Chapter 100: Surrender (1)

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Chapter 100: Surrender (1)


The conference room on the 30th floor of Murim Association’s main office building.


The soundproofing was so good and so was the view.


The best place to hold a meeting


And right in the middle of it.




Director General Kwon Jeong-won and Hyun Won-kyung, the advisor of the Murim Association, turned at the same time in a certain direction.


It was then.


Kwaang! Rumble!


Everything shook violently as if an earthquake occurred beneath their feet.


Except for those who were participating through holograms, everybody jumped in surprise.


“W-what the hell is this!”


“It has to be an earthquake… gasp!”


They could see it clearly.


Right through the window, something huge was hitting the building.


‘No way!’


Hyun Won-kyung, the Sung Yang Swordsman, was shocked at it.


If his senses were being on alert, then that thing had to be an invisible sword.


‘Is that an invisible sword?’


The fact that an invisible sword was being used was surprising in itself.


However, what he was seeing now seemed to be beyond common sense.


-Chhk! What is happening over…


-The communication is giving me static on your side… click!


The holograms flickered and the signal went out.






The ceiling cracked and the huge invisible sword invaded the room.


All the lights went off at once.




Director General Kwon Jeong-won hurriedly drew his sword and cut a window.


“Everyone! Jump out!”


Although they were in a tall building, it was better to move away than stay in such a place.


“Just what is happening!”


Mun Jeong-seo, the representative and deputy president of the association, mumbled as if this was ridiculous, and then immediately moved to the window.


The other executives managed to focus on jumping out.




The invisible sword which struck from above took the building down.


It precisely cut the building in half.


Should they be glad?


That the building was cut in half and not the floor collapsed?








The people who were inside the building decided to run out.


As the building cracked, debris fell down and dust rose around.


Those who were quick managed to escape right away.


And those who were higher up or in the middle floors were crushed down between the floors.


“Association… the building is down….”


“How did this…”


The warriors, who were watching the scene unfold, couldn’t hide their dismay.


However, that feeling didn’t last long.


The feeling of guilt for not being able to save the building and create the worst situation for the Murim Association was replaced by anger.


“How dare you! You filthy demons!, this holy place of Murim…”


“The cultists need to be killed right away!”


“Punish those demons!”


The mass movement was truly amazing.


As one or two people shouted their anger, the others felt encouraged.


They had witnessed their main office being cut down right in front of their eyes, but the fact that they were superior in number seemed to have helped lower their fears.




Chun Yeowun landed on the ground and looked at the office building as if it was a wonderful sight.


The Murim Associations office, which was cut in half, looked miserable.


‘Isn’t Lord Chun Ma going too far?’


Although BI Mak-heon looked at the scene in awe, he was worried that Chun Yeowun wasted too much of his energy.


Right now, all the energy which was being brought out to use techniques was being dispersed by the EV field.


And Chun Yeowun created a huge invisible sword, which surely would have consumed a lot of internal energy.


‘You used a crazy amount of internal energy, now you are done.’


It wasn’t just the allies who had those thoughts.


The leaders of the armed groups of the Murim Association believed that Chun Yeowun made a mistake as well.


Just bringing out sword energy in a dispersed EV field was tough, and this man had just created an invisible sword.


‘Even if he was at Divine Master level, there will be a limit to his internal energy.’


And they thought they would have a chance now.


At that moment, a group of men appeared in the direction of Chun Yeowun.


At that, the warriors shouted.




They were the executives who jumped out of the building.


At the forefront was a middle-aged man with eyes full of anger.


It was Hyun Won-kyung.


In his hand was the famous Sariwon Sword.


Since it was a famous sword, it meant it was crafted at least 10 years ago.


“It is Song Yang Swordsman!”


One of the Five Great Warriors was standing there.


The name Five Great Warriors gave them confidence.


In addition, the other executives weren’t that weak either.


‘There is Ho Ji-seon, Biryu Seong of Zhejiang and Yeon Woo-kang of Jongnam clan.’


Bi Mak-heon gulped at the sight.


All of them were amazing warriors in the modern Murim world and were all Superior Master levels or higher.


He heard that they had resigned from being active on duty, but it seemed like they held onto their executive position.


“Mak-heon. Where is the chairman?”


At Chun Yeowun’s question, Bo Mak-heon shook his head and said,


“He doesn’t seem to be present.”




“Not there. But the one who is the centre of this association is there.”


The person Bi Mak-heon pointed to was Kwon Jeong-won.


The person ranking highest except for the chairman and vice-chairman.


“Tch, we came to rob an empty house?”


Chun Yeowun clicked his tongue.


He was hoping to deal with the chairman and vice-chairman of the Murim Association, who were known to be the current head of the Blade Six and the Ohsin group.


When he was told that both weren’t present, Chun Yeowun felt irritated.




‘How dare the remnants of the Cult ignore me?’


It was Mun Jeong-seo, the aide of the chairman of the Murim Association and the one next in line to be the head of the Ohsin group. A man with power.


He was being treated as if he didn’t exist at all, and it was natural that his pride would be hurt.




Mun Jeong-seo called for Hyun Won-kyung.


“Yes, chairman’s representative?”


“Are you going to let them insult the association? Don’t you think that this situation needs to be taken care of? Let’s work together.”


Although he was a man with pride, Mun Jeong-seo wasn’t an idiot.


He knew that going in alone wouldn’t work.




Hyun Won-kyung seemed worried about something.


He knew that it was difficult to deal with Chun Yeowun alone.


However, his Five Great Warriors title was holding him by the ankles.


‘This is good.’


Mun Jeong-seo gave the right justification so this seemed nice.


“Since the representative of the chairman is saying it, there is nothing I can do about it. Let’s try to suppress them quickly with no casualties on our side.”


“We will help too.”


“Let’s show those foolish cultists what justice is.”




As if waiting, the other executives pulled their swords at once.


They had the same thought as Hyun Won-kyung.


Mun Jeong-seo, who confirmed that all were acting, shouted at the warriors.


“The representative of the chairman and the other executives will deal with the evil demonic Cult, so the others can take care of those minions!”


If the top executives were going to deal with Chun Yeowun, and the 3,000 warriors would deal with the minions, then they would definitely be able to win against the Demonic Cult.


And thanks to the EV field, the association had the advantage.


Because of their numbers.


‘I’ll trample that bastard!’


Mun Jeong-seo looked at Chun Yeowun.


And just as he was about to send a signal to the executives.






Something hazy appeared in front of him.


It was Hu Bong.


“How dare you stare at him? I’ll gouge your eyes out!”




Still, he could tackle it.


Mun Jeong-seo hurriedly tried to stab Hu Bong in the neck with his sword.


But Hu Bong just lightly brushed it off.




‘W-what power…’


The hand holding the sword felt like it was being ripped.


He barely managed to get back the sword when something swiftly flew in his vision.




It was Hu Bong’s two fingers!


He was really trying to gouge out his eyes




The man was too fast for Mun Jeong-seo to dodge.


At that moment, a sharp blade cut through Hu Bong’s arm.




Hu Bong avoided it by moving a bit back, but he didn’t want to give up on pulling out the eyes.


It was Hyun Won-kyung, who restrained Hu Bong.


He was the only one who could read Hu Bong’s movements.


‘Ugh, I was in trouble!’


Hyun Won-kyung’s expression darkened.


Just looking at Hu Bong’s movements, he knew that the man was on the same level as him.


Till now, he thought that the young man was the only strong one here, but now he realized that a couple others seemed to be on the same level as him.


‘Since when did the Demonic Cult get this strong?’


The other people were also shocked.


Not a single person could see Hu Bong move.


“Deal with that one first!”


Mun Jeong-seo was angry at the fact that he was almost hit by that man, so he shouted at the executives to aim for Hu Bong first.




Biryu Seong brought out his sword to help in taking down Hu Bong.


And then, someone appeared next to him.


“I shall take care of you. Human.”


Shakena, with her purple hair fluttering around, jumped off the ground and tried to hit Biryu Seong on his feet.


‘This stupid bitch!’


Biryu Seong held back a smile.


He planned on cutting off the leg of the woman who was trying to hurt him.








Rather than the legs being cut off, the sword which was loaded with sword energy, broke?




Shakena didn’t stop and slammed Biryu Seong’s shoulder.






As if made of mud, the shoulders quickly dug to the sides of his body, which soon greeted the ground below.


Kwang! Crack!


A crack of about 3 meters.


What unbelievable power.


Biryu Seong, whose body was crushed, soon stopped moving.


“Shit. Killed him.”


Shakena, who said that, smiled and put her hands on the dead man’s chest.


Pulling the heart out, she chewed on it as if she was eating an apple.




“So delicious!”


“W-what the fuck is that bitch doing!”


Yeon Woo-kang, of the Jongnam clan, was furious at her.


However, contrary to his words, his body didn’t move.


The others were shocked at what the woman did, but soon they turned their heads.


At that time.


“Aah! My eyes! My eyes…”


Hu Bong dug out the eyes of Mun jeong-seo.


The strongest disciple and member of the Murim Association who had reached the Superior Master level’s end, couldn’t even stop Hu Bong.


The gap in their skills seemed too huge.


“Told you I’d gauge your eyes out. Hehe.”


Hu Bong smiled sarcastically as he looked at the blood-filled eyes.


“How dare you!”


Hyun Won-kyung, who couldn’t calm himself, tried to attack him.


But was blocked by someone.


“A bitch?”


She was Mun Ran-yeong.


“If you want to fight my husband, you need to go through me first.”




It wasn’t shocking that they were a couple.


Rather, it was shocking that she held his wrist without effort.


“Let go!”


Hyun Won-hyung tried to make her release the hand she was holding by using his sword.


Normally, people would let go of the hand to avoid getting hit, but Mun Ran-yeong didn’t seem to care about it and put her hand on his chest.




The chest of Hyun Won-kyung began to turn hot.


And at some point, his body bounced back.








As he was pushed back almost 20 meters, he knelt down and coughed up blood.


He looked up at the woman with shocked eyes.


‘Wh-who the hell is this woman?’


He thought about how many times he had been beaten since he reached the Supreme Master level.


When the woman hit him in the chest, he couldn’t even counter it.


‘Just what is this…?’


‘How can the executives be handled this easi…’


The warriors who were cheering and sure of their win a moment ago, were confused.


What was more shocking was that the executives were being suppressed by the subordinates and not Chun Yeowun.


“What are you doing! Are you all going to stand still and watch?”


Kwon Jeong-won shouted at the warriors.


They couldn’t be dealt with one-on-one.


They had to try with a joint effort.


Hearing that, the leader of the vanguard gave the orders.


“Th-the man is ri…”


It was then.


Chun Yeowun, who stood still until then, stepped ahead.


Step! Step!


He was just walking, but the dark intimidation was too overwhelming that all the warriors flinched.


Chun Yeowun spoke to them.


“I will give you all a chance.”


“A chance?”


Chun Yeowun gave the Murim Association warriors the worst choice.


“Kneel down.”




All the faces went stiff.


To kneel meant to surrender.


At those words, Kam Cheok raised his voice with a red face.


“Kneel down? Unless you are crazy, you would never dare say those word…”




Kam Cheok’s body was split in half.


And in front of the split body, stood Chun Yeowun.








Shocked by seeing him suddenly stand that close, the warriors immediately retreated.


And Chun Yeowun spoke again.


“Kneel down. And then I will accept you as members of the Great Sky Demon Order.”


A voice full of arrogance.


But no one thought of it as simple arrogance.


Chun Yeowun’s intimidation was so heavy that no one had another thought.


‘W-what is this!’


Kwon Jeong-won couldn’t accept it.


Did it make sense for one person to scare off 3,000 warriors of the association?




Unable to stand that, he ended up shouting.


“What are you all doing! It’s just one man! Just one man! Are you all going to fall for his tricks?? He can’t even use his power because of the EV field!”


The leader of another unit, Hang-ryeong, who had also retreated in fear, shouted at the warriors.


“Director is right! If it’s just one person, we don’t need to…”


Chun Yeowun sighed and then laughed at that.


“EV field right? I have experienced this once before, and it is annoying.”


“You experienced it before?”


At Chun Yeowun’s words, Hang-ryeong couldn’t hide his doubts and frowned.


He didn’t understand what Chun Yeowun was talking about.


Chun Yeowun continued.


“But do you really think the same technique will work on me again?”




Chun Yeowun stretched out his palm towards the air.


And the warriors looked up to see what he was doing.


At that moment, an amazing thing occurred.


The entire space around them vibrated.


“W-what the hell is that?”


“The sky is?”


It was as if the sky was shaking.


And it only got worse and worse.


Chun Yeowun pulled something hard, as if intending to tear off the sky.


“Y-You, what are you doing?”


Hang-ryeong shouted at what was happening around.


It was then.




Something bounced all around the ground.


It wasn’t the end.


Cracks appeared on the floor, and then explosions occurred at the same time on the north, south, east and west.




Kwon Jeong-won, who looked at the explosions, shuddered.


The place where the explosions happened were where all the units operating the EV field were stationed.


‘No way!’


Not long after the explosion.


The nature energy, which was scattered till then, filled the space.


The warriors, who sensed that, were shocked.


“How…just how… how…”


Chun Yeowun spoke to those who didn’t believe it.


“If you want to overcome power, you should use a stronger power.”

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