-chief for seven years.


And he was famous for being strict with punctuality.




To get off on the wrong foot from the beginning, Mak Wu-cheong didn’t like this.


Ahn Woo-hong was leaving the restaurant.


Intending to appease him, Mak Wu-cheong followed him and headed to where he was.


“C-chief wait! Please wait…”


“It’s too late…”






Something fell right in front of the door.


Ahn Woo-hong, who had a steel heart wasn’t surprised by anything else, but was startled and stepped back at the thought of a lightning falling there.


“Si-Sir Chun!”


Mak Wo-cheong shouted.


The one who fell from the sky was Chun Yeowun.


The seconds hand on the watch of Ahn Woo-hong’s wrist was pointing to 59 seconds.

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